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'thinking' "Speaking"

Chapter one:

It had been a long day; actually it was one of the best days ever. The war between ZAFT and the Earth Alliance was over and everyone could rest in peace. Dearka, Yzak, Athrun, Kira, Lacus, Cagalli, Flay all still kept in close contact and were in fact great friends (though no one besides Kira liked Flay who somehow survived getting blown up)

"Yes Freedom," cried Athrun as he escaped from his bedroom window since he had been locked in there for treason. "Oh wait I mean justice" He ran down the street to where the party was at. He could see all of the mobile suits parked and new it was going to be fun.

"Hello everybody welcome to the cemetery, some people go to heaven, some people go to hello," said Athrun before a large object resembling a frying pan flew at his head.

"Athrun shut the fuck up, you're giving me a headache," said Yzak rubbing his temples.

"Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh, over the cliff we go screaming all the way, the snow is turning red, I think I'm almost dead, Yzak took the duel and then he shot me in the head" Sango Athrun as a light bulb appeared above Yzak's head signifying he had an idea, then he walked out.

"Athrun what is up with you…Are you drunk?" asked Kira as Athrun began to laugh uncontrollably.

"How can I be drunk drinking age on the plants is 25, that is what I call child abuse," said Athrun as he sat next to Cagalli. Dearka only shook his head and wondered how a dumb guy like Athrun ever survived the war.

"Oh I understand," said Lacus as everyone looked at her. "Athrun has a very high glucose level" When she got blank looks from everyone she sighed.

"A thinking hurting brain can't see anything, pulse increasing…" cried Kira before Dearka slapped him causing him to return to the real world.

"What I mean is Athrun is on a sugar high," said Lacus as everyone mouthed an 'o' in understanding.

"Hey where did Yzak go anyway?" asked Dearka who finally noticed 'scar face' was gone.

"Oh I know," said Athrun as everyone gave him there full attention. "I was signing a really annoying song and then I said a part that goes… "Yzak took the duel and then he shot me in the head" and then he left"

"Ummmm guys I don't see the duel," said Cagalli as a feared look came across everyone's face but Athrun's. "Athrun don't you understand Idiot, Yzak is going to kill you"

"Ya idiot you should really pay more attention," said Kira as he got a weird look from everyone. "I mean Athrun, not idiot, Athrun"

"Well he doesn't scar, I mean scare me, besides I have something better than the duel, it can defeat all its opponents," said Athrun.

"Oh really and what is this great object?" asked Kira as Athrun raised his hand and everyone anticipated what he was going to say.

"I ping-pong paddle," replied Athrun as everyone fell over anime style. Cagalli jumped up wanting to save his life knowing that Yzak would probably, no most definitely try to kill Athrun, but was surprised to see Yzak walk back through the door with a sad, pissed off look on his face.

"What's wrong with you?" asked Dearka who was pretty preoccupied by punching Kira in the arm.

"It's to embarrassing to say," said Yzak as everything went silent.

"Hahahahaha now you have to tell us," said Kira who was rubbing his shoulder from where Dearka had been punching him.

"Well the truth is," said Yzak looking at the ground, then he mumbled. "I can't find the duel"

"WHAT!" screamed everyone as Yzak cringed.

"Ha and I thought I was an idiot," replied Athrun smugly

"You still are an idiot," said Cagalli as Athrun began to get tears in his eyes.

"You're so hurtful," said Athrun as he ran off to go cry in a bathtub, why I do not know.

"But you," said Cagalli pointing a threatening finger at Yzak. "How in the name of Patrick Zala…"

"HEY!" called Athrun from upstairs, but Cagalli ignored it and continued.

"Well anyways, how do u loose your mobile suit?" asked Cagalli as Yzak shrugged. It took three days but eventually they found the duel…it was behind the couch.

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