Today Konoha is really busy in welcoming back someone. Who else? The missing nin, the avenger, the one and only Uchiha Sasuke. Yes… he had finished his revenged and killed all the Sound nins and now he is going back…

"Tsunade baa-chan is it true??" a loud mouthed boy shout out.

"For the 100th time yes, Geez Naruto I never thought you will be this dense to understand. Sasuke really is going back." Tsunade answered in a very annoyed tone.

"Yosh!! I'm going to welcome him myself!" Naruto said happily and run out towards the busy streets.

A pink haired medic nin is busily doing her work at Konoha hospital. She was Haruno Sakura. She is now 16 yrs. old. And her annoying self is almost gone. The truth is she became Tsunade's greatest apprentice. And her childish body is converted to curves in the right places that would make anyone jealous. Her hair has grown again and she got suitors all over the village and even outside of it. But her heart remains to only one… that person is the one returning to Konoha…

"Sakura, aren't you coming?" asked Ino.

"I'll come… I can't miss this in the whole world but…" Sakura said stopping for a while.

"But what??" her friend asked curiously. "Well…what if he doesn't want to see me again besides I've got a lot of patients." she answered sadly.

"That is not true… besides it's your day-off today. Over working is bad you know. And I bet he wants to see you first." Ino said teasingly.

"Why did you say so?? He always says I'm annoying and stuff…why would he want to see me first??" Sakura asked.

"Well you can see it in his act. Even if he doesn't say it to you personally he is showing it." Ino said in an I-know-this tone.

"So forehead girl, coming or not?" she asked again. "Sure…I'll come." Sakura answered and was about to go with her friend when a nurse called her. "Haruno-san, we need your help. There is an anbu who is badly hurt." the nurse explained. "But…" Sakura was about to argue when she was cut again by the same nurse. "We really need you. He might die."

"Ummm… alright. Would you wait for a while? I'll follow as soon as possible I'm gonna say something to my friend first." Sakura ordered. The nurse bowed and rushed back to the hospital.

"But… Sakura…" Ino said thinking of an excuse for her to come. "I'm sorry but I really must attend to this. You go ahead and I'll try my best to follow you okay. Ja ne." Sakura said and rushed back to the hospital. Ino just let out a sigh and went towards Konoha gate.

The raven haired boy is standing in front of Konoha gate. He's Uchiha Sasuke. The only survivor of a prestigious clan… the Uchiha clan. His face was still as handsome as ever. He had been gone for 2 years in search for revenge to his older brother and now his revenge was done. He was standing here again to the place were he left all the people that loved him especially her… Sasuke decided to come back to someone whom he left… who always loved him… who always think about him… his one and only…

"Sakura… I'm back." he muttered and slowly opened the gate of Konoha.

Once the gate has opened you can hear the marching band playing a welcoming tune. His fan girls are screaming there lungs out and colorful fireworks was seen. Sasuke didn't expect this treatment. 'I thought they would be mad at me…' he thought.

Then a blonde hair boy came rushing towards him. "Sasuke-teme!! Welcome back!!" Naruto screamed. 'That dobe never change his as loud as ever.' Sasuke thought and smirked. Naruto was already in front of him and before he knew it Naruto punched him hard in the face but he returned it just in time. Both of them fell on the floor. The people surrounding them suddenly became quite and thought that a fight is going to start but they were wrong.

"Hahaha… Nice to see you again teme." Naruto laughed and stands up. He then gave his hands to help Sasuke stands up. "You too, dobe." Sasuke answered and smirked. He accepted Naruto's hand and stands up.

After a while Kakashi and the rest of the teams approach them. "Hey, Kakashi-sensei." Sasuke greeted. But Kakashi remained silent when suddenly he gave Sasuke a tight embrace. "It is so nice to see my student back again." Kakashi said dramatically.

"K-Kakashi-sensei I-I-I can't breathe." Sasuke chocked. "Hey!! Kakashi-sensei, you are killing teme!!" Naruto exclaimed. "Huh?? Sorry…" Kakashi said and let go of him. Kakashi then went back in reading his beloved book the 'Icha Icha Paradise'. Everyone just sweat drop at his act. After that the other ninjas said their welcome.

"Welcome back… Uchiha-san." Hinata said politely.


"Hey be polite to Hinata-chan!!" Naruto suddenly said.

"Why?? Is there something going between the two of you??" Sasuke asked him.

"Well…ahh…" Naruto said who is know so red.

"Well… what??" Sasuke pried.

"H-Hinata-chan is my…" Naruto answered and was know taking a glance at the Hyuuga who is as red as he is.

"Is your…" Sasuke said trying to find a good explanation.

"My girlfriend." Naruto finished.

"I've never thought you will actually court her. And that she has a crush on you for the longest time." Sasuke said.

"Umm…yeah. I've never thought about that also." Naruto said while rubbing his head.

"Very well… Welcome back Sasuke-kun!!" Ino suddenly said.

'Uh-oh another annoying fan girl.' Sasuke thought and shot her, a don't-come-near-me-or-your-dead-look. "Stop looking at me like that Sasuke-kun. I already found someone else. This lazy-ass over here." Ino said and locked arms with Shikamaru.

"Troublesome." Shikamaru said.

"What did you say Shika?!" Ino asked in a sweet but deadly tone. "Uh…nothing" Shikamaru answered with a large sweat drop. "Good" Ino said and smiled.

'What a very odd couple.' was all Sasuke could think about them.

Kiba, Shino, Chouji and Shikamaru just shake hands with him as a sign of greeting. Neji just nod a little which he returned. And Tenten just smiled at him which he returned with another nod. Lee on the other hand shot his fist in the air and said. "You have come back, my foe!! I'll will never give up Sakura-chan!!" in a dramatically way that made the people around him sweat drop.

"Aa…"Sasuke said and wondered 'Where is Sakura? Why is she not here? I thought she'll be the first person I'll see with tears and her eyes and saying 'Why did you left me Sasuke-kun or I hate you for leaving me'. What happened to her?'

Ino noticed the sudden change to Sasuke when he heard Sakura's name. She went beside him and was shot by his cold voice "What do you want?"

"Don't be that mean Sasuke. I'm just going to explain why Sakura-chan is not here." Ino explained.

"What makes you think I want to know why she is not here?" Sasuke asked in a low voice.

"Oh you don't. Very well I won't tell you." Ino said and walked away slowly counting in her mind '1…2…3…'

"Wait." Sasuke called. "Yes??" Ino said and faced the Uchiha yet again.

"Um… I well... I want... to know why… Sakura is not here." Sasuke asked a slight blush crossing his face.

"I'll tell you later when we get to Ichiraku. Besides I'm starving!!" Ino exclaimed and went towards her boyfriend. Sasuke just shrugged and followed the group slowly.

The pink haired teen is doing her best to cure her patient. She is pouring almost all her chakra. After a long hour of curing she let out a small smile. 'Done… and just in time to go to Ichiraku.' she thought happily.

She went out of the emergency room and was about to go to Ichiraku when another stretcher pass her. "Ms. Haruno, we need you immediately." the nurse carrying the stretcher exclaimed. Sakura let out a big sigh and went back to the E.R. thinking… 'It's my day-off already. Why can't I say no with this work?' and with that the E.R. door closed.

Today the Ichiraku is filled with Konoha ninjas. Their sensei is in one side drinking their heads off and having the greatest time of their life. Sasuke is sitting beside Naruto in a table with the other teams.

"I guess you want to know what happened this past 2 years." Naruto asked while slurping his bowl of ramen.

"Aa." Sasuke answered but was not actually paying attention to Naruto. He was waiting for Ino to explain why Sakura is not here today. When Sasuke saw Ino he shrugged loudly. She is so busy bothering her boyfriend but not even having time to explain to him.

"Hey teme, are you listening to me?" Naruto asked snapping Sasuke back to reality.


"I'm just saying if you're listening to me but I guess by your expression you are not. Never mind… as I was saying you can ask me everything about us you want to know." Naruto said taking another bowl of ramen.

"Alright… so what happened to you?" Sasuke asked.

"Me… I'm still the same. I still dreamed of becoming a Hokage. And believe it or not I'm stronger now. I also have Hinata-chan with me. I trained really hard to retrieve you but since you're back I'm reserving my strength to missions. That's about it I think. Next question" Naruto answered.

"Okay… Kakashi-sensei." Sasuke said

"He's still perverted. Always carries his perverted book and…oh… he's courting Anko-sensei." Naruto said.

"What?! I can't believe he'll ever court someone." Sasuke said in a surprised tone.

"I agree… so next?" Naruto said.

"What about Saku…ra?" Sasuke asked waiting for an answer.

"Sakura??" Naruto asked. Sasuke just nod and Waited for Naruto to explain what happened to his cherry blossom.

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