A/N: I began writing this just before I watched 'The Captain's Hand' and the events of that episode didn't work for this story. I will be using various elements of the episode (Lee's promotions) but his time on Pegasus keeping Kara in line never happens in this story. This story may be disturbing to some as it contains mature themes and sexual content. It was originally a one-part story but it became so long that I decided to split it into two. Hope you enjoy. Oh, and please excuse any errors - I'm not perfect and sometimes I get names and other details wrong. :)

Lee could pinpoint exactly when it began - one week after he started dating Dee ...


Kara was in the empty bunkroom getting undressed for bed. It was late - quite a bit later than she'd normally turn in when she was on duty first thing in the morning, but she couldn't sleep. At least, that was the lie she was telling herself. In reality, she was waiting to see when and if a certain bunkmate was coming back for the night.

The hatch swung open and Lee walked in, uniform jacket draped over his arm. His eyebrows raised when he spied Kara, still awake. He strode in and opened his locker to hang up his jacket. Then he began undoing his trousers.

"You're up late," he commented.

"So are you."

"I'm not on early shift though."

"How was your date? You're back awfully late - must have been a good long frak," she said spitefully, turning to face his back.

He whirled around, an angry look on his face. "I realize it's something you have no understanding of, but Dee is a lady. One does not frak a lady like she's a piece of trash," he shot back.

Kara steamed. "Don't you dare," she hissed between clenched teeth.

Lee advanced on her till he was only a few inches away. "Dare what? Dare to call you a slut? It's what you are."

She swung at him hard but he knew it was coming and blocked it. He grabbed both of her arms and pinned them against the locker over her head. She struggled but to no avail - Lee's muscular arms were as useful as they were gorgeous to look at. He felt her tense and pinned her lower half as well, knowing she was about to give him a vicious knee in the groin.

"What the hell is your problem Kara?"

"I'm not the one with the problem sir," she hissed.

"Then why are you so jealous?"

"Jealous? Ha! What would I have to be jealous of? You're the one with the girlfriend you obviously can't frak, yet you're all over me now. I'd say you're the one with issues." She laughed mockingly.

"Pinning your arms hardly qualifies as 'all over you'," he said nastily, adjusting his grip so he was holding her two arms with his one. The other arm came down from above her head and traced a line down the front of her body - down her neck, over her breast, her stomach, and coming to rest on her hip. "That's more like it."

Kara's nostrils flared but she said nothing. There was nothing evil enough to describe Lee Adama and what he was doing to her, even in her extensive vocabulary of insults. Not to mention, she was highly aroused. Here they were, both in nothing but underwear, bodies pressed hard against one another. Somewhat reminiscent of a recent time they'd been this way. Only this time, Lee was taking charge. And that turned her on much more than she'd like to admit. There weren't many men willing to challenge her for control, so when one did, she found it a titillating experience.

"So, what are you gonna do now, Captain? Take me and frak me against the wall? Somehow I don't think your girlfriend would like that,' she added sarcastically, green eyes glowing with expectation.

"Yeah, you'd like that wouldn't you? You're still pining for the last time aren't you? When I wouldn't give you the easy lay you wanted." As he spoke, his hand moved across her panties till he cupped her, thumb pressing gently on her centre. "Well, here's something you may have forgotten in your drunkenness - I'm not that kind of guy." His fingers began playing her harder, right through her underwear, and she bit her lip as her mind and body warred against each other.

They glared at one another for a moment as he continued to work her, feeling the heat beneath his fingers increasing. As Lee slipped his fingers underneath the underwear and slid into her warm wetness, her mind gave up the fight. He felt her resistance melt away and worked her harder, two fingers up inside while his thumb rolled and pressed her swollen centre. Her hips began to move in rhythm with his hands as her climax approached. But she held part of herself in check - she would not cry out, not say his name while she came. Not like that fateful time with Baltar, which was really, where all of this began.

She finally reached the edge and snapped, coming hard against his hand. "Ohhh ..." slipped out as her body was set afire with ripples of pleasure.

They stood together for a moment afterwards, neither one moving, as Kara's eyes stayed shut and Lee stared at her flushed face. Then he pulled out of her and let go of her arms.

"I will never frak you - until you're mine and only mine. Understand?" he said in a low voice, blue eyes deep and dark with desire.

"Bastard," she spat out, eyes narrowing.



And the two of them had separated to undress and get into their bunks. The incident hadn't been mentioned by either one of them again, until ...

One week later ...


"Nice work everyone," Lee said to the squadron of pilots just returning from a firefight. "No casualties - just the way I like it. Let's hit the showers."

The pilots all headed out of the hangar bay, peeling back their flightsuits and tying them around their waists.

"One moment Captain Thrace. I need to see you in the ready room."

Kara rolled her eyes but moved off and headed for the ready room. What was Lee going to do to her now? Probably going to chew her out for some violation of the rules - it didn't seem she could ever do anything right for him. Especially lately.

"So what is it this time?" she said resignedly as she pushed open the hatch and wandered in. Lee followed her in, shut the hatch and locked it, and grabbed her from behind, one muscular arm wrapped around her waist while the other plunged down the bottom half of her flightsuit, finding her centre immediately.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" she hissed angrily, struggling against him.

"I know how wound up you get when you fly, and how much you need release." He pressed his mouth against her ear and whispered. "I'm giving it to you."

She shivered as her sweaty body broke out in goosebumps. "I'm sure I can find someone else to frak me properly, like I always do," she said defiantly, knowing what would hurt him most.

"Like I said, I'll be more than happy to give you the frak of your life. All you have to do is tell me you're mine and you don't want anyone else."

"Never," she spat.

"Well then, you're stuck with getting your release like this then," he said, beginning to work his fingers on her.

"You really do have issues Captain. I think your callsign has gone to your head."

"I'm not a god?" he whispered, biting her ear.

She laughed harshly. "Far from it. What do you suppose your girlfriend is going to think when she finds out you can't keep your hands off me?"

"She's not going to find out," he said firmly, pressing harder on her, causing her to shudder. Lee really did know her too well. She did get a huge adrenaline rush from flying, especially in battle, and always needed a release afterwards. But it was only occasional that she found someone else to work it out with. What Lee didn't know was that she usually resorted to taking care of herself in the shower - all the while thinking of him.

"You seem to be needing release as much as I do," she taunted, feeling his erection pressing hard against her buttocks. "Why don't you go find Dee and frak her instead of playing games with me?" She was beginning to feel breathless and her legs were definitely getting weaker. She cursed herself for being too easy. She should use some of the tactics she'd learned in self-defence and lay him out flat, but the truth was she loved having Lee's hands on her, and his warm breath on the back of her neck. She'd wanted him for so long, there was no way she could deny it now, even though this definitely wasn't how she wanted it to be.

"I will, when I'm finished with you. Only we don't call it frakking." He leaned in close and licked her ear as he spoke. "I't's called making love when you're with someone you actually care about. Not," he added, "that you'd know how that feels."

"You bastard!" she cried, trying to wriggle out of his grasp." I hate you!"

Lee just held on tighter. "You may hate me, but you love how I make you feel." He increased the speed and intensity of his fingers on her, and that, coupled with her fierce struggling, served to bring her to the edge almost immediately. He dropped his head down and kissed the back of her neck, nuzzling his unshaven face against the one spot she couldn't resist.

"I ... frakking ... hate ... you ... Lee Adama," she breathed out, and she began to pant.

"Mmm, hate, love ... sometimes it's hard to tell the difference," he murmured, pulling her closer to rub himself against her tight buttocks.

She groaned and pushed backwards against him, urging him to continue. Her climax was so close - she stiffened as it came. Lee bit her neck - hard, and the pain and pleasure coupled together overwhelmed her. She melted back into his arms, writhing in ecstasy. Lee lost whatever shred of control he'd managed to hold onto thus far. She'd been right - he'd needed the release as much as she did, and touching her, bringing her pleasure, had aroused him much more than he'd expected it to. He thrust upwards against her suddenly and came hard - causing a large wet spot to form on his underwear. Fortunately it wouldn't be seen through his flightsuit.

After several minutes, her body's shuddering stopped and she began to breathe normally again. Lee released her and she turned to face him, an angry, hurt look in her eyes.

"Feel better?" he asked sarcastically.

"I hate you," she hissed. "How dare you ..."

"You could have stopped me. I know you could - I taught you how remember?"

She stared silently at him, snorting repeatedly in an attempt to curb her anger. Hitting this superior asshole was more than likely going to earn her time in hack - something she wanted to avoid.

"I hope Dee isn't in the mood," she taunted sarcastically. "Considering you probably don't have anything left to give her."

Lee walked up close till she could feel his breath on her face as he spoke. "You're forgetting I'm Apollo," he said quietly. "I can do anything."


And he could. That night had been the first time he'd taken Dee and it had been ... okay. Not nearly as sensual as what had happened with Kara. But then again, Kara radiates sexual energy. She may not be a 'girly girl' but she's so intensely female it's ... irresistible!

Lee was in a quandary. He and Kara apparently detested each other - at least that's how they acted, but the tension between them was growing steadily.

Yet, things were going so well with Dee. She was a 'nice' girl in the true sense of the word. She was kind, caring, sweet, loving ... everything he wanted in a woman. Or thought he wanted. But the spark was missing. Kara was difficult, demanding, loud, selfish ... but it was only with her that he felt the spark - the thing that made him want to live, despite the dreariness of their lives. He tried to convince himself it was because of Dee - that since the shooting and their getting together he'd been happier, but though Dee may have been fooled by his sugar-sweet behaviour with her, he wasn't.

His thoughts were for Kara alone. He sought her eyes during every briefing, scheduled himself on shifts with her more often than off, and he found himself beginning to think of her while making love to Dee - trying to make it more passionate. But still, he had to keep himself tightly reigned in, lest he call out her name instead of Dee's in bed.

But his trysts with Kara were never in bed ...


Lee stripped off the last of his clothes and grabbed his towel. This shower was long awaited - he'd had a meeting with his father directly after CAP, and the sweat had dried on his body, leaving him feeling dirty. Only one other shower was occupied - a blonde head caught his attention, Kara. No one had hair like hers - soft and silken. He longed to run his fingers through it, but Kara wasn't his; probably never would be. The thought filled him with sadness, but also a fierce desire to take her and make her his.

He pushed open the curtain and stepped in, grabbing her from behind. Kara didn't flinch. She knew exactly who it was - no one else would be stupid enough to do the things Lee did. That, and the hair at the back of her neck and been prickling for several minutes - her radar that Lee was close.

"Major," she said, using his newly gained rank.


"What do you want?" she asked flatly.

"You know what I want."

"And you will never get it," she said angrily.

"Why is it so hard?" he whispered in her ear.

She spun out of his grasp and stood, naked and wet, hands on her hips. "You rejected me, remember? And not two weeks later you're seeing another woman," she seethed. "And let's not even get into what the two of you were doing while she was still with Billy."

"You have no right to make accusations like that," he blazed. "You who can't keep her pants up!"

"Seems you're the one who's always taking them down," she said spitefully, eyes blazing.

"Well you've saved me that step this time," he said, eyes narrowing. He strode forward and pinned her to the shower wall, drenching them both in the spray.

"You are such a bastard Apollo," she hissed, but her body was betraying her already. A naked, wet Lee was something she'd fantasized about too many times to count. The wetness between her legs had nothing to do with the shower. If Lee's response was any indication, this had been a fantasy of his too.

His hands held her at the waist while his mouth worked busily at her neck - licking and sucking his way from her ear down to the hollow of her throat. He grabbed a small piece of skin and bit, causing her to flinch against him.

"Ow!" she hissed, bucking against him and feeling him grow against her.

"Hurt?" He licked a path down her chest to her right breast and took it in his mouth, sucking hard. Her body arched against his as the pleasure centre of her brain took over. Lee slid his hands to her buttocks and pulled her towards him, bringing his erection in contact with her centre.

Kara felt as though she'd been burned. His touch had never felt so good. Of course, he'd never been naked before with her, and now for the first time they were experiencing all of each other's bodies.

Lee was dying to enter her - her warmth beckoned, but he would not give in. He'd promised himself he wouldn't give her everything till she was ready to be his. But oh how hard that promise was going to be to keep, now that they were here, ready and she seemed willing.

Lee turned his attention to her other breast, and Kara began to moan as her body drew closer and closer to the edge. Her lower body began to rub against his, and as she came unbearably close, she had to stop herself from moving forward slightly and taking him inside her. She throbbed - ached to have him inside her, pulsing hotly as he claimed her. But he belongs to Dee now - you had your chance but you frakked it up by being too scared to tell him how you really feel.

Lee dropped to his knees and focused his tongue where it counted, licking her swollen core harder and harder as she shuddered against him. Her nails raked across his shoulders, leaving deep grooves that would probably scar.

"Lee ..." she moaned, body bucking against his face. This was too much like her fantasies - orgasm in the shower - calling out Lee's name, though she'd always had to whisper before in case someone else was around.

As her blood slowed it's raging pace through her body, Lee rose to his feet. He leaned forward and kissed her full on the lips, though he'd vowed not to get that intimate with her. This was supposed to be aloof, and cold until she confessed how she really felt about him. But he couldn't resist ...

Their mouths opened and their tongues began to duel, each looking for mastery over the other and not getting it. As the kiss deepened and they let down their barriers, it became apparent to Lee that he couldn't just back off and leave her now that she was done. He needed this as much as she did. He reached for her hand, clasped it and guided it down to his swollen shaft.

"Do it for me Kara - make me come," he whispered throatily as he pulled away from her mouth. Their foreheads rested against one another's and they searched each other's souls, eyes wide.

"Is it really me you want doing this?" she asked, gripping him but not moving her hand.

"Gods yes Kara - please ..." he begged, nearly losing control as she touched him. He leapt in her hand, proving the truth of his words.

She began rubbing him slowly, almost too slowly. "I should deny you, you two-timing bastard," she whispered.

He threw back his head, eyes closed in pleasure, but didn't answer. His breath was becoming ragged and he threw one arm out to the shower wall to steady himself. The other hand crept back across her thighs and he began to rub her hard, sliding two fingers inside her.

"Mmm ..." Kara moaned, feeling herself almost ready again. Gods, what he does to me! she thought, breath coming in short gasps.

"Oh ... Kara," he moaned, so close. "Please, harder, oh ... harder," he pleaded, desperate for his release.

Kara stole a glance down to find a few drops of liquid on the head of his shaft. She rubbed it around with her thumb and he began to throb faster and faster in her grasp. Apollo indeed - he was certainly more than a handful!

"Come on you bastard - come for me - you know you want to," she said huskily, words egging him on.

"Gods Kara! Oh ..." he cried out, body bucking suddenly as he spurted his seed on her in several hard thrusts. His fingers within her clenched hard as he came, and it was enough to bring her along with him.

"Frak ... oh, frak me ..." she exploded, body shaking against his hand as pleasure spread through every nerve ending.

They stood, gasping for air, until the water began to turn cold, then they quickly moved apart.

"I need to get clean," Lee said coldly, walking out of the stall and turning on the shower in the next one.

"You are the biggest frakking asshole I've ever, EVER known!" she spat angrily, fixing him with a narrow-eyed glare over the shower divider.

"You are so easy Kara - calling you a slut gives you too much credit," he shot back, drenching himself in the cold water.

"I hate you!" she yelled, pulling her towel off the hook and wrapping it around herself. She stalked out of the head, firmly convinced that she would never let Lee Adama touch her again.