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Pairings: Daisuke/Satoshi


Disclaimer: I no own anything. Well except my beloved Dante! hugs Dante Dante: stares. To anyone that wants to see a picture of Dante and or read his background infomation go to k57. Satoshi and Daisuke have been dating for awhile now. That is until a certain red head comes to recliam what she thinks is her. What happens when Satoshi sees walks in to see his lover with her and doesn't understand the situation? A lesson as to why red heads are dangerious...well at least haradas are.

Chapter 1: I Would Cry

She smirked as she watched the two boys walk down the road. Daisuke's hand wrapped in Satoshi's. She glared at Satoshi as he smiled softly at the red head. "I love you, Dai." Daisuke smiled and wrapped his arms around Satoshi. They shared a passionate kiss on the sidewalk before Daisuke replied," I love you too."

Riku snapped. Daisuke did not love Satoshi. He loved her. He loved her not that..that..that boy! She would just have to remind him of how much he loved her. Really four years can make people think the strangest thing. "Heh him in love with Satoshi. Haha that's so ridiculious. He'll remember the burning love he has for me as soon as that boy leaves his side. No one takes what's mine. I'm a Harada, and I will always get what I want."

Satoshi gave Daisuke a small kiss before leaving. "I'll be back soon. Love you." Daisuke smiled and held Satoshi a little bit longer.

Satoshi walked out of the door and heard Daisuke whisper," I love you more." The door shut and Daisuke turned to the couch. He stopped when he heard a knock at the door. A bad feeling started to whell up in his gut as he turned back to the door. No one ever came over unless Satoshi was here. Daisuke stopped right before he grabbed the handel. 'Why do I have a bad feeling about this?' He pulled his hand away deciding not to open it.

He walked away and headed to his room to change his clothes. The feeling was still around him but he shrugged it off. Usually he would have Dark there calling him a worry wart or something but it had been kinda lonely since Krad and Dark got their own bodies. Long story cut short Daisuke and Satoshi found a speel to give the two their own bodies as long as they loved each other. Needless to say they ran from the room when they got their bodies. "Bloody rabbits, I swear."

Daisuke was to busy talking to himself that he didn't even hear the door open out in the living room. It wasn't until he heard his bedroom door open that he turned around. There in the doorway stood Riku Harada. The red head had a smile that made Daisuke's skin crawl. "R...Riku? What are you doing here?" Daisuke tried to stay brave but his voice squeaked slightly.

The girl just smiled at him, "Oh Dai honney I've come back to start over with you again. I know you still love me just as much as I love you." She ran over and threw her arms around his shoulders knocking him onto the bed. She grabbed his shirt and ripped it apart. Daisuke was shocked but grabbed her hands and threw them away. "Now now honney that boy isn't here. You don't have to pretend to love him anymore. Now you can't leave him and come back to me!"

Daisuke's eyes widen at the girl. "You must be kidding me." She shook her head smile still in place. Daisuke glared and tried to throw her off again. She grabbed his arms and kissed him. She tried to slide her tounge into his mouth but Daisuke bit her lip making it bleed. No one heard Daisuke's name being cried out or the shuffling in the halway, or the comment about leaving his breifcase, but they did hear the gasp as he walked into the door.

"Here I am, there you are,

Tangled up with her,

In our bed, In our bedroom.

I loved you with everything inside of me,

Wasn't that enough, enough for you.

Now there's nothing I can do."

"Daisuke!" Daisuke looked at him and noticed the hurt in his eyes. He realized that his arms were wrapped around Riku. It must have looked so wrong to Satoshi. Daisuke glared at Riku who merely smiled and looked at his boyfriend.

"He's mine boy so don't even think about getting him back now. Just shoe. We have a lot of catching up to do." Satoshi glared at her then Daisuke who was just staring at Riku in shock. "Goodbye Dai." Satoshi turned around and ran.

"If I could pull you back,

From where you've been

I would but you've left me no reason left to fight.

You've crossed a line,

You can't uncross,

You made a choice

And now there's no way to ever make it right.

If my tears had any power,

I would cry.

I would cry."

Daisuke glared at Riku before finally managing to push her off. "Daisuke. I didn't know you like it rough!" Daisuke glared at her. The anger and greif in his gut started to grow before finally spilling over.

He turned towards Riku and screamed at her," I fucking hate you! How could you destroy the only love I ever had! I love him Riku not you! Never you! It was all hormones! I don't like women and I sure as hell don't like you. You stupid bitch. You may have just ruined my life. I want you gone now!" With that Daisuke ran off to try and catch Satoshi before he got away.

As he ran out he never noticed the look of pure fury in Riku's eyes. "N one speaks to a Harada like that! If I can't have you Daisuke then no one will!" She ran and grabbed a knife from the kitchen. "This'll teach you never to talk to me like that again." With that she broke into a run after Daisuke.

"I don't wanna know her name,

Or that it happened only once.

Don't wanna hear, your excuse.

Did you think about our home

Our lives and all we had.

Or did you just forget,

You had so much to lose.

Now theres nothing you can do."

Satoshi was mad as hell. 'How could I be so stupid! I knew this would happen. I never get love. Why did I really think that this was going to work out. Everything was going to perfectly. I was just a rebound after Riku left.' Satoshi was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard someone screaming his name. He turned to see Daisuke running after him.

"What the hell do you want? You want to rub it in my face? Or do you want to break up with me formally! Well to late I'm through with you! I can't believe I thought you loved me." Tears filled his eyes as Daisuke stopped in front of him.

"Do you really think that Sato? I love you. Only you. I never loved Riku. It was always you. Even when we were in school. It's always been you. I love you more then anything in this world." Daisuke let the tears fall. Satoshi looked up at him before turning away trying to hold his tears back.

"I don't know what to believe Dai. You had your arms wrapped around her and you were kissing." Daisuke looked at him.

"She forced herself onto me! I was trying to push her off I swear!" Satoshi looked back at the red head.

"I have to think for awhile Dai. Maybe I'm just overreacting but I really need to think about this. You know that it's hard for me to believe people. Even you." Daisuke nodded before turning around.

"Does this mean you'll be home after work?" Satoshi smiled at the boy.

He wrapped his arms around the boy and whispered," Of course Dai." Daisuke smiled and turned to kiss Satoshi. Satoshi returned the kiss back softly before letting him go. "Now I've got to go think." Daisuke smiled and nodded before watching Satoshi walk off.

"If I could, pull you back,

From where you been I would.

But you left me no reason left to fight.

You've crossed a line, you can't uncross.

You've made a choice, and now there's no way to ever make it right.

If my tears had any power,

I would cry.

Oh I would cry."

He turned around to find a certain red head staring at him. She glared at him before pulling out the knife. "Sato..." His scream was cut off by the knife slitting his throat. He grabbed it to try and hold the bleeding in only to stubble backwards. He caught himself and looked at her. She smirk.

"If I can't have you no one will." She pushed him back. The sound of a car horn filled his ears and the sight of Satoshi running towards him was the last thing he saw before the car hit him.

Satoshi glared at the girl before screaming for people to get help. A man pulled out his cell phone to call the ambulance. Blond hair filled Satoshi's vision. It seemed so familiar. Warm arms wrapped around him as dark purple flashed before his face. The purpled haired boy lifted up Daisuke's head. " he alive?" The boy nodded.

"We have to get him to a hospital quickly. Krad, are they coming?" The blond nodded and held his old tamer close as the boy started to sob over his fallen boyfriend. Dark glared at Riku Harada who started to run. Dark run out and caught her by the back of her neck as the cops and ambulance pulled up. Dark walked over to the officer and held out Riku. "She pushed the boy into the road after slitting his throat. I saw it all happen. Even my boy friend saw it."

The officer took the red head into custidy. Dark turned towards the men who drove the ambulance who were trying to push Satoshi away from Daisuke. "Hey that's the guy's boyfriend let him go with him." The man asked if it was true only to recieve a nod from Satoshi. He shrugged and they jumped into the truck that sped off towards the hospital. Satoshi held Daisuke's hand the whole way silently praying for his love to be ok.

When they reached the hospital Satoshi had to stay in the waiting room. Two girls sat in chairs as well and one older girl around 20. One of the younger girls starting singing a song to her sobbing sister. "You've crossed a line. You can't uncross. You've made a choice, and now there's no way to ever make it right. If my tears had any power, I would cry. I would cry. I would cry. I would cry." And Satoshi started to cry.

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