Aboard the Yggdrasil

A growing boy who stood tall was walking at a brisk pace through the gear dock of the Yggdrasil, he was lean masculine, his hair tossed side to side catching glints of light as it swayed its golden self almost resembling the color of corn and one braid strand hanging from his head in a golden lock.

He seemed annoyed so he started to pace back and forth sighing and grunting in frustration.

A man walked up with a patch on his eye resembling Bart like a father and a son when they both had their accident, Bart was playing in the engine room and the workers couldn't get him so Sigurd came and tried to get him and they both suffered from the malfunction sparks of the machine, damaging their eye, which the patch now covers.

The patch seemed like a part of their face, making itself blend in like it's been there its whole life; it seems that without it the face would seem blank, and leave you in a wondering question wanting an answer you couldn't figure.

Sigurd was in his mid twenties, some what younger than Citan who was twenty-nine, he stood tall as well, his hair impressive, a platinum white looking and he had a sapphire globe of an eye that sparkled whenever he had an idea or some kind of inspiration, Bart's eye resembled Sigurd's as well with a sapphire blue that had this tireless blue sparkle showing this man had an authority that was strong and stood for others.

Sigurd walked up to Bart and leaned foreword whispering something into his ear making Bart give a look of confusion, but then realize.

"Sig, are you sure, that's risky just send me in" Sigurd shook his head, saying "No" Bart grunted staring squarely at Sigurd both their eyes having equal force.

"Alright Sig" Bart started to walk off then turned his head back. "One more hour if their not back by then, I'm going in whether or not you like it or not, their my friends and I don't want anything to happen to them"

Sigurd sighed knowing defeat. "Alright"

"Who are sending again?" Bart asked giving a small laugh.

Sigurd gave a shrug. "She volunteered"

Bart walked off heading towards the elevator Sigurd following behind him.

When they reached the bridge, Maison was waiting for him. "Young sir, she has already left" Sigurd and Bart exchanged looks, turning to head to the gun room for a drink, with Maison on their tails.

"Good luck" Bart muttered.

A/N: Sorry it took so long to place a story on the site school hsa kept me from head to knees and work, so now i had time to do this short chapter.