My Perfect Facade

By: Chibi-Cookies

Disclaimer: I do not in any way own Card Captor Sakura, but I do own this plot and any characters I make up. If this happens to relate to any story, I did not copy it and it happens to be a coincidence.

Full Summary: Caught in a world where businessmen made all the important decisions is Sakura Kinomoto, along comes Syaoran Lee, a hired ladies man and mastermind criminal, who is hired to abduct Sakura the employers in high hopes of getting her prosperous fortune. What he doesn't know – she's a top-notch assassin. SxS

Hello everyone, I was asked by some people to make a CCS fanfic. I hope you all enjoy, as I am making longer chapters : )


Sakura P.O.V.

She seethed quietly while sitting at a table with her father and various other businessmen. He had just told her of her arranged marriage and wasn't very happy. I mean really would you be if your fucked up ass of a father were forcing you, a normal 17-year-old girl into marrying a 39-year-old business hungry pedophile? I think not.

She kept her face expressionless while he continued to ramble on about how this would make his business so prosperous, and open so many new and exciting business deals. Exciting my ass, who did he think he was trying to kid? Wasn't he rich enough? I mean what with us being multi-billionaires and everything.

When he finally finished his little speech he looked up at me and said, "I knew you'd understand Sakura…now don't forget to come home after school tomorrow…I want you to meet Hidetoshi." Yes, that folks was the name of my new Hubby, and yes my father was slick, he had to be in order to run such a business.

But what he didn't know was in every aspect I was smarter that he. He looked at me the same as everybody else, as a pretty…no scratch that a beautiful average minded girl. And that was just how I wanted it. Oh sure, my father scheduled for me to meet Hidetoshi after school tomorrow…but not if I got to him first.

I hid my small smirk of a smile as I got up to leave. Oh sure I called myself normal; in almost every aspect I was to them…besides my looks. I got normal C grades; I seemed average in sports and music; an overall average girl. But I hid the truth…they were always fooled by my act as a dumb little girl set out to please her father.

What my father and his followers didn't know was that I was smart, bordering on genius as my master had put it. If I tried I could easily be at the top of my classes. I was athletic, and had mastered martial arts at the mere age of fourteen; by sixteen my master had brought me beyond he skill of all the top martial artists in Japan.

And by seventeen, I was the most highly paid assassin in the country. My skill exceeded all others – and I had never been caught, none of the security forces even knew there was a assassin with waist long auburn hair and flaring emerald green eyes…a girl who didn't wear a mask for she knew those who saw her would never see the light of day again, they would never hear a word spoken to them, or utter one from their dry, cracked lips.

My father was a fool for underestimating me. I had always held him at such disdain, I never considered him to be my father. He had always put me at the bottom of his list, when I was a little girl he never found time to read my bedtime stories, he never checked under my bed to make sure that there was no monster lurking in the darkest depths to come out and find me.

By the time I was five I learned not to put faith in him, I never asked to talk to him once and the only time I saw him were holidays. I grew up independently, nobody was there to congratulate me learning to read, or riding my bike without my training wheels for the first time.

I remember it vividly…that day, the day I swore I would get vengeance over my father, the day I would be able to stand over his pleading body and see how pathetic he really was when he was begging me for mercy.

He had made me go to one of his parties. The kind that contained all the fancy, prissy fools of businessmen. The head of a certain company, I remembered, my father was trying to persuade him to invest. If he did he would gain millions of dollars in income.

The man refused saying that his company had nothing that he took interest in. I was only eleven at the time and hadn't really gotten the gist of what they were talking about. Then I noticed him looking at me, with his greedy pig like eyes. It was disgusting really.

I recall him telling my father that maybe if he had a little 'fun' he would be glad to invest. My fathers own eyes became gluttonous thinking of the money he could make. I didn't know what they were talking about…just another deal. That's when my father shoved me forward, and the man grabbed me roughly by the elbow and let me into a secluded room.

I learned later that what that man did to me was called rape. My father came to me afterwards telling me that if I told anyone about this he would kill me like he did to my mother.

I was scared. That's when I started to become distant. I was cold, unreadable, the unfeeling child who no mother allowed their child to play with at recess.

I started calculating plots in my mind. That was when I came across my master, I don't know how exactly. I followed some druggies of our school into some secluded alleyway where they bartered with a man with long dreadlocks and bloodshot eyes.

Suspicion taking its toll on me I crept foreword. Masking my emotions and putting on a cold blank stare. I heard one of the druggies wolf whistle in my direction as he walked past me, I swiveled my head around and gave a long hard glare.

They scampered off pretty quickly after that. Then I heard in a raspy deep voice, "Well isn't that something." My head quickly turned in the direction of the voice. It was the dealer – the man with dreadlocks his eyes, cold and unfeeling. They reminded me of my own.

"What is?" I heard myself question before I had eve meant to say it. He chuckled to himself, and then seemingly appraised me. He looked at my long legs, built with up with muscle from running, I did that a lot…to get away from my thoughts. He then moved up to my thin waist and then up to my face, I saw him looking at the beauty of it.

But he stared at my eyes intently. "Come here child." I don't know what possessed me to follow his orders, but I knew that he was no threat to me; he was just interested in me for some reason. I walked steadily over to him. When I came to a halt by his chair, he pulled out a gun, a 22 rifle to be exact as I learned later.

He pointed back by the wall and whispered in my ear, "D'ya see that target over there?" I followed his gaze and it well upon a piece of old newspaper with a crudely drawn red bulls eye. "Try and hit it."

I looked bewilderedly at him. I had never used a gun in my life how was I supposed to now? He just chuckled lightly and explained how to shoot it, leaving the rest up to me. Eh, what the heck…right?

I recollect shooting the gun, and being surprised that I had hit the small target. Dead in the center. I looked over to the man besides me and slowly raised my brow. He seemed surprise at first, and then started smiling like mad.

That's when master, as I called him, started training me to become an assassin, he knew I had what it took and he knew I wanted to claw my way to the top. I trained as hard as I could. A lot of the material he taught me came easily. I became more of a rebel I guess you could say in my own terms.

I practiced my sex appeal on many guys who had gone clubbing that my master wanted to kill. And I felt no pity leading them towards their demise. I had no regrets.

One night I told master that I wanted to perform my first kill, and he readily agreed.

Now I don't learn from master anymore, instead I teach him, when I find the time. I take jobs from various rich men and charge over one hundred million yen a job. Who said a girl could ever have too much money? I learned to wear brown contacts to school and around the house, always wearing my hair in a bun at the nape of my neck. That way when I went on a mission nobody would recognize my glowing emeralds, or long hair that would reach my waist. Nobody would suspect, nobody would question, nobody would know.

Well that folks was a tour of my fabulous life in the lap of luxury. I know, your all so jealous.

After I had shrugged off the remaining businessmen I serenely walked up the grand staircase to my room. I then walked over to my desk and sat down. I slowly opened the laptop, and listened to the stillness around me.

I sighed audibly and began pressing the keys of my keyboard, making a clicking sound, I had interrupted the peacefully tranquility of the room and I didn't give a damn about it.

I opened up my s/n and looked to see who of my employers were on. I hastily sent some of them a quick note, asking if any wanted a man named Hidetoshi dead. Most assassins don't get to pick and choose their missions, but I guess being at the top assassin with a waiting list of people wanting to hire you had its perks. Almost instantly I got a reply from one of the employers. He wasn't skimpy on the money either.

(a/n I know some of these names might be taken but I'm just using it for the story so don't try to IM these…I'm just using them for story purposes and using the names I have given in the story so please do not actual message these names.)

CherryBlossom: Do you want a man names Hidetoshi dead?

EmployerAssassinslevel9: Yes…scumbag cheated me over last month…I lost 2 fucking million dollars.

CherryBlossom: The pay?

EmployerAssassinslevel9: The usual.

CherryBlossom: Fine…he'll be dead by tomorrow.

And with that I signed off.

Syaoran P.O.V.

I was pissed. And I don't get pissed to often. My ass of a boss wanted me to do the most trivial mission ever. I had to abduct a little helpless girl so our business could get money. Here I was the most highly respected mastermind criminal they had specializing in just about everything: thievery, assassinations, the works.

And they wanted me to abduct some prissy assed girl and baby-sit her? They've. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

I growled lowly in my throat. At least I could do whatever I wanted for a couple of weeks. They didn't need it to take place so soon. That was the only good part to this stupid mission.

I heard a sharp knock on my door, my senses in high alert as I stepped quietly over to the door. I slowly took out my revolver and edged my way towards the door. Before I could even extend my arm towards it I heard a shout. "Come on Li! Open up the goddamn door! Stop playing super spy and help me out here!"

I rolled my eyes. It was my partner. Or should I say, usually my partner. But for my new mission my boss wanted me to work alone. I swiftly undid all ten locks on my door then opened it to reveal the idiot of a criminal mastermind. Okay so that didn't make sense…but who the hell was judging?

"Syaoran old buddy, old chum, my pal, my acquaintance, my coll-" "What do you want Eriol?" Well that shut him up. After about a minuet, I saw a slow smile creep onto his face. "How'd you know?" He said jokingly and I rolled my eyes. "Okay, well the boss said that there's thins new assassin, been makin' the mark for about four months now. "

"There skilled as hell. Everyone's dying to hire em'" He stopped. "And?" I said back causing him to open his mouth and suck in more air. "Well, the boss found information. They're hired to take out Hidetoshi tonight. The only thing is, boss wants him alive, he says Hidetoshi is crucial for his plan with that Kinomoto girl."

I nodded my head in understanding as he went on. "The boss wanted me and you to go out there and stop the new assassin…he said it would help you stop moping around over your babysitting job." With that he started chuckling to himself, so I punched him in the arm and he went on.

"The only thing is…" "What?" I barked back. "The new assassins a girl…about 18 to be exact." He said. I stared back shocked. So this girl has outmatched some of the best assassins out there who are twice her age and a helluva lot more experienced?

"What do we have about her?" I asked. "Um…" at this Eriol started to shift uncomfortably. "What?" "The thing is…nobody knows anything, it was hard enough trying to find out that she was a girl who was striking out Hidetoshi." I looked back in awe. "None of the police force even know that they're is a new assassin on the loose."

"So she covers herself well?" I asked back.

"Saying that would be an understatement. She leaves absolutely no traces. She even makes her move at crowded clubs and nobody realizes the person's dead before she's long gone. Nobody knows what she looks like, hells she doesn't leave any traces that it was an assassin…some were even suspected to be suicides."

My eyes widened at this. "Then how the hell are we supposed to stop her from killing Hidetoshi?" I asked dubiously. The boss wants us to guard him. He knows we're the best on his force, but apparently still has doubt that we could kill her. He told me to try and make sure he's not dead by the end of the night."

"And if we fail?" "Nothing." Eriol replied back. "What?" The boss usually had some sort of punishment for failing a mission. "He has his doubts we'll actually even see the murder. He just said one word…try."

And that my friends is how I found myself waiting at a table in the middle of a club, keeping a close eye on Hidetoshi. So the boss doubted we could even see her? What a load of bull-shit! An 18 year old girl can't be that good!

My eyes snapped back to attention. Someone was coming up to Hidetoshi. I looked at her and relaxed. Nope, she wasn't in any sort of assassin costuming. She was in fact wearing a small black mini and a white lace shirt of some kind.

Not a threat. She had long auburn hair and emerald green eyes, she looked like the kind of girl who'd scream and rip your head off if she broke a nail.

After a couple of minuets they started making out on the coach. Shortly after she got off of him as he moved to the next girl, the cockiness of those fat assed businessmen. I looked her way, she was surprisingly attractive then she stopped and turned her head staring directly my way.

Now that was unexpected. Then she turned around completely and looked me straight in the eyes. I was perplexed, fascinated even, by those eyes. Then she let off a tiny smile and winked in my direction before sauntering out of the club.

Now there was a girl you didn't see every day. My attention turned back to Hidetoshi.


Sakura P.O.V.

Wow…men were so easy to control. One good look at my skimpy outfit and he started drooling like a Saint Bernard with a piece of steak in front of him.

I had to dress like this in order to get in. It was one of those clubs where you couldn't get in unless you acted like a slut and were hot…or a multi-millionaire. I had to pack light on this case. It was in the middle of public and it had to be something that would kill him off slowly, so he just didn't fall to the ground. It also couldn't be painful so he wouldn't gasp, groan, grunt, scream etc.

I had a syringe tucked between my breasts, easy enough place to store things. It was filled with some kind of poison…not sure what, the master usually gave me some for tricky missions though.

This one was easy, Hidetoshi being the pedophile that he was leeched onto and made no protests when I dragged him onto the coach with me. I knew what would come next and felt my body become indifferent. After I finally got into the right position, which was hard to do since the slime ball was kissing me like he'd dye tomorrow. Ha! The irony in what I just said.

I slowly inserted the syringe into his vein making it look like I was caressing his neck. I knew how to inject poison into someone without making it seem obvious, so I started pinching and prodding his neck so the pain from the syringe was hidden.

He finally took a breather and looked around while I carefully hid the syringe back in my shirt. I saw him ogling another girl, and took this as my chance to leave, quickly telling him I had fun. I combed out my hair, and straightened my clothes.

I suddenly felt something on my back. Ah yes, the stare of a bodyguard. I twisted my head around a little to see a brooding amber-eyed guy. Around say 19 I would guess. He was staring in my direction; I gave a quick smile and a wink and then walked casually out of the club.

First-rate dummy. They never knew what a girl in a miniskirt could be capable of. In an hour they would find him dead. Not realizing why – they would call the ambulance. And unless they found the minuscule puncture hole in his neck with no bruise – I was careful not to do that. They would assume heart attack…I guess the poison made them suspect that…who knows.

Syaoran P.O.V.

I was sitting around, just waiting for him to be done. He was only scheduled to be there another 20 minuets. That's when I saw him collapse. I quickly sprang to my feet – as did Eriol and we rushed to his side. I took his pulse…nothing.

Just like the boss said the assassin struck and we didn't even see her? What did she look like what did she do to him. I turned and ordered someone to call an ambulance while I pondered in my mind how she could've killed him.

It couldn't have been any of the whores he was making out with…they wouldn't have anywhere to store a potential weapon let alone know how to use one. My mind went blank…I just didn't have an answer. Me, the masterminded criminal didn't know how she accomplished this feet.

I was shocked; especially when the ambulance came and told us he had died of a heart attack. She was good.

Too damn good.


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