Kakashi sat alone at his desk and scowled.

Ever since he had discovered FANFICTION during a particularly restless night alone in his hospital bed, he had become well and thoroughly addicted. The smut on that site was better than anything Jiraiya could think of. He had especially enjoyed a thrilling Harry Potter/Sasuke love-angst crossover one-shot centered around blueberry muffin batter. Kakashi wasn't sure what kind of people spent their time writing such fluff, but who knew that pubescent boys could get into so many naughty situations?

But that had been months ago, and between the few good stories were mostly bad ones. Bad in the sense that they sucked, mind you. Bad in the way that he liked to read... well, those were harder to find. In the last few months, he'd only come across one new story that had held his interest...

Springtime in a Youthful Garden by GLORIOUSGREEN.

Kakashi's frown deepened. What had started with the promise of excellent entertainment had soured of late. GLORIOUSGREEN hadn't updated in THREE WEEKS, despite all the kind (and mildly threatening) reviews that Kakashi had posted. What was wrong with him...or her, Kakashi supposed...? Didn't he/she/it realize that his time was valuable? Kakashi could have been off killing or maiming, or training to kill or maim, but was instead wasting his time wondering what would happen next!

Damn it.

There was only one solution.

Kakashi moved his mouse to click on the little blue-grey bar. He would just have to read the story over again...from the beginning...and maybe leave more reviews...