After their little episode of him being a little out of himself (coughjealouscough) the rest of the time is spend with the two of them sightseeing. Which Sasuke considered a total waste of time.

'Why did I went to this festival again?' he asked himself and then sighed. 'Oh yeah, so Sakura won't go with her crazy fanboys.' He can't help but look at the person next to him. 'Well at least one of us is having fun.' he thought when he saw the large grin pasted at the face of his pink-haired companion.

"Ne, isn't this festival nice? Everyone is enjoying their selves and I really love the way Tsunade-sama made everything so breathtaking." she said to her companion and beamed at him.

"Hn. If you consider these things 'breathtaking' I don't know why are we celebrating this type of festival." He answered emotionlessly. Well, he did try and enjoy this festival since he is the one that told her to come with him but what the heck. He was never the one to enjoy this type of things.

"Aren't you enjoying yourself, Sasuke-kun? We could go home early if you want." she suggested and her wide grin is disappearing to be only replaced by a small smile which Sasuke considered to be fake.

Actually her offer of going home early sounds very nice to his ear BUT considering his the one who ask her to come here… he can't just simply say "You're right I'm not enjoying myself. I'd rather be home or training than to be here in this stupid festival." He isn't that heartless or stupid to tell that in her face.

Since he didn't answer her question she was about to walk away from Sasuke and to the exit when Sasuke grabbed her wrist. "Sakura… let's just… uh…" Alright he doesn't know what to say. How he wished he didn't open his mouth.

"What is it, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked looking at a very tongue tied Uchiha.

"Ah, let's just have fun in this festival. I mean… it's such a waste to just go home." he said and silently sigh. That was so close.

"Really, Sasuke-kun? But I thought you're not enjoying yourself?" she answered obviously still a little sad with the lack of his enthusiasm.

"Of course, I'm enjoying myself I'm just a little bored that's all." he answered. Well he did lie but not all that he said is a lie. So his conscience is not that tortured.

"Oh… How about we ride something? Maybe that will lessen your bored ness." Sakura suggested and smiled. She then looked at the festival to find an exciting ride. "Ne, Sasuke-kun, why don't we ride that thing." she suggested and point at the ride she's talking about.

Sasuke followed the place where Sakura is pointing and he can't help but gape at the large swirling ride. 'She can't be serious.' he thought but found out she is serious when Sakura starts dragging him towards that ride…

Alright his blood circulation is about to die. Why you ask? Because Sakura is freaking gripping his hands so tight that he can't feel his hands anymore. Okaaayyy… it wasn't his fault she's freaking out and gripping his hands so tight.

I mean who wouldn't freak out when you're hanging about a thousand feet above ground. He couldn't just tell her to let go. I mean she's afraid for God's sake. Even he was a little afraid, who wouldn't be when the two of them are the only people inside this contraption and as he said a while ago the two of them are stuck.

How did this happened you asked? Well…


"Alright we're here." Sakura beamed and look at the entrance of the exciting ride and to Sasuke's opinion a death trap. "So, Sasuke-kun, are we going or not?" she asked and faced the person beside her.

If Sasuke was a sane person he would have said no but as you can see his an Uchiha and an Uchiha never make anyone see that his afraid of that death trap. You might wonder what that death trap is. It's actually a roller coaster which is so high you can almost see the whole village. He was not afraid of that really with its loop-the-loops but what struck his nerve is he was having bad feeling about that ride. Also, he notices no one is trying to ride that death trap. 'Something is seriously up.' he thought. But as we all know his neither a person to back down nor a person to tell what he thinks.

So when the two of them arrived at the entrance Sasuke can't help but suspiciously eye the man who was working in the ride. He was wearing a typical working clothes only his collar is high that hides half his face and that silver hair is strangely familiar. Just when he was about to approach the guy, Sakura suddenly pulled him to the ride.

He was sitting in the right and Sakura beside her. So the ride finally moves and they went higher and higher and higher and just when the ride was about to plunge downward it stopped…

"What the?!" he whispered and look at the girl beside her. She was actually trembling and clutched his hand really tight. 'Damn, and that' my shuriken hand too. I won't be feeling my hand any day.' he thought.

And so that what happened. The two of them stuck in this death trap and with his hand dying because of Sakura's grip.

"Um… Sakura?" he called.

"Yea…" she answered nervously.

"Would you mind loosening you're grip in my hand?" Sasuke asked. It's not like his heartless or anything but common her death grip is killing his hand.

"Gomen, Sasuke-kun. It's just that I'm afraid we are gonna fall or will be stuck here forever." Sakura said and loosened her hold in his hand but not completely letting it go.

"We are not gonna fall, Sakura. And most definitely we are not gonna be stuck here forever okay." he assured and to make her feel better he put his right hand in her shoulder and pull her in a half embraced. And he then put his left hand in Sakura's hand.

Suddenly a voice was heard…


Sasuke narrowed his eyes at the speaker. 'That voice sounds familiar… and that guy with silver hair working in this ride. That guy… it's…'

But before he finished his theory the ride continued… and SWOOSH…

When the both of them got out from the ride Sasuke immediately tried to find the guy. 'Where is that guy? He is definitely Kakashi-sensei.' he thought but found no one. 'Lucky guy.' he thought.

And he immediately dragged Sakura away from that ride. Once again the two of them are walking in the festival. When Sakura suddenly stopped and look at a gigantic teddy bear in one booth. Sasuke look at her strangely and she just shook her head and said "You must think I'm stupid or something but that bear is so kawaii!! Anyways, let's go, Sasuke-kun." and was about to leave when she saw Sasuke paying the guy in the booth and holding three balls.

"Sasuke-kun, you shouldn't have done that." she said.

"Hn." was what he answered and faced the guy in the stand. "How can I win that bear over there." he asked and point at the bear Sakura's been ogling her eyes a while ago.

"Just knock the pins three times and no chakra allowed." he answered which earned a nod from the Uchiha. Sasuke was about to throw his first ball when a hand held his hand.

"What the heck? Sakura, what are you doing?" he asked but he was only answered by a smile and a kiss in his hands which earned a blush from him.

"For good luck." she said and beamed at him.

"Aa" he said and throw the three balls and since he trained in accuracy he won the bear Sakura wants.

"Here." he said and gave the bear in front of Sakura's face with a tinge of pink in his face. Sakura hugged the bear Sasuke gave and smiled at him.

"Thank you, Sasuke-kun." she said and kissed the blushing boy to the cheek.

Sakura can't help but hugged her bear tightly. 'Sasuke-kun just won me a bear.' she happily thought. While Sasuke can't help but smirk and thought 'She definitely loved that toy I won for her.'

The two of them are walking silently when Sakura saw Naruto with the rest of the gang "Naruto, Hinata, Ino, Shikamaru, Tenten and Neji-k-" she called but was silenced when Sasuke covered her mouth.

"Don't call the Hyuuga with my –kun. Alright" was what he said. His eyes narrowing once again towards a certain Hyuuga. He doesn't like Sakura putting –kun in someone else name. That suffix match better in his name especially if Sakura was the one calling him that.

"Alright Sasuke-kun. I won't call anyone with YOUR –kun. Happy?" she asked.

"Very." was all he said and then they both heard Naruto calling them.

"Sakura-chan, Sasuke-teme." he called and wave.

The two of them approach the group and Sasuke muttered something that sounds like 'dobe'.

"Hey, so you two are having fun? And who gave you that adorable bear?" Ino greeted which earned the couple to blush.

"Umm… Sasuke-kun… won it for me." she answered shyly which earned an "Awww" from the girls.

"Why can't you be that sweet Shika-kun?" Ino asked which was only answered by a "Troublesome woman." from the lazy genius.

"What did you say?" she asked.

"Che, nothing." was all Shikamaru said.

The group was talking about some stuff when an announcement is heard…


As for our specially mentioned group…

"Naruto-kun, I didn't know you entered us in this contest?"

"Shika-kun, when did you move that lazy butt of yours and join US in this contest?"

"Neji-kun, you entered us in this contest… Oh my God!! Are you really Neji?"

"Sasuke-kun… how come I didn't know you entered us in this contest?"

"We didn't enter that contest!!" the unfortunate guys said in unison.

"Oh well, since your names are called we better go their or else Tsunade-sama might get mad at us. Beside they specially mentioned you." Sakura said and the three girls just nod to support her reasoning.

The boys just sigh and went to their doom…

'Kakashi-sensei… you're going to be a dead man.' Sasuke thought remembering the same voice in the ride that they rode earlier.

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