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Chapter 7: A Night To Remember

A green teenage boy dressed in mostly purple and green flying across the night sky on a circular metal plate next to a pale, violet-haired girl dressed in all black would probably be an unusual sight to most normal people. But these were hardly normal teenagers. The green boy had the awesome ability to transform into any animal he desired, which was an ability given to him by his parents in order to help him overcome a terrible tropical disease that only animals could survive. The process by which the common genetic bonds of animals and humans were isolated also left his hair, skin, and eyes green. His upbringing was sought to by an African tribe who were befriended by his parents which exposed him to the many animals he was able to morph into and also gave him excellent survival skills. The girl had paramount telepathic and telekinetic powers which she had learned during her childhood in the otherworldly dimension of Azarath from Arella, her mother, and Azar IV, the great-granddaughter of Azar, the founder of Azarath. Her father, Trigon the Terrible, had placed within her his own hate and malice as a means to control her, so she was taught to maintain control of her emotions at all times. With her father defeated by the Teen Titans several months prior, she was free to express her true feelings at anytime she wished. Their names are Beast Boy and Raven and this is their story.

The moon and stars shone brightly on the pitch-black blanket that night brought over the city. The cool night breeze made his short spiky hair flicker slightly almost like fire while her dark hair cascaded beautifully over her shoulders and flowed as if it were one with the wind itself. While she kept her eyes straight ahead, he never took his eyes off of her for a moment, not even to blink. He found himself staring at her a lot more than he had planned, but didn't regret a moment of it. Seeing her superb form against the skyline of Jump City was breathtaking. Words couldn't express the affection he held for this gothic heroine. Her dark appearance and seemingly dismal outlook on life fooled most, but not him. He saw the beauty of the soul that lied beneath the black clothes and heartrending poems. He knew the real Raven, the Raven that her father's hatred had kept under lock and key for so many years. Despite her mysteriousness, Beast Boy actually knew quite a bit about her and her past.

I never thought about it before, but how much do the rest of the Titans know about me? Robin and Cy are kind of a mystery, but what secrets should I have? At least they have secret identities to protect. I don't have any secret identity, just a past life. It may be my real name, but Garfield Logan died with mom and dad. Maybe she deserves to know...hmmm...maybe some other time. No reason to put a damper on tonight. She deserves to be happy after all the sadness and anger she's had to put up with. And I don't think I want it to end either. I mean look at her. She's just so...so-

"Beautiful." he whispered.

"What?" she asked turning to him. He pointed past her to the city which sparkled just like the night sky above them and reflected off the bay which was aberrantly calm. It looked as though there were a second city lying just below the black water. It was a sight few got to see because it was only visible to those who could fly or get to the top of Titan Tower. Beast Boy saw it every night, but tonight it seemed exceptionally beautiful. They were approaching the Tower so Raven began descending, but she never took her eyes off the captivating sight of the city. Raven touched down and then let the manhole cover Beast Boy was floating on lower to the ground. He stepped off and stood beside her as she continued to stare at the mirrored metropolis.

"Wow." she said softly and slowly.

"That all you got to say?" he asked laughing. She nodded which just made him laugh more.

"I've never seen the city like this before." she said softly.

"I know, it's something isn't it?" he said smiling. "Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and just sit in my window and stare at it until I fall back to sleep." He reached out and took her hand, once again intertwining his own fingers with hers, but not looking at her directly. "It seems especially beautiful tonight though." he said softly still not looking at her, but staring at the city instead. While her grip was loose at first, almost as though she didn't realize he was holding her hand, but eventually she squeezed appreciatively. As they simultaneously turned and faced each other their eyes met. Neither wore a smile, but rather an expression composed of several emotions; happiness, sadness, affection, confusion, and several feelings that would take volumes to describe. Not even thinking, Beast Boy wrapped his arms around her shoulders and embraced her tightly. Slowly slipping her arms around his midsection, she rested her head on his shoulder and nuzzled his neck. He deeply inhaled the alluring scent he had come to relish in such a short time. The gentle aroma of lavender created a calming euphoria that was both warm and relaxing, like a hot shower after a long workout, which he had actually done earlier that day. But that paled by comparison. His entire body, which was weary from the long day's events, loosened as the knots in his muscles came undone and the butterflies, which had been carrying out an epic battle against his stomach for the last couple of hours, finally called a truce. The intense requiescence made him feel as though he was asleep while still awake, like a dream that didn't end with slumber. Beast Boy couldn't shake the feeling of deja-vu from the back of his mind, but did his best to ignore it. He had much more important things on his mind. He didn't feel like he could put words to his feelings. He felt it should be meaningful and awe inspiring, but at the same time not a speech. After he realized he didn't know enough big words to make a Shakespearian declaration of his affection, he went with the classic short and sweet.

"I…I love you Raven." He spoke these words tenderly, but also so softly he wasn't even sure she had heard them. A long silence followed and he was beginning to feel foolish. He figured that she either hadn't heard him, or was trying to think of a way to let him down easy. He was about to repeat what he had said as a way to alleviate his angst about her feelings towards him, or lack there of, in hopes that she simply hadn't heard, when her embrace tightened. A verbal reply would have been much more reassuring, but deep down Beast Boy felt that this was just as good so he tightened his own hold on her. He felt a smile spread across his own face, and even though he couldn't see hers, he could sense that she was smiling too. Then he felt a warm, wet spot forming on his shoulder.

What the...what could be doing that?

He gently pushed her away and held her just inside an arm's length. Small droplets rolled down her slightly red cheeks, but she still wore a smile. He felt both worried about her emotional wellbeing and confused as to why she would smile and cry at the same time.

"Wha…why are you crying?" he asked with a serious look of concern on his face. Her smile widened slightly and she threw her arms back around him, hugging him so tightly he could barely breathe. Beast Boy exhaled sharply, but didn't ask her to ease up. Even though his ribcage felt ready to collapse under the immense strain of Raven's tight embrace, he knew she was only doing it out of gratitude so he simply closed his eyes, put his arms back around her, and held her gently putting one arm around her and cradling the back of her head with his other hand. She buried her face in his neck. He could feel her soft, smooth skin against his own. Her tears ran off her own face, onto his neck, and down his shirt onto his chest. Her hair felt soft and warm under his palm with that same attractive fragrance about it. She relaxed her hold on him and nuzzled his neck once again. He responded in kind by gently rubbing his cheek against the side of her head. She slowly leaned back and looked up at him. Her purple eyes seemed to dance the way the moonlight reflected off of them. He moved his arms so that one was a round her waist and the other on her back. Although neither of them wore a smile, the intensity of their locked eyes showed how they were feeling better than their faces ever would be able to. Raven's mouth hung oh so slightly open indicating her desire which Beast Boy read like a book. He pulled her close, both of their eyes shutting as the distance between their faces closed. Beast Boy opened his own mouth in the same way as Raven. When their lips met gently, Beast Boy hears a soft voice in his head.

I love you too Garfield.

It was a moment of pure bliss for the two, even if it was just for a moment. The feeling of her warm, supple lips against his own was positively overwhelming. Although brief, it was probably the greatest moment of either of their lives. They parted and stared at each other lovingly. After what seemed to be hours Beast Boy finally cracked a smile which Raven mimicked. He then closed his eyes and rested his forehead against hers. He opened his eyes a short while later to find and unsmiling Raven staring at him. His own smile faded when he saw the unhindered longing in her eyes. He leaned in and gave her a long, passionate, assertive, and slightly wet kiss. His lips gently fluctuated, massaging hers. Upon feeling this she purred softly and pressed a little more forcibly into the kiss. As soon as they parted from this kiss, they quickly pushed back in for another, and another, and yet another. As they continued she ran her fingers through his hair and he pulled her waist closer to him. She giggled when his tongue lightly brushed her lower lip and joined in soon after, playfully grazing his lips with her own tongue. She gently pushed a way from him her cheeks still slightly clammy from her tears.

"What happened to you being tired?" she asked smiling.

"I found something worth staying up for." he said returning her smile and stroking her back. "It is getting a little cold out here though. Maybe we should head inside."

"You're not comfortable?" she asked pulling his body close to hers and grinning.

"No…it's just…I thought." he stammered turning a little red.

"Don't worry about it." she said laughing. "It is getting a little chilly." She put her arm around his waist and lead him to the stairwell outcropping. He put his arm around her shoulders and squeezed affectionately. They walked down the stairway and into the living room. The TV was on, something on Animal Planet about tapeworms. Starfire was sitting on the couch and began to turn when she heard them come in.

Uh-oh! Rae won't want anyone to know. Not yet anyway.

Beast Boy quickly tried to push away from Raven, but she held him in place. Then he heard her voice in his head again.

You got yourself into this, now you're gonna ride it out with me.

He turned his head to look at her. She was looking at Starfire, but smiling from what she had said. She once again projected her voice into his mind.

Don't worry about it. I want everyone to know.

This made him smile as well. Starfire turned and looked over the couch. She looked shocked at first, but then broke into a wide smile.

"Oh friends! This is a most glorious development!" she said gleefully flying up off the couch and over to them. "I wondered where you two were this evening. So, are you in the love?" Raven and Beast Boy looked at each other again and laughed. It wasn't the question that made them laugh as much as the way it was said. Then they stared at each other for a moment, after which Raven turned to Starfire and nodded slowly. Starfire let out a squeal of delight and wrapped her arms around her two friends. "This calls for the making of Jelorbnuks (Gel-orb-nucks)! I shall be up with moon and sun, but it will be worth it!" The two stared at her confused. "Oh it is the name of my new creation!" Beast Boy smiled in understanding, but Raven continued to look baffled.

"Might I ask what 'Jelorbnuks' are?" she asked.

"Oh they're jalapeños dunked in ranch dressing and raspberry jelly." he said like it was the most obvious thing in the world which she responded to with a look of mild disgust. "They're really good actually." She stared at him in disbelief.

"You guys are weird." she said now smiling. Beast Boy laughed and Starfire continued to wear her oblivious smile.

"Anyway, get some sleep Star. It's late." Beast Boy said to Starfire. "I'll help you make a big batch of Jerl…Jeb…uhhh…the pepper thingies tomorrow."

"I anticipate it greatly!" said Starfire smiling.

"Oh, and don't tell anyone else about us." Raven said to Starfire. "I think we'd rather they heard it from us."

"Do not worry yourselves friends. I shall adhere to your wishes."

"Thanks Star." said Beast Boy. "We're gonna go to sleep now."

"I wish you pleasant dreams dearest friends. I too shall participate in the slumber as soon as I finish this fascinating documentary on hot dogs and their elongated inhabitants." she said smiling, once again oblivious to their looks of mild disgust. Starfire began to float back to the couch but then turned around. "Oh! And I congratulate you on your finding of each other."

"Thank you Starfire. Sweet dreams." said Raven. Starfire smiled and flew back to the couch to resume watching tapeworms writhe through digestive tracts. "I think I might have to join you as a vegetarian." Raven whispered to Beast Boy who smiled and snickered at hearing this. They began towards the bedroom wing, still holding one another closely. They reached their rooms, which remained, as always, right across the hall from each other. Their rooms had always seemed far too close before what with Beast Boy's deafening music which drove Raven insane, and Raven's deafening silence which would have led Beast Boy to question whether she was alive or not, if he hadn't known she practically never left her room anyway. Now, however, their rooms felt thousands of miles apart. Neither wanted to leave the other's warm embrace for the quiet isolation of their own rooms. They stood unmoving in the middle of the hall, neither really sure of what to do. Slowly turning their heads, they looked at each other, both wearing a look of uncertainty. Seeing the identical look in each other's eyes, they smiled and pulled one another close. They once again engaged in a series of long passionate kisses.

"I love you Rae." Beast Boy said quickly when they momentarily parted in between kisses.

"I love you too." Raven said amid another flurry of soft kisses. They began to slow down and eventually locked into a long fervent and somewhat wet kiss. Breaking the bond their lips had formed they laid their foreheads against each other. Both were breathing faster than normal, their breath short from the zealous display of affection. "Thank you for tonight. It was even better than I ever dreamed. I can honestly say that this was the best night of my life."

"You dreamed about our date?" he asked grinning.

"Yea, you got a problem with that?" she asked poking his chest in a pseudo-aggressive manner.

"None whatsoever." he said smiling. "It was my pleasure Rae. I wanted this to be a special night for you. You deserve to be happy now after the hell your life was because of your dad. I promise you that I'll make sure nobody ever causes you hurt like that again. I care about you way too much to let you be in pain like that. You don't have to hide in the darkness anymore." He pulled back slightly and looked at her. She was looking down and tears were flowing down her cheeks. He placed his index and middle finger under her chin and gently lifted her head to see her face better. Her eyes were welled up and her cheeks were slightly red. He used his thumb to wipe the tears from beneath her eyes while still keeping his fingers under chin. "No more tears, ok? I don't want you to be anything but happy from now on." he said grinning. This made her smile and laugh softly. He kissed her tenderly on the forehead. "That's better." he said bringing her lips to his. When they parted Beast Boy smiled and winked at her. "Night Rae." he said slowly backing away from her towards his bedroom door. He didn't want to leave her, but figured that the sooner he got to bed, the sooner he'd wake up and get to be with her again. He could tell by the look in her eyes that she understood.

"Night Gar." She said smiling and turning to go into her room. He watched as the door to her room slid open and she walked in. The door silently slid closed behind her, leaving him alone again. He opened his own door and went in, closing it behind him. He took off his skateboarding shoe and caringly placed them back in their box and back in his closet. He then took off his green hoodie and threw it over a chair. He shed his socks, T-shirt, and jeans, and tossed them onto the top bunk. He pulled a clean pair of green flannel pajama pants from the bottom drawer of his dresser and pulled them on. He yawned and slipped into the bottom bunk, slipping under the covers. He laid his head down onto the pillow and slid his hands behind his head. Thinking back on the long, but eventful day he couldn't help but smile. He closed his eyes and let the feelings of affection and joy lull him to sleep. Sleep began to take him when his bed began to shake. His eyes snapped open just in time to see black tentacles that seemed to be made out of darkness itself, shoot from the bed and snare him. He tried to yell for help, but one of the tendrils cover his mouth. They wrapped themselves around him and pulled him down into the mattress. He then began to sink into the darkness that had enveloped his bed. The shadow vines were pulling him into the black eternity beneath him. Shear terror swept over him when everything went dark. He closed his eyes and tried to get his panic under control. He opened his eyes and to both his relief and surprise he found that he was no longer trapped in that realm of darkness. He was on a bed staring at a charcoal black ceiling. He sat up, supporting himself with one of his arms, and looked around the dim candlelit room. There were a half dozen book cases, a gloomy looking desk and mirror, and several sinister looking artifacts including a familiar looking hand mirror. And there, floating just above the bed in a meditative position with her eyes closed and wearing a dark blue tank top and matching dark blue pajama bottoms was Raven. He just stared at her, breathing heavily and retaining some of his previous look of alarm. She lowered down to the bed and opened her eyes. She smiled and crawled across the bed. After laying a quick affectionate kiss on his still shocked face, she laughed.

"Sorry about that." she said grinning, closing her eyes, and scratching the back of her head as Beast Boy had done so many times that night.

"Wha…what was that?" he asked. She smiled.

"I teleported you over hear. Yea, it's kinda weird if you're not used to it."

"You coulda just come over and knocked."

"But I had just gotten all comfortable." she said putting on a mach pouting face. "And then I realized how much I missed you holding me." She crawled over him, putting one arm to either side of his body, putting her face a few inches from his. She positioned one of her legs in between his and the other out side of his. "And it was more fun anyway." she said playfully as she began to tickle him. He went into a fit of laughing and twitching as she ran her nimble fingers up and down his exposed ribcage. When she finally stopped she collapsed on top of him. She laid against his bare chest which rose and fell deeply from being tickled. When his breathing slowed he wrapped his surprisingly muscular arms around her. She closed her eyes and relaxed. She wanted to enjoy his comforting embrace which she had come to anticipate greatly, as though it were her reason for getting up each morning. She could hear his slow rhythmic breathing. She looked up and saw that his eyes were closed and his mouth hung slightly open. He was asleep. She smiled to herself. What could she expect? He had had a much longer day than her. Just being with him, being held by him was satisfying enough. He was kinda cute when he slept anyway. She used her powers to extinguish the candles and pull the covers over the both of them. She slid her arms under his shoulders and pulled him close to her. She nestled close to him and closed her eyes. She felt her entire body loosen up. She had never felt happier in her entire life. Every moment she seemed to spend with him seemed to be better than the previous one. She had seen a side of him that she never thought could exist. Deep down he was sensitive, intelligent, and even romantic. It didn't matter if he was goofy and a little clumsy, it only added to his charm. Even though she had known him for quite a long time, she never realized how rare a person he was. All she knew now though was that after all the darkness, she finally had some light in her life, and it came in the form of a wiry green boy. The warmth and metrical beat of his heart was steadily coercing her into sleep. She couldn't wait for tomorrow. Waking up used to be a thing of dread, but now it just meant the beginning of another adventure with her true love. "Night 'tiger'." she whispered before she let sleep carry her away.

This is definitely going to be interesting.

The End

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