Wordcount: 354

Summary: Yuffie and Sora sneak out of class one day to go stand in the rain. An utterly pointless but fun drabble dedicated to RETARDcupcake XD

Title: Raining

"So, Yuffie. Remind me again. Why are we doing this?"

She smiled at the bedraggled and bemusedly grinning Sora beside her, tilting her face towards the skies with closed eyes and a look of pure contentment. "Because it's raining." She informed him simply, as fat clear drops of water splattered her porcelain forehead and cheeks.

He just kept on grinning. "So, why are Sora and Yuffie standing out in the rain at school, instead of waiting the five or so minutes they have before home time? Sora and Yuffie could get in trouble for sneaking out to the front of the science labs…"

She opened her eyes and beamed at his sparkly blue eyes. Sparkly… sparkly… "Because Sora and Yuffie had no idea when the rain would stop!" She announced cheerfully, spinning giddily, slowly. "And because their friends are wimps who wouldn't skip class to stand in the rain!"

The chocolate-haired boy laughed outright at that. "Sora gets it now… I think." He scratched his head. "Of course, he probably doesn't, because Sora is an idiot and never gets anything."

There was a snicker from the dark-haired girl beside him, and she grabbed his arm. "You do know what rain is, right?"


"Well then, you get something, right? Hah!" She laughed her victorious laugh that sounded more like an evil chuckle, on of the crazier sounds in his life.

"I get that you're insane," he pointed out off-handedly, kicking off his shoes and squelching his toes in the glistening long green grass underfoot, ignoring the soft smack to the back of his head seconds after his comment. It didn't hurt, after all.

There was silence for a few minutes but for the pitter-patter-splat of leaves and cement under an aqua bombardment. Then the petite ninja girl spoke. "Sora? I'm hungry. Can we go get something to eat?"

His expression changed as he looked at her, from pure spaced-out enjoyment to longing, his eyes at once becoming tender and yet more passionate. She missed it all, arms spread as she stared blindly, happily into the sky. "That would be nice, Yuffie," he murmured softly.

Dedicated to RETARDcupcake- for you, Charlie, after that long-ago fic-dedicated-to-you request! (ZOMG, that was before we even started talking…) Hope it's good enough for ya, XD. Features yet more of the talking-in-third-person Yura I love writing! Please enjoy and review, this was supposed to be up yesterday but had to increase my connection Timeout or something...

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