Here is a chapter that revolves around the incident and well zombies and lots of other random things

'thinking' "Speaking"

Chapter Nine: Easter Bunny Madness

Everyone was together again, like they always were in a depression because there comic relief had disappeared. It was true Mwu La Flaga was captured during the time the zombies began to attack the PLANTS it was a tough time for all. Actually that's a complete lie none of that really happened but we have to make people read this story somehow right? Anyways we now join Athrun Zala in his closet while he is on the phone with Kira who somehow escaped the zombified nurse.

"Kira please come and save me," said Athrun as he began to shake. Kira opened his eyes and raised his eyebrows…but soon realized Athrun couldn't see him, and he probably looked like an idiot.

"Why what have you done this time Athrun?" asked Kira as Athrun laughed quietly yet nervously.

"Well I was trying to send Yzak some flies from my super computer…but…" said Athrun as Kira sighed.

"Hey wait a minute flies? Don't you mean files?" he said


"Ok well you better get out of there soon, since we're supposed to meet everyone at Yzak's"

"But the flies are after me. So then I thought let's put honey on me so they can't smell me. But then I realized you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar…Kira what do I do?"

"Why are you asking me?"

"Because you're always right…."

"Yes, I got you to openly admit it…hold on there's someone on the other line. Hello Kira speaking?"

"Yes this is the easter bunny…I will come to destroy you"

"Ok Dearka stop playing around…"

"Who is this Dearka you speak of?"

Meanwhile on the other line…

"The flies wont hurt me, no they won't hurt me…" Athrun continued to repeat. "Man my shoes are starting to look really yummy right now…" Suddenly the closet opened revealing a man…no not a man…. A bunny.

Back with Kira.

"Let Athrun go you bastard"

"Oh is poor wittle Kiwa going to cry?" He said in a baby voice.

"I'll come for you easter bunny!"

"Oh ya well 284!"

"Heh that has no affect on me…"

"Oh really….FLAY ALSTER"


"Hey that wasn't Nicol…" Cagalli said as she walked towards Yzak's. She was suddenly thrown into Quebec when something going so fast she could barely make it out ran past her.

"Cheer up Dearka, Kira will be here soon"

"He better be, my hand is starting to hurt from punching the wall"

"Guys we need to save Athrun!" Kira cried running into the house.

"Why?" Yzak stated calmly.

"The Easter bunny has him" suddenly a silence filled the room. Soon followed by insane laughter. "Guys im serious"

"What ever Athrun being kidnapped by the easter bunny is like flay giving up her obsession with shoes" Suddenly the red headed bimbo walked in.

"Guys I've decided to never buy another pair of shoes again." Suddenly Dearka and Yzak looked at Athrun with full attention.

"We're listening!"

A/N: Hokay, eight months of no updating….thats right…so u all get a special easter version. Will Athrun escape the rabbit of death?