A/N: This is extremely short, but bear with me, it's the prologue. The actual chapters will be longer, I promise you. I plan on making this upwards of anywhere between twenty and fifty chapters long, or until my ideas run out. The prologue is from Raven's point of view, but the rest of it will be in third person point of view.

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Raven's Teen Titans Survival Guide

Prologue – Set up for the Guide

Everyone knows that we, The Teen Titans, are the official super hero team of Jump City. (And if you didn't know that, you're obviously stupid and not worth my time.) We keep the streets safe for people like you. (Be grateful. I don't even like most of you, yet I save your hides time and time again.)

Yes, I admit, we live a rather lavish lifestyle. "Amazing", if you will. But when you've got teammates like my teammates (not to mention enemies like ours), being a super hero isn't always so amazing.

So, more for my own sanity than yours, I've composed a survival guide to help me overcome my insufferable teammates. Perhaps it will help you a little bit, too. (God knows one can only deal with Starfire's perkiness or Beast Boy's jokes for so long.)

The guide will contain helpful tips to deal with certain undesirable aspects of my teammates, and also things to all together avoid. Hopeful it will assist you in some way, or at least entertain you – otherwise, it's really pointless for you to read it, now isn't it?

So enjoy it, or whatever.

A/N: Once again, I'm very sorry it's such a short begining, but there wasn't muchI could do to make the prologue longer. Read and review, kindly!