Cutting Close To The Edge


Gabriella just came home from East High. She was so happy that she and Troy Bolton were dating. She sat down on the coach and was about to turn on the TV, until the doorbell rang.

" I'll get it!" She opened the door to find her dad. He was tall and a bit muscular. He had dark brown hair that came up to his ears.

" Hola mija!" He was about to hug her but she stepped back. " What's wrong? Can't a dad just hug her daughter?"

"How could you call yourself that? You left us when I was only 2." she said loud but calm.

" I am still your fathe..." He started until he saw Mrs. Montez. ( I'm calling her Carina and the dad Jose)

"Carina!" He shouted.

" Um, hi Jose," she said awkwardly, but she hugged him anyway. Gabriella knew she missed him.

Why can't I just be happy papi's here? I should miss him. I haven't seen him for about 14 years., Gabriella thought.

" Um, I'll be up in my room if you want me." Gabi said quietly. She went to her room and got her cellphone out. She started to dial Troy's number. Little did she know her dad was watching her through the crack of the door.

" Hi Troy" she said quietly.

" Hey Gabi. What's wrong?" He said concerned.

" My dad just showed up in my door step" She then heard a creak.

" Aren't you..."

" Um, Troy I gotta go." she said as she hung up. Right then her dad came in the room.

" Who were you talking to?" He said firmly.

" My boyfriend Troy," She said standing up.

" You have a boyfriend?" He practically yelled, " You're not allowed to date boys!"

" I'm 16," she said, voice rising, " I think I can have a boyfriend!"

" Don't back sass me!" He said as he hit her hard across the face and leaving.

Gabriella now had deep cuts across the left side of her face. He had his wedding ring on when he hit her.

She cried as her dad left the room. She heard him tell her mom that she had fallen.