A Hero's Tale

A translation of the diaries of Mithos Hero of the Kharlan War

By Raine and Genis Sage

Have patience this is my first attempt at a fan fic.

Chapter One: Beginnings

I am Mithos Yggdrassil, and it is Febrias 3923. Today I turned eight years old. I was so happy when I woke up to find this notebook at my bedside with a note from my sister Martel attached. The note said: " Mommy gave me my first diary when I was eight years old, and I figured that it would be a nice idea to get you one as well. I don't know what boys write about in diaries but, I thought that you would be able to use it to write down your thoughts as you begin your training as a summoner and magic- user. Sis". I was so surprised Martel has been spending so much time with Yuan the healers son that I thought that she had forgotten me. Misen ( Mother in elfish, Raine Sage 7923) is making cream stew for dinner tonight, and father is home on leave from the army. He fights on the side of Theth'Alla. My mother is elven, and father is human. They met as students at the university at Sybak. (Grandma Thevos ( Daddy mother) disinherited him for marrying and elf.) Father is away so much because there is a war going on is the big world outside Heimdall. He doesn't like to go and fight but they told him that they would not only throw him in prison if he did not fight but us, and Mommy too. This is because marriage between people of different races is outlawed in both Tethe'Alla , and Sylvarant. The war has been going on for 150 years. It is mostly humans fighting although they try to invade Heimdall once in awhile, thinking that we have mana stored that the Elders did not tell the humans about. The humans are fighting over the last remaining mana from the Holy Kharlan tree that the Elves planted when they immigrated from Derris Kharlan. It is supposed to be a never-ending source of mana but Sis says it is dying because it needs love to survive and there is far to much hate in the world right now. Martel (Sis) is an apprentice Healer, and Mana Guardian. I wish that there was a way for all of the people of the world to be at peace. I want to try to create that peace someday. But now I am only a helpless little boy who hasn't even learned novice level spells yet. School in the morning, Yuck , good thing Yuan walks me and Sis to school, at least they only pick on me where the teachers can see, and hopefully (depending on who it is, some teachers are bigoted to) stop them from beating me up. At least while father is on leave life will be normal for awhile. Mommy and Martel will smile, and Mommy will sing like she used to when I was very small.

Febrias 23, 3923

I hate this stupid war! This morning one a messenger from the Grand Army of Tethe"Alla arrived at the gates of Heimdall. When one of those guys shows up its always bad news. The letter was for my Mommy it was all bordered in black, and signed by General Fenorthan Aurion. It said that Father had tried to save a school full of children from burning to death after the Sylvarant army had sent a Thunder Bomb at the town. My daddy is a hero he got all the kids out, but he died on the way to the first aid tent. The general sent his own son Kratos to tell us. Since he isn't much older than Sis and his father doesn't want him to get hurt. Mommy, and Sis have been in the kitchen crying all day. Mommy won't eat, and she won't talk to me. Sis is so busy with Mommy, and doesn't have time for me . I wish she did, I hurt so much Father will never swing me up on his shoulders to go out and look at the stars at night ever again. I don't know what to do. The Storyteller days that the reason why people think that it is not a good idea for elves and humans to marry is that when the human dies the elf either kills themselves, or they go crazy. I am so scared for Mommy. The elder says that I am the man of the family now, and I am responsible for protecting Mommy and Martel . ( Raine Sage "this is probably where Mithos' sense of guilt over his sisters death came from since he was the one that was supposed to take care of her after her father died. Hence, the roots of his obsessive hatred of humans, and his desire to bring his beloved Sis back that took thousands upon thousands of lives during the 4,000 years he was leader of Cruxis.") Right now I am sitting in the tree house Father built me, and even though I am the man of the house now, I am crying.

Febrias 25, 3923

I'm scared, Mommy hasn't slept, or eaten at all since Daddy died. She won't get dressed, or take a bath, or anything. Yuan's mom is a healer, and says if Mommy doesn't get up soon she will die. He heart is broken. How come I feel like my entire world is falling apart. Father is dead, Mommy might die, and the Guardians just received word that the war has begun to work it's way towards Heimdall. What will Martel, and I do if Mommy dies? The resources of the elven lands are strained enough between the mana shortage, and the war. No one will take in a bunch of orphan half elves like Sis and I. Sis is so stressed out, Mommy can't work, and I am to small, and no one will hire me to work on the farms, or in the orchards. This means Martel's apprentice Healer Guardians salary has to stretch to cover all of our living expenses, and Yuan's mom taking care of Mommy. Luckily Lord Kratos, General Aurions' son is boarding with us and has agreed to pay for half of the food, his laundry, and the mana we use to power the appliances in the kitchen. I think that he is so cool. Even the Elders like him, and most full blooded elves do not like humans at all. They blame humans for the fact that the Kharlan Tree is dying, and rarely allow them in the village.

Febrias 27, 3923

Father funeral was today. Mommy did not even get out of bed to go. She said that she did not need to see Fathers body, that she would see Father again soon enough . She really is dying. ( At this point the page becomes difficult to read, since it is heavily stained with tears. Raine Sage, 7923) ( Kratos " I remember this day so well, my father was there, and made some kind of foolish speech about how Destro Yggdrassil was a hero for saving the lives of all of the children that had been Thunder Bombed by those horrible Syvarantans. All I could see were the devastated emerald eyes of Martel, and Mithos Yggdrassil, my temporary housemates , and tentative new friends. It must have been hell for them that day knowing their father was being buried, and that their mother was going to die. Had I known then what I know now I probably would have given those children a hug, and told them that all humans were not evil. That the majority of them were struggling just to survive just like they were.") I listened to that General talk about what a hero my daddy was. All the while I was thinking " Well if you had not threatened our lives if he did not return, We would still have a father, and Mommy would be alright. " I just want to feel safe again. Father, Mommy, and Martel are my whole world. What if Sis dies to, then I will be all alone. I am so scared to be alone.

Marchan 1, 3923

My world has ended, Mommy died this morning. She called us in, and gave us a hug. She said " Little one' s oh how I love you, but if this is what elves who fall in love with humans must go through then perhaps we never should have left Derris Kharlan". After that she cried Father name once, and stopped breathing. All I feel is pain right now. Yuan and Lord Kratos are trying to get me to eat some of the food that all of the elder females in the village have brought but, it tastes like sand. My eyes, and my throat are burning and I can't breathe. I have been feeling like this all day. I am so alone. Wait, Sis see's that something is wrong, and she is coming towards me. She looks so worried, I don't like to make her upset but she is checking me for a fever, and her hands are so cool on my forehead. Lord Kratos tells her it is probably the grief over our parents but, Sis doesn't believe him. She orders Yuan to pick me up and Kratos to go get Yuan's mom. I am carried off to my room, and Yuan forces me into my nightshirt. " Some luck kid, don't worry I will take care of you and your sister" I ask why, and he says " You Dolt, I have loved her since our third year of lower school. I asked her to marry me and she said yes. " I won't mind having Yuan for a brother. He always brings me cool stuff when he travels. Yuck, I feel so sick, Yuan's mom just came in and said that I have the Torent Virus (Raine Sage : this is also hard to read due to mixed vomit stains and tears.)