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Something i thought was real

To Naruto from Sakura

i thought you love me but all you did was treat me like trash and push me around like you owned me but know you see as you set on the bed you made and you see that i wouldn't put up with it like you thought i would've but know you wish you never done it to me as you set be hide the bars you just put you self in and you thank that why did i do it and you see you messed with the wrong woman you thought that i would keep quiet and let you do things to me like you owned me let me show you reality i don't roll that why i have freedom just like you so when you messed with me you might as well you say you messed with the law i know your thanking why. Why did i do it to well if you thought that you could bet on me and threaten my life if i said to words well you see know that I'm not dead and you just fixen to be so just thank what you could be doing if you never met me or if you never laid a hand on me you could be at home and not on the death petanly and not fixen to die so as you thank I'm at home watching TV with my family and i thought what would i be don't if i didn't go to the police and i just let you beat me would i be leaving my house in a body bag or you just beating me like always but as i see your behind bars and just about to be in the ground and me getting on with my life finding me someone else that will actually love me and not beat me .