Chapter 33

"Hi, Nid" He said "Are you gonna let me in?" He joked.

"Sure, come on in" Nidia said as she shared a look with Victoria.

"Is Kelly here?"Randy asked.

"Bathroom" Victoria said.

Randy walked towards the bedroom and knocked on the door.

"Come in" Kelly said as the door opened to reveal Randy.

"Randy!" She exclaimed as her jaw dropped.

"Wow, where are you going?" He asked "I don't remember anything about going out tonight"

"I'm going out with the girls" Kelly said.

"Oh" He said "I thought we could spend a night together, just the two of us" He started walking in her direction.

"Maybe some other night" She said and he stopped and glared at her.

She turned around to check her make-up and felt his eyes on her "What?"

Before he could say anything, Victoria knocked on the door "Kelly, they're here"

She looked at Randy and sighed. He was gonna find out, right there.

Before she walked out, she looked down and took a deep breath and looked back up at him "We're going with the SmackDown roster"

Randy's jaw tightened "Is Cena going?"

Kelly nodded.

"We're together, Kelly, and you're going out with other guys!" He raised his voice.

"Don't raise your voice at me!" She said and his eyes widened "We're not together, because one day you're flirting with Stacy and the other day you're with me, when you haven't officially asked me to be your girlfriend!"

He didn't say anything and she went on "So officially, no, we're not together. I'm not someone you can boss around, Randy, I'm not a little girl, I'm my own person and I'm independent and free to do what I want"

"If that's what you want…" He said and walked towards the door "I never thought you would do this to me"

"You started it, and I didn't do anything, Randy. I would never do such a thing. I thought you knew me better" She said.

"So did I" He said and opened the door.

"Hey, man, what's up?" Cena's voice was heard as Kelly followed Randy out of the bathroom.

Randy ignored him and bumped his shoulder against John's.

John was about to protest when Kelly's hand on his shoulder stopped him.

"Everything alright?" Rob Van Dam asked as Kelly turned around, and looked at him, surprised he was even there.

"Yeah" She smiled as she felt John look at her "Let's go have fun"

"Now you're talking, mamacita" Eddie Guerrero, who was also in the room said as Nidia laughed.


The next morning…

"Good morning" Kelly said in a weak voice as Nidia and Victoria looked up at her.

"Finally, what took you so long?" Victoria asked and winced as Kelly dragged the chair, creating a whole lot of noise and also a lot of attention coming other tables.

"Sleep. A lot of sleep was in the way" Kelly said.

"Kel, Vicky and I were talking about last night…" Nidia paused as Kelly's expression changed and she looked petrified "Nothing bad happened" She said and Kelly breathed out in relief "But we think Cena may be into you"

"That's ridiculous" Kelly said "Yes, he invited me but an invitation means nothing"

"It definitely means something, Kelly; he was all over last night" Victoria said "Be careful, alright? I know you're pissed off at Randy, but don't run off to somebody else's arms"

"Don't worry, girls" Kelly said "I'm fine all by myself"

The girls nodded as a sign they were glad to hear what Kelly had just said.

"There's Randy" Nidia said as Kelly turned around and saw him.

She frowned as she noticed he was alone. No Stacy "Hummm"

"What?" Nidia asked "What are you "hummming" about?"

"He's alone. No Stacy"

Victoria's eyes widened "I totally forgot that. It's true, he's alone"

"Randy!" Nidia called him and Kelly immediately turned around, facing her meal and hoping he wouldn't come up to them. He did.

"Hi, girls" He said and Kelly felt his eyes on her.

"Sit down"

"No, thanks, I gotta get going to the arena. I'll see you girls later" Randy said as the girls nodded.

"See ya" The girls said and looked at Kelly as she remained silent.

"Yikes" Victoria said as they watched Randy leave.


A few weeks went by, and Kelly and Randy's situation remained the same.

Kelly was now going out on a regular basis with the SmackDown's roster and got to know John Cena a bit better, which had pissed off Randy to the fullest to the point where he spent weeks without talking to her and making sure he rubbed on her face the fact that he and Stacy were too becoming very good friends. Almost too very good friends.

"Ms. Collins" She heard a voice behind her and rolled her eyes. Eric Bischoff.

"Hi, Eric" She maintained a straight serious face "What can I do for you?"

Eric's eyes wondered over her body and the beautiful Diva fought the urge to slap a hand across his face.

"I just wanted to get your thoughts on Taboo Tuesday" Eric said "What do you think of the concept?"

Kelly paused and frowned, this wasn't what she was expecting from him but went along with it "I think it's a great idea, it's time to let the fans decide what they want to see"

Bischoff's jaw tightened, he was expecting her to share his opinion and kissing his ass.

"I should have known" He replied "Well, don't keep your opponent waiting"

Kelly frowned yet again "Opponent? I'm not scheduled to wrestle tonight"

"Oh, you are now" Bischoff retorted and before Kelly could reply she felt a sharp blow on her back and a familiar voice trash-talking her.

The young Diva fell to the ground as Trish Stratus kicked her in the ribs, while still unloading the regular amount of trash-talking.

A scream was heard and soon Trish was off of Kelly as Kelly looked up and saw Chris Jericho pulling Trish by the hair.

Before he could do any harm to her, Trish kicked in privates and stormed off, obviously scared, while Chris fell to the ground in pain.

Kelly knelt down next to him while trying to help him.

"Are you alright?" He managed to say through the pain.

She smiled "Yeah, thanks. Let's take care of you now" She said as she helped him up and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

"You're still not over her, are you?" She asked after a few moments of silence.

"I'm not over what she did to me. But I swear to God, sooner or later, I'll get my final revenge" Chris said.

Kelly looked at Chris, surprised at the intensity residing on his face.

"Yep, Trish better watch out" She thought.