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Yosh! The Power of the Hyuuga Youth!

A shocked Neiji learns that Rock Lee and Maito Gai have brainwashed his only son. Let the blood bath begin.

Chapter 1: A Most Unholy Surprise

Neiji should have seen it coming. He really should have. However, the genius of the Hyuuga clan had been distracted for several reasons:

1. His fourteen year old daughter had a crush on Kiba's brat. He'd be damned if that ever happened!
2. His six year old daughter, the apple of her daddy's eye, had required some new toys. (Coughshurikencough).
3. He'd had a very important ANBU mission that had required his superior genius intellect.
4. He was too busy intimidating various lowly members of the first branch.
5. His three Genin that he was supposed to train to be the ultimate Kohoha warriors were also pains in the asses. (Especially that Umino brat, he was especially insane!)
6. Some various other reasons that Neiji was sure he had but couldn't quite name at the moment.

Anyway, regardless of the above excuses, he should have suspected something. Rock Lee was the current Taijutsu master of the village, so he had sent his twelve year old son for some extra training. Even though the Hyuuga style of fighting was far superior, Neiji was of the belief that some expert knowledge of the enemy's fighting style was a must. (Not that Lee was the enemy, mind you, just….Never mind.)

How he had expected Lee not to rub off on his son, he will never know. He blamed Naruto, "The Honorable Hokage", for that drinking contest he had been forced into a few months ago. Alcohol can have an adverse effect on the brain cells.

Mental note, he still needed to seek vengeance for that.

Though technically, Gaara had come off worse than him. He'd never put on any lipstick.

Damn that Naruto. Hokage or not, he was a dead man!

Anyway, he should have seen it coming. The signs had been there if he'd bothered to notice. First of all, his son's sudden penchant for the color green should have been a warning bell.

The hell with it, he should equip the Hyuuga compound with a siren for emergencies like this.

Then, gradually, somehow with him noticing it…his son's loose Hyuuba robes had slowly shrunk, and shrunk…and shrunk…until his current green garments were nearly skin tight.

Yet still, somehow, the Hyuuga genius had still failed to notice. He had been too busy training his three Genin brats. (Damn that Umino brat! He would kill Naruto for teaching him the Ninja Centerfold!)

Then it had happened. The day had finally come when his son's brainwashed transformation on the account of a certain Rock Lee (and Maito Gai) had become complete.

Neiji, as usual, had been sipping his green tea calmly as he read over some of the current ANBU reports. Naruto, knowing that Neiji's intellect was far superior, relied on his and Uchiha's thoughts when it came to the top missions.

He had felt his son's chakra when he entered the kitchen, but Neiji had been too absorbed in his reading. (Neiji did not like to be interrupted when he was reading!) His son cleared his throat.


"What?" Neiji asked. He still hadn't looked up from his very important reading. He could hear a brief hesitation in his son's breath, which mysteriously caught his attention. The Hyuuga looked at his son.

Neiji dropped his tea.

There, stood his only son, garbed in the exact same horrid clothing as Lee and Gai. Too make matters even worse; he also had the exact same horrific haircut! To his utter horror, his son struck an all too familiar pose as he flashed a blinding smile.

"Yosh! Behold the Power of Youth!"

For the first time in his life, Hyuuga Neiji was speechless.