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Pairings: Daisuke/Satoshi


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Story line: Satoshi and Daisuke have been dating for awhile now. That is until a certain red head comes to recliam what she thinks is her. What happens when Satoshi sees walks in to see his lover with her and doesn't understand the situation? Can Daisuke get through everything now that he's lost his voice or will everything fall apart? A lesson as to why red heads are dangerious...well at least haradas are.

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Chapter3: Perfect

Daisuke opened his eyes and yawned. He sat up slowly holding his head and looking around. The white walls and smell of strelizer brought back the memeories of the last week to his sleep fogged brain. Sighing he pushed the nurse call button. A red haired woman came in with a smile that seemed to sweet to Daisuke. Her bright red lip stick brought out the bright white teeth she had. Her black eyes had a glare hidden deep within the black orbs. She smirked when she watched Daisuke wave his hands about trying to get her to understand that he wanted to go home. He wanted Satoshi.

The woman laughed before holding out a note pad. Daisuke went to grab it but she pulled it back. Daisuke fell to the floor and choked on a breath. Pain rippled through his broken body. The docter had told him and Satoshi the day before that Daisuke had a couple of cracked ribs, a broken arm, and a concusion. He had five stiched in the back of his head from where he hit the ground after the car hit him. The woman looked at him satifaction evident in her eyes. Daisuke pulled himself back up into his bed before snatching the notepad from the woman. He wrote a quick message down and held it up to her.

'I hate you!' Was written in a dark red color on the pale yellow paper. The woman shrugged and walked out. Daisuke sighed again. He really wanted Satoshi to be there with him. The docter walked in a few moment latter and looked over Daisuke's injuries again. "Well everything seems to be in order. If you want we can sign you out now and you can go home." Daisuke smiled sweetly and nodded. He laid his head back and thought about the word home. He hadn't been home for a long time not since Dark and Krad were seperated from his and Satoshi's bodies. Memories of the fight he had had with his parents that night resurfaced.


Hey Dad look at me
Think back and talk to me
Did I grow up according
To plan?
And do you think I'm wasting
My time doing things I
Wanna do?
But it hurts when you
Disapprove all along

Daisuke walked into the room Dark at his side. "Are yoiu sure about this. I mean what if they don't want to know." The red head looked up at the purple haired man beside him.

"Don't worry Dai. Everything will be just fine." 'I hope.' Daisuke shivered as he sat down waiting for his parents to come back from the date they had went on. Daisuke sighed and tapped his leg on the floor trying to relive his nerves.

'I could just run away. I mean they don't have to know. Do they? What if they've already guess? Oh no what if they think I did it with Risa or Riku?' Daisuke shivered at the thought of the two Haradas. They scared him more then anything Krad had ever put him through. Not to mention Riku broke his heart. At least that's what Daisuke told himself. He had caught her making out with Tatsuhara, a random kid from their history class. She didn't even notice that he was there, but the strangest part was that Daisuke didn't feel as bad as he should have. Daisuke sighed and thought back to the night before. Him and Dark had to capture another piece of art but it was strange.

Daisuke wouldn't change when he thought of Riku or even Risa. He thought of every girl he could but none affected him. Soon he had let his mind drift off into forbbidon thoughts of a strange bluenette that was closer to him then he would have believed. The moment the bluenette crossed his mind he changed into the phantom theif. Dark had been just as confused as Daisuke but they brushed it off. They had flown to the museum like normal and was greeted by Saotshi. Dark played his game and taunted Satoshi, but Krad came out. When Dark saw him he froze. Not in fear but with some other feeling thaqt he wasn't familiar with. Krad had smirked at him and walked towards him.

Dark never moved but stood frozen to the spot watching the long blond tresses sway with his movements. Krad stood in front of Dark and spoke to him. The words never reached Dark's clouded mind. Krad pushed Dark back against a wall but Dark didn't seem to notice. Krad placed a hand on his cheek but Dark didn't flinch. He just stared into the golden orbs that glared back. Krad started to scream at him but the words didn't registure in his brain. Tears started to sting the back of his eyes as Dark looked away.

Krad grabbed his shoulders and started to shake him roughly. Dark just let him. He made no moved to stopped the crazed blond but let him. Tears slipped down Darks cheeks as his mind started to return to him. 'Why am I crying? Why can't I move? Why can't I run away?' His heart was pounding inside his ribcage making him cry harder. Krad noticed the tears and let go of his shoulders. "Why are you crying. Stop it! I said stop it!" Dark bite his lip and fell to the floor tears pouring out.

"Gomen. Gomen." He lifted his hand to his eyes and wiped away the tears. "I'm so sorry. For everything." Krad raised an eyebrow before sinking down to Dark's level.

"I should kill you." Dark nodded and looked at him. His hand met the angel's soft cheek before smiling softly.

"I wouldn't blame you." Krad covered Dark's hand with his and pushed him up against the wall again. Dark groaned at the contact. Krad parted Dark's legs with his knee as he kissed the theif's exposed neck. "Ahh." Krad smirked against his neck and bite down lightly on the soft flesh. Dark's head fell to the side as he looked at Krad through half lidded eyes.

"You know I never stopped loving you." Dark groaned again.

"I never did either but I was to stubborn to notice or to try and make amends for what I did. I love you Krad. I always have and I always will. I wish I would have realized this sooner because so many years have been wasted fighting over this. I love you and I wouldn't have blamed you if you would have stopped loving me." Krad smiled and pressed his lips to Dark's. In the farthest corners of their minds Daisuke and Satoshi sat and watched the two.

And now I try hard to make it
I just wanna make you proud
I'm never gonna be good
Enough for you
I can't pretend that
I'm alright
And you can't change me

"Well that's something you never see everyday." Satoshi nodded to Daisuke as he watched the two enviuously. "So Satoshi-chan, you ever find that special someone?" Satoshi looked at him and smirked.

"You'd never believe me if I told you but yes I have found a special someone. The person that makes my day instantly better even though they seem to be in love with someone else." Daisuke just looked at the boy. 'So he is in love. I should have known better. He could never like me anyway.' Satoshi sat beside him similar thoughts running through his mind.

'He has Riku. He couldn't love me, but I guess I'll never know unless I try." Satoshi looked over at the red head and nugged his shoulder slightly. "Um Daisuke there's something I need to ask you." Daisuke nodded. "Um if I tell you who I love promise you won't get mad or upset with me?" Daisuke nodded slowly.

'Does he like someone I know? Why would I get mad at him? Maybe he like's Risa. Or maybe he likes Riku. Ahh that would be the only reasons he'd think I'd be mad at him.' Satoshi waved a hand in front of Daisuke's face.

"You there Daisuke?" Daisuke shook his head to clear his mind and nodded. "Well anyway the person I'm in love with. The one who brightens my day everytime they come around me Daisuke." Daisuke stopped and looked at him. "Don't forget you promised not to get mad or upset. I know you have Riku but I really and truly lo..." Satoshi was cut off by Daisuke pressing his lips to his. Satoshi froze up at first before letting himself relax and return the kiss. It was soft and passionate. Not wet and rough like his kisses with Riku had been. It was perfect. They pulled apart and noticed that they were in control of their bodies.

"Satoshi, I think I'm in love with you." Satoshi smiled. It was the closest thing to a real confession that he was going to get.

"Daisuke, I have a plan that can help you and me. Not to mention Krad and Dark." Daisuke nodded and laid his head on Satoshi's chest. "I found a spell that can give us all our own bodies. There's only one catch." Daisuke looked at him. "The only way for Krad and Dark to keep their bodies is for them to love each other. I need to know if Dark is interested. " Daisuke nodded and retreated into his own mind.

Dark sat against a wall deep in though Krad right beside him. "So you two heard everything?" They nodded and Daisuke looked at Dark. "So what do you two say. Ready to get the hell out of here?" Dark smiled and grabbed Krad's hand.

"Only if Krad will have me again." Krad smirked and pulled the theif to him.

"Mine." Dark laughed at the angel's possessiveness.

"I think that means yes." Daisuke nodded and faded back to Satoshi. He smile and nodded.

"They've agreed." Satoshi nodded and pulled Daisuke into a hug.

"I love you so much." Daisuke smiled as tears started to form. "Ready?" Daisuke nodded and held Satoshi's hand to his heart. Satoshi smiled and took a deep breath. "Deux âmes qu'un corps libère d'haine entrent un nouvel avec l'amour pour vous tenir ne craint jamais pour un amour est ici aussi long qu'il y a l'amour vous aurez un corps pour appeler votre propre." A warm feeling began to spread through Daisuke's body . He held onto Satoshi's hand tightly. Pain swept through his body as his grip tightened.

"It hurts!" Satoshi nodded and pulled Daisuke closer as the pain racked through his own body. An invisiable knife seemed to tear at his very soul ripping it and twisting it about. As quickly as the pain came it stopped and before them sat the phantom theif and the angel. Dark's eyes were wide and he was clutching his chest. Krad seemed unaffected by the pain but held on to Dark all the same.

"Well that was fun!" Dark took a deep breath before looking at Daisuke and Satoshi. "It worked then?" Satoshi nodded and Dark smiled.Krad wrapped an arm around the purpled haired man and smiled softly. Dark's hand wrapped around Krad's as he looked at Daisuke. Then it hit him. "Uh oh." At the same moment Daisuke realized.

"The police!" Dark jumped up and ran over to Daisuke who looked at Satoshi who was watching Krad who was standing at the window holding it open for the two theivies.

Daisuke grabbed Satoshi's wrist and pulled him into a kiss while Dark did the same. Footsteps echoed outside the door as the two pulled away. "Come see me soon." Daisuke nodded as Dark motioned him towards the window. Krad hide in the shadows and waved goodbye to Dark as he jumped out with Daisuke. The cops flooded the room only to find Satoshi on the ground a dazed look on his face and Dark flying out into the harizon.

Daisuke put the phone down to drown out Riku's screaming. Finally tired of the noise he hung up and sat beside Dark. Dark twisted his jacket sleeve in his hand as the front door opened. "Daisuke, are you home?" Dark patted his hand and took a deep breath.

"Emiko-san!" Emiko stopped downstairs with her husband.

"Dark, is that you." Dark took another breath.

"Yes. Could you come here?" He heard footsteps as the door opened to the room.

"Dark...oh my god." Emiko's hands flew to her mouth. "Dark. Daisuke. What's going on?" Dark took a breath but Daisuke jumped in.

"Um well mom last night something happened. I mean well at the museum. Um Satoshi found a spell and well first off it wasn't bad me and Darki agreed to try it but there's this rule for Dark to have his own body. And well you see Dark's in love well he's always been in love but you see it's complicated." Dark held his hand up.

"You've done enough Dai. Emiko. Hiwatari found a spell that would give me and Krad our own bodies." Emiko opened her mouth but Dark held up his hand. "No let me finish. You see Emiko there's only one way we can keep our bodies and that's if me and Krad love each other. I love him Emiko. I have for a long time. Something went wrong a long time ago and I've never had the chance to make amends but something happened last night to me and Daisuke. " Emiko was shaking by the time Dark was finished.

Cuz we lost it all
Nothing lasts forever
I'm sorry
I can't be Perfect
Now it's just too late
And we can't go back now
I'm sorry
I can't be Perfect

Kosuke walked into the room after his wife. "Now Dark, this is Krad we're talking about. How do you know if this is real? You don't know what the Hiwatari boy said. For all we know this could be a plot for him to get rid of you without harming Daisuke. We all know he seems to be very close to Daisuke. Probably a little fruit. Hmm. Now Dark we all know you like women so let's not get caught up in this I'm in love with Krad thing." Dark raised an eyebrow.

"No offense but you don't know a damn thing about me. I have been in love with Krad for a long time. A woman is the reason we started fighting. I know Krad and the last time he kissed me like that you don't want to know what we were doing." Kosuke held up a hand.

"You kissed that thing in front of my son. What other fruity things have you done in front of him? Good thing he has a girl like Riku to keep him straight." Daisuke bit his lip when his dad looked at him. "Isn't that right son?" Daisuke sighed and shook his head. Kosuke raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"I broke up with Riku right before you guys came in." A slap sounded through the room. Emiko looked up at her husband and son. Daisuke had a bright red hand print on his face where the man's hand had hit him. Tears stung the back of his eyes but he refused to let them fall.

"Call her back and make up with her! Make her take your little ass back!" Daisuke blinked his tears back and shook his head. Another slap filled the room. "Do it!" Daisuke shook his harder and struggled to break free of his grasp. "I have been patient with you up till now. Call her back and apologize!"

Daisuke stopped struggling and glared at the man. "Apologize? For what? Her cheating on me! She was the one making out with the guy from history! It was her who destrioed the joke we called a relastionship! At least I had it in my mind to break up with her before I went and kissed..." Daisuke's eyes widened. Dark looked at him and bit his own lip.

"Kissed who?" Daisuke kept his mouth closed. Kosuke wrapped his hands around Daisuke's throat. "Who? Damnit who'd you kiss?" Daisuke opened his mouth to breath but no air got through. Daiki ran in to see what the yelling was about and gasped when he saw Kosuke stranggling Daisuke. He pulled away the panting man who dropped Daisuke.

Daisuke glared at his father before screaming out," Satoshi! I kissed Satoshi!" He held onto his throat trying to make the pain go away. Emiko looked up at her husband to her son.

Everyone in the room was silent even Dark. Kosuke glared at him and took a step forward, but Dark stood in front of Daisuke. "Out of my house both of you! Get out now!" Daiki looked at Kosuke.

"But he's your son!" Kosuke turned and stormed out of the room, but not before yelling," I have no son!" Emiko shook her head at Daisuke and ran after her husband.

Daiki walked up to the little red head. "If you ever need me Daisuke I'll be here. Just remember that." Daisuek nodded and walked hugged the old man. Daiki turned to Dark and looked him over," Nice body. Protect him for me." Dark nodded and shook the man's hand.

"Always." Dark walked over to the front door and held it ipen for Daisuke who took one last look at his home before turning away. They walked in silence to the bluenette boy's house. Daisuke knocked.

I try not to think
About the pain I feel inside
Did you know you used to be
My hero?
All the days
You spent with me
Now seem so far away
And it feels like you don't
Care anymore

Satoshi looked up from his spot on the couch and looked over at Krad who nodded. Satoshi stood and looked at the two. He noticed Daisuke's eyes were casted downwards and Dark looked at him apologeticly. Satoshi stood back to allow them in. "Daisuke?" Daisuke shook his head and fell to the floor at Satoshi's feet. Tears poured down his face. Satoshi got down on a knee and looked at the crying boy.

Sobs wracked through his body as Satoshi pulled him into a hug. Krad looked at Dark who only shook his head. Satoshi rubbed Daisuke's back softly whispering to him that everything would be ok. "Satoshi." Daisuke looked up and Satoshi noticed the small bruises on his face and throat.

"Daisuke, what happened?" Daisuke closed his eyes and laid his head on Satoshi's chest.

" dad." Satoshi blinked before looking at Dark who made a motion of slapping and another of stranggling someone. Satoshi raised an eyebrow and looked at the marks on his neck. They were made by a man Satoshi could tell that much. Anger swelled up in his chest as he watched Daisuke sob harder. Soon he cried himself to sleep in Satoshi's arms.

"Dark, what happened?" Dark took a breath and laid his head on Krad's shoulder.

"Kosuke found out about the spell and about me and Krad. I never would have guessed him to be a homophobe. He went on about me being fruity around his son and that he was glad Daisuke had a woman like Riku to keep him straight. Daisuke told him that he broke up with Riku. Kosuke slapped him once and told him to call her back. Daisuke refused so he slapped him again and told him to call her back and apologize to her. Daisuke got mad and started screaming at him.

"He said, 'Apologize? For what? Her cheating on me! She was the one making out with the guy from history! It was her who destrioed the joke we called a relastionship! At least I had it in my mind to break up with her before I went and kissed...' Well Daisuke stopped before he mentioned your name but Kosuke was mad. He demanded to know who but Daisuke refused. Kosuke wrapped his hands around Daisuke's neck and started to stranggle him. Daiki came in the room and pulled him away before Daisuke passed out. Daisuke screamed out your name and told them he kissed you. Kosuke started to walk towards him but I stepped in front of him and he told us to get out and said he had no son. Well we ended up here after I promised Daiki that I'd protect Daisuke."

Satoshi looked down at Daisuke before kissing his red hair. "I love you so much, Daisuke." Daisuke moved in his arms slightly but remained asleep. Saotshi looked up at Dark and Krad. "You two can stay here for as long as it takes for you to find jobs and join in with the real world." Dark nodded.Satoshi stood up bringing the small red head with him. He passed by Krad and mummbled that he and Dark could stay in the guest room. Krad nodded and took Dark to their room. Satoshi walked into his room and laid Daisuke down and promised," I'll never let anyone hurt you again over me." Even though Daisuke had been asleep those words still went straight to his heart and he never forgot them.


And now I try hard to make it
I just want to make you proud
I'm never gonna be good
Enough for you
I can't stand another fight
And nothing's alright

Daisuke sighed as he signed the release forms. Walking out of the hospital had been like walking out of a morge. The smell of strealizer still clung to his nose and made him slightly light headed. He walked along the empty sidewalk and watched the few cars zoom by. It was a slow day but even on a slow day Satoshi still had work. He had told Daisuke to go striaght home after he left the hospital but Daisuke had somewhere else he needed to go first. He need to tell Daiki about what had happened. He only hoped that he wouldn't see his father or mother there after all it had been four years since their fight. Daisuke stopped. It had been five years that day since he had last seen his parents.

He took a deep breath before turning down the street that would lead to his old home. He realized that he had never gone to get anything of his. He had left everything he owned behind just to avoid his family. He remembered the day so vividly now. He stopped in front of his old home and looked around. It seemed empty but he could never be sure. He took a step towards the door and another. Soon he was at the front door hand hovering above the door. He bit his lip and knocked on the door softly at first before knocking louder. He heard footsteps coming towards the door and held his breath. His stomach started hurting then he got the falling sensation. Panic swept through him as the doorknob twisted.

Daiki opened the door slowly and looked down at the young man at his front door. A little girl looked down at Daisuke front her grandpa's shoulder. "How may we help you sir?" Daisuke smiled and opened his mouth but remembered he could no longer speak. He shook his head and looked at Daiki. Daiki looked at the boy's eyes and then his face. "It can't be you can it?" The little girl looked at her grandpa With looking at Daisuke from her arms.

With started to struggle and the girl cried out when With jumped into Daisuke arms. The rabbit nuzzeled into his cheek. "Kyuu." Daisuke smiled at his friend. He mouthed With and the rabbit looked up at him. Daiki looked between the two and smiled.

"Lily, meet Daisuke. He's your older brother." The little girl looked at Daisuke before smiling.

"I have a brother?" Daiki nodded and the girl struggle from his grasp. Daiki put the little red headed girl down and watched her walk towards Daisuke. "Your my brother?" Daisuke looked at her and smiled. Tears formed in both their eyes as the girl ran and hugged him. "I never knew I had a brother." Daisuke held the girl close and looked up at Daiki.

"Lily, why don't you and Daisuke come in. I'm sure there's lots we need to talk about. You know the last time I saw your brother was about four..." Daisuke held up five fingers. "Five years ago. " Lily smiled and grabbed Daisuke's hand and lead him inside. The two siblings sat down on the couch and looked at their grandfather. Daiki looked at Daisuke and Lily before smileing. "You two look so much alike. So Daisuke how have things between you and Hiwatari been?" Daisuke smiled and shrugged.

"It's okay you can tell me." Daisuke shook his head light. Daiki raised an eyebrow. "Things going bad?" Daisuike shook his head again. "Then why can't you tell me?" Daisuke sighed and unzipped the zipper of his jacket. The white guaze caught Daiki's attention but is was the still fresh wound on Daisuke's neck that made him gasp. "Who did that too you?" Daisuke pulled out his note pad and marker and wrote Riku Harada in big letters. "Riku. But she left about four years ago Daisuke." Daisuke wrote another note. 'She came back.' Daiki sighed and touched Daisuke's hand.

Daisuke smiled at him and looked at his little sister. She really did resemble Daisuke. She lifted her small hand and touched his neck. "Does it hurt?" Daisuke shook his head. Tears formed in her eyes. "It has to hurt! You can't talk to anyone. How can you do everything normally? How can it not hurt that you can't even tell someone you love them?" Daisuke covered the little girl's hand and looked Daiki.

"Lily, the person he loves doesn't need to hear him say it. He already knows." Lily's tears vanished as she looked at Daisuke again.

"He?" Daisuke nodded and put a hand in his pocket. He pulled out a wallet and opened it to a picture him and Satoshi had recently taken. Satoshi had his arm wrapped around Daisuke's waist and he was holding one of Daisuke's hands. The little girl examined the picture and smiled. "So is he like my brother as well?" Daisuke blushed and looked at Daiki.

"He's close dear but legally there's no relastion between you two. Unless Daisuke is keeping something from me." He looked up at Daisuke who looked down at his lap. "Daisuke?" Daisuke blushed and wrote something down on the paper. Daiki read the note and smiled. Daisuke held up his left hand and reveiled the engagement ring. "So when'd he ask?"

Daisuke took the notepad and wrote two months ago. Daiki smiled at his grandson. "Wait so my brother is going to get mawied?" Daiki nodded to the girl who jumped on her brother's back. "Will I ever get to meet him?" Daisuke smiled and nodded and looked at Daiki. He wrote on a piece of paper if I invited you would you bring her? Daiki nodded. Daisuke smiled and gave his sister a kiss on the cheek. (She's so pretty.)

'Cuz we lost it all
Nothing lasts forever
I'm sorry
I can't be Perfect
Now it's just too late
And we can't go back
I'm sorry
I can't be Perfect

A car pulled up outside and laughter filled their ears. Daiki tensed up and Daisuke handed Lily over to him. The door opened and Kosuke stopped in his tracks followed shortly by Emiko. "Daisuke?" Daisuke looked at his mother and nodded his head. Emiko looked between her son and her husband. Lily put her head in her grandpa's shoulder.

"Boy." Daisuke looked at Kosuke without any fear. "Well why are you here? Say something." Daisuke just stared at him. Daiki stood behind his grandson and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Daisuke came to see me, Kosuke. I told him before he left that he could come back and talk to me if something ever happened. Well something did happen. Your son is engaged to Satoshi Hiwatari." Kosuke glared at Daisuke but Daiki stopped him. "But the real reason he came was because something happened to him. Riku Harada hurt him badly. Now I don't know all the details but according to Daisuke.."

"According to Daisuke. How do we know he's not lying? He probably hurt himself. Have you ever know a Harada to hurt someone? Hmm. I mean really and besides he's got a mouth let him speak for himself. " He waited a moment to let Daisuke talk but continued after Daisuke looked to the ground. "There see. He's a lier. A lier and a fag. As I've said before I have no son and he has no place here. Show me proof that Miss Harada harmed you and maybe then I'll stop to listen but until then get out of my house."

Kosuke started to walk out of the room but Daisuke grabbed his arm. Kosuke turn to hit him but stopped when he got a glance of Daisuke's neck. "What happened to you." Daisuke let him go and grabbed the notepad. He wrote down I can't talk anymore. Riku showed up at my house the other day and started going off about how I was her love. That I loved her not Satoshi. Satoshi walked in on her practically trying to rape me he got mad. He said some things he didn't mean. Well I threw Riku off and told her I didn't love her. That I never did and that I hated her for making the one person I love walk away. I ran out after Satoshi and I think she went into the kitchen and got a knife. I found Satoshi and explained to him what happened.

He forgave me but he had to get to work. When I turned around she was there. She was mad and crazed. She said is she couldn't have me no one could and used the knife to cut my throat. I had grabbed my throat and back towards the street. She glared and smirked and pushed me in front of a car. I remember hearing Satoshi's voice and then Krad and Dark's. The next thing I know I was in the hospital with no voice and it turns out Risa Harada is trying to sue me for her sister being nuts.

Kosuke handed the notes to Emiko after he was done. Emiko was near tears when she read what had happened to him. "Oh Dai." She ran and pulled him into a hug. Daisuke froze but soon relaxed into her grasp. Lily looked from her mother to her brother.

"Mommy?" Emiko looked at Lily and smiled. She grabbed Lily from Daiki and handed her to Daisuke.

"Lily, I'm sure your grandfather's already told you who he was but I'll introduce you again. This is you older brother Daisuke. My baby boy." Daisuke blushed and Lily laughed at him.

Kosuke looked at his family. He reread the notes and looked at his son. He seemed happy and healthy. "Daisuke. I'm sorry. About everything." Daisuke looked at him sadly. "I know I can never take back all the things I said but I'd like to make it up to you. Will attend all the court dates and support you and when this wedding happens we'll be there to support you. Only on one condition." Daisuke raised an eyebrow. "You have to give your old man a hug and allow him to apologize over and over again." Daisuke smiled and hugged his father. Kosuke pulled him into a tight embrace before looking up at his wife and daughter who were both smiling at the two.

"One more thing Daisuke." Daisuke looked at him. "You have to let me talk to Hiwatari. " Daisuke's eyes widdened. "What? I have to know who my future son-in-law is." Daisuke smiled and hugged his dad again. Emiko had tears in her eyes and Lily pushed them away. Daisuke pulled back and ran and kissed his mother and sister. Daiki hugged him and Daisuke looked at his watch. He pointed to it and everyone understood that it was time for him to go. He gave everyone one last hug before leaving the house. He ran towards his and Satoshi's home.

Nothing's gonna change
The things that you said
Nothing's gonna make this
Right again
Please don't turn your back
I can't believe it's hard
Just to talk to you
But you don't understand

Dante walked towards Satoshi and Daisuke's home and looked at the sky. Someone came crashing into him knocking him over. Dante heard someone screaming in their mind," I'm sorry! I'm sorry." Dante stood and brushed off his shoulder. /It's alright kid. Just watch where your going. And don't forget I'm the only mind reader around here./ Daisuke blushed when he rezlized it was Dante.

(Sorry.) Dante nodded and held out a hand to help him up.

/It's okay. Plus I was just going to your house to see if you and Hiwatari would like to join me, Dark, and Krad at our house for dinner./ Daisuke smirked at him. /What I was conned into it. It was the only way Dark would let me off the roof./ Daisuke raised an eyebrow. /What? I was beating Dark at DDR and he got mad and locked me out on the roof./ Daisuke started to laugh. Dante smirk. /Find that funny/ Daisuke nodded.

They continued to walked towards Daisuke's house to retrieve Satoshi from his work. Dante started to explain to Daisuke how many times he beat Dark at DDR when a red head came out of nowhere and knowcked them both down. "Watch where your going! You ingrates!" Dante looked at the girl as Daisuke realized who it was.

(Risa Harada!) Dante looked at the girl. Her hair hung low down her back and was tied with a nave blue ribbon. She wore a mini skirt that probably would have fit a eight year old and a shirt that Dante believed to be almost nonexsistant. /You look like a whore./ Risa glared at the man and looked over Daisuke.

Her eyes flashed. "What did you do trade in Hiwatari for a new model. I have to admit you do have some taste. I'd screw him." Riku looked at him suggestively. Dante glared at her.

/I'd rather shove my dick into a fully operational grinder then put it anywhere near your diseased festered crotch./ Risa glared at him again.

"You have no manners." Dante smirked.

/And you look like a fully operatinal slut who got in a fight with a swarm of locutus. That or you really should stop lying about your age or at least make it seem more believeable. I mean really you don't pass for a eight year old./ Risa's eyes flashed as she took a step towards him. She raised her hand to slap him but when she ran forward to slap him he moved and tripped her. Blood trikled from her nose and she stood.

"I'll take you both down. I'll make sure neither one of you see the light of day again!" She turned and started to walk again.

/What are you talking about I'm about to blind unless you pull down that skirt and hide the gopher that's starting to come out./ Risa flipped him off. /No thank you garbage off the side of the road doesn't appeal to me./ Daisuke looked at him and smiled.

(Thank you.) Dante nodded and motioned him forward.

'Cuz we lost it all
Nothing lasts forever
I'm sorry
I can't be Perfect
Now it's just too late
And we can't go back
I'm sorry
I can't be Perfect

Daisuke walked inside and walked up behind Satoshi who was sitting at a desk half asleep. Daisuke wrapped his arms around him and smiled when he flinched. "Dai?" Daisuke kissed his cheek in response. Satoshi turned in his chair and pulled him into a kiss. "I love you." Daisuke smiled and return the kiss knowing that he couldn't say it but he meant it. Dante watched the two and sighed. Daisuke pulled out the notepad and told him about what had happened after he left the hospital. "You went home?" Daisuke nodded. "Are you hurt. Are you okay? Did he say something." Daisuke smiled and continued to write about how he had told them about Risa and Riku and showed them the injury and how his father apologized and wanted to make it up to him.

He also mentioned Lily. 'She could be the flowergirl at our wedding.' Saotshi smiled and nodded. Daisuke also mention how his father wanted to get to know Satoshi. Satoshi raised and eyebrow and Daisuke kissed his forhead. 'He said he wanted to get to know his future son-in-law.' Satoshi looked from the note to a smiling Daisuke. He smirked and pulled him in for another kiss. "Have I ever told you you never stop surprising me?" Daisuke nodded. He never did mention Risa Harada but this was suppose to be a happy day, and nothing would stop that.

'Cuz we lost it all
Nothing lasts forever
I'm sorry
I can't be Perfect
Now it's just too late
And we can't go back
I'm sorry
I can't be Perfect

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