Veela Heart

(a/n: Veela Heart takes place about 4-6 hours after Veela Blood ended. Thank you all for so much support, especially for story that was written so awkwardly. I'll try harder this time but it may be a while until I update so please, go easy on the death threats. Oh and first part of chapter one is a sex scene. Don't give me that look… So if you don't like that sort of thing please feel free to skip ahead.)

Chapter One: Crimson

Draco pov.

I arch my back into him, my soft cries fill the air around us; our bodies are slicked with sweat. Tears slip from my eyes at the unfamiliar pain from his penetration and yet I find pleasure in it as well.

He pauses, drawing my head up and kissing me deeply. I slip my hand through his hair, breath his scent, savoring his taste. He slides his hands along my thighs as he releases my mouth, pushing into me once more. I gasp and he pauses and asks me if I'm ok, if I want to continue. I nod, closing my eyes to the feeling of him as he rocks into me. I tense for a moment and he gasps, I open my eyes to see his watching me, his deep green eyes dilated with passion and deep within I find love where there was nothing before.

He smiles gently at me, his hand coming up to run across my lips. He tells me to relax as his hand slips down my neck. He alights over my nipples, gently stroking them, I gasp and force myself to relax.

He slowly begins again and his hand slips over my stiff member, moving in time with his thrusts. His other hand comes up to grip my shoulder, delving even deeply into me. I cry out as he pants for air, my body shudders and I encircle him with my arms and pull him closer to me. He says my name softly as he pulses inside of me. He shudders, "I'm close-I, I want us to come together," he whispers against my mouth.

I breathe him in, running my hands along his back and I can't find my mind. I smell the sex in the air, taste the sweet salt from out sweat, hear our sighs as we come together, I can feel his body and our link as it comes together, renewed.

I cry silently amid my throws of pleasure and pain. Pressure builds within me, begging for release and I tighten around him. He throws himself deeply into me as I am overwhelmed by the orgasm. I can feel him deep within me, I feel him fill me with his seed and I lose my ability to sense where I stop and he begins. We become a single entity.

He carefully pulls himself from me and leans down to kiss me. I wrap my arms around his neck and devour him, tasting vanilla.

He lets go, collapsing onto me and burying his head into my neck in hair he murmurs, "I love you."

"And I you ," I breath in reply.

He slides his hand along my cheek and I lean into him utterly and completely content. He rolls off of me to lays beside me and a short whimper escapes me involuntarily.

He laughs at me, "I didn't want to squish you and I'm not going anywhere."

I push myself up and shift over slightly to collapse partially on his chest, resting my head upon his shoulder. I let my eyes close, enjoying Harry's warmth and the gentle rise and fall of his breathing. His arms encircle me, one wrapping around my waist while the other absently combs through my hair. I slide my hand up to where his heart rests and splay it there, covering it protectively.

"Mine." I whisper softly.

I can feel his smile even though I cannot see it and his love for me seems to multiply and fill the room.

"Yes, yours." He replies equally softly.

A moment of silence opens up and spreads comfortably around us; neither one of us wishes to break it but questions hang unanswered in the air.

"Dragon…" Harry starts hesitantly.

"Ummm?" I lift my head slightly and look at him questioningly, "What is it?"

"I don't know….I don't understand what I am, what I've become."

He pauses, frustrated at his inability to put into words what he wants to say, I wait patiently.

"I know that I'm now, a veela but other than that I don't know much about veela's and what I do know doesn't seem to be right…"

I nod slowly, "You're very different from any veela's I know and I'm afraid I don't know many. My parents were never particularly interested in me learning about my heritage."

"Your father is almost a full-blooded veela but your mother…she used to be a Black and as far as I could tell they don't have a drop of veela in them."

"I wondered about that too when I was little." I whisper, feeling a sudden drowsiness engulf me, I suppress a yawn, "My mother just told me a few years back. The Blacks have a very good wizarding heritage, always important to a Malfoy," my voice is heavy with sarcasm as I roll my eyes, "but the Blacks, as you said, had no veela in them and that was fairly important to the family until recently, I think my father just doesn't want anyone stronger than him around. Anyway," a yawn overtakes me and I smother it with one hand before going on, "they wanted veela and Black so they… arranged it. A veela from a powerful family coupled with the Black wife and bore my mother. The veela was killed almost immediately after Mother was born to protect the secret of her illegitimate birth. Mother was told by her mother and she told me."

"So your mother is half and your father is almost full-blooded so your around three fourths veela, yes?"

I nod, laying my head back down on his shoulder, my eyes falling shut.

"I'm probably around the same…I think." he murmurs more to himself than to me, "I still have a little human in me…If I was entirely veela I wonder how different I would be. Would I not be able to hold back at all? Perhaps, I would just become more violent, if that's even possible…"

"…It is," I sigh quietly, a shiver running through me at the assaulting memories from my childhood, "My father, such violence and anger runs everything he does. He controls it out around others. If he didn't he'd have been locked away long ago, as some veela's who can't control it are but in exchange for that outward control he…"

"He hurt you." Harry snarls quietly, tightening his grip on me slightly and through him I feel as it something far away is jerked, hard. Like twisting the chain of a dog to make sure the choke collar still hurts the animal attached to it. A distant almost imperceptible feeling of pain echoes down from that jerked line and slowly fades as Harry loosens his grip upon it.

I push myself up and look at him, shocked and curious by not just what I felt but also by the fact that I felt anything at all.

"What did you just do?" I ask.

His eyes widen slightly, "You felt that?"

I nod, "What was it?"

"Ah," He sighs and squirms a little, avoiding looking me in the eye, "That was your father."


"I claimed him to my pack, chained his mind, I figured it would be the best way to stop him from doing anymore damage to, anything, most importantly us." he continues to look away, unhappily.

"What are you saying? I don't understand." I felt my brow furrow in confusion, my exhaustion eking away.

"How to explain…In that past," He began slowly as if to gather his thoughts, "when veela's had to fight to exist, they traveled in packs. The leader was the strongest called Cane and the weakest or those disliked by the Cane were referred to as Scemo. The fight to become Cane was one of the minds, a test of mental rather than physical strength. When your father blocked your memory I confronted him and I called him Scemo, I didn't even know what I was saying at the time and I called this knife to my hand, but that's another thing I don't know about. When I called him Scemo he became furious and I, I'm not sure what I even did then…This part of me, this horrible, violent veela part of myself…it was like I grabbed his mind, I think I could have killed him then, or at least his mind but he conceded to me, called me Cane and I took him into, into my pack. I chained his mind…if I choose I can see what he sees, be inside his mind, hurt him, kill him, possibly even control him…." His voice trails off and he continues to look away, afraid of my reaction.

I sit up, twisting away from Harry, looking across the room from the side of the bed, thinking.
"Draco?" He quests softly, reaching out a cautious hand and touching my back. I feel his fingers ghost momentarily along the scars upon my back from the whips my father had employed upon me. I shudder and he flinches away.


"No, don't be" I whisper as I turn back towards him.

I shift and kneel beside him, taking his head in my hands I press our foreheads together.

"Show me." I murmur.

He places his hands over mine and closes his eyes, I close mine as I focus upon what I can sense from him. I can feel him as he find the chain. I can feel it so strongly it's as if it's tangible, as if I can reach out and touch it. I can feel my father at the other end, cowering and shaking from the jerk of the chain. I knew that if I went any farther I could feel him as well, and see through his eyes but I withdrew. I didn't want to see anything of my father like that. This was good enough, to feel him in so much pain.

"Is that enough for you?" He asks quietly, placing his hands over mine.

I pull away slightly and smile down at him, knowing that if I asked it of him he would probably hurt him more, "Yes. This way he can never hurt anyone again. If he does, you'll stop him won't you?"

He grins wryly, "Of course. I was also thinking of bringing your mother into the pack. Right now she still belongs exclusively to your father…If I bring her into the pack than she will also belong to me and the well being of the pack…" His eyes look away at the far wall, lost in thought, "I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do. I don't like thinking like this, Draco. I don't like it. I'm not a veela. I can't control it. I think I must be missing something very important. I'm not sure I can handle it…"

I can say nothing because I am not sure he can either. Sometimes he scares me so much I can hardly stand it.

Harry lays down and pulls me down with him, sighing into my hair. His arms tighten around me and I wonder what sort of future we can have together in a world that doesn't want us together. When there is the constant tension of Harry's unreleased aggression. My eyes become heavy and I sink down into sleep wondering if I will die at the hands of the one person in this world I care about.

I wake slowly, a soft repetitive noise pulling me from my sleep. I open my eyes and glance over at the clock. It's nearly time to wake anyway. I turn off the alarm and roll over Harry's no longer beside me. I sit up and quickly scan the room. I see Harry standing next to a wall, his forehead pressing against the cool stone. The repetitive noise that woke me comes from the sound of his fist smashing into the wooden doorframe, over and over again.

I quickly push myself from the bed and run over to him but stop cold a foot from him. From here I can see the way the wood has caved into bowl, the wood splintering out all around the impression like many tiny spines. What really made me stop, though, was the blood that stained the impression and ran down the wall, soaking into the wood and staining it crimson.

"H-Harry?" I whisper, trying to swallow and finding my throat thick.

He stops and lifts his head from the wall, looking at me blankly then looking at his hand covered in blood.

"Harry, what are you doing?" My voice is trembling and I cannot stop it from doing so.

He shrugs slowly, "I don't know." His voice is shaking too but I suspect it is from the pain.

I reach out hesitantly and take his hand. The flesh of this knuckle has been peeled away and slivers of wood are imbedded deeply in the flesh of his hand. The muscle under the knuckles was so torn it and ripped. His entire fist is covered in blood, it runsdown his armand I am afraid that I can see the bone. My eyes begin to burn and ache and as I blink tears fall. They land on his torn hand; he flinches but doesn't pull away. Just as when Harry had healed me with a kiss, my tears seemed to have some healing abilities but not enough. I am nearly pure veela but I am not ancient veela. Whatever is left in me of the old magic is nearly gone.

I gently lead him to the bathroom and run his hand under the water, "I need to try and get out the slivers." I grab a pair of tweezers from the counter and begin methodically and carefully taking out as much as I can. All the while I keep crying, neither able to stop nor wanting too. Every tear that hit, healed a little bit more and slowly the bleeding stopped. I silently apply balm and wrap his hand with clean white gauze.

"Why, Harry?" I ask softly as I finish, letting go of his hand.

He reaches out and gently traces the side of my with his uninjured hand, "I didn't have a choice."

He looks away, his eyes are distant again and he walks out of the bath. I watch him in confusion and frustration. I wipe my eyes roughly and follow after him. He was pulling on his uniform and after a glance at the clock I quickly follow suit.

He's already leaving before I manage to gather my bag and I leave it behind running after him, "You should go to the hospital wing." He isn't listening to me, "Harry!"

He stops and turns back towards me with an impatient glare.

I stop short of running into him, "What's wrong with you?"

He sighs and reaches towards me hooking the collar he put on the day before with one finger, "Take this off and throw it away." He flicks it and pulls away walking off briskly without a single glance back.

Something is very wrong.

I slowly return to the room and collect my bag and parchment. Slowly I undo the collar and run my thumb over the tag and slip it into my pocket and after a moments pause quickly run after Harry.