Love Makes Fools of Us All

Summary: It's not always about time! We all know what makes people act weird. Beast Boy finally works up the nerve to ask out Raven (real original huh?). It's pretty obvious that he loves her, but does she feel the same way?

My first fanfic! I think we've all gone through something like this, or maybe I'm just a freak. My favorite couple is Robin & Starfire, but I can relate to Beast Boy better, so let's just see how it all works out. Some references to other stories. Sorry if it seems to drag, I get lost in the details sometimes. All reviews/criticisms/whatever are welcome. Don't be haters though. BBRae (if hadn't figured it out). Enjoy!

I don't own Teen Titans or any of the characters, but if I did it'd be so much better. Sure they'd have to move it to Adult Swim (also not my property), but trust me, it'd be worth it.

Chapter 1: Head Over Heels

He was in his room alone, lying down on the top bunk with his eyes closed, letting the rhythmic bass lines of the hip-hop blaring from his stereo wash over him. It had been a long week. Dr. Light, again, Cinderblock, Punk Rocker, and another assault on the tower by Mammoth, Jinx, and Gizmo. It must've been a villain holiday or something. Reflecting back on the arduous week, it seemed all he could think about was the deep purple eyes, lavender hair, tantalizing form, and ashen, but still alluring flesh that had been both the pleasure and plague of his dreams as of late.

Me and Rae, yeah right.

This must have been the millionth time these words went through his head. Over time, he had gotten used to Raven and their "relationship". But he never imagined them going any farther than this rather peculiar…friendship I guess you could call it.

Where are these feelings coming from?

All he knew was that, at some point, she stopped being a teammate and now meant something more.

It's not like I'm good enough for her anyway. I act like a 10-year old, and am about as smart as-

The door became engulfed in a black aura and slid open with a crash. This caused Beast Boy's to jerk and careen, less than gracefully, from his bunk and land on the floor flat on his back. When he opened his eyes again, he saw the dark silhouette of a hooded figure outlined by the light being emitted from the ceiling fixtures. He rubbed his eyes and they began to adjust to the abstract light, revealing the pale skin and shrouded violet eyes of the object of his secret desire gazing down at him nonchalantly. All he could manage to do was grin childishly up at her.

"Would you mind turning it down?" she asked dully.

"Uhhh...uh, sure." he managed to stammer getting up and turning the volume of the stereo down so that it was barely audible. "Sorry." he muttered.

"Whatever." she said coldly walking out of the room, the door closing behind her.

Good job stupid.

He walked over to the window and leaned against the wall, looking up at the stars.

Why can't I just tell her how I feel?

He closed his eyes. An image of her flashed and his eyes snapped open. He was at the door to Raven's room his hand inches from knocking. He didn't even remember how he had gotten there. He stood there for what seemed like an eternity, but couldn't have been for more than a few minutes, just staring at her door. Starfire floated down the hall drinking a soda. She starred at Beast Boy, slightly confused, then came up behind him and began staring at the door too. After another couple of minutes she looked at Beast Boy inquisitively, shrugged and continued floating down the hall. Beast Boy hadn't even noticed her.

This is stupid! Just do it!...Wait? Was that Starfi- STAY ON TASK STUPID! Ok... Here we go.

He brought his hand back, paused, and then released it towards the door. The moment before his hand was about to make contact with the door it slid open. Beast Boy unceremoniously fell forward into Raven's room. He twisted his body, trying to maintain his balance, but to no avail. He landed, once again, flat on his back.

"Déjà vu." said the dark hooded figure above him.

"Uhhh…hi." seemed to be all he could coerce out of his lungs.

There was a long silence, which Raven abruptly ended when she began to step over Beast boy to leave the room.

"No wait!" he almost shouted.


"Ummm…you…uhh…got any…plans for the weekend?"

Raven raised an eyebrow.

"Not really. Why?"

The butterflies in his stomach had just declared war. He felt even more foolish asking this from the ground, so he got up rubbing his arm nervously. He glanced at Raven, who now began to appear impatient, and then averted his eyes to the floor.

"I was wonderin' if…uhhh…"

"If what?"

"If you'd…wanna go see a movie or something?"

Raven was taken aback to say the least. Her eyes went wide and her mouth went slightly agape.

"Are you serious?" she asked.

When she saw the hurt in his eyes from her response she knew he wasn't kidding. Beast Boy's eyes met hers and she saw tears welling up in them.

"No…no course I wasn't serious!" he said closing his eyes and forcing a grin while scratching the back of his head. There was a touch of pain in his voice that a deaf person could have recognized.

"That's a shame." she said softly, cracking a small smile and taking a step closer to him. "Cus I'd really like that."

"Yeah course…Wait WHAT?"

"I said that I'd like that."

Beast Boy just stared at her for a minute. The look of overwhelming sadness was slowly replaced by a look of pure elation with still a hint of disbelief.

"Really?...AWESO-I mean, that's cool."

Raven's smile widened a little.

"Soooo, tomorrow after dinner then?" he asked.

"Sounds good. As long as I get to pick the movie."she said still smiling.

While still retaining the look of happiness, he donned a look of apprehension.

"You're gonna pick one of those weird goth movies that I'll find really boring cus I don't get any of it, won't you?"

Raven looked up and thought for a moment and then met his gaze again.

"Yeah, probably."

Beast Boy continued to stare at her with renewed anxiety in his eyes. Raven giggled a little.

"Why don't you pick the movie and I pick where we eat?" laughing a little.

"Sounds good!" he said enthusiastically, his playful smile retuning.

There was a short silence, during which the two stared at each other smiling. Finally realizing how awkward this was they broke eye contact, Beast Boy looking at the floor and Raven staring off into some random corner of her dark room. Raven laughed quietly to herself and shook her head slightly. She looked back at Beast Boy who was still glancing nervously about the room

"I'll see you tomorrow Garfield."

"Alrigh-HEY! Who told you!"

Raven just laughed at the shocked look on his face and pretty soon he was laughing too. Their laughs slowed soon after and their eyes met again.

"Night Raven." he said softly still smiling.

"Good night Beast Boy." she said just as softly, also smiling.

Beast Boy walked out of Raven's room and into the hall way. The door quietly closed behind him. He leaned back against the door still in complete disbelief of what had just happened. He smacked himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

OWWWWW! Guess I don't know my own strength. Well at least I know I'm not dreaming.

The reality of it all hit him hard and fast. He felt the smile on his face grow to proportions he didn't even think were possible. He broke out into his trademark happy dance and began laughing uncontrollably. Amidst his incoherent steps and wildly flailing arms he accidentally hit the button that opened the door to Raven's room. Beast Boy ceased his little jig and gazed in a mix of horror, surprise, and hilarity as he observed Raven, with her back to the door, doing a similar happy dance. Beast Boy could do little more than star openmouthed as Raven continued. Doing a little spin Raven finally noticed that her door was open and Beast Boy was staring at her. She froze mid-turn almost falling over, but regained her balance. She felt herself blushing as she returned his incredulous stare.

"Uhhh…uhhh…night." she said quickly before hastily closing the door on her cloak.

She opened the door again to untangle her cloak. She knew that she was blushing harder than ever and it didn't help that Beast Boy was still staring at her. She swiftly pulled her cloak from the path of the door and before closing it, giving Beast Boy one more quick glance, finding that he was actually smiling. Not in a mocking way though, it was a compassionate, understanding smile, which she returned before quietly closing the door.

Beast Boy returned to his room, never feeling that smile leave his face. He got ready for bed and slipped beneath the covers of the lower bunk, he didn't feel like falling from the top twice in one day. He laid back with his hands behind his head thinking about how much had changed in the last hour or so. Everything was finally coming together for him.

I don't think I've ever felt this good before. Hmmm. Wonder where she's gonna pick for us to eat. Eh, how weird could it be? Wait a minute, this is Raven we're talkin about. It's gonna be beyond weird.

He sighed and laid in silence for a moment before grinning again.

Doesn't matter how freaky it is. She's worth it. Ugh, I just hope it's not one of those carnivore restaurants.

Beast Boy laughed to himself.

Nah, she wouldn't do that. Everything'll be fine.

"Ohhh yeah." he whispered to himself as he slowly closed his eyes. He slept long and soundly, the same kindhearted smile he'd given Raven never leaving his face.

Hope you guys liked it! I've already got Chapter 2 on the Brain! Please review! Any and all feedback is welcome. Once again though, don't be haters. It's only my first story. Sorry if it drags a little. Like I said, I get lost in the details sometimes. Peace and Love!