Ron, Hermione and the rest had noticed something strange going on. Oh, not Dark side of the Force strange…more a Harry's acting really strange and so is Malfoy. What's going on? they asked themselves.

It was Harry who gave them the first hints as to his extremely odd behavior.

They were sitting at dinner as they always did, and Hermione happened to be facing the Slytherin table.

"Harry, why is Malfoy looking at you?"

"Why would Draco be looking at me?"

"Draco? When have you ever called him Draco?" Ron asked, with his usual expression of bewildered surprise.

"Just forget it."

"Harry, why would Malfoy be looking at you?"

Harry glanced over his shoulder and caught the eye of Malfoy. Harry grinned, and Hermione saw Malfoy grin back.

"Why were you grinning at Malfoy?"

"I wasn't grinning at him, I was smirking. We have a duel planned for tonight. I need to get him back for some things he said about Neville."

"What was it this time?"

"Oh, you know, the usual."

"Why are you being so shifty, mate?"

"Yeah, you're all guilty. What's going on?"

"Nothing! Just drop it will you?"

"Sorry, Harry. We didn't mean to pry."

"Yeah we did!"

"Look, guys, I appreciate that you take such an interest in my evening life but it has nothing to do with you, so BACK OFF!"

Ron and Hermione practically shrank under his fury…along with the rest of the hall. Well he did shout the last two words.

It took Harry about a minute to realize that everyone in the hall was staring at him.

"What're you looking at?" he stated to the room as a whole before storming out. He paused outside the doors and heard the titters and laughter coming from inside. He leant against the wall and slid down it until he was crouching while still leaning against it.

The doors opened again and Draco Malfoy came out to join him.

"You really should have been in Slytherin, you know?"

"Shut up Draco. I sometimes think you should have been placed in Gryffindor with me."

"You cut me deep Harry."

"I mean it. You spied on Voldy for months for me and helped me defeat him. That really is brave, almost like a Gryffindor." He sniggered.

Draco laughed and knelt down in front of Harry.

"So why'd you suddenly go skitzo at the dinner table?"

"They were asking me questions about what I do with my evenings."

"What you tell 'em?"

"The reason you were staring at me was that we had a duel planned for later tonight. You gotta be more careful. Don't you know the meaning of the word subtlety?"

"What? I can't help it that you're gorgeous. It's not my fault I keep staring at you…I can't help it."

Harry reached out and grabbed his shirt and started to pull him closer for a kiss when the doors opened and Ron and Hermione entered.