He stood with his back against the doors. No one had given him a second look once Satine and that good-for-nothing writer Christian had been reunited onstage. He had seen Satine fall. Saw her dying in the arms of her lover. Fury and jealousy almost took over control as he saw her die. Tears coursed down his cheeks, it should be him up there, comforting the beautiful Satine. Holding her close. Wiping away her tears. But he was not the one she loved; he was not the one she wanted. No matter how much he himself loved her, no matter how much he gave her, it would never be enough to make her love him. It hurt him, to be rejected. And to be rejected for Christian… The pain went deep.

A sob burst from his chest, Satine was gone. His cry echoed another that had just been uttered. The boy was crying, his face just as white with shock and as wet with tears. The Duke stood with his back against the doors, the gun weighing heavy in his hand. He looked down at it, flicking it open and checking the cartridges. There was one left. It snapped shut with a resounding click. He had been willing to use it on the boy when he should have used it on himself. He fingered the trigger, the gun's resounding finality becoming more and more desirable.

He wasn't an attractive man, he knew that. Crooked teeth, a wiry sort of frame, and ineloquence of gait and speech. But he was rich; he had hoped that would make up for it all. There had been moments when Satine had made him feel… Feel… Well, just feel. Something he had deemed unacceptable from a young age. She had made him feel love. For her. He could hear muted sobbing from inside the theatre.

The Duke raised the gun to his head, placing it firmly against his temple. The cold metal of the gun barrel didn't shake him back to reality, only steeling him too finish the task at hand. He closed his eyes, was he really going to do this? He nodded, to no one but himself. His finger tightened on the trigger. At least I can't hurt her anymore…He thought wryly to himself. He opened his eyes; the determination in them would have scared the most hardened criminal.

Satine… I'm sorry…

He pulled the trigger down firmly, the gun went off with a loud explosion, and then the pain was gone.

He would be found soon after, lying in a pool of his own blood. The thick red fluid dripped slowly down the steps, and a deliriously satisfied smile on his slackened face. Two lives were lost that day. A third was changed forever.


Buh. I don't want to hear complaints from people. I'm a Rox fan and the poor guy gets absolutely no good roles. Well other than Dracula. But that's another story. He's a brill actor but I kept having to hide my face when we watched Moulin Rouge. Twas too… silly.