HP Life after Hogwarts

HP New Marauders

Chapter 1

Bad day at school


Notes: This is Part four of my saga you need to read HP Boy who lives Summer and then 7th year and Life after Hogwarts to understand what's happening in this one…

Now we jump four years into the future...hence the title New Marauders...

Harry and Hermione are facing one of the toughest challenges being parents to three very special little girls. On another note Harry and Hermione have found that dream visions are a glimpse of what could be not what will be...in short the future is not set in stone...

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Godric's Hollow- June 2010

Hermione pulled up in front of the Godric Gryffindor Nursery/ Primary School for Gifted Children and rested her weary head against the steering wheel of her hybrid Landrover. It was nearly the middle of June and a warm summer day.

Harry was off on a mission with Draco, Logan, Mac, and Chase. They'd been sent by James to bring Igor Karkaroff and his band of followers back to the UK for trial.

Normally she didn't mind him going off on the occasional two day mission, but then she hadn't been carrying two beyond energetic little boys for eight months either, while trying to ride herd over her three darling four-year-old baby girls. The boys had been a complete surprise reminding the two of them the future is never set in stone, there are always changes along the road, and they were both eagerly expecting the arrival of their little boys.

"Please let this latest altercation be a small one." She whimpered not knowing if she could take hearing about Dani's latest bout of temper causing anything other than a minor skirmish. She had hoped that this final week of school would have ended on a quieter note.

Lotus having seen Hermione drive up in front of the school decided to go check on her. Since the window was rolled down she placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder, "I told Uncle Max not to disturb you today."

Hermione glanced up at Lotus and sighed wearily. "Dani is my daughter. I will be the one to hear her latest incident firsthand. I was merely resting my head against the steering wheel for a moment before venturing inside to…" She gasped, closing her eyes as a wave of nausea threatened to overcome her.

Lotus became immediately alarmed and opened the door, so she could unbuckle Hermione's seat belt. "You are eight months along with twins and need to learn to delegate to others." She chided her friend.

"I will not delegate my motherly duties to anyone..." Hermione blew her bangs out of her eyes willing her lunch to not make an unscheduled appearance. It was a constant argument that she was having with her mother, who insisted on finding her a proper nanny to aid her in looking over the children. She would be damned if she would ever give in and hire one. "The boys feel my turmoil towards their big sister and are voicing their opinions about it by trying to make me nauseous. In an attempt to keep me from focusing on the situation at hand that being Dani and what she's done this time."

She popped a soothing mint into her mouth that instantly soothed her stomach. "I however am always ready for such occasions and will deal with my daughter whether they like it or not." She tossed her keys into her purse then muttered a few choice words under her breath when she saw that other members of the family had decided to come out and check on her as well.

Sirius reached into the Rover and scooped her up into his arms. "Let's get you inside where it's nice and cool." He crooned down at her as if she were two and not twenty-three years old.

"You, baby sister, should be at home resting." Percy frowned down at her.

"Hermione dear, there was really no need for you to drive here when we've got the situation well at hand." Molly fussed over her.

"Did you get your nap in or won't they let you sleep?" Lily conjured a cool cloth which she placed on Hermione's brow.

Hermione reined in the urge to scream BACK OFF at the top of her lungs. "Don't all of you have classes to teach?" She asked softly.

"The kids are all outside for afternoon recess. Jenn, Harley, Dromi, and Pene are outside keeping watch over them." Sirius got her settled on the couch in Max's office.

Max on the other hand was nowhere to be found.

"Here, dear, sip this ice cool lemonade." Molly handed her the cool refreshing drink that she had conjured for her.

"No that's really not necessary I'm not…"

"It's good for you on a hot day like this one. Now be a good girl and drink up."

Hermione took a sip of the tart refreshment and forced herself to smile sweetly at her aunt. "It's lovely, Aunt Molly...um where exactly is Uncle Max?"

Lotus was staring out the picture window that provided Max's office with a clear view of the playground. Max and Kane were once again trying to keep Dani from jinxing some boys to the moon and back. "You would think after what happened to Wallace that those boys would have learned by now." Lotus shook her head in disbelief.

"Not again…" Sirius stalked over to the window where he had a clear view of the boy's appearances and just like Wallace Crumbly they were sporting vibrant rainbow colored hair with spots to match all over their skin.

There was a torn picture at young Hardcastle's feet.

Mia was crying and pointing down at her picture.

Ally, Bell, Cindy, Daria, Tabby, Fi, and Tori were glaring daggers at the three boys.

Dani, who looked scraped up, was barely being held back by her Aunt Dromi.

DJ, MJ, Liam, Nate, Orry, Matt, Rohan, Ty, Ryan, and Ian were all ready to take down the three older boys for daring to mess with their cousins or in MJ's case nieces.

"It would serve them right, if we just let the kids have a go at their sorry hides." He grumbled under his breath.

"Jealousy is a powerful force to try to counter." Percy's eyes narrowed as Max and Kane led the three boys back into the school.

Dromi was carrying, a beyond furious, Dani in her arms.

Hermione closed her eyes and said a silent prayer for patience. "Why didn't Uncle Max transfer that horrid Crumbly boy to another school when I asked him to months ago? That boy is borderline Slytherin as are his horrid little minions. He does nothing, but goad Danielle until she's in such a temper that she retaliates and then goes off whining to any of you that it was all my baby girl's fault!"

She narrowed her eyes at the others. "If that is why I was called here I shall be very put out."

"Now Hermione, boys will be boys, but that's no excuse for Danielle to retaliate by jinxing him until he had to be taken to St. Mungo's." Molly frowned.

"DANI TRANSFIGURED A BOY?!" Hermione exclaimed in horror burying her face in her hands.

"No sweetie." Lily shot Molly a glare for upsetting Hermione. "She gave him a colorful rash that needed to be treated at St. Mungo's." Lily gently pushed her back down against the pillows. "Wallace called her a name that she didn't like very much and reacted accordingly."


"Why am I getting punished when those three plug-uglies started it?" Dani's snarl of protest echoed throughout the school's corridors.

"Instead of using magic on those boys…" Max was barely keeping his temper in check. "You should have sought one of us out."

"Your nothin, but a little freak and so are the rest of you lot!" Adrian Fouler snarled back.

"Yeah, that perfect picture your brat sister drew proves it." Damon Hardcastle grumbled.

"Her and her sisters have ta be freaks, cuz of being in all those special classes." Edgar Crane sounded off.

"Did it ever once occur to you tiny minded little fools that maybe, just maybe, it's because we're far more intellectually superior and magically gifted than the likes of you and your yob squad?" Dani stuck her pert little nose haughtily up in the air as if even looking at them was beneath her station.

The boys glared daggers at her.

"I would much rather be freakishly superior to ordinary any day. No not ordinary…" She wrinkled her nose as she looked regally down on them. "Mediocre. Yes that's what the three of you are and that so includes Wallace."

The three of them had no snide comeback for that zinger and remained silently glaring murderously up at her.

"Well done, little doll." Kane winked at her. "Next time try using words instead of jinxing them till they resemble one of your aunt's color pallets."

"Yes, Danielle, words when used in certain situations work just as well as the strongest magic." Max lectured her as they walked down the corridor that led to his and the Healers offices.

"They nabbed Mia's painting of Spirit and then IT over there tore it into pieces before I could catch them. Which something that would not have happened, had I simply ported First-Grams style, instead of chasing after them on foot." Dani glowered down at the three nine-year-old boys. "It won't happen again nor will I merely turn your hair and skin vibrant colors."

"Oh, like we're scared of a four-year-old…" Adrian lost his ability to speak.

"Danielle cut it out." Max growled.

"Please do continue…this time I'll turn one of you into a Flobberworm or worse." Dani's eyes had narrowed to slits.

"Yeah, right like you could actually…" Damon was now a slimy vibrantly colored Flobberworm.

"Danielle!" Dromi pulled on her pigtail. "Behave!"

She continued to ignore her elders, "You next Edgar or are you going to be smart and stay silent?" Her emerald green eyes blazed with temper and barely leashed power.

"Professor Rai! Professor Pendragon! Headmaster Dumbledore! She's breaking the rules!" Edgar whined.

"I am not using a wand dumb-ass nor have I spoken a single word aloud. No proof, no crime." Dani stuck out her tongue and crossed her eyes at him.

"That is enough, young lady!" Max tugged none too gently on her pigtail.

"Yes Uncle Max…"

"You three have bullied the younger students for the last time." He focused his full attention on the boys. "I'm sending an Owl to your parents that you are to be transferred to another school where you will be taught to rein in those darker tendencies of yours. The four of you have all been tested and this school is beyond at least three of your levels of understanding. Magically the four of you minus one exception are all borderline squibs. My main concern is the well-being of my students and yours if you were to remain here are greatly at risk…"

"What about her!" Edgar whined.

"Danielle is to be punished accordingly. The issue here boys is a simple one. She is never into any trouble unless provoked by one of you. The result of that is her ending up on restriction while you find yourselves once again visiting the Healers office. This is the fifth and final altercation. I've no choice but to transfer you to another school." Max had more than made up his mind. "Now off to the Healers Office with the three of you."

"What about Damon!" Edgar pointed down at his slimy friend.

"Oh honestly, could any of you be any more pathetic." Dani focused on Damon and he was a boy once more.

"That tears it. I am so not gonna ever mess with her or any of them again!" Damon made a beeline for the Healers Office.

"I'm telling my…" Edgar found himself sporting donkey ears, a tail to match, and was now braying like a mule.

Adrian grabbed him by the arm and dragged him with him into the Healers office.

"Danielle Stephanie Anastasia you have more than proven your point!" Hermione stood, with her hands planted on her hips, just outside Max's office.

"Mummy?! I didn't know that you were here?" Dani's superior attitude deflated like a balloon.

"I can see that. You, young lady, as of this very second are on magical restriction." Hermione clipped her daughter's wings.

"But Mummy!"

"But Dani!" Hermione narrowed her eyes at her. "No magic unless your class requires you to do so and that is my final say on the matter."

"But Mummy they started it and that ruffian Wallace got all potty mouth with me and called me a freak of nature! Just because I'm smarter, magically superior, and just as good at boy stuff as they are!" Dani had mastered her father's trademark pout and used it against her mother.

"Those happen to be wretched little brats who should be ignored. You fall into their trap every time and only end up in trouble again…" Hermione took in her daughter's scraped up appearance and instantly saw red. "What happened? Did those little demons do this to you!?"

"I landed face first on the pavement, because Adrian and Edgar pushed me down while Damon tore up Mia's picture in front of me." She saw that her mother was now focused on her scrapes and used that to her advantage. "Mia got pushed down too, but she landed in the grass…" She sniffled as tears started pooling in her eyes.

"Uncle Max! They physically bullied my babies! Name-calling is one thing, but this is above and beyond that!" Hermione stalked across the corridor pausing in front of the doors leading into Healers office. "No one hurts my babies!"

"Hermione calm down! I've already taken care of it." Max chased after her.

"You should have transferred them when I asked you to!" Hermione opened the door to the office and disappeared inside.

"I am!" Max followed her.


"Dani are you crying because of those scrapes or was that just to escape your mother's wrath?" Dromi set her down on her feet.

Dani sniffled a little, but otherwise said nothing.

"Dani look at me." Kane knelt down in front of her and tilted her chin up with the pad of his thumb. "Manipulating your mother is not the honorable way, but if your tears are flowing because you are hurt then…"

"Both…alright…I hurt because of my scrapes and I didn't need Mum snarling at me anymore." Dani came clean with her Uncle. "I hate that I can't lie about anything…" She grumbled.

"Up you go little one. We need to get your scrapes tended to." Kane tried to scoop her up into his arms, but she scooted away from him.

"I don't wish for Mummy to be anymore upset than she already is, so I shall walk to Grams office." Dani told her Aunt and Uncle in a tone older than her years.

"Sorry my mistake," Kane smirked.

"Aunt Dromi could you please go check on Amelia for me then tell Allysia that I'm fine." Dani asked her Aunt.

The school bell rang signaling that recess was over.

"I'll see what I can do." Dromi bent down and placed a kiss on the top of her head.

"Let's go, Uncle Kane, before we make another scene." Dani walked gingerly towards her Grams office.

"Dani," Ally and Mia raced passed their aunt.

"Aunt Jenn says we can sit with you, because Mia has a few scrapes that need seen to as well." Ally carefully took her sisters hand in her own. (Next time we go tell our Aunts.)

"I'm fine compared to you." Mia took her other hand. (Are you in an awful lot of trouble?)

(I don't wanna talk about it…Mummy and Uncle Max put me on magical restriction.) Dani pouted.

"Let's go ladies." Kane ushered the three of them into Max's office. "We'll get you two looked over in here."

"Up ya go champ." Sirius scooped Dani up into his arms.

"Come to Nana, Mia." Molly crooned as she scooped Mia up in her arms.

"Nana I'm fine. Dani got the worst of it." Mia pointed out when Molly sat her down on the couch. (I'm sorry Dani…)

"Those creatures are hideous little beasts." Ally growled. (You really do need to learn to rein in your temper.) She chided. "Mia worked all week on that painting for Uncle Wills and that ghastly brat tore it to shreds."

"Did they hurt you?" Lotus knelt down in front of her.

"No. They just pushed down Mia, nabbed the painting, and ran off. Dani gave chase then Edgar and that Adrian double teamed her before she could get it back from Damon." Ally fumed. "Then Dani jinxed their sorry hides, causing the three of them to run screaming like a bunch of girls for Aunt Jenna and the others."

(I know…but you have to admit that it was an excellent jinx that those brats well deserved.) Dani sent back to her sisters. (None of this was your fault Mia, so don't worry about it.)

"You'll not have to deal with them anymore." Dromi walked into the office followed by Hermione and Max.

"The four of them are being sent to another school with students more their level." Max wasn't at all pleased to see the crowd that had gathered in his office. "Percy, Lotus, and Molly all have classes to return to. Sirius, Kane, and Dromi are more than welcome to stay."

Molly, Percy, and Lotus all left the office.


"Sirius, would you please go tell James that all is well with Hermione and the girls." Max took Dani out of his arms.

"Yes please. Harry is due to check in and I do not wish him to be distracted by what is occurring here at home." Hermione picked up Mia to cuddle before sitting down on the couch.

"Daddy already knows." Dani sighed miserably. "He's with Gramps and Great-gramps at headquarters."

"Dani if that were indeed true then Daddy would be calling Mummy…" Ally chided her sister just as their mother's mobile rang in her purse. "I hate it when she does that…"

"Told ya so."

"Girls no fighting," Hermione growled as she dug the wafer thin phone out of her purse. Sure enough it was her lion. "Hi, Lion. How was your mission? We missed you terribly." She greeted him.

"My mission went like clockwork. Karkaroff didn't fair so well though. After we got back I marked him and he went like Voldemort, as did some of his followers, but most of the lot survived my mark and are locked up in Azkaban. Now what may I ask are you doing in Uncle Max's office and why are all three of our girls there with you?" Harry's voice growled from the microspeaker on the phone.

"The Crumbly boy was at it again…"

"I'll be right there." Harry ended the call.

"Daddy sounds awfully grouchy today." Mia held her mothers hand while Dromi tended to her scraped up knees.

"Two days away from my girls makes me that way." Harry appeared behind Max. His eyes narrowed to slits when he saw that two of his babies were all scraped up. "Explain Uncle Max," Harry took Dani out of his arms. "Did those boys do this to my girls?!"

"Dani and that ghastly boy Crumbly had an altercation at morning recess." Hermione growled. "They sent him to St. Mungo's to have him sorted out."

"That one I was informed of by Dad. This one however is new."

"That rat Damon Hardcastle nabbed Mia's painting then pushed her down on the grass…" Dani started to explain.

"Dani gave chase then Edgar Crane and Adrian Fouler double teamed her and pushed her…" Ally took over for a bit.

"She went sprawling face first onto the cement. The two brats sat on her and taunted her by calling her a freak of nature while Damon tore my painting to shreds." Mia sniffled.

"I wrestled myself free of them and then jinxed them till they looked like Crumbly did this morning. Then they went crying like babies to Aunt Jen, Aunt Dromi, Aunt Harley, and Aunt Pene." Dani finished off the play-by-play.

"Uncle Max?"

"We got the situation under control and escorted the boys and Dani back inside."

"Our daughter then proceeded to use powerful magic without a wand." Hermione was still miffed about that slip of control on her daughter's part.

"Only because they kept at me by calling us freaks again." Dani muttered under her breath.

"It was really an impressive show of magic. She silenced young Fouler, transfigured Hardcastle into a Flobberworm, then righted him again, and finished off by giving Crane donkey ears, a tail, and a voice to match." Kane filled in what Hermione had purposely left out.

"Then I stopped all of her fun." Hermione patted the cushion next to her. "Sit down or set her down so Dromi can tend to her."

Harry gave her an exasperated look, but sat down beside her. "I'm only a mental link away. You should have sent for me."

"You were on a mission."

"We were already back at headquarters."

"I'd just woken up from my nap and saw the message from Uncle Max."

"I just said there had been a small incident, but not to worry Dani was fine." Max sat down behind the safety of his desk.

"That always means that Dani got into trouble again and I had to see for myself." Hermione pouted.

"You should have videoconferenced him from home."

"I hate doing that. It's more personal to speak to someone face-to-face." Hermione bristled at his sharp tone.

"Or used our link to contact me and I would have come and seen him instead!"

"I'm pregnant not an invalid!"

"Owie, Aunt Dromi it hurts." Dani decided to play the injured little girl, so that her parents would stop sniping at each other.

"I know angel, but they need cleaned out and disinfected first." Dromi sympathized with her pain, but then again she surmised that Dani might be playing up her injuries to get her parents to stop fighting.

"Hold Mummy's hand big girl..." Hermione took her hand in hers, but Dani whimpered in pain.

"No Mummy don't do that its all scraped up too." She sniffled.

"Easy there little shadow." Harry kissed her on the top of her head.

"Yes, I'll kiss it and make it all better." Hermione placed a gentle kiss on her scraped up palms and the owies faded away. "See sweetie all better."

"Thanks Mummy." Dani squeezed her hand while Dromi focused on tending to her badly scraped up knees and legs.

"You're very welcome my darling girl." Hermione did the same with Mia's lightly scraped knee.

"All set except for your face." Dromi carefully cleaned off the scrapes on her nose, chin, and cheeks before applying soothing lavender colored ointment over them. "There now all finished." She handed the three of them an orange flavored Everlasting Lolly. "You were such brave girls. Now I have to go help mum." Dromi vanished from the office.

"You young lady are on magic restriction until we decide otherwise." Max steepled his fingers together and pinned her with a look.

"They started it! They always start it just to get me into trouble!" Dani had figured on a week of restriction, not indefinitely, and lost her temper.

"Words can be used just as well as magic or physical altercations, which you saw in the corridor just ten minutes or so ago." Max countered her howl of protest.

"No magic means that I'll be bored out of my mind!" Dani crossed her arms in front of her and pouted looking very much her age.

(Dani cool it!) Ally growled.

(Yes, Dani, please before you get into worse trouble!) Mia pleaded.

"Uncle Max is right. You will never learn unless we put our foot down with you. The ruling stands no magic." Hermione locked eyes with her daughter.


"Do you wish for me to add housebound as well?" Harry turned her in his arms, so she had no choice but to look at him.

(Dani he means it, so cool it!)Mia and Ally snarled.

"No Daddy." Dani wisely ended her tantrum the last thing she wanted was to be grounded as well. (Fine, but it's still not fair!)

"Those boys will be put under strict probation and will attend sessions with a counselor, so we can nip this tendency to bully others in the bud. They will be among students that are more their level, which should stem any jealous tendencies towards any other students." Max tried to reason with her.

"Believe it or not, Danielle, your jinxing can be seen as bullying as well." Harry locked eyes with his daughter.

"That's ridiculous, Daddy. I only jinx when the targets are asking for it." Dani answered coolly.

"She doesn't bully anyone." Ally bristled at the thought that Dani was being accused of being a bully.

"Dani defends the ones that are being bullied and has never once provoked a situation." Mia was also miffed at their father.

"I stand corrected." Harry cuddled her closer. "Sorry about that."

"That may be so, but you young lady goaded them into verbally sparing with you and then made it a point to show them who they were dealing with. Like it or not that Danielle can be seen as a form of bullying." Max wasn't about to change his tune on the matter.

"All I said was that they started it and then the three of them spewed out that we were all freaks again…"

"You ignore rubbish like that. They aren't worth the trouble they cause you." Hermione lectured her.

"Where are the boys now?" Harry growled softly.

"They happen to be being attended to across from my office in the Healers Office by your sister and mother." Max answered.

"Dani and I will be right back." Harry got to his feet.


"Stay here with our other two."


"Stay put Hermione or I'll have Mum and Gran put you on bed rest until the boys are born." Harry pinned her with an I-mean-what-I-say glare.

"Oh, very well…but I don't see why I…"

"Because Mum and Gran said no stress and that's final." Harry vanished from the office.


"It's no use mum we've tried all the usual healing methods and none of them have even begun to fade their colorful appearances." Dromi leafed through a thick leather bound book on rare and unusual jinxes. "We might have to send them off to St. Mungo's where they can sort them out."

"When will the three of you ever learn to not go one-on-one with my granddaughter or are all of you as dense as the London fog?" Lily scowled at the three boys.

"She thinks because her family is famous that she has the edge over all of us. All the Pendragon brats do." Edgar grumbled.

"All of them are freaks there ain't nothin special about any of you lot." Adrian sneered.

Damon chose to remain silent.

"Damon, how do you feel about all of this?" Dromi crossed her arms and arched a brow at the young boy.

"Dani and the others are luckier than most, cuz they've got Merlin and Mab plus all of you. I know that being jealous and cruel ain't worth it no more. It gets nowhere fast and is a cosmic waste of time. I'm tired of being in trouble all the time." Damon glared at Edgar and Adrian. "I like it here and unlike the two of you and Wallace, I'm able to do magic…not as good as Dani or the others, but I can hold my own in class. All that being jealous did was cost me my spot here, so I'm done with that and the three of you!"

"It appears as though at least one of you has learned from his mistakes." Harry walked out of the shadows.

"Special classes mean the kids in them are…" Adrian glared up at Harry pointing at Dani. "…The freaks of our world and it don't matter who their parents are."

"Why you!!" Dani glared murderously at Adrian.

"Danielle not one word or jinx or it's grounded for the summer and no World Cup." Harry warned. "Do we have an understanding?"

Dani nodded.

"Good." He then focused on the boys. "I just imprisoned the last of Karkaroff's followers in Azkaban this morning. Karkaroff and a handful of his stronger followers didn't pass my Dark Wizard test and went the way of Voldemort and Umbridge. So you three are in luck. I'm in a fairly pleasant mood or was until I found out about this." Harry's emerald green eyes glowed with fury and leashed power.

The three boys eyed him warily.

"My daughters are in no way freaks by any means of the word. Defining the word freak, if you look it up in a dictionary, is a person or animal that is marked unusually or deformed. Now as you can see my family doesn't even come close to comparing to that category." Harry narrowed his eyes at them as he conjured a ball of energy with his free hand.

The three of them gulped, it was clear that maybe they had overstepped their bounds this time.

"Their mother is the Next Mab and I am the Next Merlin. You see any fool in their right mind would realize that our girls would be equally gifted if not more so in intelligence as well as magic. Therefore, it's a given that their schooling and such be centered on their gifts. Otherwise, one of them might accidentally do harm to an innocent and none of us want that." He paused to see if the boys were paying attention. "Are you following all this or is it over your heads?"

"Yeah, we get it." Edgar muttered.

"A lot good it's done so far…" Adrian glared up at Dani.

"On the contrary boys the fact that you three are still breathing proves that it's working like a charm." Lily added dryly.

"She was jinxing her Uncles at three months, so just imagine what she can do at four years and nine months of age." Dromi smiled coolly.

"No way…" The boys gaped at him.

"Yes way…I know from firsthand experience." Harry nodded.

The boys were shaking in their shoes.

"Magic and intelligence do not mean that Dani is any less of a normal energetic four-year-old. It just makes things more challenging for her." Lily explained.

"She has had to learn to keep her magic and temper in check and that started at one year of age. What ones magic level is mostly depends on genetics. You either hit the mother lode, have some, a trickle, or none at all. It's what one does with that magic that makes the person who they will eventually grow to be. You're either born with it or not. No amount of jealousy can change that and attitudes like yours only lead towards the darker side of magic and this will lead you straight to Azkaban. Slytherin House went the way of Voldemort, as the dark ways are no longer tolerated in our world. You boys need to stop focusing on your jealousy of others and strive towards a goal that you can be proud of. Believe it or not, magic wasn't always easy for me. Hell I was getting by only by the skin of my teeth during my first years at Hogwarts."

The boy's eyes widened as big as saucers and they continued to gape at him in disbelief. "But…You…defeated Voldemort like five times…"

"Magic takes work to master even when you've a ton of it flowing throughout your veins. Vincent and Gregory got the hang of things, as did Seamus and Neville. Focus on the magic inside you, not on all this envious jealousy, and you might just find come your first year at Hogwarts things won't be as tough as you think." Harry grinned. "Mind you only well minded students can attend there and no roughing up the little ones or anyone else for that matter will be tolerated from here on out." His smile turned deadly serious again.

"Yeah, yeah we promise. No more bad stuff." The three of them nodded.

"What about Wallace?" Damon frowned.

"He and I have already had a chat and we've come to a similar understanding." Harry turned the energy ball into a firefly, so he could set Dani back down on her feet. "Okay young lady funs over. Sort them out please and no funny business."

Dani walked over to the three boys. "You know being his kid isn't all fun and games." She put her hand on Adrian's arm then closed her eyes. "It's like major pressure."

Adrian was now back to normal. "No way…"

"Yes way, because the spotlight is always on us." Dani nodded as she focused on sorting Edgar back to normal.

"You seem fine with all of it ta me." Edgar frowned.

"I have to be because it's who I am. There are times when I envy the kids my age, who get to play, learn their numbers, letters, writing, or even get to take afternoon naps. I guess that's why I get peeved when anyone is jealous of me, my sisters, or cousins because they don't realize how nice it is to just be a normal kid." Dani finished sorting out Damon. "In fact you should embrace that time while you still have it. Being a genius and everything isn't happy-happy-joy-joy by any means of the word. It just means that we have to grow up faster than we'd like to."

"Nicely put angel, but regardless of your gifts you still are a little girl." Harry picked her up and cuddled her in his arms.

"Yes Daddy, but it doesn't feel like it most of the time…" Her breath hitched as if on the verge of tears. "Can we please go now?" Dani buried her face against his shoulder, so the boys couldn't see the genuine tears shining in her eyes.

"Yes angel. We can go now." Harry hadn't realized that she felt this way and was going to see to it that she be able to be a kid as much as possible from now on. "Mum, Dromi…I'll see you both at home."

"Well boys?" Lily narrowed her eyes at them.

"We're sorry Dani."

"Good." Harry vanished.


Later that evening at Sanctuary…

Harry swam laps in the pool, but nothing was easing his mind about what Dani had confided to those boys. Was it atrocious of us to put them in school at the tender age of three? Were they god-awful parents because they rushed them like they had? If they'd botched up their first three then it horrified him to think of the twins still nurtured within Hermione.

"You've been brooding out here for two hours, if it ain't working yet it's not gonna." James knelt near the edge of the pool.

"Dani pulled a zinger on me this afternoon in Mum's office and it hurt like she'd stabbed me straight through the heart." Harry swam over to the ladder and climbed out of the pool.

"Lil's filled me in when I got home. You have nothin to worry about. She's a well-rounded happy little girl and so are her sisters. You aren't a bad parent for putting them in school at three. It was a necessity not a choice that you did so. If anything it gave them something to sink their teeth into." James tossed him a towel. "They needed focus and school gives them that. Dani's just sore at you for placing her on magical restriction with no time set about when she'll be free again. That and she knew exactly what strings to pull to make you feel like dogshit."

"Yeah, I know that, but it still stings like a son-of-a-bitch hearing her say all that to those boys. That and she did it in front of Mum and Dromi which was beyond mortifying."

"She meant it to sting." James settled himself in one of the loungers bordering the pool. "Now as for those four boys, I'd say that was an exemplary job well done. Just so you know Max decided to let the Hardcastle boy stay, but the other two are going to one of the other schools." James conjured the two of them two bottles of Guinness and tossed one of them to him.

"Son what you need to learn is that a kid when backed into a corner or under restriction is gonna make you feel as down and miserable as they are." He took a long healthy drink from his bottle before continuing with his lecture. "The trick is to not let it effect you enough, so it's clear as day to them that their ploy was a rounding success."

Harry lay on the other lounger listening to every word that his father was saying. "It really bites when the same trick that worked flawlessly, no semi-flawlessly as a teen, is used against you by your own kid." Harry sighed in misery and took a long drink from the bottle. "Sorry about copping guilt trips on you Dad."

"No apologies necessary son. Besides, you never pulled the card on me that Dani did on you today." James drowned the bitter taste forming in his mouth by finishing off his bottle of Guinness and then went to conjure himself another one. "Nope. I was denied that pleasure by Voldy and his minions." James muttered darkly his eyes mirrored the dark feelings that had once again reared their ugly head to come and bite him in the arse.

"Dad I didn't mean to…"

"No. I know you didn't son, but it's something that will forever creep into my head whether I wish it to or not." He took a drink from his second bottle of Guinness, closed his eyes, and willed the feeling to go away. "I came down here to tell ya that you're Mum and I are gonna be expanding the family again, but this time only by one."

Harry's face broke out in a huge grin. "That's great news, Dad. Are Mum and the baby all right?"

"Yeah, the two of them are both in perfect health, she's do on January first. We just got the full report after you set off to collect Karkaroff and his followers." James was all smiles now.

"Do the twins know yet?"

"MJ and Bell clued us in a week or so ago, so yeah they know all about it." James chuckled.

Harry swallowed wrong. "Clued you in…" He coughed. "What'd they do point at mum and say Mummy has a baby brother or sister in her tummy?" Harry gasped in air.

"MJ walked up to us with a puzzled look on his face. It was beyond funny since Bell was standing a little ways behind him smirking as if she were pleased about something." James took another drink of Guinness.

"So Izzy clued MJ in…"

"Yeah, pretty much, but he didn't believe her. So, he came to ask us if it were in fact true that his mummy was carrying his baby sister inside her belly."

"Oh, I know that feeling." Harry chuckled in amusement. "Dani walked up to us at Christmas stating that St. Nick had botched her request, but two brothers would do instead."

James burst out laughing. "So, that was your little secret last Christmas."

"Mione asked how she could be so sure and Dani shot her an all-knowing-all-seeing look and sighed. And I quote 'Because I just know, Mummy...' Before going off to play with the other kids."

"Lily picked MJ up and kissed him on the nose then whispered that he was going to be a big brother too. He seemed beyond pleased with that and is now pretty much all set about having a baby sister."

"Do you think that Mum and the Aunts planned this or is it just a chance of fate?" Harry's eyes danced playfully. "Aunt Jen and Aunt Gene are both expecting girls sometime near the first of next year."

"Son fate is a tricky creature…"

"Just as clueless as I am, eh, Dad." Harry sensed that Dani was about to make a sudden appearance and disposed of any evidence the two of them had been enjoying a cold one. "Speaking of tricky little imps," Harry now had Dani sitting on his lap. "What did I say about no magic?"

"Sorry Daddy. I was sent to go find you, because Mummy says the twins want Juniors tonight." Dani blinked innocently up at him her enormous emerald green eyes pleaded for him to see things her way about her little slip of magic.

"She wants Juniors Cheesecake?"

Dani nodded her head enthusiastically causing her cuteness factor to increase threefold.

"Maybe we should load up the freezers with treats that way it's less trips for us across the pond." James was conjuring butterflies for Dani's viewing enjoyment.

"You know what dad that sounds like a brilliant idea." Harry tried to focus on his waning displeasure towards the adorable munchkin giggling at the butterflies that her grandfather was conjuring for her. "First things first though…Danielle what are those?" He pointed to her tiny trainer clad feet.

"That's silly daddy those are my feet."

"Right, right, so they are…And these long things what are they again?" Harry tickled her under her knees.

"My legs Daddy, but you already know that." Dani squirmed in his arms when her Daddy tickled her some more.

"Now refresh my memory what are they used for again?" Harry held her up, so he could blow raspberries on her tummy. "Humor me I'm still lagged from my mission."

"Walking, running, and stuff…" She giggled.

"That's right and you use them to get you where you need to go." Harry got to his feet, so he could hang her upside down. "No magic means that you use your feet and legs to come find me."

"Okay Daddy! I get it! Now let me up!" She giggled as he effortlessly kept her upside-down with one hand while he tickled her with his other.

"Promise?" Harry swung her back into his arms, so she was looking at him.

"Yes, daddy, I promise. I just forget sometimes." She stuck her lip out in a full pout.

"What you need is a new bracelet that'll keep you grounded to this physical plain." Harry set her up on his shoulders.

"Son it's not personal gain if it's for the good of an innocent, in this case your kid." James arched a brow at him.

"Grandfather I said that I promised didn't I!" Dani scowled at him.

"This is for your own good." Harry thought of a beautiful golden bracelet that would rein in her magic in his mind. "It will teach you self-control and make you less dependent on using magic all the time."

She howled in outrage when the bracelet appeared on her right wrist. "This is so not fair, Daddy! I promised you that I wouldn't do magic and that should be enough! You should trust me! I'm not a toddler!"

Harry plucked her off his shoulders and once again held her so she was looking him in the eyes. "Yes you are Danielle! Like it or not you are four years and nearly ten months old, which makes you a youngster. A very gifted youngster, but a youngster nonetheless. You whined to those boys how rough it was being gifted. Pined to be normal like all the other youngsters, well, wish granted until further notice now you are!"

"I MEANT IT AS A METAPHOR!" Dani screeched at him.

"Well, I took it as the gospel truth! There will be no magic unless your class work calls for it or unless you are in mortal danger!" Harry carried her kicking and screaming little body under his arm. "Enough with the tantrum or you will be grounded for your summer break and there will be no chance of parole or the World Cup!"


"Life isn't fair! Now go get ready for bed!" Harry set her down on her feet.

"Now munchkin it's not the end of the world. It's just for a little while." James tried to get her to calm down.

"YOU'RE JUST AS MUCH AT FAULT AS DADDY IS! I HATE BOTH OF YOU!" She raced up the stairs in tears.


"Harry what in Mab's name happened between you and Dani?" Hermione walked out of the kitchen to see what was up.

"She used magic to go find me, so I conjured a temporary leash in the form of a bracelet that is now affixed to her right wrist." Harry winced when the door to her room slammed. "As you can see and hear it didn't go over very well with our daughter."

"Um why's Dani in a temper again?" MJ peered warily out of the game room.

"She's on magical restriction…" James walked over and picked him up.

"I know that…"

"Well, your brother is enforcing it by putting a magical dampening device on her wrist." James hugged his son and MJ hugged him back in kind.

"She's got another bracelet again? You mean just like last time?" MJ frowned at his older brother.

"Yes, MJ, just like last time, only I fashioned this one myself." Harry nodded.

"Uncle Oberon created the first one, so what makes you so sure that yours will work any better?" MJ countered cheekily.

"It's a talent of mine, baby brother, to wish for something useful when I'm in need of it and that talent hasn't failed me in over six years." Harry tweaked MJ on the nose.

"Uncle Oberon's ancient and his magic wouldn't work on her."

"Yes, well, the second time is sometimes the charm." Harry ignored the heated flush creeping up his face. It was a might embarrassing when ones five-year-old baby brother had no faith in his ability to rein in his own child let alone in his magic.

"I wouldn't bet any galleons on it, but you never know miracles do happen." MJ refocused his attention on his father. "May I go back to finishing off Voldemort now? I was just curious about why Dani was yelling at big brother."

Lily walked out of the Common Room. "One more hour and then it's the tub and bedtime for you."

"But, Mum, I wanted to start playing the Auror game. The one that big brother got me for my birthday."

"You heard your mother one hour Michael James or would you rather take your tub now." James shot down his plea for more time with his trademark don't-press-your-luck look.

"Okay, but I'm spotless compared to Izzy. She's been in the art room painting and drawing and stuff with Ally and Mia." MJ wriggled out of his father's arms landing nimbly on his feet. "She'll need a whole hour in the tub." He raced back into the Game Room.


"So you wish to have Juniors cheesecake tonight. Do you have any other requests before I go off and brood because my baby brother had no confidence in my magic or ability to parent my own kid?" Harry asked through teeth gritted in frustration. Two zingers in one day had him wanting to go howl at the full moon.

"Now son that's not true. He just has trouble thinking that anyone can rein in Dani magically or otherwise." James couldn't help but grin.

:Lion? Please change before you go, what your wearing is for my eyes only.: Hermione stood on her tiptoes purring in his ear as well as his mind. "I have confidence in you."

"It's nice to know that someone in this family does." Harry pulled her to him for a long kiss. :As you wish, my lioness. We'll discuss your possessiveness over my body later.: Harry purred back.

"Oliver wanted me to remind you that, by going off to collect Karkaroff with Draco, Logan, and Chase, you've set back the team schedule at least a week." Lily laughed when Harry opened one eye to glare at her in exasperation, but didn't break off his kiss with Hermione. "I'm only the messenger. I saw him and Luce with baby Aiden. They'd just finished his three month check up with Ginny and Mum. I was there for my prenatal check-up with mum."

"He's still on family leave, meaning that I'm still head coach." James reassured his son. "You've already one World Cup under your belts, five League Cups, and the European Cup just last year. Need I add that since all of you have joined the team you have yet to lose a match? I've all the confidence in the world that we're ready for a repeat performance at the World Cup."

"Poor Oliver he just misses being in charge." Hermione sighed. "I know the feeling, I miss being able to play…Oh no the boys are up again."

"Yeah, I know that Mione, but Dad's right. We're ready for the World Cup and what both you and Wood need to focus on is, in your case our twins, and in his case Luce, the girls, and baby Aiden." Harry went from swim trunks to casual traveling wear in less than a blink of an eye. Then he knelt down in front of her and kissed her swollen belly. "You two be nice to your mama or no chocolate treat for you." He placed his head on her belly listening intently to the lives thriving within his wife. "It'll be strawberry or maybe even carrot cake instead." The twins settled back down to sleep. "Works every time."

"Bribery already and they aren't even born yet." James highly amused shook his head at his son.

"I have my ways." Harry grinned at his father. "This is a two-person mission, so we'll be back in a while." Harry kissed his mum on the cheek, and then kissed Hermione.

"Be back soon." James kissed Lily and then they both vanished.


Dani wanted someone on her side, so she called DJ on her multitasking computer. "Ring Uncle Draco's and Aunt Ginny's number." She sat down at her desk and growled at the screen.

Draco's face appeared on the screen a moment later. "Hello there munchkin what's with the frown?"

"Daddy gave me this to wear." She held up her wrist showing off her new golden bracelet.

Draco's eyebrows rose in surprise as he realized that it was Dani that DJ had been chattering about all evening and not just the older boys that tended to bully them at school. "Magical restriction…that's a mighty high punishment for such a good little girl…what did you do to earn that?"

"I jinxed some older boys today and Uncle Max, Mum, and Daddy went all cosmic about it." Dani muttered darkly.

"DJ mentioned some of it to us just not specifically your name…"

"Look. I've been lectured and punished to the moon and back. Would it be okay if I talked to DJ?" Dani growled impatiently at her Uncle.

"Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but DJ is in the tub…"

"Thanks anyway Uncle Draco. I'll see him at school tomorrow." She ended the call. It was seven-thirty in the evening, which meant everyone else was undergoing bedtime rituals as well.

She decided to try her Uncle Wills. It was early afternoon in the States, so she figured there was a good chance that either he or her Uncle Henry would be home.

Wills was in the middle of packing, but his face lit up in delight as soon as he saw that it was Dani's face on the media screen. "You've just made my day little pixie…Hey, now what's with the tears and frown?"

Dani launched into a play-by-play of her day. "So it's not fair for Daddy to do this to me." She sniffled miserably.

"Yes, it's true that those yobs were asking for it. But like it or not you were also very much in the wrong and pushing this issue with your parents will only end with you on restriction for your summer break." Wills took on what no one had managed to do all-day get her to see reason. "You can't have any fun if you're grounded. You'll be stuck at home while your sisters get to hang with us this summer."

"Okay I'll be good." Dani sighed in defeat it was no use they were right and she was just being stubborn about it.

"Harry and Hermione only want what's best for you and you need more self-discipline controlling both your temper and using your magic. Think of this a challenge."

"I know but…"

"They aren't doing this to be mean. They love you."

"I know Uncle Wills…"

"Look, it's as simple as that…I've got a meeting in forty minutes at the UN, so I have to go. Be good and when we're finally free of the military and home, in a few days, I promise we'll go riding okay." Wills blew her a kiss. "Give everyone there my love…bye angel face and remember be good." Wills ended the call.

"You've got him wrapped around your little finger." Di appeared in her room and sat down on her bed.

"Yeah, I guess." Dani got out her first edition of her parents soon to be released final installment of their Hogwarts saga and settled down on her bed to read it.

"What I don't understand is how you can adore your parent's adventures and then doubt your father's love towards you." Di settled beside her.

"That's not true Aunt Di. I don't doubt my daddy's love for me. I just wish he weren't so unfair sometimes." Dani pouted.

"You break the rules and then there are repercussions. I know that it's not fair, but that's just how life works." Di kissed the top of her head.

"Life is a cosmic letdown then because that rule really stinks."

"Magic is a serious responsibility."

"I know believe me I know. I just lose my temper and my control slips. I still think that those brats today deserved exactly what they got…"

"Think of this as a lesson in self-control magic and temper wise." Di vanished from the bed.

"I get it! Enough with the lecturing already…" She was in the mood to curl up and have a good sulk.

"Bath time Dani." Hermione opened the door to her room.

"Can't I read for a little while first?" Dani pleaded with her mother.

"I'll get your sisters in the tub first, but then it's your turn." Hermione gave into her pitiful look that mirrored her father's trademark pout. "I know that you think it's a cosmic letdown to be under magical restriction, but we're only doing this because we love you." Hermione sat down next to her.

"I know mummy." Dani gave her a hug. "I'll go tell Daddy sorry."

"He's off running an errand with your Grandfather right now, but they should be back in time for him to tuck you in." Hermione kissed her on the nose.

"Is it safe to come in now or are you still miffed at me?" Harry stuck his head in the room. "If not I can always take this tray with chocolate brownie cheesecake on it back to the kitchen."

"I'm sorry Daddy, yes you can come in." Dani managed a small smile.

"I'll let you two handle bedtime then." Hermione left the two of them to bond with each other again.

"So I take it that you don't hate me anymore?" Harry set the tray down at the foot of her bed.

"No. I love you Daddy." She launched herself into his arms. "I'll try to be good from now on."

"I know that it's hard, but…"

"It's for my own good…I love you daddy."

"I love you too brat. So, what do ya say the two of us dig into the cheesecake and then get you ready for bed?" Harry hugged her fiercely.

"Story first then bath?"

"You win, story first." Harry handed her a fork.

"We want some too." Ally and Mia appeared on her bed.

"I figured as much that's why I cut such a big slice of your mums treat." Harry had also added a pitcher of milk and five glasses to the tray.

"In that case let's make this a family bedtime event." Hermione smiled from the doorway.

"The more the merrier."

"We were waiting for Dani to cool off before we came up to check on her." Mia savored a bite of cake.

"Are you better now?" Ally paused in midbite to give her sister a knowing look.

"Yeah, I'm better now." Dani cuddled closer to her father.

"What story do you wish us to read to you?" Hermione smiled at them.

"We want Daddy to surprise us with one of his own." The girls chimed in unison.

"My own story…I think that I can handle that." Harry winked at Hermione and got them all settled around him. Then he began weaving a tale of magic, castles, dragons, majestic beasts, and fairies.


Chapter two



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