A poem a I wrote from Allison's POV. Just something to do while I was bored. Please Review.

Dislaimer: I own nothing but my poem.

i know what it is to be lonely

lonely is the feeling you get

late at night

when no one is there

and you sit and stare at the ceiling for hours

it is the bitter taste of dark chocolate

it is the dull throbbing sensation

in the back of your mind

when you haven't had enough to drink

lonely is being in a room full of people

and still feeling all by yourself


but never daring to move

it is the one photograph

sitting by itself on your wall

a blank piece of paper

something that no one wants

lonely is the dark

the shadows on the wall

as your only company

one star

flickering dully

in the midst of so many bright ones

lonely is silence

sitting in a bare room

still stuck in yesterday

afraid of facing tomorrow

when the past is you one last escape

the present a hell you can't leave

the future a gaping black hole

don't move

don't speak

you are alone now