Chapter 1: Burying The Past.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just slowed down to a crawl and finally to a complete stop, just to think about how things are going for you? Only to find that not only that things aren't going as well as you believed, but that you really need to reevaluate yourself and your life? For example, you believed that all of those years that you were doing the right thing and when it was all too late, you found out that you were doing the absolute worst thing possible. Or that you were doing something that you were told that was best for you but ended up being what was best for someone else.

Well that was what Ron Stoppable has been feeling. And it wasn't the first time, either. He's been feeling this way, ever since the beginning of senior year. It had just used to be just once a while, but he started to think about it more recently. Just what the hell has he done with his life? Let's compare the things that he had done in his life…

He managed to play a part in saving the world. That's a plus.

He found out that he's a pretty damn good cook! Another plus.

What else?

He was…well…pretty good at making masks. His disguise did fooled a robot, before.

Three things that he was good at! Pretty good for a person, right? Maybe. But to other people? Wrong!

Not a "wrong" actually. Not even a "sick and wrong." More like a "Hell no!" Let's face it, in his case, he hadn't done anything that was worth wile.

For one thing, he was a coward. Not just any coward, but a total coward. He was at one time dubbed "The boy who was afraid of everything" for crying out loud! He was also nervous klutz most of the time. He was also known for being a weakling. After all, when it came to fights, Ron Stoppable either A) Get his ass kicked, or B) Run like hell! The results were mostly the latter, sometimes the former. That was the reason why he got his outcast status in the school, partially at least. Here are some more reasons.

For one, he gets his ass saved by a girl frequently. He's also said girl's biggest ass kisser, as some would say, so basically he didn't have much guts. His fashion sense wasn't exactly the best either. While the clothes he bought from Smarty Mart were fine with him, let's face it. You dress cheaply and you'd be treated cheaply. Basically he was a joke, but for the few people who'd even bother to get near him, he was like he was somebody's kid brother.

The more he thought about it, the more frustrated he became. At his life, at how he was treated, at the things he could've done but didn't do because of his bad qualities? At the end, he didn't blame anyone. Not those who had insulted him, mocked him, and laughed at them. He would've done the same thing to, if he saw himself now that he though about it. That one person to blame? Himself. If there was anyone in the world who he blamed, it was himself. But that didn't mean that he'd have to live with it. That didn't mean that he couldn't improve.

Maybe that was why he didn't go to the prom. They say that you only have one prom, but then again, he didn't care. He didn't have a date, he never had a date, and he'll never get a date for the prom, so why should he get all excited? Just to see everyone else have fun and him sitting alone and watch? There was Kim, however…

He shook his head. He could remember how it happened. Her would-be date, Eric? The same guy who basically replaced him in Kim's life? The same guy who turned out to be a synthodrone? Well, that wasn't completely accurately true. Eric did turned out to be a synthodrone, but then again he didn't. When Kim found out that Drakken kidnapped Eric? That was true, but that was much earlier. Much before prom started. He managed to find this out after the synthodrone was destroyed. As he went to leave, he, or Rufus rather, found another room. When the door opened, much to their surprise was Eric, who was not wearing his tuxedo, but was still wearing street clothes. Of course the lovely couple went to the prom, and he was left with nothing, nada, zilch.

How pitiful. The girl who you thought just realized that what the guy she wanted was right under her nose, decided to go with the guy she originally went with. On second thought, Eric was, in a way, under her nose. He was just cleverly hidden. A girl realizes her feelings for you, and in just a few minutes later goes back to her old flame. To say that this was sad would be re-stating the obvious. It was then when he finally had realized that what would happen if he kept living the way he was now. It was then when he made his decision.

One of the few good things in his life was the he got royalties checks from the success of the Naco, which were at least around 50 thousand dollars every few months. However, after that fiasco with the first royalties check, his parents had control of his money until he was more mature with his money or was 21, whichever came first. He didn't plan on using that much, just enough to get him by. Leading to another one of the few good things in his life:

He managed to get a cooking scholarship to a culinary school in California: The Art Institute of California–Los Angeles. The only bad thing about that is that he'd be leaving home and be living without his parents around. That was rather normal for a person leaving home to go to a school far away. But it also served as a symbol of a child going off into adulthood. Besides, for Ron this would be a new beginning, a new fresh start. And he wasn't talking about a fresh start that'd end up in him getting his infamous reputation that took him a lifetime to achieve.

With a sigh, there was only one more thing to do before he left: Deal with graduation. It was just tomorrow and all he had to do was just get his diploma and leave. He didn't have to deal with anyone, and he didn't have to take anyone's crap for that matter either. He already told the few friends he had about his plans: Felix, Monique, and Wade. He tried to tell Kim, but she's just been so busy with Eric. For all she knew, he was still planning on going to Upperton University in Colorado, with her. Imagine her surprise… It'd just have to show her that things change, and that not all plans turn out to be for the best.

At he rode on his greatly-improved scooter, Ron was set off to do one thing that, if he succeeded, would prove that he can do things for himself, by himself. That he didn't need to be saved. He then heard that familiar four-beep sound as he reached down and grabbed his Ronnunicator. He sighed, "What now Wade?"

"Are you sure that you want to go through with this?" The young boy asked, worried evident on his face.

"I have too." He replied. "This has gone on long enough! Too long to be honest! This is something I gotta do! If I can do this, then I have nothing to worry about."

"But this isn't just some villain you're going up against. It's not even Monkey Fist you have to deal with!"

Ron glared at the screen. "Read my lips: I…don't…care! This has been haunting me since forever and now I'm going to resolve it!"

"But are you sure-"

"If you ask me that question one last time, I swear to got I'm going to-"

Wade held up his hands. "Okay Ron, I understand. Just don't do anything crazy, okay?"

"Oh, and two more things Wade." Ron said as he looked up and saw the sign. He was near his destination. It wouldn't be long now before he had to go through with what he would have to.

"What is it Ron?" He asked.

"One, you don't tell a word to anybody about this! Not even your mom knows about this, dig?"

"Not even Kim?"

"Especially Kim! Knowing her she'd try to stop me. She wouldn't understand at all…" He then said under his breath. "Or care…" He spoke in his normal voice. "I can't have that. And finally, disable whatever tracking chips you have on me."

"WHAT?" Wade's eyes went wide in shock. But the question was: Was it because of what Ron had just asked, or was it because he knew that there was a tracking chip on him. "HOW'D YOU-"

"What kind of fool do you take me for, Wade?" Ron asked as he then stopped, remembering his less-than-favorable reputation. "Don't answer that. Just disable the chip."

"I can't do that! Kim would kill me!" Wade explained as he then saw a glare that could put Kim's to shame. He's never seen Ron this serious, this intense before.

"What makes you think I won't?" He replied, his tone much colder than before. This was very serious for him and he'd be damned if he was going to let Wade ruin it because of his lack of faith in him. "Nobody knows about this! You dig?"

It was hard for him to do so, especially knowing the possible ramifications of this, but Wade gave, in as he stroke a few keys on his keyboard. "Okay, the tracking chip has been disabled."

"Good." Ron simply said. He was now at his destination as he found a decent parking spot. "Afterwards, we'll talk about how you got one on me and how to get rid of it!"

"Okay Ron, you lost it. Just how are we going to make sure that you're safe?"

"I'm serious! Do you know how sick and wrong it is to do this to someone? It's like a violation of one's privacy. How am I supposed to learn something without having someone watching me 24-7?" He asked as parked, killing the engine to his scooter.

"I tried talking her out of it but she wouldn't listen." Wade explained.

"We'll she's gonna have to deal with it." Ron simply said as he headed towards the entrance, having his money in hand. "Are you sure this is the right place?"

"What's with you, Ron?" Wade asked. "I've never seen you act this way before! Did something happen?"

"Let's just say that I've been doing a lot of thinking lately." He simply said as the line he was in was shrinking until he was at the cashier. "Again, are you sure this is the place."

"It's the place, but are you sure you want to-" Wade saw the glare from Ron. "Yeah, it's the place."

"Thanks Wade." Ron gave a small smile.

"But promise me that you'll call me as soon as you're okay." Wade requested. "I need to let her know that you're at least fine to keep her from going ballistic."

"What is she, my mother?" He scoffed. "Okay, I'll let you know. But not a word to Kim okay? The last thing I need is for her to play babysitter."

"Okay…" Wade reluctantly nodded as the screen went blank.

Ron traded the money for his ticked as he walked inside. He had gotten the information of his target's location ahead of time from Wade. He couldn't blame the boy for being concerned with what he was doing. Honestly, he was beginning to have butterflies in his stomach. He began to ask himself if this was a good idea. If he should've listened to Wade's warning. But deep down, he knew that he had to do this. This has been haunting him for years now and it was now time to overcome it.

It was a nice Saturday outside. Parents were taking children to see the attractions and learning a new thing about nature. The birds were chirping as well. With a look at the gift shop, he was wondering what he could get. Maybe a little souvenir in memory of his victory, perhaps? He tensed up, his face filled with all seriousness. This was no time to be distracted. This was all make or break with him. He needed to focus. He needed to finally put it behind him, and this was the only way he knew how…

As he made it to his destination, he saw the door with the sign containing the words "Keep out!" He knew that this was the place. "Okay, it all started here. Now it's time to end it. It may've be scary at first, but it was time to overcome it! As he placed his hand on the door, he closed his eyes as he took a deep breath. As he went to open a door, a voice yelled at him. "Oh god…"

A woman dressed in dark khakis walked over to him. "What do you think you're doing?" She asked, a bit angry. "Can't you read?"

"I know, and I don't care!" He simply said as he went to open the door, but she roughly forced her hand onto it, forcing it to shut.

"This is a restricted-."

"Area, I know." He scoffed. "It's only going to take about 10 minutes anyway. It won't be that long."

"Even if I allowed you to go, why would you? You'd have to be crazy to even!"

"I know…" He sighed. "I know about him all too well…"

"He's dangerous! You'd have to be a fool to go in there!"

"You don't understand. This goes way farther than what you think."

"I'm not going to let you do this! Do you realize that I can have you thrown in Jail for this?" She said sternly.

"I'll have to deal with that, I guess…" He said. His determination to go through that door not hindering for one second…

She just looked at the blonde. He was crazy! He was nuts! Off limits be damned, who in their right mind would even THINK about going in there. Knowing the little monster that was inside of there? They were praying for weeks just for someone to even consider transferring the little beast to the San Diego zoo, but that fell on death ears, it seemed like. And now this guy was going to get himself hurt, all over some psychotic monkey from that camp they got him from years ago? There was a reason Wannaweep closed down, after all.

She shook her head, "Are you sure you want to go in there?" She asked.

Ron quickly began to think. Right now, he could back out, go home, and act as if this had never happened. And what will that prove? That he was still the same coward? That he was still the same pathetic sloth that could never amount to anything? But at least he'd have his health. But then again, it wasn't as if he had much to lose anyway. Ever since that faithful day that Rufus was ran over by that truck, Ron was starting to see things in a different perspective. That he finally decided to "grow up," as some would've said about him. It just made that amount of loneliness in his heart increase. And the fact that Kim and Eric were now an item didn't exactly helping things, either. Basically, Ron realized for the first time of his life, he was truly alone, as everyone already had events that have them kept busy, such as Monique working at Club Banana, or Felix getting an internship at the Space Center. Maybe that was why he was feeling a bit suicidal now. At this point, he could fail and get hurt or not even try at all and the result would still be the same. That he'd be a failure and a coward at the same time.

His fists clenched together. No! That was not going to happen. He was going in there and he was going to set out to do what he was going to do, and he was going to succeed. He was going to come out on top, and with his head held high! As adrenaline began to flow through him, he looked at her, eyes narrowing down. "Open the door." He simply said.

Reluctantly, the zookeeper nodded as she took a ring of keys from her belt and searched for the right key. Once she had found it she looked at the blonde, shook her head, and went to open the door. "Should I call an ambulance?"

"No need…" He simply said as he walked inside. It was time to put this fear to rest. As he walked inside, he took note of the surroundings. Inside, it was like an entire jungle. Apparently the people who owned the zoo were so loaded that they could afford to create their own jungle. It was still pretty odd, of course. All of this just for one monkey! But then again, knowing first hand of how crazy he was, it was understandable. The other animals were probably scared of him, and he wouldn't blame 'em. He was starting to fill with anxiety himself. It wouldn't be long until he was near him. It wouldn't be long until he was near the one thing he feared the most…

Within a few more steps, he could feel goose bumps on his arms. A part of him told him to run away and never come back. Never speak of it again. While another one reminded him that that's all he's ever been doing in his life, and asked him what that has gotten him? Agreeing with the latter part of his mind, he walked on until he saw that damned baboon. That damned crazy baboon wearing that raccoon cap and faded blue shirt. He saw the source of his nightmares for the past several years.

The primate turned around as he noticed Ron. A wicked smile formed on his face. He remembered him. Oh how he scared him all these years ago. And now he came back for more. Looks like it was time to once again show that pathetic human just who was the Alpha Primate.

Ron just glared. "We meet again…" He simply said as the baboon showed his fangs, in an attempt to intimidate him. Ron mused to himself just how much the primate would like to get his hands on him. Torture him, cause him pain and suffering, just to name a few. But no matter how much he wanted, none of that was going to happen today.

"You wanna finish what was started back at Wannaweep?" He asked. "Go ahead. Do your worst to me, Monkey Boy. But let me tell you this, I'm looking for an excuse to kill you. Thanks to you, I fear monkeys. I loathe monkeys, I despise monkeys, and most of all I hate monkeys! I haven't forgotten what you've done to me, what you made me become. If you even think about laying your banana-grubbing paws on me, what you've done to me won't even barely compare to what I'll do to you. You've been my worst nightmare for ten long years." Ron cracked his neck. The placid, fragile-spirited boy was gone. In his place was a cold, serious individual who would not hesitate to throw a punch. "Now I'm going to be yours for ten minutes."

Outside, the zookeeper glanced at the door, thinking about the blonde. How could she have been so foolish? What was she thinking? Letting him go in there. He could possibly be getting hammered as she thought about him. As she began to seriously consider going inside and pull him out from there, the worst possible thing happened.

"Hello Alexis, how are things going around in your area!" A male voice asked as she turned around. Wearing an outfit similar to hers, only that he wore pants instead of shorts, she knew that she was in trouble.

"Well…it's going pretty well boss!" She said, trying to hide the fact that there was some looney kid inside of the living space of one of the wildest primates the zoo had ever obtained in there care.

He raised an eyebrow as he noticed a bit of sweat on her face. "Is everything alright?"

Alexis was at a dilemma: Lie to the one person who went through hell and back to get her this job in the first place. Or defend the nut that shouldn't have even though about opening the door in the first place. The choice was obvious…

However, it appeared that it wouldn't even matter anymore, as the door at that moment opened. Alexis noticed the blonde. That same blonde who just had to be the biggest idiot on this planet, let alone in this zoo. His white and black T-shirt was stretched and contained a torn sleeve as he was covered with heavy traces of dirt. A few scratches were also visible on his cheek and now-sleeveless arm. He also appeared out of breath, as Alexis now debated if she was to check up on him for any serious injuries or slap him a few times for even thinking about doing this in the first place. What he had said next shocked not only her, but her boss as well…

"How…much…" He said though his panting.

Alexis blinked, "W-what?"

"How much…" He said again.

"What do you mean, 'How much?'" She asked, having just about had it with the blonde.

"How much…for the Monkey?" He finished as he slouched a bit.

Alexis scoffed. How unbelievable could this guy get? First he wants to go into the same area as that out of control monkey. Then he probably fought, or rather got beaten down by said monkey, and now he wants to buy the monkey? Forget her worrying about her job, she was ready to wash her hands off of it at this point. "You can't be serious."

"Hello? Note the serious face…" Ron replied, as he had a hard time keeping his serious expression on his face, due to his fatigue. "Now…how much…for the baboon…"

"Umm…" Alexis was in shock at what was going on, but her boss spoke for her.

"Just take it." He quickly said.

"What?" Ron blinked. Maybe the fatigue was getting to him, but did he hear the man say that he can take the monkey, free of charge? He must really do need some rest…

"The monkey's yours. You're the only one who's managed to tame that little monster, so it's in your responsibility." He simply said.

"But-" Alexis was going to protest, but her mouth was covered by a hand.

"Look, we've been trying to get rid of that little monster for months, and now this kid, god knows why, wants to take this monkey out of our hands!" He whispered harshly to her. "This is a perfect opportunity!" He then turned to the blonde. "So, you want this monkey, right?"

Ron nodded. "You know that I'm gonna need his papers and health records, right?"

"We'll send them to you!"

"But how, you don't even know who I am, let alone where I live."

"I'll take care of it, Ron." Ron's eyes blinked as he looked down at the now-activated Ronnunicator as Wade typed away on his computer. "They already have his records in a file in their network."

"Wha-Are you saying that you're hacking us?" The boss replied.

"Don't worry about it, he's harmless." Ron assured as Wade continued his work. After a few more strokes…

"Done." Wade proudly said. "I'll send the paperwork to you soon, Ron."

"Thanks Wade." Ron nodded as the screen turned blank. He then looked behind him. "Time to vamoose, my friend…" He said as he began to walk away, with his new friend following behind with a look that shocked both employer and employee.

The baboon was calm, showing no sign of anger and hostility. This was weird, very weird. Just earlier this morning when Alexis went to feed him, he almost yanked out her brown ponytail. Now he seems to walk over to the kid without any resentments or question. This days was indeed truly bizarre…

Once they were out of the zoo, Ron and his new pet walked over to the scooter. The first thing he was going to do was to take him to the vet. He may not have his papers yet, but it was best for him to have a checkup, just to see if he was healthy or not. How ironic. Ever since going to Wannaweep, he's always feared monkeys. And now he had one as a pet, let alone the baboon who was responsible for his phobia in the first place. Well, stranger things have happened…

As he mounted on the modified scooter, he was stopped by a familiar voice.


He looked around as he then saw a familiar blonde outside with a confused look on her face. He was hoping that he wouldn't run into anyone he knew today, but unfortunately it just happened. At least it wasn't someone like Bonnie or, God forbid, Kim. The last thing he needed to hear was a lecture from her. At least it was just Tara.

"Er…Hi Tara." It was all he could say. He thought that it was nice to make light of this situation: Seeing someone from school walking around with a baboon in a blue T-shirt and a raccoon-tail hat.

"Ron, what are you doing with a Monkey?" The blonde asked as she quickly rushed over to him. "I thought you hated them?"

"I never thought that I could actually threaten to kill someone until today…" He countered as the monkey jumped onto the seat of the scooter. "We gotta get to the vet!"

Tara examined the monkey. "Isn't that the baboon from the zoo?"

"It's a long story." Ron said. "I'll tell ya about it later, but don't tell it to anyone about this."

"That seems fair, as long as you keep quiet about…y'know…"

"You talking and being nice to me?" Ron rolled his eyes as Tara noted his annoyed expression.

"Hey, it's not like I'm ashamed to be seen in public with you or anything. It's just-"

"I know, 'Image…'" He said sarcastically. He was getting really tired of the whole nice girl "I'd like to get to know you any better but my rep will go down by hanging around with you" bullshit. He couldn't wait for school to end so he could leave this town and all of the hypocrites and liars behind. He knew that he was leaving his friends behind, but they had their own plans after graduation. Then there was Tara. Yeah, she seemed to be like this sweet girl, but lately it appeared to be all bullshit! Just like Kim lately, it's been basically one excuse after the next.

"Look, it's not like I want to hurt you or anything. But you know that Bonnie…"

He rolled his eyes. "Look Tara, I know that she's your friend and all so no offense, but Bonnie could suck my left nut for all I care."

"Ron what's wrong with you? Since when did you talk like that?" Tara asked. Usually Ron would be all understanding, saying something…well…not like what he just said.

"Let's just say that things…weren't going as well as I thought they were." He admitted.

"Does this have something to do with Kim and Eric dating?" Tara asked.

"I don't want to talk about it." Ron simply said. "At least not in public…"

"Umm…do we have to ride in that?" Tara pointed to Ron's scooter. That jalopy was so slow even turtles were faster.

"Don't worry, it's not as slow as it used to be. I had it upgraded."

'Bout time…' Tara sighed as she walked over to the scooter. Ron was already mounted as the baboon was perched on top of the handle bars. "So, how fast does it go?"

"Really fast if I really need it to be!" Ron stated. "But it takes special rocket fuel only available at the Space Center so I don't want to use too much of it." As he started the engine, he patted on the seat behind him. "Wanna ride?"

Tara gave a soft smile towards him as she hopped on. "Can you please show me how fast it can go?"

"I've already told you that-"

"Pweeese?" Tara blinked her eyelashes as Ron sighed. Her arms were around his waist and the monkey just nodded towards him when he looked for a second opinion. Didn't they pay attention to anything? Fuel doesn't come cheap anymore, especially this special kind of fuel that was in this scooter. However, when he looked into those eyes, the die was cast. They were blue and beautiful and filled with kindness, generosity, sweetness. How could he say no to that? Of course, it could've been worse. It could've been Kim's puppy dog pout for the millionth time.

"Hang on tight, Tara." Ron said as his eyes narrowed. He was going to use this, but only once. He needed to preserve the amount of fuel he had left and he wasn't going to be able to get a refill anytime soon, due to his tight budget. He was saving up for college, after all. And so, with one quick rev, the two rockets that were recently installed on the side began to ignite as the two teens and chimp shot away from the parking lot onto their current location.

As you can see, this is just a story that I had in mind and just had to start work on it and let me say it before anyone gets the wrong idea, this won't become a Ron/Tara story. For those of you who're looking for a K/R shipping story? Well you better look somewhere else. This time, I'm going to have Ron paired with a girl I've never seen done before, I mean it this time(No, it won't be with an adult. I may havedone a incest story before, but I'm not going to do a pedophilia story.). Anyways, read and review.