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Chapter 10 –Wishing We Last Forever

Princess Zelda Harkinian of Hyrule stared at the boy for a moment. Her eyes still looked deeply into the young green clothed boy's ocean blue eyes that looked similar Link's. Young Link still peered up at the future queen of Hyrule as she stood at least four yards up in front of him on a higher ground, down from the elevated stone stairs. She didn't say anything for a moment. She gasped slightly at Young Link for a moment. She was still a little confused with this boy that looked exactly similar to Link. She was still wondering for a little while why Link wanted her to meet him. Only after millisecond later… it hit her. It hit her fast and hard as if a lighting bolt had struck her. Everything was flashing in her mind before she could do anything. Everything. Flashing. Traveling faster than the speed of light. She couldn't control any part of her body, as if her body was made out of ice. She was traumatized for a moment, by everything that she forgotten about the person she loved the most. Her eyes widened immensely, as the memories came pouring back in.

The first meeting with Link. Where she turned around from the window, as a young girl, and saw the boy from her dreams finally come into place. Him agreeing to her request to stop Ganondorf with her, and being the first person, besides Impa, to believe her story. His face, a look of pride and victory for getting all three Sacred Stones, as she and Impa were riding as fast as the horse could gallop. Only to escape from Ganondorf's evil hands, as she threw the Ocarina of Time to him to protect the land of Hyrule. Her meeting Link while disguised as Sheik seven years later, as she was deceiving him to make sure that he didn't figure out that it was actually her guiding him all along, not a Sheikah boy. Meeting him at all the different temples, teaching him different songs, and giving him wise words about everything. His reaction to when she finally revealed herself as Princess Zelda after he awakened all the Six Sages. The look he gave her as Ganondorf imprisoned her in the pink crystal as she was floating away. Him fighting Ganondorf in his castle, to save her life, and the land of Hyrule. The look he gave her after defeating Ganondorf. Her lending her power to defeat Ganondorf with his last breath. Saying farewell to him for saving everyone and everything. Him coming back to see her again, repeating the cycle of them meeting. Her signing up to become a smasher in the Super Smash Brothers Melee Tournament as she met up with Link. The times when she always talked with Link, filled with laughter, joy, happiness, and above all, love. His smile. The warm and comfort in his smile, that made her feel loved and cared for. The feelings were all coming back. And then… the pain. The pain of Link kissing Samus.

Zelda clearly remembered everything what happened after her memory was removed, what she did and everything, but the thought of Link kissing Samus was still heart wrenching. She knew that Samus was in love with Marth now, but… Link… was he still in love with Samus? The pain of the person she loved the most still in love with her best friend was still upsetting. Had Link still loved Samus? Zelda thought so. If he didn't, then he wouldn't have kissed Samus. The pain still piercing in her heart, knowing that Link still had feelings for Samus. He may have retrieved all the memories of him and her being together, but that still didn't prove that he loved her. The only way she would know would be if those words of love would come out of his mouth... But would he really go through all this trouble to confess his feelings?

Tear drops started to fill her eyes, for she could not help it. No matter how much emotional strength that Princess Zelda Harkinian of Hyrule had in every ounce in her body, it wouldn't be enough to fight off the pain she carried. Her eyesight faltered as the tears gushed out of her eye sockets. The tears flowed down her cheeks as they hit the ground. Her knees felt wobbly as she found that she had no more physical strength to stand up. Her body came crashing down on her knees with her back arched forward, as she covered her face with both of her gloved hands and sobbed. Her body was leaned forward, as she continued to cry. She continued to wail, and didn't care that Young Link and Link were with her in the courtyard. If anyone saw her, it didn't matter. Even though Impa had always taught her that princesses should never cry in front of anyone, especially men, she couldn't help it. As if a rose in the rain, she would continue to weep until someone would take her away from the dark misery she was in.

As Link saw Princess Zelda's reaction to Young Link, he smiled softly. Even though he was aware that it would be rude to smile when the princess of Hyrule is bawling her eyes out, seeming as if Link was enjoying seeing the princess in pain, but he wasn't smiling because of that. He was smiling for a different reason. He had finally discovered with what Zelda's most precious and favorite memory of him was. Yes, it was their first meeting. The time where both Link and Zelda knew that day would be highly significant to their lives, because of the future events coming up. When she told him all about Ganondorf and his evil scheming to take over the whole wide world. Hidden behind the stone wall, near the entrance of the courtyard, he decided to stay there for a little while as he continued to watch Young Link and Princess Zelda.

Young Link, however, reacted quickly to the princess's behavior. Young Link took a step back from her with a look of confusion, shock, and worry. Never, in Young Link's life had he ever seen Princess Zelda react in that way when seeing him. The way she looked at him, as if she had never seen him in her life. As if he was a ghost of a faint memory from long ago. He was definitely confused with what he did to make the princess of Hyrule to weep uncontrollably and why Link had him come here. There was nothing that was coming to his mind that he could do to make the princess feel better. She seemed as if she wanted to be alone at the moment, covering her face up with her hands like that. He still wasn't sure though, what he should do, or what had happened to the princess of Hyrule.

"Link! What in the Sacred Realm did you make me do?!" Young Link cried out with panic and frustration.

Link didn't really mean to let a sigh escape from his mouth, but it did. He decided to come out from hiding behind the stone wall near the entrance of the courtyard and stride up near Young Link. He put left hand on Young Link's left shoulder to show comfort.

"It's alright now, Young Link. Don't worry about anything. I'll handle things from here. Go back to the entrance where Epona is and keep her company. You already did your part. It's now time for me to do mine," Link said softly to Young Link. He gestured his right arm, telling him to leave. Unfortunately for Link, Young Link was not convinced by his future's self words. He scrunched his eyebrows towards Link and frowned.

"No! I refuse to leave until you tell me why Zelda is upset!" Young Link pouted.

"I'm sorry, dear younger version of myself, but I can't tell you. I will perhaps tell you… someday. You already said you trusted me, now trust me once more and leave. I promise you, by the time you'll see Zelda and I, she won't be crying anymore," Link told Young Link, as he tried his best to convince him to give them some time for Link and Zelda to themselves. Young Link gave his older self a look of slight distrust in Link's eyes, but he eventually tried his best to let it go and leave. He still flashed the older Link a look of suspicion in his actions, but finally left the two young Hyruleans alone.

When Young Link left the courtyard, Link let out a relieved sigh. He didn't want Young Link to be there with them while he tried to fix everything up, and mend broken mends. His eyes softly shifted towards the crying Zelda as he examined her for a little bit, before actually moving. He swallowed the lump in his throat, as he began to head up the stairs where Zelda was. He slowly walked to her, as his mind was racing with thoughts about everything the beloved princess meant to him. He slowly took a step from where he stood to see if Zelda would react in any way if he came closer to her. Thankfully, she didn't do anything. He was able to build up more confidence as he continued to come closer to Zelda, knowing that Zelda wouldn't do anything unlike her usual behavior. When he finally reached the top of the stairs, his eyes gazed down at her, filled with concern and confidence. He stood only a few inches before her, as he watched her cry.

"Zelda…," he began to say.

"Leave me alone!" Zelda sobbed through her tears. She didn't even look up at him as she continued to cry. She didn't want to face him. She was too embarrassed to face him. All these things happening to her… and she couldn't face the person she loved the most. "I don't want to see you!"

"Zelda…," he began to say again.

"I ordered you to leave me alone! I never want to see you again! I hate you, Link! I hate you!" Zelda screeched at Link.

She was obviously lying about everything, but it didn't matter because Link knew deep in his heart the princess of Hyrule didn't actually want that in her heart. Seeing that Link went against her wishes, she raised her right hand and curled her fingers up into a fist, as she threw a very weak punch at Link. It didn't matter if whether or not she actually hit Link, because he blocked it using his left hand. Her hand dropped from the punch she made, as she continued to cry. Realizing her failed attempt to hurt Link to make him leave her alone, she just continued to sob even harder, knowing what she had tried to do without thinking. She had tried to hurt Link. The one she loved the most. She was frustrated and confused with why she wanted to do that, but most of all, she was very ashamed of her actions. Link swallowed hard again, as he tried to speak to Zelda again.

"Zelda… I want you to know… that I… I don't love Samus. I never did. I was just infatuated by Samus's appearance. I never did and could accept Samus for the person she is. My hormones got ahead of me before my brain could finally realize what was right and what was wrong. I know I hurt you so much by kissing your best friend, when you had feelings for me," Link explained to her softly. Zelda didn't reply to any of Link's words, but he could tell that she was listening because she nodded her head as she kept on sobbing with her hands covering her face.

He continued to speak. "When you lost all of your memories, I didn't realize that I had something very special with you. I didn't know what I had, until it was gone. I didn't value our friendship as much as I should have. I took it for granted. I'm ashamed to say that, but I did. I wasn't aware of what kind of relationship I had with you, until it disappeared. I didn't know how much you meant to me and how precious everything is when I am with you." Zelda continued to nod her head to show that she understood and was listening to everything that Link had to say. She tried to control her weeping of sadness, but the tears were still flowing out of the sky blue spheres in her eyes sockets.

"You… All because of your existence, Princess Zelda Harkinian, I was able to get this far in the Melee Tournament. No… Not just the Melee Tournament. Everything. Everything that I have been through was all because of you. I am proud of everything that I have accomplished in life, and you were always there. Staying by my side. Never fleeing, never losing, never giving up faith in me."

Zelda still closely paid attention to Link's words, as she still tried to take a hold of her crying. Now knowing how special she was to Link. However, she still wished to hear those words of love come out through Link's mouth, knowing that she was the one she loved the most. She wanted to be more than just friends. If he didn't feel the same way, Zelda would have to deal with it this time. Being friends would still be alright, despite the fact that she would love to be with him forever. She would still be close to Link no matter what if she was still one of his best friends. Her tears wouldn't stop. There was something wrong with her. Perhaps, it was the idea of Link finding another girl he would be able to share the rest of his life with. Or maybe the idea of just being friends wasn't enough for her. Which ever it was, she couldn't stop. Something inside her made her to keep on crying and it wouldn't let her stop. Maybe that's not what she wanted. Maybe she was still lying to herself, knowing that she may not accept the idea of her being the one and only person Link wanted in his life.

"I wanted to retrieve all your memories back, Zelda. It was not because I wanted you to remember how heroic I was the day you and I defeated Ganondorf, or when I was the Super Smash Brothers Melee champion last year. It's more than that. I wanted to you to remember exactly who I was. What I meant to you. How you perceived me. How you cherished every moment with me. Having fun with everyone in Super Smash Brothers Mansion and back home, here, in Hyrule. I didn't want to become the stranger I was, when you didn't remember a single thing about me."

Link took a deep breath as he continued to talk more about his feelings for Zelda. This was the day; Link knew that he would finally confess to Zelda. Weeks of torture from unbearable pain of Zelda's precious memories of him and her gone, vanished into thin air, he was prepared for this day more than ever. Everything that Zelda meant to him was more than a hero and his princess. Something more than that. He closed his eyes for a moment remembering Zelda's kind, loving face smiling warmly at him almost every time she saw him. This was the biggest challenge he had ever faced in his life. It was harder than defeating Ganondorf and trying his best to win the Super Smash Brothers Melee Tournament. If she was going to accept what he was going to tell her, he would be delighted. If she didn't, Link would have no idea how he would be able to live after that. Life without Zelda seemed to be living in the Sacred Realm. Knowing how she felt, and how she was reacting to everything he told her, he didn't have a doubt that she was going to deny what he would say.

"The most important reason why I wanted to get all of your memories back is because… I love you, Princess Zelda. I love you with all my heart," Link said softly.

After a long time of bawling her eyes out, Zelda was finally able to stop her crying. The tears immediately stopped flowing down her cheeks, as the new tear drops in her eyes, were slowly disappearing and were gone. Her eyesight was now clearer than ever, as she slowly began to lift her face up at the young Hyrulean man. Her eyes met with Link's ocean blue eyes, as he gazed back into her eyes with a comforting smile on his face. Before Zelda could say anything else, Link quickly bent down towards her, grasped her right wrist and pulled her to stand up on her feet as his lips met hers. Even though the kiss was salty from the tears that Zelda had shed earlier, he kissed her a passionate, soft kiss with his eyes closed, as Zelda still stood there shocked with what was happening. Events were flying by so fast, from when she was sitting on the ground a few moments ago. She felt happy that Link had confessed his love to her. She wanted to show him the same feelings that he felt for her. She felt her body relax from the tension she had, as she kissed him back gently as she closed both of her eyes. She wrapped her arms around Link's neck, as he moved his hands around her waist and held her close.

A long while later, the two finally broke away from the salty kiss they had shared. Link smiled at the princess's face, as he wiped away some more tears that were still on Zelda's face with his gauntleted right hand. Zelda did her best to smile back at the Hero of Time, after she was done with her weeping. She still looked radiant; even with her face all damp with tears. He smiled back at her, as he held her closer to his warm body, as the two embraced. Zelda let her body sink in Link's arms, as she held him tight. She closed her eyes for a moment, never wanting the moment to end. Link still smiled warmly at the princess as she held his body close to hers. He closed his eyes as well, hoping that time would just stop, allowing them to stay like that forever.

"Link…," Zelda whispered softly in Link's left ear.

"Yes?" he replied.

"I love you. I love you too, with all of my heart as well," Zelda said, as she opened her eyes.

"I know. I know you do, Zelda."

"But… there's one thing that's pulling me back," Zelda began to say as she let go of Link's body. She looked up into his eyes, as he also let her go. She took a long, deep breath of fresh air as she bit her tongue. There was something that she felt so guilty about; she couldn't help but feel the need to discuss it with Link. "How could you still love me like this? I put you through… so much pain. I will never forgive myself, knowing that I caused all of this. I was foolish to let myself go to Mewtwo and have him erase all of my memories. But while doing so, you were heartbroken. I remember you looking at me… with such a sad, heartbroken face when ever I would smile at Marth."

Link looked at her, concerned, and somewhat troubled. He was a little disappointed in the words she had spoken. He had just proved that he loved her. Those words had escaped his mouth. However, she wouldn't let go of the past… She was still clinging on to it as if she was clinging on a thread of truth for dear life. Zelda turned her face away from Link for a moment, as she continued to talk about what Link has been through.

"There were so much emotional bearings that you went through and I am not sure if I even deserve to be with you. I love you, Link. I really do. But, because of my foolish actions of having my memory removed, it was all my fault that you were in so much pain and you couldn't have done as well as you could have in the Melee Tournament. I wasn't there to support you like I always was. I mean, I was there. Just not giving you as much support as I normally would have. I broke your heart, didn't I? You knew that you would have to work hard to retrieve all my memories back, and for the Melee Tournament. I must have put you through so much stress and frustration. I don't know how you were able to perform a great battle out on the area, after everything you've been through since the day I didn't remember anything about you. But all I know is… that everything is my fault. I am sorry, Link," Zelda apologized finally, as she looked at Link in the eye.

"Zelda… I always loved you. I always had, and I always will. I just didn't realize my feelings for you. But Zelda, you have to know, that if you didn't lose all of your memories of me, I would never have figured out my real and true feelings for you. It was heartbreaking. You did put me in such emotional pain. Every single day I saw you, with that blank look on your face, I always felt as if there was no happiness or joy in my life without your love. I felt as if my body was being ripped apart with my heart taken out and being stabbed at a million times. I wanted to scream and cry, and have the Goddesses themselves, come down and end my misery. However, I put you pain as well. You were heartbroken too, when you saw me kissing Samus. So we're even now. You had to suffer with my infatuation with Samus, knowing your feelings for me when I didn't know mine. When you had a crush on Marth, while I knew my feelings and you didn't know yours, we both put ourselves in pain. We can't blame ourselves for our actions we did, Zelda. But more than ever, I have been waiting for this day since you lost your memories. I have waiting to tell you these feelings that I didn't realize before. I know you had waited for this day too… I still want us to be together no matter what. You mean the whole world to me, Zelda. I don't want you to ever forget that. I will always be here for you. No matter what. I promise you that, Zelda," Link declared, as he smiled.

Zelda stood there a little astonished by Link's words of maturity and wisdom, as she smiled back. She never knew how much Link had grown up before she had removed her memory. She was touched by all of his words. Zelda now knew that having her memories of Link removed from her brain, was not a mistake at all. It helped strengthened them, in every way, as she taught Link how to become emotionally stronger without even realizing it. Zelda clearly realized how much things had changed by demanding Mewtwo to have her lose her memories of Link. She turned her back on his for a moment, as she put both of her hands behind her back at watched two golden butterflies near a red rose in the courtyard garden.

"Then, let's make a promise. I know that sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, you won't be there for me when I need you the most. If I am lost in any way, I want to promise that… you will come to find me. I will be waiting here. I will be waiting here in this courtyard, so that… if you come here, you will find me. I will always be here, Link, to welcome you with open arms and my love. I want to be with you too, Link. Forever and ever," Zelda said, as she turned around to face Link and smiled warmly at Link again. He smiled back at her and nodded his head in agreement.

"I promise. I will look for you here, Zelda, no matter what," Link declared, as his expression changed a little bit, as he looked up into the sky. He continued to stare at the sky for a moment, until he finally realized where he had to be at a specific time. He didn't realize it would have taken that long. He didn't want to arrive there late. If he did, they would be scolded by the Master Hand and probably not attend the after party for the Tournament.

"What's wrong, Link?" Zelda asked, when she noticed Link's attention focused on the sun.

"It's almost time… it's almost time for the award ceremony in an hour. We still have time, but its best we leave now, so we can arrive there early," Link commented, as Zelda nodded her head. Link smiled at her softly, as he walked a little closer to Zelda on her right side. He put his right arm around her right shoulder, as he picked her up by the back of her knees. When Zelda was lifted off the ground and realized what Link was doing, her face turned bright red.

"Ah! Link! You don't have to carry me… I can walk by myself," Zelda said softly. She knew that inside her heart that she did want to be carried by Link and be held close to, but she didn't want to admit it. She felt that she would be troubling Link if she did that, also the possibility of people seeing her like that with Link, and rumors would go flying in the market.

"Why not? You are probably really tried from all that running, so I thought it would be nice if I carried you back. You do trust me, right? So let me carry you back to Epona," Link whispered in Zelda's left ear.

Zelda smiled and nodded, as she closed her eyes for a moment, and let her head rest on Link's chest. Link grinned at Zelda for following what he said and proceeded to carry her outside the castle walls. However, Zelda could have sworn that Link was telling her something else while he carried her outside. The hero held his princess closer to his body, and Zelda felt his body warmth heating her own body up as he continued to carry the princess's light body. Her head was rested on the left side of his chest, and she could listen to the constant thumping of his heart. As Link carried her back, she heard his faint voice in her head. She would have to pay close attention to what her lover would have to say. She listened a little bit closer, as his telepathic powers reached her mind, and his words would be heard out.

"That's not the only reason why I want to carry you though… I want to carry you back outside, so I can prove to you how strong I have gotten. I do not mean physically. I mean emotionally. I am able to protect you from any physical attack from enemies, but I was never strong enough to protect you from emotional pain. I saw you get hurt in front of my eyes, when I was clearly aware of my own and your feelings. However, I have changed since then… I have been able to become stronger than ever, because of you. I want you to let me be with you just a little bit longer before the ceremony."

His words were spoken so clearly in Zelda's mind, that she was certain those were the words he telepathically told her. The only thing the princess could do for the Hero of Time was to smile at what he said, and let her body lazily sink in his arms. She closed her eyes for a moment, as she paid attention to nothing but Link's boots treading on the soft ground and the rhythm of his heart. She found all of his words to be true. All of the words he told her came from his heart. He was stronger than before; she could definitely sense it in his aura. He was emotionally strong enough to draw all of the broken pieces of himself, and keep on fighting without regretting or wondering, if he made a mistake when choosing for what path he would take. She had always admired Link for his determination to finish whatever task he had started, and she was sure now that he was emotionally strong enough to carry her until they met up with Epona and Young Link. They both held no regrets for what they had said for each other, and they would do nothing, but look forward to the future until the rest of their days.

Link and Zelda had made it out of the castle walls, as they got closer to Epona and Young Link. Young Link was chatting away with Epona, as the mare listened closer to the young version of her master. The young Hyrulean boy talked about someday when he would ride Epona, once he was big enough. He also included what were his thoughts about Link and Zelda alone together. He ended his one sided conversation with the horse, as he saw Link carrying Zelda in both of his arms. He looked at both of the two older Hyruleans, and smiled, knowing that Link had fulfilled his promise of Zelda not crying anymore. He noticed a change in both of them. There was something different about the couple that made them seemed to be more… warm. Something changed both of them into becoming mature, beautiful young adults, and Young Link could definitely notice that. He wasn't sure what happened between the two, but it made him smile, knowing that they were getting along. However, his expression changed from being happy into angry, remembering how long Link had kept him waiting.

"Link! Why did you keep Epona and me waiting for such a long time?!" Young Link whined. Zelda giggled a little bit about Young Link's childish behavior, as Link frowned and set Zelda down to the ground.

"What? I had to really talk with Zelda about many different issues that we shared, and now everything is all happy and good again. What did you expect?" Link retorted, as his younger self began to argue back.

"But it doesn't take that long to say: 'I'm sorry for whatever I did, and I am a big fat idiot for making Zelda cry!'" Young Link cried out. Link opened his mouth to say something back at Young Link, when Zelda walked over to Young Link, and placed her hand on his head.

"Young Link, he said he was sorry for being a little late. Link was talking to me about something that happened between us a while back. Also, he told me something very important about how he felt for someone. That someone was me, and it was very sweet of him to say something like that," Zelda told him. She crouched down to Young Link's height, looked over her left shoulder at Link, and smiled warmly at him. The Hero of Time stared back at her for a moment, as he returned that smile. The princess faced Young Link again as she continued to speak. "Please forgive us both, but if we don't hurry, we may be late for the award ceremony. I'm sure Link will make it up to you by making you a huge ice cream sundae, right Link?"

As soon as Zelda had said that last sentence, Young Link's face immediately lighten up with joy, and happiness, as Zelda turned over to the older Hero of Time to see his reply. Link pondered a little bit, as he was thankful for Zelda's quick thinking for being able to negotiate with Young Link. He decided he would rather spend ten minutes making a five scoop sundae for Young Link, rather than having him stay mad at him for a whole week. He nodded to give his consent, as he replied:

"Yes, of course. Now, we have to get going now, before we are delayed any longer. We don't want to be late for the award ceremony." He began to stride up, where Epona was standing, when he spun around and faced Young Link. Zelda stood properly, as began to mount up Epona, as she left the two to their little conversation. Link glanced down at Young Link for a moment, as he began to say more.

"Oh yes, by the way, Zelda and I plan to take Epona… You will walk from here," Link said with a mischievous grin, as he turned away from Young Link and started to mount up Epona behind Zelda.

Young Link's face was instantly masked with shock, as he could not believe what his older self was saying to him. It had already taken him over an hour by just walking from the Super Smash Brothers Mansion to arrive in Hyrule, and Link was expecting him to make it all the way back to the mansion in less than forty five minutes? His mouth slightly dropped after hearing that what Link had requested. He was outraged by his older self's actions and did not hesitate to protest against his wishes.

"That's not fair! It took me over an HOUR to get here, and you expect me to make it back all the way back to Nintendo City in less than half an hour? You're crazy, Link! It's easy for you to say because it takes Epona to get back to Nintendo City in like… twenty minutes! I can't be late for the award ceremony or the Master Hand will kill me!" Young Link debated, as his older version of himself smiled coyly at him.

"What would you say… if I gave you the bunny hood? That way, you wouldn't need to worry about making back to the award ceremony on time," Link said, as he winked at Young Link. Young Link's worries instantly evaporated, as his face regained his normal expression.

"Really? Then if you are going to do that, you have to add all of my favorite toppings to my sundae that you promised," Young Link said. Link sighed stressfully at the Young Link's demands, as he reluctantly agreed. This would be the only way to negotiate with Young Link. He replied by saying "yes", as Zelda giggled at the two for their silly ways.

"You guys are so childish… Don't worry, Link. I'll help you make Young Link's sundae," Zelda said, as she smiled warmly at the two Links. Link smiled back at her. Young Link watched the little interaction for a little bit, as the two shared a sweet moment, and decided to interrupt them.

"So, are you going to give me the bunny hood, or not?" Young Link asked plainly, as Link shot a small glare at his younger self for being impudent. Zelda let a small giggle escape from her lips as she looked over at Link. Link shook his head at Young Link and sighed heavily at his selfish behavior, and pulled out the bunny hood from his saddle bag, and tossed it down towards Young Link. The younger version of the Hero of Time quickly snatched it from the air, as he shoved it on his head.

"Thanks a lot, Link!" Young Link replied, he smiled at both of the Hyruleans and began to sprint as fast as he could. Zelda smiled at Link's younger version of himself, as her eyes slowly shifted behind her, to face Link. Link gazed into her eyes for a moment, as a smile twitched upon his lips before what he said next.

"Let's go," he said finally, before he kicked Epona hard, as she reared up, and they were off.

It felt strange for some reason… With Zelda in front of the saddle and Link behind her, there was nothing they could talk about. A long silence was between the two, and the only sound that was being made was Epona's hooves digging into the ground as she galloped back to the mansion. Zelda did not do anything while she sat there patiently as she was lost in thought. There was something that still slightly held her back, as she watched Epona gallop faster. Link did truly love her, but there was still something, that she hadn't confirmed yet. She smiled softly when she had figured out who the mysterious person was that presented her with a gift that morning. It couldn't be anyone other than the love of her life. She still grinned happily as she moved her hand towards the back of the head to unfasten the clip. She carefully took it out of her hair, and gently held the butterfly clip in both of her hands.

"Link…," Zelda began to say, as she paused.


The princess of Hyrule closed her eyes for a brief moment, as she continued to speak. The joyful smile was still painted on her face, as her lips began to move.

"It was you, wasn't it? You were the one who gave me this butterfly barrette?" Zelda stated confidently. Link's eyes widened a little bit, for he forgot that he had given her it from all the stress from the Melee Tournament. His face softened from the muscles being pulled back from his eyes, as he smiled softly at the princess.

"Yes. I did give you that barrette. To me, Zelda… You are as beautiful and graceful as a butterfly," Link said fondly. Zelda's smile was bigger than ever at Link's comment. "You know what they symbolize, don't you?"

"They symbolize a change and journey in a person's life," Zelda replied with warmness and affection in her tone of voice. Link smiled back at Zelda. Even though Link was behind Zelda, in the saddle, Zelda could feel the muscles of his mouth twitching upwards to produce a smile.

"Yes… That is exactly why I decided to give you that as a present. You have changed my life immensely, Zelda. You also put me on a journey that I shall never forget. I was able to become physically stronger, learn many different things, meet new people, and most importantly, I learned how to fall in love with you. This is all because of those two journeys you sent me on. Fighting Ganondorf to stop his control over the Triforce and retrieving your memories…," Link said softly, as he pressed his body closer to Zelda, to make sure she wouldn't fall off Epona.

Zelda smiled again at the barrette in her two hands. With a bright shade of ocean blue, Zelda was able to change the barrette, into two separate real, blue butterflies. Both of the insects batted their wings a couple of times, as they moved around in her hands. She knew what both of these butterflies meant in her life, and how they were precious. Their sapphire blue wings, with their outline of silver through their wings, Zelda was sure that she had transformed them properly. Link's focus stopped from the direction that Epona was headed towards and to Zelda's hands. When seeing the two flapping butterflies in her hand, he smiled gently at her. She raised her arms and gracefully pushed the two butterflies up into the air, where they freely fluttered away in the air. The hero and his princess seated themselves deep in the saddle to watch the gracefully butterflies flutter away.

"We are now both free to love, without anyone interfering," Zelda thought to herself, as she looked down at her hands and smiled. She turned her head around to Link, behind her, and smiled her angelic smile at him once again.

"Don't worry about you wasting your money on that barrette. That spell was only temporarily. I just sent those butterflies to fly back to the mansion and enter my dorm room. They'll change back into that one barrette you gave me, when they land on my jewelry box," Zelda said, as Link smiled at her.

"Zelda?" he asked.

"Yes, Link?"

"Would you do me the favor of singing, Wishing We Last Forever on our way back home?" he requested.

Zelda felt happiness go straight into her heart, after hearing that. She closed her eyes and nodded her head. She opened her lips and began to sing the song. The tempo of the song, being like a grandfather clock's pendulum swinging back and forth, matching the rocking motion of Epona's canter. Zelda kept on having her voice produce the same nightingale's romance song, as she would continue to sing the beautiful ancient poem written from long ago. Link closed his eyes as well, as he heard nothing, but the beat of Epona's hooves, in sync with Zelda's singing, and the body of his mare, rocking back and forth. He held Zelda closer to his body, again, as he promised to himself, that he would swear that he would never lose her, ever again.

"Oh my gosh, Marth! You are such a sicko!" Samus retorted harshly at Marth, before letting out a laugh. Marth smiled at the female bounty hunter, as he wrapped his right arm around Samus's shoulder.

"Well, it's not my fault the Master Hand, told me not to touch that big, purple blob thing the photographer had!" he said quickly, as he laughed as well. "I had no idea what that thing was, until the Master Hand told me he was a-"

Marth's final words were cut off by Roy's right hand clamping over his mouth. Roy raised an eyebrow at Marth for almost finishing his sentence. All the four smashers in the common room were all aware of what happened when Marth talked with a male, homosexual photographer. The four smashers were seated on soft, tan couches in the large common room, with the couches making a square, as the large tanned seats surrounded a small wooden coffee. On the coffee table, there were many included many gaming magazines that included secret cheats to unlock all the characters. On the latest issue of the magazine, there was a close up of Marth's face with his usual sexy, mischievous grin. It would be best if we do not get into the details about what happened after Marth's pose for the magazine, how the photographer reacted when Marth posed and touched the big, purple blob thing…

"Please spare us the details, again, dear friend. You've already told Peach and me, this story. You don't need to repeat it again to us… unless you want to swallow a live newt," Roy said plainly, as he shifted his eyes to his left, at Peach, who was sitting right next to him. His arm was also slung around her shoulders as Peach giggled at Roy's sarcastic humor.

"Oh, Roy. You shouldn't be so cruel towards Marth. Remember, he's your friend and the prince of Altea. I know you were just kidding, but still. You shouldn't be so mean," Peach told Roy, as she smiled at him. He smiled back at her for a moment, studying her face again. She always looked beautiful as always. He kissed her on her cheek, before he finally turned to Marth and spoke to him.

"I'm sorry, Marth. I didn't mean to hurt you in that way," Roy said. Marth smiled at his friend and had sympathy in his eyes.

"It's alright, Roy. I know that you were just kidding," Marth said, as he turned towards Samus and grinned at her.

Samus smiled back at her love, as Marth could not resist the urge no more, and he placed a soft kiss on Samus's lips. Roy glanced back at Peach again as he as well, placed a small kiss on Peach's soft, rosy pink lips. Both of the couples shared a long, tongue tied kiss. As the two couples broke apart from their kisses, they noticed something flying through the air. Each one of the smashers eyes widen slightly as they saw one of the most beautiful winged animals flutter through the air. Two grand, radiant sapphire blue butterflies flew past them. The heavy wings of the butterfly gracefully flutter closely to each of the couple's faces, as they both stared in awe and wonder. Each of the three couples that had been formed in the Super Smash Brothers Mansion all knew what these butterflies meant to them. Every person in the mansion was able to change their loved one's life for all eternity. They all had learned how to love, to remember not to never take anything for granted, live with the one you cherish the most, and most of important of all, to just live with the person they care for the most. All of them couldn't help, but allow a smile crack upon their faces. They all smiled in a same grin filled with nothing, but happiness and reassurance.

It wasn't long until the butterflies finished the journey from Hyrule Field into Zelda's dorm room. Whereas the butterflies would become one, as they both slipped under the crack of the door of Zelda's and Samus's dorm room. The butterflies flapping wings were slowly dying down, as both of the butterflies landed softly and gracefully onto of Zelda's dresser. However, what was so special about the butterflies landing on Zelda's dresser was the fact that the butterflies landed right next to the white feather Zelda had retrieved from Lake Hylia. The pure white bird feather, from over weeks ago, as a token of love from both Zelda and Link. The both of the sapphire sliver edged butterflies were able to conjoin as one. With the flash of a blue light, the two live butterflies became the one sliver barrette that the Hero of Time had given to his dear princess. Being able to become one with another is an important part of being in love with one's most treasured person. Each of the three couples in the Super Smash Brothers Mansion was able to do so. With having each the couples all accept one and another for their imperfections would bring nothing, but happiness and a long, passionate relationship till the end.

"Princess Zelda Harkinian of Hyrule receives runner up fifth place for the Super Smash Brothers Melee Tournament!" the Master Hand announced in his microphone.

The Master Hand and Crazy Hand, who was in a straight jacket due to possible actions where most people would not get into detail about now, were both standing in front of the podium on the left side of one of the arenas of the Tournament. The entire group of smashers was all lined up from left to right, like marine soldiers, as they faced the audience in front of them. The princess of Hyrule sheepishly stepped out of the orderly line with all of the other smashers. She abandoned Link and Samus, who were standing next to her at the time. All of the fans in the Kanto Pokémon stadium roared with applause and excitement as they saw the princess of Hyrule coming forth towards the Master Hand to accept her award. She couldn't help, but smile at everything and everyone. Even though she did not win first place in the Tournament, she still didn't care. This was proof to everyone and herself that she was strong. She was happy to know that she didn't get last place, and she was content with her award. All of the other smashers watched the princess stride proudly down one side of the stadium to another. As she finally reached her destination, she gladly received the award from the Master Hand, as well as a handshake from both of the hands, and faced the crowd, flashed them a movie star smile, and waved to a couple members of the audience. Only after a few seconds, she stopped waving and returned to where she stood besides Link and Samus. Link was standing at her left side, and Samus was standing at her right. She smiled at both of them, as let her left hand slip into Link's large, rough right hand.

The Hero of Time felt the princess grasp his hand rather tightly. He knew what she was saying through that grasp on his hand. She was worried for him. She was worried about what place he would receive in the Melee Tournament. She was afraid about what would happen if he did not receive first place in the Melee Tournament and how he would react. All he could do was to grasp her hand in return and hope for the best. He was well aware that if he didn't win the Tournament, it wasn't the end of the world. But he was just wishing that he would become the number one smasher for another year. Just one year. But then again… Why was he asking for so much more? He already had Zelda. Zelda was all he needed in his life along with his friends in the mansion, and being able to live freely. He turned his head to his right to face Zelda. He watched her eyes face the audience, as he could see nothing, but her. In his heart, it was clear that there would be no one else in his heart, but Zelda. He smiled at her, as he held her hand a little tighter. He was ready to hear what place he scored from the Tournament. Out of the corner of the blonde princess's eyes, she noticed her hero staring at her for a while. She faced him, as her eyes met his, and smiled sweetly at him. She wanted to make sure she would give him all the support and reassurance he would need before his name would be announced.

The Master Hand announced Samus's name for the fourth award, as the crowd gave cheers of joy and congratulations to the bounty hunter. Her dominant and supercilious behavior was clearly shown her with her head tossed up and her body standing tall, as she gladly accepted the award from the Master Hand. The fearless bounty hunter gave the Master Hand a firm handshake, and acknowledged the audience, and quickly flashed a smile, which lasted less than a second. She retreated back to her place in the line, as the Master Hand was ready to announce who the smasher who won the third award would be, as Link couldn't help, but still feel a lurch in his stomach. His heart beat started to slow down, and he couldn't help, but sweat up a storm. He gripped Zelda's left hand a little tighter, as she returned the same amount of force on his hand, to give him some more reassurance.

"You have me, Link… Don't worry about it. I know that you probably did very well in the Tournament. You will still have me no matter what. I promise you that… I will be with you… I will be with you no matter how far you are away from me, whether you have me in flesh or in bones. My feelings will never change for you… I love you, Link."

The Hero of Time was sure those were the words she had given him telepathically. He looked at his future queen, once again, as she did not look back into his eyes. She kept on looking straight forward towards the audience, and it wasn't until a few seconds later when her head finally shifted towards his eyes, and she smiled at him again. The same, usual, charming smile Zelda always flashed at him. He gave her a blank stare at her for a slight moment, but he was finally able to produce a smile as well. However, his smile wasn't a forced smile like the ones most people try to force on themselves. This smile was of nothing, but pure happiness. The Hero of Time felt, in once of his life, he could actually grin at the princess without knowing that his smile was not superficial or phony. He still braced himself for the hearing of the third award. However, he was relieved to see that the name of the smasher who would receive third place was Mario, rather than himself. He sighed in relief. That meant he was in either second place or first.

"Now… Second place goes to… Prince Marth Lowell of Altea!" the Master Hand announced, as he drew out the second place trophy for the prince.

Marth smiled warmly at everything, as he was proud to receive second place. Although he wished to be first place in the Tournament, he was still proud of himself to see how much he had gone through. He was successfully to become a little bit emotionally stronger than before. He knew that his emotional strength did not increase immensely, but only a little bit. He was still satisfied, however, because even though it was little, it was still an improvement. Besides, he had a wonderful lady besides him, who loved dearly. He could care less now about whether or not receiving first or second. He knew he would improve. He would improve becoming stronger than before to get over his sister's and father's death. He would improve with the Melee Tournament as time went on. He strode over the podium, actually grinning in a way he had never smiled before, as he accepted the award. The prince thanked the Master Hand with a hand shake, and gave Crazy Hand a nod. He faced the audience, and gave a polite bow. Females of all sorts of ages become to scream loudly as they saw the handsome prince glance at them. However, to make sure they were not getting the wrong message, he immediately went back to his place in the line, and was sure to hug Samus by the waist tightly. As a large majority of the female audience screamed in anger at the bounty hunter, Samus was sure to send glares of death threats towards them.

For Link, he let out another sigh of relief. This only meant one thing. He was the winner of the Melee Tournament. He had been anxious to know whether or not he had won, because the smashers all battled endless fights. No one the Melee Tournament's history was ever able to be able to win all of his battles. Link was aware he had lost a few battles; however, he was not sure how the other smashers did with their battles. He was still a little nervous though. He still felt the knot in his stomach becoming tighter, and his heart beating increase rapidly. He was not ready to accept the award. He didn't feel ready. He squeezed Zelda's hand a little tighter, as she grasped his hand a little tighter as well. As the Hyrulean hero, started worrying and becoming very nervous about accepting his award, his princess glanced over to her left side at him. When noticing her eyes were on him, he slowly turned his hand. She smiled at him again. Her smile told him that everything was going to be alright. He felt the reassurance in her smile once again, as he smiled again. No matter what, he was well aware that Princess Zelda Harkinian of Hyrule would always be there for him. It was a promise they had made. He shouldn't let his nerves get to him and take over him. He was able to lift his head up confidently, as he grinned back at Zelda. The future queen's smile only turned bigger, as she saw her lover smile back at her. They both faced the crowd, as they smiled both with confidence in themselves.

"And finally… the winner of this year's Melee Tournament is… Link!" The Master Hand shouted in his microphone.

The crowd went absolutely insane at the sound of the winner of the Melee Tournament. Link was finally able to release Zelda's hand, as he sauntered up the walkway to the podium. The Master Hand handed Link a large golden trophy with the Super Smash Brothers symbol on top of it. Link grinned proudly at himself for everything he had accomplished in the past few months. Cameras clicked and blinded all of the smashers's eyes, as Link held the trophy over his head for everyone to see. The crowd screamed and clapped for the Hero of Time, as Link could not help himself but let out a yawp of happiness. Party balls were dropped over the smashers's heads; however, instead of being filled with battle items, they were filled with confetti. All the smashers grinned proudly at themselves. All of the smashers were able to conquer some sort of challenge during the Tournament. Whether it was physical or emotional strength, to being able to conquer the power of foolish actions, all of the smashers grew and matured in their own way. All of them were sure of it.

Link immediately rushed back to Zelda's side, as the line of the smashers were broken apart as they all congratulated each other. He couldn't help himself, but as soon as she was close to her, he pressed his lips against hers. He couldn't care less at the moment about where he was and how improper it was for a gentleman to kiss a lady in public. His princess returned the affection her hero was giving her, as she pressed his lips against his as well. For a moment, neither Zelda nor Link could hear the angry yells of jealous, infatuated fan girls/fan boys, or the awing of the crowd who supported the Hyrulean couple. All they could hear was the water streaming from the Hyrule Courtyard, the soft singing of birds in the courtyard, and the crickets chirping softly. They were no longer in the Kanto Pokémon Stadium, but back to where they promised to meet again. The other smashers all smiled happily for the couple, except for the younger smashers, as they watched with disgust. Particularly Young Link, as his face cringed and he screamed "Ew!" really loudly, as he watched his older self make out with the princess of Hyrule.

Peach watched the couple, with happiness on her face as she was glad for two of her best friends to get together. She smiled happily and sighed in awe, as someone tapped her on her right shoulder. When spinning around to see who it was, she found her lips locked with Roy's, as he pulled her body close to her. The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom was immediately shocked to find herself where she was, but she knew what she could do back for her boyfriend. She kissed her lover back passionately, as they both were entranced in a long, dreamy kiss. More of the rabid Roy fan girls started to scream at Peach, and fan boys of Peach started to ball up their fists, as they were ready to hurt Roy at any minute. Some of the crowd also let out an "aw" to the couple, as they continued to watch both Zelda and Link, and Roy and Peach make out in front of the crowd.

Marth watched both of the couples, with his arms still wrapped around Samus's waist. The prince quickly decided to go with the flow of his other friends, as he held Samus tighter by the waist. He faced her slyly, as she looked back at for him for a moment. They both looked at each other for a while. Marth gave her a look of suggestive eyebrows, saying that they should do the same as the other couples. Before she couldn't respond, he was about to lean over to kiss her as well. However, the bounty hunter put her right hand in front of his mouth to prevent him from kissing her. She glared at him for a moment, for trying to make a move on her. At the look of her face, Marth gave her a disappointed look. She still slightly glared at him as she was going to set a few things straight.

"Listen, dude. If we are going to stay together, you will have to follow by my rules. In public gatherings like this, you are to NEVER, EVER kiss me," Samus declared stubbornly. She stopped giving him fierce, threatening looks for a moment, as her face softened up. The skilled swordsman prince gave her a look of confusion to see her not glaring at him anymore. She simply smirked at him as she continued to say something.

"I am supposed to kiss you, at times like this…"

She quickly gave him a wink, as she leaned forward to plant a kiss on the blue haired prince's lips. Completely dumbfounded by what Samus had said and done, Marth could only kiss her back. This was one of the reasons why the prince of Altea loved Samus so much, was that she always continued to surprise him. Again, more fan girls turned into complete fury and became the world's ugliest beings any human has ever seen alive… The only thing the other smashers could do was just sit there and wave at the audience. It was very awkward for a long period of time with three couples making out, and the smashers worried about how they were supposed to entertain the audience now. The Master Hand tried to entertain and distract the crowd from the three couples, by doing a random tap dance number. It wasn't successful. By the way looked, it seemed as if an elephant and a panda were waltzing at the same time.

The three couples all broke apart at the same time. They both faced each other and smiled tenderly at each other. They all faced the crowd once again, as some shouted death threats to the smashers, while others gave out hoots of joy for the couples. They all flashed a smile at every single one of the audience. Even though after ten minutes had passed since Link was announced as winner of the Melee Tournament, confetti still managed to fall down through the air. For a moment, the Hero of Time faced his princess, as she looked back at him for a moment. The young Hyrulean man was able to conclude something after a long period of staring into Princess Zelda's sapphire blue eyes… Life was grand. Life was truly the best thing in the world for him. He and Zelda would be able to start over again, with a better relationship. Not as close friends anymore, but as lovers. The two golden haired butterflies would be able to gracefully fly away down the road of life, without looking back at the past. They would hold no regrets of what they had done. Nothing was left to be held against for many years. Even though the princess had left her hero with nothing in the beginning, she was able to leave some new, warm fresh memories of them being together… Perhaps, the princess did leave him nothing, but if it was nothing… It was nothing but eternal happiness for the two.

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