Dearest AATHU readers,

I have finally made a sequel. What's that? You're excited? Excellent, so am I! Please see my author's page to read the sequel, All About The Secrets (And Maybe Some Unity).

Thank you darlings!

- Aeris

Here is a preview for your reading pleasure:

Hermione blinked and glanced at Harry and Ron, who were eyeing her confusedly.

"What?" She inquired.

"Don't you 'what' us," Ron said in an accusatory tone.

"...What?" Hermione repeated, confusion evident in her voice.

"What are you doing over break, Hermione?" Harry asked gently. Hermione raised a brow.

"Going to see my family. Why?"

"We heard differently," Ron said, almost triumphantly. "We heard you're gonna do Malfoy."

"What?" Hermione screeched.