Okay, this is the second fan fiction I have ever written. Many different fan fictions I have stumbled upon and an anime/manga called Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE gave me the inspiration into writing this story. Many of those fan fictions include a fan fiction written by The Princess Zelda, halomasterchief, and Royal Kenya. All three of them, by the way, are very good writers. And if any of them happen to read this fan fiction, I apologize for using their names without asking.

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Chapter 1 - Is it Love or is it Lust?

"TIME'S UP!" A loud booming voice shouted.

A tall figure wearing a blue suit slowly put down her Sheikah knives. She panted heavily as she felt her body go numb, but she knew that she would still have to bear with her physical pain. She didn't want to collapse now in front of the two men she was facing. Especially in front of the man she loved the most. The tall blonde figure finally changed herself back into a more feminine form with the Triforce seal on her dress. The woman pushed a few sweaty strands of hair behind her ear as she wiped the sweat off her brow. Fighting was tiring, but it was very good practice with the Melee Tournament approaching in the next month. She glanced up at her partner and smiled at her. Her partner, however, didn't look human at all. If anyone were to come in the arena right now, they wouldn't be able to tell that the person standing on the platform above the princess of Hyrule was not a robot or a man wearing a power suit, but a woman. The woman wearing the power suit standing above her on another platform was covered in a dark blue suit as she removed the blue helmet on her head, revealing her beautiful, female face, and grinned back at her.

"Blue team... WINS!" the loud booming voice shouted again.

On the other side of the Hyrule Temple, a pair of young men wearing red put down their swords. The two men were disappointed with the battle, but they tried their best. It was humiliating that the two were beaten by the opposite gender, but it was just practice. Link didn't seem to mind, however, considering the fact that his two opponents were very good fighters, but his partner for the battle, Roy, did. Roy glared at the two women for being able to defeat the two skilled swordsmen, as he let out a stressed sigh. This was their second victory of the day. Both of the two young women smiled at the two men with triumphant looks on their face as their marched over to where they were standing.

"Damn it! I can't believe we lost to you again!" said Roy.

"Hmph, you just can't admit that Zelda and I make a better team than you and Link!" the woman holding the blue helmet said, grinning.

"Oh stuff it, Samus! Link and I were so close into finishing you off!" Roy shouted at the bounty hunter.

"Yeah, but you know what? Zelda would have probably finished both of you off with your percentage at 270!" Samus yelled back. "Right, Zel?"

"Oh Samus, let's not make them feel that bad. They are already upset that they lost. Let's not rub it in," Zelda said, trying her best to smile at both of the men.

"Hey! They were the ones who said that we wouldn't be able to beat them today!" Samus retorted.

"But still, Roy and Link wouldn't act like that to us if they won the game, right Link?" Zelda said, as she turned to Link.

Link, who was staring at Samus, quickly looked at Zelda. He wasn't paying attention at all. He was too busy focusing his attention on his crush, as she was preoccupied with arguing with Roy. She wouldn't notice his feelings for her, when she was distracted. He didn't want anyone about how he felt for her. Hopefully, Zelda didn't notice that he was staring at Samus. That weird sensation in his body with a warm tingling feeling inside whenever he was around her. He wanted to be near her. Always with her. If he could, he wanted to hold her in his arms, and kiss her passionately. When he finally realized that Zelda had asked him a question, he quickly turned to her to hear she had to say.

"Uh... What Zelda?" Link asked, blushing.

"I asked if you would rub in your victory against us if you won against Samus and I today," Zelda repeated.

For Zelda, it was obvious that he was staring at Samus. No matter how much he tried to hide it, it was completely obvious. It would only take a blind person to not be able to figure out Link's feelings for the famous bounty hunter. Zelda tried her best, but there was this stinging feeling in her heart, when she saw Link interested in Samus. Samus was her best friend. She knew that her friend wasn't interested in him and never would be, but still. There was this feeling of pain, knowing that a person that Zelda couldn't be with the man she loved the most.

"Uh... No, of course not Zelda! Why would Roy and I do something like that?" Link exclaimed, as he glanced over at Roy who then set his eyes on the ground. By the look of guilt in his face, it was likey that Roy indeed would have taunted Samus and Zelda about a victory.

"Ah ha! I knew it! You were definitely planning to poke fun of us if we lost!" Samus shouted, pointing her finger at Roy.

Roy glared at Samus for a little moment. She was still rambling on about how she was able to win. It was getting annoying, considering the fact that Roy did not enjoy losing. He hated to lose. It was something that he could not tolerate. It was still humiliating for him to be beaten by a girl. If he was back in his homeland, all of his male friends would make fun of him because of that. Men were not allowed to lose. No matter what. His temper slowly started to rise as he opened his mouth to snap something back at the bounty hunter.

"Well, you know what? Stop bragging about your victory!" Roy yelled. Roy and Samus proceeded to argue for several minutes. There they were again. Fighting over a small battle. Despite the fact that Roy and Samus got along very well, they would argue a lot as if they were brother and sister. Zelda shook her head at the two for being immature about arguing something as childish as winning a battle. As the babbled on about the battle, she decided to spend some time talking to Link.

"Seriously, I don't know how those two get along. I find it hard to believe that they are even friends," Zelda said, giving Link a small smile.

"Yeah, they don't really agree on anything," Link said, smiling back.

"... Oh yeah? Well, if you think you are so tough, let's bring it on then!" Samus shouted, interrupting Link and Zelda.

"Samus. Please, we are all tired and I think it's best we get back to our rooms so we all aren't smelling like pigs when we go down to dinner," Zelda said as she sighed. It was getting late, and Zelda was really exhausted from all that fighting. "We can fight Link and Roy tomorrow if you really want to. You can fight with Peach; I really want to take the day off relaxing because all these battles with Link and Roy are just too much."

"Hey, Peach is good, but no offense to her, she's not that great. You are a better fighter than she is," Samus said, giving Zelda a smug smile on her face.

"Come on now, if we don't hurry back to our rooms we won't be able to take a shower," Zelda said.

Even though Samus wished to practice a little more, she knew it would be best to follow her friend's suggestion. The day was slowly coming to an end, and dinner was calling for them. A grumble in her stomach proved that. Samus did admit that she was a little tired with all the battling. All the sweat from her body was disgusting, and she really did need to take a shower. Samus sighed and agreed to walk back to their rooms.

Back at Samus's and Zelda's room, Zelda could hear the water from the shower stop pattering on the floor of the bathtub, as she heard a large squeak out of the shower knob. She could hear her friend in the bathroom as she opened a drawer to fish something out, and as she heard a rustle of clothes being put on. She sat on the window seat, near the bedroom window, looking out at the sun slowly saying good bye to the world, as the sunlight started to desert the room from illuminating it. She sighed heavily as she was still thinking about something. Samus finally stepped out the bathroom wearing a bathrobe and her stringy, pale hair in front of her face as she shook out all the excess water out. She brushed some strands of her choppy hair out of her face, as she spoke to Zelda.

"Hey, Zel, it's your turn to take a shower."

Zelda was looking outside the window with her head in the clouds. She was thinking deeply about the person she loved the most. Him. Zelda knew in her heart, that his feelings were not returned, but she still didn't care. This man she loved the most had saved her from countless times against the evil Gerudo king, Ganondorf. He was always so warm, loving, and caring. From being complete strangers, when they first met, there was something about Link that made Zelda interested in him. She wanted to be friends with him. He was the one who believed her story of Ganondorf coming to take over Hyrule. He was so friendly towards her, and always enjoyed talking to her. Link would always be the one to cheer her up whenever she was sad, and always protect her from whatever danger she was in. He could always squeeze a giggle out of Zelda, no matter how down she was. All the memories they shared were something important to her. More important than winning the Melee Tournament. Never ending happiness would be with her, if she was able to stay by Link's side forever.

But there was no way that he could love her back. He liked her best friend, Samus Aran. However, Zelda noticed that Link didn't like Samus for who she truly was, but for her looks. She knew the difference between being infatuated and actually being in love, and Link was definitely infatuated. The way he acted when Samus was interacting with other men. He would always be glaring at any young man having a conversation with one of her best female friend. It wasn't like him to get upset about something like this. Samus had also noticed this problem. Samus also clearly knew that the man Zelda Harkinian loved the most, was interested in her, but Samus didn't like Link in that way. Link was a nice, outgoing, friendly guy, but she was not interested in Link's type.

"Huh? What did you say Samus?" Zelda asked, as she snapped back into reality. She turned her attention to Samus. When she looked at her friend, her face was not filled with her neutral expression that she always had, but it was filled with concern and worry.

"I just said it was your time to take a shower. Is something bothering you?" Samus asked hesitantly.

"Oh, you know... Link problems," Zelda sighed, as Samus rolled her eyes.

Her friend was going to talk about the person she loved most. It was frustrating for Samus. Zelda loved Link. She really did. There was no mistake of that. She didn't become jealous or angry if Link was with any other girls. They had been friend practically forever. But Link did not show any signs of returning the feelings for Zelda. Samus knew that his feelings were hidden somehow. How could he not love Zelda? They were perfect together. They had wonderful chemistry and they were always so understanding, and caring. How in the world could Hyrule's legendary hero be interested in her, Samus Aran? The fearless bounty hunter, all across space, who seemed to be such a strong young woman, was really an unstable, emotionally strong tom boy. How could Link love her for something like that? He couldn't. He was only infatuated.

"You really love him, don't you?" Samus commented softly.

"Yes. But I am not sure if he feels the same way. I know that he likes you a lot. It's pretty obvious," Zelda said as she sighed again. This wasn't going anywhere. Samus couldn't help her with her problems. There was no one she could turn to, besides maybe Samus and Peach about this. She did wish that Link could return her love, but he couldn't. He was blinded by what he saw in Samus. She started humming the lullaby she knew as a child. She hoped that it would take her mind off things if she started humming her lullaby to make her feel better.

"Zel? You don't hate me, right?" Samus asked, trying to break the silence between her and her Hyrulean friend.

Zelda stopped humming and looked up at her friend. She was puzzled about Samus's question. She stared at Samus for a moment, with a look of confusion in her face. Why would her friend ask such a question like that? Zelda loved Samus as her best friend in Super Smash Brothers Melee, and she was almost like her mother/sister to her. She would always be the one to care for her, and protect her if Link couldn't. Samus would always understand everything that Zelda was going through and she would always try her best to make the princess of Hyrule to feel better.

"Why would I hate you? Samus, you are one of my best friends. There's no way I would hate you," Zelda said.

"I don't know. It's just that Link seems to like me a lot. I feel guilty knowing that he's attracted to me, when he should be attracted to you," Samus mentioned sadly. Zelda stood up from the window seat, and walked forward towards where Samus stood. She was only a few feet away from her as she was going to say more about Link and her.

"Samus, you are a very attractive person. I can see why Link would be attracted to you, but I know that he's only infatuated with you. He doesn't actually love you. If he did love you, he wouldn't be blushing like mad every time you smiled at him. He even told me that his heart would pound really fast when he was near you," Zelda said. "It's painful to see the person you love the most, like another person who is your best friend, but I think Link is still trying to figure out his feelings."

"You are very pretty too, Zelda. Do you think that Link would feel the same way if you told him you loved him?" Samus asked.

"I think he does. He just hasn't realized it, yet," Zelda said, trying to give Samus a smile. "He's Link after all. It takes a while for guys like him to figure out his true feelings."

Samus tried to smile back at her friend.

"Do you know what I love about you as a friend?" Samus asked.


"Is that you always try your best, and you always try to smile no matter how depressing the situation is. You have something I don't. You are truly strong," Samus said. Zelda blushed, as she heard Samus say that.

"But...There are just times when I want to break down and cry. I see myself in pain, but yet I always try to hide my pain," Zelda said, as she began to cry.

"Come here. You don't need to hide your pain from me. I am your friend. You have seen me go through many different kinds of pain; I know that Link loves you. If he doesn't, then he's probably crazy and need to be sent to a mental institute. A man like Link would have to be crazy if he didn't love a person like you," Samus said, as Zelda laughed. Zelda wiped away her tears and hugged Samus.

"Thank you, Samus. I feel a lot better now. Now I really must take a shower. Off to the bathroom!" Zelda said. Samus smiled at her as she sauntered towards the bathroom. She turned around from the bathroom, as she heard the door lock click, and the sound of running water started to pound the floor of the bathtub.

"She truly is a strong person to be able to smile like that in such a short amount of time," Samus thought to herself.

The cafeteria of the Super Smash Brothers Mansion was loud and crowded. The small round tables all across the room, with every smasher seated in the tables of six. All the smashers were already eating and chatting away. They were a little late. Almost all the smashers were seated, and they were all enjoying their dinner. Zelda and Samus entered the packed room, and took a seat next to Peach. She saved them a few seats for the entire group.

"So, how did your battle go?" Peach asked, all excited to hear what they were going to say.

"It was great! I was able to kill Roy at least three times, and Zelda was awesome and kicked some major butt!" Samus replied.

"Well, what did you think of the battle, Zel?" Peach asked, turning towards Zelda as Zelda took her seat next to Peach's right.

"Er... It was okay. It wasn't the best battle ever, but I certainly had as much fun as Samus did," Zelda said, giving one of her kind, comforting smiles.

"By the way, where the heck is Roy and Link? I thought they would be down before you would be," Peach said, while looking around the room. She quickly spotted the two swordsmen as they entered the cafeteria, looking for the girls. "Ah! There they are! Oy! We are over here!"

Roy and Link finally caught sight of the three blonde girls as they slowly walked towards them. They all took a seat across the table from them as Roy sighed heavily from all the stress and battling from the day.

"So, how's everyone today?" Roy asked, trying to start up a friendly conversation.

"We SO kicked your butt!" Samus shouted, as Roy shot a small glare at her.

"Can we please just drop that? Do I always need to hear that from you? It's really annoying," Roy said in a low voice as Samus shrugged. "Anyways, guess what? An old friend of mine is coming here in three weeks to become a new smasher. His name is Marth."

"Really? A new smasher? How exciting! I can't wait to meet him," Peach said, as she squealed with happiness. This was the highlight for Princess Peach's day as everything went not that well for her.

"Well, it would be great to have someone else here so we have three boys and three girls so that we are all even," Link said, giving a small smile. This was good news. They would all be able to hang out. The Hero of Time pondered a little bit as he began to ask his next question. "Is he nice, Roy?"

"Of course he is! I wouldn't be friends with him if he wasn't!" exclaimed the red haired swordsman. "He's not only nice, he's really polite. He's the Prince of Altea! And he's quite a ladies man too..."

"Well, if you say so..." Link said as his voice trailed off. His friend didn't sound that certain about something.

"What do you mean by that! Are you saying that you don't trust me Link?" Roy asked, pretended to be offended to hear his friend say that.

"No, it's just that you seem to look guilty about something. Is there something wrong?" Link asked, concerned. Roy had been acting very strange recently, and Link could tell.

"Er, I'll tell you later after dinner," Roy said softly as he slightly blushed when he looked at Peach. He couldn't tell Link about it now. Not in front of Zelda and Samus, and definitely not in front Peach. Or perhaps, he didn't need to tell Link about it all. It didn't matter, Roy knew that deep in his heart, he would be able to solve this problem himself, without anyone's help. His true love. He couldn't tell anyone about it. There was no way Roy could talk to anyone about it. He inhaled some air through his nose, as Samus spoke to him.

"What is it, Roy? Come on! You can tell me! We're friends! Or is it a guy thing?" Samus asked, eying Roy suspiciously.

"Guy thing. It's probably better if you didn't know," Roy said, giving a sigh.

"Gah! So, Zelda, you certainly have been quiet today. How are you?" asked Peach, trying her best to make sure that the table conversation wasn't dull and boring.

"Okay. I am just feeling a little upset about something," Zelda said. While Roy, Samus, and Link all chatted on about weapons, Peach mouthed the word "Link?" to Zelda, Zelda nodded her head. Her other friend, also knew everything about her love life and how she felt for the man.

"It's okay. Everything will be alright. You know it will be," comforted Peach.

"You are right. Why am I worrying about such a thing? Do you think it's because that, erm... You know who, always looks at her that way?" Zelda asked, making sure she wouldn't say Link and Samus' name out loud while they were still talking.

"That's probably why. You are not jealous of her are you?" Peach asked.

"No, it's just if I imagine them being together, I feel really depressed," Zelda replied.

"Jealous of who?" asked Link, after finishing his conversation with Samus and Roy. He turned to them. Both of the girls almost jumped off their seats. They didn't expect that Link would finish his conversation with Samus and Roy that quickly. Peach began to speak as she cleared her throat.

"No one! We were talking about...dresses!" Peach quickly said for Zelda because she knew her friend could never lie to anyone, no matter how hard Zelda tried. Zelda was an honest person that could never be able to lie to anyone. That was part of Zelda that made her the beautiful young woman she was. With perfect grace, and elegance, the princess of Hyrule, was a kind, honest, loving person.

"So, Link, have you been able to talk to Malon lately?" Zelda asked her friend.

"Er, yeah. A few times. Gosh, she's really been busy these days though. I don't know why, but she said that she has a lot of work to do now that a new foal on the ranch has been born," Link said, as he shrugged.

"I really need to see Malon. She's such a sweet girl! I would love to see again sometime since we both have been so busy!" Zelda said.

"Hm, if you want, I could take you to see her one day if we get permission from the Master Hand to go back to Hyrule," Link offered as Zelda smiled. He smiled back at her. That warm, loving smile for some reason, made Link forget about all the worries he had. All negative thoughts, gone. Only happiness in his heart. He paused for a moment, before having his food touch his lips as he felt something in his heart. What was this? Happiness… with Zelda… forever…

"Thank you so much, Link! Oh, could we also stop by Kokiri forest? I would also like to see Saria again. Gosh, I really need to keep in touch with both Malon, and Saria! It feels like it's been years since I last talked with them! Oh yes, and maybe Ruto and Nabooru too!" Zelda said excitedly.

"Oh, Zelda! Remember that you promised me that you and I would go shopping for a nice pink dress for me this weekend!" Peach said in her usual bubbly tone, interrupting the conversation between her and Link. Zelda smiled.

"Sure thing, Peach! Do you think Samus might want to come along? Oh! While we're out shopping I would really want to get a nice pair of earrings!" Zelda chatted excitedly. For now, all of Zelda's worries were disappearing for a short amount of time. There was nothing that would put her down… not now, not yet.

"I don't know! Samus doesn't really like shopping for things like dresses, but we could always go shopping for something else later!" Peach said, giving a big smile. The two female smashers continued to chatter until the rest of dinner, when the smashers would return back to their rooms.

After dinner all the smashers headed back to their rooms before 11 o'clock because that's when the Master Hand turned off all the lights in the hallways. Zelda was sitting straight up against the headboard of her bed with the covers over her lap with a book in her hand. She was comfortable like this, with her blankets warming her, and reading an interesting book to help her body and mind relax. Her eyes scanned the pages of the book, as she continued to relax from all the stress and pain from today. The reading calmed her as she heard a click come from the bathroom, and someone emerging from the bathroom.

Samus came out of the bathroom looking slightly green about the gills. "Ugh, my mouth has this disgusting, weird aftertaste every time I eat that weird dish. Y'know, the "fish" that was served today. I have a theory that it's actually this martian shit that will spawn one day in our stomachs while we're sleeping dreaming of fuzzy bunnies in little pink suits, and-,"

"How about you go to the sink and wash it out?" Zelda suggested quickly, as she glanced up at Samus. Samus sighed heavily at the idea, and shook her head.

"I tried that. It doesn't seem to work. I think I'll go to the kitchen and get a glass of water," Samus said. She grabbed her shoes and put on her watch. She also grabbed a sweat shirt to keep her warm, as she made her way over to the bedroom door. She unlocked the lock and she opened the door. She smiled at her friend resting, looking cozy and warm.

"See ya!" she said to the other side of the room, as she began to close the door.

"Just remember to come back before eleven!" Zelda called to Samus as she left the room. The door slammed shut, as Zelda was alone in her room, still reading her book filled with Hyrule's legends and fairytales. She smiled softly at herself about her friend Samus, and how she always had her back, and made sure that no one would ever hurt her in any emotional way.

Link remembered the first day he had fallen in love with the woman named Samus Aran. He was being interviewed for becoming a smasher in the original Super Smash Brothers in the Master Hand's office, when a young woman burst in the room complaining to the Master Hand about the hot water in the bathroom not working and how she was forced to take cold showers, something she was not very fond of doing. Link looked at her, awestricken and admired her beauty. She paid no attention to the young Hyrulean as she continued talking with the Master Hand. Never in Link's entire life, had he seen a woman with such bravery and courage, march up to the Master Hand give him a piece of her mind.

With golden blonde hair, emerald eyes and an oval face with no imperfect features, it was love at first sight for Link. His stomach had butterflies flying all around wanting to escape his body. His body was shaking like mad and this weird warm tingling feeling came all over him whenever this girl was near him. His heart started beating fast like a bull ramming against a wall. When ever men would flirt or even talk with Samus, he would start to hate the person Samus was talking to for a little while. If Captain Falcon came up to Samus flirting with her, Link would get so angry he would have to excuse himself from the room to let out all of his anger. Even though Samus wasn't impressed with Captain Falcon, Link would still become so angry he just wanted to kill him, no matter how nice the Captain was to him.

When he first tried talking to Samus, she paid little attention to him. It took him a long time for him to gain her trust and her friendship. So when Zelda became a smasher and was quickly friends with Samus, he was jealous of Zelda because her fast friendship she was able to create when it took him more than six months. It took her only an hour. Link knew that there were several differences between him and Samus Aran, but he would try his best not to accept it. He tried liking all the things she loved, but he knew in reality that he hated some of the things that she loved to do. For example, the music she liked was different from what he loved to hear. Samus loved to listen to heavy metal music, while Link was more into the classical music. Link was more determined than ever to make Samus his girl.

However, there was another person that was on Link's mind. Link thought for a moment about Zelda. Zelda, of course, was pretty, but her beauty was no match for Samus's. Zelda would always have a positive attitude, and smile at Link. No matter how down Zelda was she always had the inner strength to bring herself to smile. All the memories he had with her... They were all so special and important to him. He was always happy whenever he saw Zelda. He couldn't remember the last time, they had ever argued, and how they always seemed to enjoy each other's company. Link thought more on Zelda. Her beautiful ivory skin, her sapphire eyes...but the most attractive part about her was her smile. The comfort and kindness he always felt whenever she would smile at him was wonderful to experience. It was a smile that meant that everything was alright, and showed her happiness with no trace of sadness on her face.

"I never realized that Zelda is so pretty. Wait; am I in love with Zelda? Impossible. Zelda and I are just friends. I have no special feelings for her. I am in love with the bounty hunter, Samus Aran, and no one else. But then again, Zelda has always been there for me whenever I needed her the most. What am I saying? Samus is better than Zelda! Samus is prettier than Zelda, and stronger. I am not in love with Princess Zelda and that is final! The person I want the most right now to be my bride is Samus Aran!" Link said to himself.

He had no idea what to do now. Link was so confused with his thoughts on both Zelda and Samus that he just remembered he left something in the training locker room. He debated to himself for a little bit about whether or not he should retrieve what he left in his locker room. He decided it would be best for him to get it now, rather than forgetting to do it tomorrow. He sighed heavily at his forgetfulness and quickly deserted his room and Roy who was currently occupied with his computer typing an e-mail. Roy still didn't tell him what was bothering him, but it didn't matter any more to him. Roy said he had figured it out on his own. He was too busy now typing an e-mail to his friend that was soon going to become the new smasher. Link shrugged the comment off that Roy made, and decided to head towards the locker room before it was too late.

Samus turned on the lights, in the cold, dark, deserted kitchen. She slowly made her way to the capacious kitchen where she found a glass in a cupboard near the sink. The kitchen was empty, considering the fact it was late at night, and filled with modern appliances. Everything was stainless steel and was large, stocked with junk food, and drinks for all of the smashers's pleasure. She took the glass from the cupboard, as she carried it to the center table and placed it down. She quickly went to the enormous refrigerator as she found what she was looking for. She grabbed the pitcher and closed the refrigerator door, shut. She took the glass and filled it with a pitcher full of icy, cold water. She quickly gulped down the liquid, soothing her entire mouth and body.

"Ah, much better!" Samus said to herself with no one else around.

She quickly placed the glass down in the sink and put the pitcher of water back in the refrigerator. She made sure that everything was the way it was before she entered the kitchen or the Master Hand would complain to all of the smashers about not cleaning up everything when entering the kitchen, and refused to let anyone go back in there. Satisfied with everything the way it was, she shut the lights off, and left the kitchen. She was walking down the hall when she spotted Link.

"Uh, hey Link! What are you doing here at this time of night?" Samus asked.

"What? Oh, I'm just getting something from the locker room. I forgot to get my hat," Link said.

"Ah, I see," Samus said as an awkward silence crept into the room. For some reason it felt really weird, that no one else was around besides them. Ever since the new smashers for the Melee Tournament signed up, it was rare for them any more to have a moment together. She didn't know what to do in a situation like this, since Link and her never really had anything to talk about, and decided it would be best just to leave.

"Er, I should be getting back to my room now. Zelda will probably be wondering what's taking me so long," Samus said.

Link looked down at the floor as Samus turned her back on him and started walking away. This was a perfect chance for him. He and Samus were together alone. No one could disrupt them if he told her then and now. He needed to tell her today. He always wanted to tell her this for over a year, but he never had enough courage to do so. Now was his chance to talk with her alone, and confess his love. His heart was pounding faster than ever and felt like it was just going to rip out of his body and spread all over the floor. That warm tingling sensation in his body came back again. His voice seemed to not work and his throat was dry. Link was barely able to regain his voice again just before Samus was out of his sight.

"Samus?" Link quickly said in the empty hallway. After hearing Link call out to her, Samus slowly spun around and locked her eyes on him. She gave him a questionable look on her face as she was unsure about what he was going to say next.


"I-... I love you," Link said, his face turning red as his words echoed in the empty hallways.

Zelda glanced over at her clock on her night stand. In a bright green color, the digital numbers on the clock read 10:35 pm. She frowned at the time the clock displayed as she continued to read. She couldn't concentrate on the new story she was reading, with her mind wandering. Something was bothering her, but she wasn't sure what. She could have sworn that there was something that she had to do, or something weird was happening, but she couldn't place her finger on it.

"Hm...What's taking Samus so long? I really need to talk to her about tomorrow's battle. It doesn't take a person that long to go and get a drink. Ah! I need to talk to the Master Hand right now! I promised him I would see him after dinner today! Oh Nayru! I must go now before it's too late!" Zelda thought.

Zelda gave a little sigh and inserted a bookmark with the Triforce seal on it, in her book and pulled the covers off her legs. The cold air in the room quickly hit her skin as she shivered a little bit. She put on her slippers and quickly headed out the door to the Master Hand's room on the other side of the mansion. Hopefully she wouldn't be too late to see the Master Hand, and watch two very important people in the hallways…

"W-what?" Samus stuttered out of her mouth, a little shocked.

She couldn't believe it. She knew all along that Link had feelings for her, but he never expected her to confess today. Well, maybe. Just not now, or ever. She thought he would be able to figure out his real and true feelings for Zelda soon and forget all about his unreal, fake feelings for her. What was coming over him? She was sure that he would figure it out soon. She really thought he did. Yet, why was he telling her this? She wasn't the one for him. She could never be the one for him. She couldn't accept him for what he truly was as a lover. Only as a friend, and nothing more.

"I... I love you," Link said again.

Link slowly walked to where Samus was standing as if he was possessed by an evil spirit and pressed his lips against hers. What had came over him? Something was taking ahold of him. Was it his love for Samus? No, it wasn't. It was not love at all. Nothing, but lust in his heart. Something foul, putrid, and passionless in his heart. It's not love at all. When someone allows another person whose heart is filled with lust, it's not love at all. Samus stood there shocked for a minute, when Link's tongue slowly met hers. For some reason, Samus kissed Link back. She didn't know why, but she had to admit that Link was very handsome and he was a very good kisser. Samus admitted that she had been lusting over men, but not men like Link. She tried to imagine that she wasn't kissing Link at all. A strong man with a bigger body build than her's and a very masculine face. Samus had never been kissed in her entire life, and she felt good kissing Link as they continued to lock their lips together. In Samus's head, this wasn't Link that she was kissing; it was a man in her dreams kissing her passionately. Link put his hands close to her waist as he pulled her closer to him. Her tongue danced with his, and the kiss continued to last. Yes, it was surprising to see how much a human emotion can cause a person to do things they would never expect to do in their entire life. She was in a trance and felt as if she was kissing someone she had always dreamed of, not Link. She was delirious and felt as if she was kissing the man of her dreams. It wasn't long when a blonde haired woman was slowly making a turn around the corner of the hallway and saw the two kissing. The person was no other than Princess Zelda herself.

Zelda felt a sharp pain went into her heart. Samus and Link were kissing. Samus, one of best female friends she had in her entire life was kissing the man she loved the most. That person, who she thought would love her back once he finally discovered his true feelings for her. The perfect person who would do anything for her, and love her with all of his heart. She stood there. Not saying anything or wanting to do something. She couldn't think of anything to do. Nothing was coming to her mind, about anything, only the pain that came into her heart, and Samus and Link being together. She gasped ever so slightly, for only her to hear. There was nothing else that could be heard at the moment, besides Zelda's heart pounding in her chest, as the pain kept on piercing her heart and was bleeding inside. Water slowly started building up in her eyes. Zelda's vision started to become a little blurry as the tears started forming. Zelda could not believe on what she was seeing. She didn't hate Samus, but she just felt like she would never be able to smile again. No matter what Samus or Peach would say to make Zelda feel better, Zelda knew deep down in her heart that she would never be able to smile the way she used to anymore. She couldn't help herself, but Zelda let out a small sob and turned the other way back to her room and ran.

Zelda's sob was loud enough for Samus to hear. She immediately opened her eyes and caught a glimpse of a woman wearing a white dress with blonde hair running away. Samus quickly remembered who she was kissing and how Zelda felt for Link.

"What the hell am I doing? I am kissing my best friend's love! How could I have been so stupid to let her see me and Link like this! Zelda deeply cares for Link and really loves him! Why am I letting Link kiss me? He doesn't even love me! Oh God, I hate myself... Zelda probably hates me now for kissing Link. Okay, I need to get him OFF of me!" Samus thought, as she pushed Link off of her.

"I am sorry, Link. I can't do this," Samus said, as she gasped for air. Their kiss had lasted over a minute, and Samus was already desperate for some fresh air. She still mentally kicked herself over and over again for what she did. She felt like an idiot for allowing herself to be kissed like that. Hurting another person, by kissing Link and to make it worse, one of best friends in the world.

"What do you mean?" Link said with a puzzled look on his face.

"Look, you don't actually love me. You are infatuated with me. Your heart is filled with nothing but lust," Samus said finally.

"No... Samus, I really love you," Link said trying to ignore his real feelings for Zelda.

Something about Zelda… that made him happy. But it he wasn't sure if it was actually love. He didn't know what in the world that Samus was going to talk to him about, but he could tell from the tone of her voice, that he was not going to like it or accept it. He would try to deny everything that she would say. He did love her. Link was sure. Love at first sight. Wasn't that the classic way for two people to fall in love? It wasn't… Link knew this. But how could he accept it, was the question.

"Oh, really? If you really loved me, why was your hand then reaching up to touch one of my breasts? No man would do that unless they were infatuated with me," Samus said as Link blushed. He admitted that he didn't know what came over him to do that, but he was a little ashamed about that. "Link you are a great guy to be around with, but I am not the person for you."

"But that doesn't prove that I don't love you," Link quickly replied. He couldn't stand all of this. What in the world she was talking about? There was no such thing as infatuation in Link's heart. Only love. Or perhaps lust.

"But the thing is, you don't love me at all. You are always blushing and you get nervous whenever I am around. It's pretty obvious that you are infatuated with me. You, like most people, are often confused with your feelings on whether or not this is love or lust," Samus said. "But it's normal for us to think that love is lust."

"How are you so sure that I always get nervous when I see you?" Link quickly asked.

"I have seen the way you act once I am around other men. If you really and truly loved me you would have cared less about other men talking to me. But when you see me with talking to a man, even if it's your best guy friend, Roy, you get so jealous that your eyes turn red and your face turns purple," Samus said.

Link said nothing as Samus continued. She would have to set things straight. It wasn't right for Link to be like this. If Link couldn't be able to figure out his hidden feelings for Zelda, she would have to smack them in his face. Now that she had hurt Zelda emotionally, she would have to help her. Samus hated herself for allowing Link to kiss her. She hated it. This was the only way that Samus could make everything up to her. She would do what she could to make sure that by the time she left Link, she would tell everything that he had not realized yet.

"Zelda once told me about your feelings about me, and she said that the moment you saw me you fell in 'love'," Samus said. "That's definitely infatuation, Link. Love is something that takes time to develop. People in the world don't fall in love with another person that quickly unless they are infatuated with that person. Of course, I like you a lot Link, but only as a friend. To me you are like the stronger, younger brother I never had."

Link remained silent as Samus looked at him. He was not going to say anything. Link wasn't sure how to handle all of this. All these thoughts running through his head. There was no moment of true happiness he had shared with Samus, and whenever he was with Samus, they were not as priceless as they were with Zelda. Zelda… all the times he shared with her… always wonderful and happy experiences with no worry, pain or grief. But he didn't want to admit that he was only infatuated with Samus Aran. He wouldn't accept it. There was no way. All these strong things he had felt for her. But did he really care that much? Samus didn't know how Link was responding to her, but she continued to say more.

"You don't realize it, do you? I know that you are not in love with me, but someone else loves you. You don't seem to realize that there's a special someone you know that deeply cares for you more than I would in a million years. You are just so blind that you don't know it," Samus said.

"And who would that person be?" asked Link coldly.

He still wouldn't accept this. There was no way he could. He would lose all of his pride if he did. But he realized by doing so, he would be arrogant and foolish. Part of growing up is to accept the truth no matter how painful it is, and Link would have to do that. If he did feel pain, that is. There was no pain or emotions in his heart when he was with Samus. No real or true feelings of love. Nothing, but lust. He wanted nothing more than to make out with her. He didn't want to spend the rest of his life with her. The famous female bounty hunter, Samus Aran, could never live a life with the Hero of Time. He still wouldn't accept it though. Not while Samus was still around telling him all of this.

"Who else? Princess Zelda," Samus said. "She loves you more than anything in the world; she tries to hide her pain by smiling at you wherever and whenever you are near her. You can't expect her to not love you. She probably hates me now that she's caught the sight of us kissing. As for now, I'll leave you to think about your real feelings. I know somewhere in your heart you care deeply for Zelda, and you would do anything for her."

Samus turned and walked away as she smiled to herself now that she told Link the truth. Maybe now, he would recognize his feelings for Zelda. Hopefully, he would eventually accept everything she said. No matter how proud Link was as a warrior, he would accept it. He was Link. There was no way that Link would deny everything that Samus said. She was satisfied now. Link would come to his senses. He was still growing up; despite the fact he was almost an adult. Samus knew that he would realize everything. He would finally realize what he had and his feelings.

Zelda tried her best to keep herself becoming a huge mess, but she couldn't help it. Tears just came pouring out of her eyes. She didn't know where she would go. She didn't want to talk to the Master Hand anymore. She wanted the pain to go away more than ever. This was killing her, as she didn't have any more emotionally strength to support her. She just wanted to forget everything about Link, and her feelings for him. Memories… of him? It seemed to be the simplest answer of all. Suicide was not an option for Princess Zelda, considering who she was, but by removing memories. That was the most likely choice she could make without hurting herself. Knowing exactly who would be able to perform that action for her she continued to dash down the hallways of the Super Smash Brothers Mansion. Instead of taking a right to get back to her room, she veered left leading down to the dark hallway where a certain Pokémon lived. She knocked on the purple door. As the Pokémon was getting the door, she tried her best to not cry anymore. She didn't want Mewtwo to see her sobbing. At last, the Pokémon finally opened the door.

"Zelda, what are you doing here this late?" the psychic Pokémon asked. He blinked a few times in shock as he saw the state that the princess was in. Something was not right. He could sense that in her emotions and thoughts. He wasn't sure what she was going to ask him next, but he could feel that it would be something very highly of her to ask. "And what's wrong? You look like you have been crying."

"Mewtwo, I have a huge favor to ask you about," Zelda said slowly, trying to calm herself down.

This was not all her fault. It wouldn't be saying good bye to the world she dearly knew for seventeen long years. It would just be saying farewell to a person she loved the most. Until they met again, she would have no idea who this person was. This was the best for her. She tried her best to show and give him all the love she had for him. But she couldn't live like this. Not any more. There would be no tomorrow or yesterday of him and her. All the moments together… slowly disappearing and dying from her mind. She would leave nothing. Nothing of him. All sadness that she contained in her heart from what she had saw only seconds ago, would all be gone. There would be nothing left in her about Link. Leave nothing and carry on living, is what she told herself.

"What is it?"

"I want to forget everything about Link."

Yes, this is my first chapter! Just to let you know, the title of my fan fiction, Leave Nothing, is actually a song by a Chinese (yes, I am Chinese...) pop artist named Faye Wong. I strongly recommend her music even though I don't own any of her CDs. I always listen to her music whenever I am listening to fan fiction. I have posted the lyrics to the song "Leave Nothing" in my profile and you will see exactly why I chose this song title as the title of my fan fiction. I apologize to all those Zelda and Link fans, who are probably hating me now, for me having Link kiss Samus. Trust me, this helps the relationship between Zelda and Link. And for all of you hopeless romantics out there, please don't bash on me for not believing at love at first sight! I used to believe in it when I was younger, but now I don't now that I know what the difference between infatuation and love is. Please review and tell me what you think. If you think that this chapter sucks, please tell me why and be specific by providing some examples in my story. Criticism is allowed in reviewing, but NO FLAMING!