Link and Ruto: The future.

The last thing Link saw was Ruto's stunned face, as the mirror worked it's magic. He felt bad that he ruined Ruto's wedding but....

The mirror began to erase her memories of the last few moments so that to Ruto, everything proceeded exactly as planned.

Satisfied, Link turned around, into the smoky corridors that represented time. He walked away, not daring to look back.

The streams of time passed the future, past, and moments of present that he walked into. (Or 'will' walk or 'had' walked depending on 'where' he walked.) He started to wonder was he being too hard on Ruto? He hated seeing her upset, but he just didn't feel comfortable around her. Obviously, that Link did. He was still curious though, what would happen to them?

The mirror in his hand shook with power.

"Hey!" Link shouted to the mirror. "I didn't say anything that time!" He shouted to the item, trying to make it understand. However, the mirror would not comply.

He looked at his surroundings as the images condensed, becoming solid.


Ruto was in front of him again. She looked a little different. She was slightly older, though not by much. He himself was also older, he guessed it had been a year.

Link realised they were underwater. He was wearing the blue tunic, which allowed him, to breathe normally. There was a huge amount of pressure, so he guessed they were deep underground. Looking up, he could see the only source of light from an opening in the ceiling. Of course! There were inside that crack underneath the Zora caverns.

"So what do you think of my secret hiding place?" said Ruto happily.

"Well, it's larger then I thought it would be," he said admiring the watery world.

"Not many Zoras know about it," said Ruto. "You were always itching to know what was down here, so I just had to let you see for yourself!"

Link grinned. Curiosity always got the better of him, no mater what he did.

"I'm worried Link," said Ruto unhappily.

Link frowned. "About what?"

"I don't know how you can be so calm about it! I wish I could be..." she said. "There is no mention of a Zora and a Hylian ever having a child..."

Link fell back stunned. (A hard thing to do in an aqueous environment.) "B-but. Me? And you?" he stuttered.

"I know," Ruto sighed. "I didn't think we could, but..." she patted her stomach slightly. "I'm scared. I don't know what it will look like. I don't know if it will be okay- I don't-"

Link had never seen Ruto like this. He swam to her. "It's okay," he said comforting the princess. He didn't like seeing anyone in distress, including Ruto. This universe just got a whole lot weirder, but he pushed aside his own confusion. It was almost becoming second nature to do so. "So umm how long?"

Ruto calmed down. "I don't know. It's complicated. Normally, a Zora would produce an egg every two months. The egg is laid, and then matures on it's own in the water of this cavern. But Link... it's been three months. I don't know what to expect- I-" she cried in the water, fatigued with worry for her child.

Link continued to comfort her, still thinking how weird things have turned out. "It might just be because it's a Hylian. my son..." His throat felt dry as he said that, despite the water. He had a son? With Ruto?

"It might be a girl," reminded Ruto.

"Or a girl..." Link thought, envisioning its form with a slight shudder. A mix of him and Ruto would be a 'very' unusual sight for anyone.

"I think it was Lord Jabu-Jabu that allowed it. Only he has the power to do something like this..."

Link was starting to feel dizzy. "Well, I think we should talk to him. Ask him what to do." He certainly didn't want to be here now. Still, he couldn't help feel a sense of responsibility for his own flesh and blood. *I'd better see how things turn out here.*


They went quickly to Jabu-Jabu.

He was awake, and was expecting them sooner or later.

"Ruto..." The Sea Lord spoke. "I see you are with child. Congratulations..." he said happily. "Do you wish me to bless it's future?"

"You knew about this?" said Link and Ruto at the same time.

"Of course... Did you not ask your union to be blessed when you were married?"

"But... I thought that was just a tradition," said Ruto.

"Your union was blessed, so of course I allowed you this chance" said Jabu-Jabu. "Are you not happy? Most couples would be happy..."

"Well, yes we are," said Ruto. "But... um. I was just surprised. I don't know what to expect. Can you tell me, what will the baby look like? Do I treat it like a Zora egg?"

"I can not say what form the child will take. This is a first, for all concerned," replied Jabu-Jabu.

"When will it be born?" asked Link.

"I am uncertain," said Jabu-Jabu. "The egg will be born in another month or so."

"But it's been three months!" said Ruto annoyed. "I've carried it for a month longer then normal!"

"I know. I can not say for definite, but it will not follow the usual pattern you expect."

"Another month," thought Link. "Will it then hatch quickly?" he remembered in Termina all it took was the correct temperature to do it.

"No," said Jabu-Jabu. "It will mature in... Perhaps another two to four months," he guessed a bit broadly.

"Why so long?" said Ruto. Most eggs hatched in a week at most.

"It is part Hylian," said Jabu-Jabu. That is the best I can do. Now, if you don't mind, I will rest. " He closed his eyes, ready to slumber again.


Ruto fell quiet. "I'm sorry Link. I didn't know this would happen. I really didn't."

"It happened," said Link, mostly to himself.

"Do you think it will be healthy?" she wondered.

"Jabu-Jabu said there is no danger of that," he said. "I think it will. I guess we just prepare for it."

"How can you be so calm about this?!" said Ruto.

"Believe me Ruto, I am still shocked," Link said honestly. Not only was he with Ruto, but they were having a child? That meant they... It's a good thing he could let the other Link handle this problem. The sooner he was out of it the better. Why was the mirror showing him this?

The mirror started to glow, making the scenes before him vanish.




"Now what?" thought Link.

"Link come quickly," Ruto shouted. "It's hatching!"

"Oh no," Link quietly sighed. He brought the mirror in front of him. "You're enjoying this, aren't you."

The mirror didn't change in its reflection, but it shimmered slightly in response.


Link rushed with Ruto, to come face to face with the egg.

Their egg.

Link had seen Zora eggs before, but this one looked very odd. It was much larger then any of the others, and the shell looked a lot tougher, though it was still the same shade of blue. He guessed it was heavier too.

It started breaking instantly. The eggshells disintegrated as it broke apart, turning to powder.

Link watched awed, at the thought of seeing his own child. Even if it was with Ruto. The occupant of the egg slowly made itself visible. He braced himself for all sorts of terrifying possibilities.

Inside... was an ordinary Hylian baby. For some reason, there were no Zoran features apparent on it.

It then started to cry.

Ruto was as speechless as Link. She picked it up instinctively, the baby instantly stopped crying as it hugged its mother.

"Well... what do we call it?" asked Link a bit embarrassed.

"I- I don't know. But... I thought it would inherit at least 'some' of my features," she said sadly. "I was the one that carried it, I did all the work..."

"Maybe it will inherit your personality," Link thought. He also expected a complete mix of their features.

"You're right! With my personality, and your looks, it will certainly be great!" she smiled.

Link thought of the horror that combination would make. It would be more terrifying then anything it could look like with her mind. "Is it a boy or a girl?" he asked.

"It's a girl," said Ruto after examining her. "I've got to give you swimming lessons," she said to the baby. "You are going to have to learn how to jump from the water fall, how to move with the currents..."

"A girl," said Link wistfully.

"... And you will be the best of us all," she said happily.

"Ruto- she might not be able to breathe underwater. Don't do anything too difficult for her."

"Are you saying my daughter is a bad swimmer?" Ruto said dangerously. "I'll have you know everyone in my family are the greatest swimmers, and this is no exception!"

"I didn't mean that," said Link. "I'm just saying that for her to stay in cold water, or underwater for a long time... might be bad for her health."

Ruto ignored Link's hesitation. After all, Link is not a Zora and he has lived as well as she has. This baby will also do fine. It would have helped if it were a Zora, but... "I think I will call her... Marina. What do you think?" she asked.

"Marina? I guess that's fine," said Link. He was bad at thinking up names anyway.

Things started to darken for Link. He knew the mirror was changing things again, propelling him further ahead in time. He watched the scene with Ruto and her baby get pushed aside into time. 'Their' baby, Marina. He didn't think he could forget it.




Link found himself alone, in the Zora caverns. He looked into the mirror of Time. "So, why am I here?"

*Accident... imminent. *


The mirror showed a scene.


It was unfortunate, but a baby sized blue tunic was not possible to make. The magic could not be contained with such a small amount of cloth. Ruto was disappointed. Like any mother, she wanted to show off her offspring, even if to anyone, they might think it was an adopted baby and not really her's. Still, Ruto was careful and swam with her in temperate water and only for a short time.

Link approved of it, since he didn't want anything to happen to Marina as well.

Unfortunately, the Zora caverns are a very unsafe place for a baby, particularly a Hylian baby, as they found out.

It was a simple accident. They couldn't know about it. Marina was very much an explorer like Link. She also had Ruto's stubbornness. She managed to get out of her 'play' area, and fall into the water. She then got swept into one of the currents... She hit her head against the rocks...

They were devastated at the tragedy.


Link fell back stunned. He has gone though her birth, only to see a premature loss in less then a moment. "When? When will this happen?" He hoped he could prevent it.

*Thirty seconds...*

Link jumped. "Thirty seconds!" He ran from the room.


Twenty seconds later, Link made it to the pool.

"Marina!" he shouted diving in as fast as he could.

He swam, feeling a slight tug of a current. Two seconds later, Marina appeared. She was hurtling though the current uncontrollably. Instantly, Link caught her as gently as possible.

Marina saw the face of her father; she blew a bubble at him in delight.

Together, they rose to the surface.


"What happened to Marina!" Ruto said franticly at the side of the pool.

"She had a slight accident, but she's fine now," said Link holding the baby. It giggled in delight.

"Marina..." Ruto gave her a kiss as she took her. The baby relaxed in her arms. "Link... How did you know? The others say you just ran from our room into the water, dived, and she was there already. How did you know?"

"I- I don't know," said Link. He didn't want to lie, but the mirror of Time had to be kept a secret.

"We are going to be more careful with you from now on," said Ruto relieved she was all right. "It was lucky you were there. If not, who knows what might have happened."

Link nodded. He had already seen what would have happened.


Link went back to his own room in the cavern. Actually, it was bot his and Ruto's. His 'wife' was not around. She was still fussing over Marina, making sure she was alright. He was glad he could save her.

He was a father.

He had actually seen Marina nearly drown.

It was a lot to take in. He smiled at the child's complete innocence. In the moment, she actually recognised him. He felt a little bad for not really being her father. When he saved her, he could feel the love the other Link must have had for her. "Perhaps you are the lucky one," he thought to his other self. He prevented a great tragedy from happening.

The mirror started to vibrate.

Link looked at it.

*Accident... prevented. Others... possible.*

"There will be more accidents?" asked Link.

*Possible... universe divergence reaching limit... Uncertainty factor too great.*

The mirror started to show some possibilities. The caverns were still dangerous for Marina. It was like a giant trap wherever she was. She could slip, fall, and get hurt in any number of ways. If she was to survive, she could not stay.

Link gulped at what he may have to suggest to Ruto.

She was not going to like it.


"What do you mean by that?!" said Ruto.

"Ruto... I think it's best if Marina leaves the Zora caverns," said Link calmly.

"You mean you're leaving me!" she accused.

"Of course not" replied Link. "It's just that today..."

"I know," she said ashamed of herself. "But you said it yourself. She's fine. It was just an accident, nothing more. It won't happen here again. I'll make sure of it this time. We'll spend every waking moment with her."

"We did that," said Link. "And it still happened."

"I'm not giving her up!" Ruto crossed her arms. "And that's final!"

"Ruto... Please. You asked me how I knew she was there when she fell. I can't tell you how; I can only tell you that if we don't do this, she might hurt herself again. And this time, none of us may find out before it is too late."

"If you did go, where would you go?" Ruto asked.

Link paused. "We have a few choices. The safest place for her is Kakariko-"

"That's too far!" said Ruto. Her daughter would be beyond her reach. She then became quiet at what Link was suggesting. "I'll never see you or her again..."

"You will. You can visit and everything," said Link softly.

"Why couldn't she have been born like a normal Zora?" Ruto wondered to herself. "This place would have been fine for her... and we would be able to cope. Like a real family."

"I can't say Ruto," said Link. "Marina needs to be cared for. I'm worried for her. Staying here, she can get hurt and nothing can be done. She can get sick from the cold. She can slip into the water. Maybe, When she gets older, then it might be alright. But now, for her, it isn't safe."

"How long Link? I can't just sit idly by while you two share each-others life. I'm her mother! I want to be there for her. She means everything to me. Everything."

"She means a lot to me too," said Link, honestly meaning it.

Ruto cried, letting her tears show her anguish. If Marina stayed, she would die. And it would be her fault. This wasn't fair. It just wasn't.

Link started to feel really rotten at the situation.

Ruto dried her tears. "Remember that place we first met?" she asked.

"Lake Hylia?" said Link.

"If I can't get to you... do you think you can bring her to me?"

"As often as you want," said Link.


"Everyday. I promise."



Link raised Marina in Kakariko village. For the first couple of months, Link kept his word and brought her to Lake Hylia as often as he could. Although Link had a lot of time Ruto didn't, being the next Queen of the Zora.

Some of the Zora recognised Link as their King, although he had taken a less active role since. Eventually, that part of his life was ignored, for the most part.

He brought Marina once a week to the lake, to make it easier for Ruto's schedule. Later, it became once a month. Then, it became a picnic every three months.

Ruto still loved Link and her daughter very much. She wished she could be with them always.

Unfortunately they stopped visiting, though no fault of their own.

There was a minor disagreement with the Zoran people and the Hylians, over the use of water between them. Although it didn't lead to any conflict, it was sufficient in drawing Ruto's time completely away from her family for a number of years.

Marina was not able to interact or get used to the Zora.

Link also wondered what he would say to Marina when she asked who her mother was. At one low point during the disagreement, he could tell she was afraid of them. He tried his best to enforce to her that they were not a bad people and nothing was going to happen. Still, those fears plagued the infant.

Then came the day, when Link had to tell her everything.

It was the day her heritage caught up with her, as Link feared it might.


The end?


- I know. I'm sorry for this ending. Truth to tell, I am not much of a Link/Ruto person. In fact, my usual beta readers were very reluctant to even read it, saying I was mad. (I have to beg them to read any 'implied' Link/Saria.)

Still, for someone who doesn't do Link/Ruto, I may have gone that little bit overboard when writing this then someone whom 'does' Link/Ruto. I can only say this universe was a huge challenge for me. I like a bit of... it 'is' possible... when writing and I tried my best to continue it.

Anyway, this turned out so well, I might expand and write the further events, if people really wish it.

Thank you for reading.