Well this is a new fic for the Naruto section, and like my last one it's SasoriDeidara. Shonen-ai freak here so don't mind me. I hope people who read 'Hana Yori Dango' will like this fic as well. I'm new to the whole 'not type it up in advance and post.' Usually I have everything planned out but I figure I'll wing it with this fic. I hope this doesn't discourage anyone. Thank you. –Invader Nicole

Disclaimer: Naruto solely belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. Although this is an alternate universe fic, I do own the characters Saiai and Muteki.

P.S.: The title of this fic is a Japanese idiom that means 'to his or her own' and 'different strokes for different folks.' I hope to get the message out that people have their own preferences just as they would in colors and that's okay to accept.

P.S.S.: I will say this only once because this has happened time and time again. Deidara, in my train of thought, is male. He appears to be female, but everything else points to male for me. Enough said.


Juunin Toiro (Ten People, Ten Colors)

By Invader Nicole


Silence surrounded the whole room as a cerulean blue eye opened slowly, sharpening on the things around it as it awakened. The first thing the eye went to when it was focused enough was the door at the opposite end of the room. A plain cherry oak door, gold plated handle shining in the morning rays sunlight that peeked through the window above his head. It may have been only a door to anyone, but to him it was salvation. As quietly as he could he slowly got up from the bed, setting his bare feet on the wooden floor boards and testing them to make sure they didn't creak. He got up slowly, picking up his discarded black pants and white t-shirt from the floor, ignoring the many wrinkles they'd collected as they lay on the floor the whole night. He bit his lip as he felt sharp pain shoot throughout his body; beginning at the nether regions below his stomach and ending at his upper back. He knew there were scratch marks on his back without even having to look, and a few bruises on his sides were he'd been gripped. He ignored them and took light, but wide steps towards the door. Just as his hand was reaching for the doors handle and he thought he would be free a low, almost teasing voice stopped him from leaving the room just yet.

"Last night was nice, Dei-chan. You don't have to come tonight though; I have to meet up with someone later at school."

"Arigato, nii-san," whispered the blonde.

"You may go now. Have a nice first day at school, Dei-chan."

Deidara bowed, his long blonde hair spilling in front and covering his one eye that provided vision of his older brother. He could feel his brothers ice blue eyes looking over his bent over naked form; tracing over every part he ever touched, every part he claimed was his own. He got up from the bow and left the room quickly, closing the door behind him and running to the shower. He tossed the clothes he wore the night before on the floor and locked the door behind him, hid fingers fumbling as they fiddled with the lock. He quickly turned on the hot water for the shower until a sultry vapor filled the small white and blue tiled room. He climbed into the shower and let the scalding water wash over his body, not caring that his skin was pink from the temperature and burning. He let the water fall over him and wash away the leftovers from the night before, his fingers scrubbing at the parts he thought too sullied for even water to drain off.

"Why, aniki? Why?" he asked himself. His right eye burned as tears fell from it, mixing with the hot water. He fell to the tub floor, his knees giving under him as he held himself with both arms. He could feel the mouths on both hands puking a bit, a thick white fluid dripping with every feeble cough that escaped passed their nonexistent lips. He shuddered as flashbacks came back to him; the things his brother whispered to him, the caresses across his body, the lies he was told as his brother did as he pleased.

"Deidara," a female voice asked through the door, concern not hidden as she knocked on the bathroom door. "Are you okay in there? It's almost time for the bus to come."

"I'm okay, yeah. I'll be out soon, onee-chan," Deidara said through a cracked voice. He cleared his throat before turning off the water and toweling himself off and wrapping said towel around his waste. As he brushed his teeth he couldn't help but be disgusted by his appearance. His hair, though soaked, was too bright for his one sensitive eye and he found his eye only added onto his already feminine features. Deidara left the bathroom, towel around his waist and clothes in his arms as he crossed his brother's doorway to get to his own at the end of the hall and up the stairs. He always liked the attic because it was his escape from the world whenever his brother hurt him so much that he couldn't move. He closed the door after climbing up the stairs, slow as he was, and started to get ready for school.


Saiai sighed as she heard the all too familiar sound of her youngest brother as he practically limped to his room, the footsteps making an imperfect beat with each step they took. She left her bowl of cold cereal and climbed the stairs to the second floor, going immediately for her twin brother's room. Without even knocking she opened the room, not caring that he was only half dressed and had a pleased smile on his face.

"What did you do to him this time, nii-san?"

When she received no reply from her brother her hands wrapped tightly around the door handle, her knuckles whitening from the grip. "Muteki!"

He finally paused, half-way done buttoning his shirt. He turned to his sister who was his junior by a mere three minutes, but looked nothing like him. His hair platinum blonde and tied in a loose ponytail falling to the small of his back; a few strands clinging to his cheeks and ears in a delicate fashion. His eyes were narrowed slightly and a pallor shade of blue outlined not by Deidara's trademark black lining, but by thin, black oval spectacles. His skin was a more opaque color compared to his younger brother, almost ivory, that contrasted elegantly with his black pants and wisteria long-sleeve button up shirt. He stood a good five inches taller than his sister, towering almost a foot over Deidara.

"What is it, Sasai-onee-chan? I'm preparing for school and you're being here is only delaying me."

Saiai fought back with all her willpower from punching her brother, his innocent act had long lost its affect over her. "What did you do to Deidara? He sounds terrible and was in the shower for almost an hour."

Muteki merely gave her a glare before bringing his shoulders up in an 'I-don't-know' fashion. "I can only assume he fell asleep in the shower, he's lucky he didn't drown."

Saiai ground her teeth together, pressing together to prevent herself from crying. She knew for months what her brother did to their sixteen-year-old brother, but she never had the courage to tell anyone what the eighteen-year-old did at home when their foster parents weren't there. "Why do you hurt him?"

Muteki chuckled softly, tired of his sisters constant questioning over the condition of their brother. He pulled his black trench coat on, fastening the steel buttons before turning to Saiai. "I'm only preparing him for the future. You as well as I know that he holds no future because of the accident. His only hope will be to either whore himself out as a 'Pleaser' or simply kill himself. If we're done then I'll see you in class, sis."

Saiai shivered, trying to hold back the tears that wanted to rain from her eyes. She could feel her brother walk passed her, his trench coat flapping softly after the air behind him and leaving a sick scent of fornication and sweat. When she was certain she heard the front door close and the sound of his car pull away from the driveway she fell to the wooden floor and cried softly into her hands, her brothers words echoing in her ears.


Deidara was just pulling his black shirt over his head when the door to his attic room opened and he froze, turning quickly and praying it wasn't Muteki. To his relief it was only his older sister, her pink eyes being the first thing he noticed when she walked in. "Saiai, what's wrong? You were crying, yeah."

Saiai rubbed at her eyes, smudging the liquid black eyeliner across her hands and eyes. She was the only one of her siblings who hadn't inherited the blue eyes, but emerald green ones instead. Her hair was golden blonde with dyed black streaks, but not long like her brothers. It was barely past her shoulders and made a soft outward curl at the tips, falling in thin strands in her face. A silver ball ornamented her left eyebrow along with the normal shade of eyeliner around her orbs, trying to imitate her brother's natural black lining.

"Saiai, are you okay? Muteki did something, yeah?" Deidara asked, wanting to make it more of statement than a question, but deciding not to.

"No, Dei-chan. He didn't, just some eyeliner fell in my eye. I came to see if you were ready yet, we're gonna be late."

Deidara gave her the 'I-wish-you'd-tell-me-the-truth' face before going back to his shirt. Satisfied with his skin-tight black shirt that featured Gackt on the front and a pair of old, but still loose fitting black jeans with chairs on the side he nodded to himself in the mirror. Black leather cuffs with steels studs covered his wrists and a choker with a metal ring on the front clung to his neck. As he started to gather his already dry hair in his usual hair style he cast a look to his sister. "I'm guessing you're ready too?" he asked, tying his hair in the high ponytail with the large chunk of blonde hair that wasn't tied covering his mechanical left eye.

Saiai checked herself over and joined Deidara in his full length mirror. Her hair was the same messy-yet-stylish look she always wore and in her opinion the make-up looked better smudged, adding 'got-up-late-so-I-was-in-a-hurry' look with the crimson red lipstick. Her black System of a Down hooded sweater hung on her curvy yet thin figure, covering her pale skin and red tank top. Her black cargo pants reached a little past her knees before disappearing under black lace-up boots with a steel toe.

"Dad's going to kill you if he finds scratches on the floor from your boots, yeah. You know we're not supposed to wear shoes in the house, yeah."

"Dad's gonna kill us if he finds out we were late for out first day of school. So c'mon, let's go," she said, grabbing her brother by his wrist and practically dragging him to the front door. She let go of him at the door entrance as he began to lace up his black and white converse and she went to start the car. She waited for him as she watched him lock up the front door and get into the car. As she drove away from their home she noticed his sudden silence, a painful look on his face.

"What hurts, Deidara?"

"Hm? Nothing's wrong, yeah. I just don't think I should go to school since I don't really remember much and it's a waste on me since my grades aren't that good anyway, yeah."

Saiai bit her lip, trying to block out Muteki's earlier words about her baby brother. 'Muteki's wrong. Even if Deidara can't remember much it still isn't impossible for him to have a future. I don't know what Muteki's planted in Dei-chan's mind, but I'll find a way to get it out, somehow.' Saiai ruffled her brother's hair as they approached the school, parking her black Honda in an open lot.

"What was that for, yeah?"

Saiai smiled at her younger brother's confused expression. "Just to wish you luck on your first day." Her smile disappeared as the first bell rang, cursing herself and grabbing her brother's wrist again to make it before the second bell rang. As they ran through the main hall's doors and to the main office they didn't know the beginning was about to start for them through a long and painful school year.


What'd you think of the first chapter? Top be honest I didn't expect it to be as long as it was. I thought it'd end when Deidara left the room, but I'm glad it didn't. Anyway, as I stated earlier this is an update fic, meaning it's not written out ahead of time, but worked on after each chapter is finished. Exams start in less than a month so I might be busy, but I promise to post chapters as soon as I can. Arigato and sayonara readers. –Invader Nicole