OK... A long awaited Summary and tiny Sneak Preview of the Sequel... and Sneak bit is so you read the sequel and know what went on during the time okies!!!!!!!!!!! Please review this to tell me what you think...


Sakura still continues her singing, Syaoran leading the Li Clan. Now something threatens them both from the shadows Sakura once walked in. They need to be together to face this but how can they be when they lead to different lives?

Sneak Preview!

She turned her head and caught a flash of messy chestnut brown hair and amber eyes. Syaoran! She thought wildly. Syaoran and her had a life together after Xiefa took control of the Li Clan. Then one day Syaoran had to go back to China due to Yelan calling him. He never returned and the wedding didn't happen, but she still had her engagement ring. She didn't give up her singing either because it was her managers last wish before he died also. She hadn't seen him in... she lost track of how long it was it was that long. Then when she looked back it was gone like a trace and she thought it was her imagination. So she continued down the path to her limo signing people's diaries or some sort of paper. She then got in the limo and it took her back to where she lived which still hasn't changed.

Syaoran spotted Sakura looking at him and abruptly walked away. He wanted it to be a surprise and he still hadn't thought about telling her sorry he was for walking out of her life for God knows how long. Would she ever forgive him for doing it and not even calling her to tell her everything that went wrong?