Draco pov

I filled a dropper of the strangely translucent, purple fluid and, hesitated. The tests on the rats had been conclusive, the potion worked and there were no signs of any side effects even two weeks later. It had been rather remarkable actually.

Rats, especially those bed to be familiars, are especially prone to respond to magic and potions as part of that subset so, like muggle lab rats, a specific magically inclined breed of rat is used and prefered above all others in the testing of spells, charms and potions that are targeted for human use.

The one Veluiciuos Drucounious I made, I administered to twelve different rats, six male, six male. I would have done more for a larger sample size but there wasn't enough potion and I didn't dare give less or I risked skewing the results. I kept them in the closet of the potions lab. I had planned to keep them all on the back shelves, each in their separate cages, I had thought that would be enough but I was wrong. As soon as the potion finished taking effect, killing five of the rats in the process, they became wildly violent. The began throwing themselves against the glass to try and get to the rats in the other tanks, to mate with them, to kill them, I could only guess. I had to block their line of sight and create sound and smell barriers around each tank. Only then did they calm down but they were still on edge as if they could still sense one another. Their blood chemistry was eerily similar to my own. The rats that were killed by the potion, when dissected, showed massive brain trauma caused by massive chemical cocktail of hormones that was too much for the rat's brains to deal with. Somehow though, the others managed better and, statistically, better than human's fared when taking the stuff. I could see why they potion was made though, the aggression and power of the veela in part human host would create a truly frightening berserker warrior

The most promising potion that I had concocted, that showed positive results on all of my skin and blood samples was translucent and purple and smell like blood. I dosed the first three rats in increments, just a drop at a time. Blood work showed a gradual decrease in the amount of testosterone in the blood and the cell turnover. The new potion worked just a little faster than the veela DNA could reproduce within the cells, gradually removing the potion from the system which would be the safest way, to avoid the kind of shock to the system that the original potion caused.

I hard treated all the rats except one to keep for regular blood comparisons. All body systems had returned to normal, all hormone and other brain chemicals had returned to normal and cell turnover rate was normal. Two weeks later and there had been no signs of any side effects. I knew that any proper potion trials should be done for months and not just on rats but other animals, apes last of all and all test animals should be monitored for at least six months to a year to check for side effects, I knew this but the feeling of desperation twitching through my mind wouldn't let me.

I picked up the dropper again and squeezed two drops out onto a slide and licked it off. The taste made me gag and it took all I had to keep my stomach down. As I pulled over my notebook as wave of vertigo hit me so hard I almost blacked out and was barely able to sit down before my legs gave out. I sat there, I don't now how long though it felt like an eternity, while it felt like the whole world was spinning. When it finally stopped I decided that that method, would not work. The potion was absorbed through the lining of the cheek and entered the blood stream too quickly. Even though it was only two drops.

I would have to ask Snape if I could borrow his potion encapsulation machine, a slow release gelled potion capsule, absorbed through the stomach lining would slow the intake rate. I would have to work on a convincing interest in learning how to make potion caps though. If I went to a University for potions I'd have to learn at some point so it was necessary but not necessarily interesting. I checked my watch and quickly started packing up my things. I had promised Tulip and Daisy I would meet up with them in the library and help them with their class work. I don't know how much help I could be though, other than Potions, all the grades in my other classes had taken a nosedive because my little project had taken up so much of my free time.

I locked the door behind me and hurried up the steps and out of the dungeons; I had taken a handful of steps when I felt a heavy hand fall on my shoulder. I stopped, I had no choice, that hand held me, heavier than stone. I could hear more people behind me, shifting, a whisper, a snigger of laughter. I shivered.

"Hello, bitch, we've been looking for you."

The hand slowly spun me around. I saw pieces of robes, colors, mostly Gryffindor and Slytherin which was surprising in it of itself but before I could even begin to take in more the owner of the hand used his other to belt me across the face to hard I fell backwards, cracking my head on the stone floor. My head flooded with pain and my vision swam. I heard them moving, surrounding me. They all seemed to hesitate for a moment then one of them moved, kicking me in the back. That seemed to be the signal as the rest quickly joined in.

My body acted on its own, curling into a ball, covering my face with my arms. My mind was filled with pain and fear. Someone's boot caught my chin, jerking me backwards. Another boot took that opportunity to kick me in the gut. My stomach, unhappy from the potion, took the opportunity to empty itself. I tried to cover my mouth but my arm was slow and heavy with dull throbbing pain. I twisted and threw up once, twice until I was only gagging empty air.

"Shit." one of them said.

"Let's get out of here."

They turned and ran. I couldn't make my body move until I couldn't hear them anymore. I tried to get up. My hand pressed in the pool of liquid and slipped. I fell back. I lifted my hand towards me hand, I had to blink several times before my eyes would focus. Red and... slick, it smelled like the potion. I blinked again my my eyes wouldn't focus. Somewhere in the fog of my head my brain told me it must be blood. Well, blood, that was fine. The world went black.

Hands squeezed mine, strange rough bed cloths and sheets, the smell of antiseptic... and tired, so tired.

One of the hands tightened, "Look, Daisy! He's waking up!"

"Shush, Tuly!" the other hissed, "He needs his rest."

Yes, that sounded wonderful.

Hands touch mine like an electric shock and nudged me awake. I slowly opened my eyes, it was dark, I could see the rows of windows across from my bed, the infirmary. I knew those windows well. I turned my head towards the one holding my hand, a familiar touch. I could see the shadows and outlines of his face, Harry Potter, I thought it was him but, I hadn't known it. The potion's effects most likely.

"Are you ok?" he asked hoarsely.

I could feel his hand trembling.

"It's my fault isn't it? I've heard what they call you..." he looked down at the floor, "I've told them to stop but they talk when I'm not around."

I smiled, "You can't solve everything, Harry."

"Why is it-?"

I felt his hand start to pull away and tightened my grip. "Harry, what do you dream about?" I felt him stiffen but he stopped pulling away, "Dumbledore said that with the obliviate spell even the most perfect casting will leave fragments of the destroyed memories, the most powerful ones that the person's mind doesn't want to forget. What do you dream about?"

I heard his breathing hitch and his hands twitched but he didn't speak.

"You...dream of hurting me, don't you? Don't look so surprised," I smiled at his expression, "I've asked around, picked up pieces of the story. You know it's not your fault, it's part of the veela, you couldn't control it, you couldn't have stopped it." He started to pull away again and squeezed as hard as I could so that he'd have to pull me with him if he want to leave, "There's no point in feeling guilty about something that I can't even remember, as far as my mind is concerned that part of it all is just a story, a rumor I heard from other people."

He hesitated and stepped closer to the bed, "What do you dream about then, if not all the horrible things I did to you?"

I smiled, feeling as if I might cry, "I dream about you loving me."

"Why?" he choked, "how can you when I-?"

"Idiot. You know me, better than most people, I'm not a stranger to pain and cruelty; but no one's ever loved me before, how could I forget that?"

"But I can't forget what I've done to you. Every time I look at you-" his words strangled in his throat and he started to pull away again and this time I let him go.

I curled up in the bed pressing my knees to my chest. It was just like him to remember how he hurt someone and feel guilty about it but, I felt a flower of pain blossom in my chest, to not remember any piece of our love, however twisted it was, hurt. I sniffled and wiped my eyes, burying my face in the pillow. My father would have had such a fit if he knew how I was acting now, like some stupid twelve year old girl crying over a broken heart but my father would have never allowed me to fall in love. I cried myself dry and carefully sat up, pouring myself a glass of water from the pitcher on the table next to the bed.

My whole body ached even with all the healing spells put on me and the potions I could still taste in my mouth. I shuddered as I remembered what happened, what they did to me. I had thought I had cried all the tears out but a few more escaped at the memory. I hugged my arms to my chest. I tried to push away the wave of fear that threatened to overwhelm me by thinking of anything else. Anything.

The blood. I had vomited blood hadn't I? That was important but I suspect that it was caused by the trauma of the attack, the potion I made weakened the bonds of the foreign veela DNA within the cells of the body so, while it was in my system, all the cells of my body would be unstable and prone to damage. Thus every time they hurt me the damage was magnified from what it would normally be. It would be even worse with me because I was born part veela. There was a strong possibility that once the foreign veela DNA was completely removed the potion might start attacking my inherited veela DNA and that could kill me. But if I left even a single cell in my body with the foreign veela DNA it would eventually replicate and spread back throughout my body. It was such a fine line but I would walk it, I had to. I had to.