Title: The Perfect Façade

Author: art.ificial

Disclaimer: I do not in any way own Card Captor Sakura, but I do own this plot and any characters I make up.

Full Summary: Caught in a world where businessmen made all the important decisions is Sakura Kinomoto. Along comes Syaoran Li, a hired ladies man and mastermind criminal, who is employed to abduct Sakura, the employers in high hopes of getting her prosperous fortune. What he doesn't know? She's a top-notch assassin. SxS

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Sakura POV - -

I heard the stupid blaring from the alarm clock by my table; some something or other a-ranked model. Like I cared. My eyes were still closed as I fought to go back to sleep, throwing a pale arm out, and feeling around the bumpy canvas of the wood until my fingertips hit the cool plastic. Fumbling around for the buttons I finally pressed the right one and to my satisfaction the annoying buzzing stopped.

Though by that time I was far too awake to return back to my peaceful slumber. I heard myself yawn out, still groggy, wiping the sleep away from my eyes as I sat up – feeling the comforter pool around my waist in delicate waves.

Across my room there was a large mirror, the glassy surface reflecting my image and I almost grimaced. The makeup from yesterday was left on, as I was far too tired to take it off when I arrived home, my hair looked like it had gotten into a fight with a wood chipper. And then proceeded to loose. Auburn locks were splayed messily along my shoulders, creating intricate loops and elaborate tangles over my head.

I hastily shoved a hand through the mess before throwing my legs over the bed, padding along the carpeted floor. Somewhere along the house I heard angry shouts and more that one phone being slammed down. Of course, it was easy to tell why; their whole funding plans had been cut short by my little visit.

Padding silently to my laptop I flicked the switch, ignoring the heavy growls coming from my stomach, signaling that I was hungry. Idly grabbing a brush while the machine started, I raked it through my hair, probably pulling half of it out in the process.

When it was as good as it was going to get I turned back to the computer signing on; I had a bit of time, it took a while for the whole thing to start up. Opening the large wooden door to my room I walked silently down my hallway, waving to the staff members who I knew.

I half ran down the stairs walking briskly to the kitchen, oak floors changing to marble. My hand slid along the smooth countertop before I stopped in front of the coffee machine. Grabbing a mug and pouring the hot liquid I watched it as the cup filled to the top, smoky fog lifting itself from the cup as I blew, making ripples on the steely surface.

My ears attuned to the silence around me, lips closing around the mug as I let some of the black liquid escape down my throat, scalding hot as it was, I didn't really to care. And then a loud voice filled my thoughts, and I looked up with dazed eyes as to were it was coming from.

My gaze lingered in the main foyer, sliding past the three stooped figures that stood there. The first was immediately recognizable, the thin, lanky frame of my father, glasses propped precariously against his nose as fingers were drawn around the handle of his briefcase in a clenched manner, asserting to the fact that he may very well be stressed.

Artificial brown eyes moved to the other figures, one shorter and thin, and the other tall and had a bit of a stomach. I couldn't really make out the features that were blackened by the hats that the propped against their scant amount of hair.

Leaning my frame against the counter, long fingers drove back the strands that were fluttering about my nose, making me want to sneeze. Tilting my head to the side I could make out bits of their conversation,

"I just don't see how this could happen, I mean both the men I was about to ship her off to died, it wasn't just a coincidence."

I watched my father speak, fingers dragging through his hair as he did, the man next to him nodded, mumbling something I couldn't quite make out. The shorter man, who had a voice that reminded me of a weasel, then decided to speak up loud and reedy,

"Now Kinomoto-san, you just need to make the decision, yes or no. We'll make the proceedings right away when you choose."

Hmm, well that was interesting. What decision, I had a faint idea that it just may involve me. Setting the mug quietly against the counter, I walked forward, half concealed by the break of the doorframe. Leaning against it I could smell an odd wooded musk.

The roughness of the wood chaffed against my cheek, but I didn't care that much, I wanted to hear what this whole thing was about. The heavy-set man puffed out a large breath, patting his front pocket on the jacket he was wearing before edging in his apparent thoughts.

"Well, Kisho says he wouldn't mind the risk entailed with marrying her…" He choked out, a voice that seemed clouded by years of smoking a pack or two a day. My interest piqued, I faintly remembered Kisho as a man who owed my father money.

Edging warily closer I heard my father mutter something indistinct before he opened his mouth and spoke, "and Kisho is a poor bastard who would do anything for money. You do know, I'm planning to make money on this endeavor, not make myself even more broke." He seemed to hiss out the last bit, leaving the other two to stifle uncomfortable looks.

His glare turned calculating, and he spoke once more. "No, I don't want some quick fill-in, find me someone who's worthy, double up the guard, I want someone trailing Sakura, after all, the deaths seem oddly centered around her…"

They trailed off, discussing possible men, I half concealed a snort, having extra security was a pain, but something I could deal with, they would probably be ordered to stand outside my bedroom door, or something equally ridiculous.

Sighing out, I dropped the mug into the sink, creating an ungainly echo of noise as I did, knowing full well that I would disrupt their little conversation.

I heard the heavy whispers stop instantaneously, their breath crawling in a lazy, harsh haze. I heard the step of an expensive looking designer shoe, eyes turned upward to see the synthetic light from the kitchen playing off my fathers glasses, creating angry glares which were spat out at me.

"Oh, Sakura, it's you." He breathed out, seemingly relieved that it wasn't someone apparently more important or smart. What a bitch.

The two men followed, chuckling airily, their voices laced with the awkwardness clouding the situation. "What are you doing down here…darling?" He asked, practically spitting out a so-called affectionate pet name.

The corners of my mouth twisted up, as portraying a dumb little girl, you had to pretend you thought these little actions were real. I opened my mouth, eyes playing up the innocence I was eluding by widening a fraction of an inch.

"I was just getting coffee…the cup…slipped." I produced, pausing in a seemingly guilty way as I rounded out my thoughts. He all but rolled his eyes, and I continued to stare back at him with the fake prelude of a smile still deluding my features.

His eyes narrowed fractionally, it was at times like this when I wondered if he was close to figuring anything out. But then his penetrating glare was gone, and he opened his mouth once more, "Sakura, I have to tell you…Hidetoshi…is, well, dead." He didn't exactly coddle my innocence when it came to things like this.

"Oh no!" I gasped out, eyebrows furrowing as I asked, "but what will happen with your deal Daddy?" He seemingly grimaced at the name I used, though apparently I wasn't meant to see it – therefore turning a blind eye to the situation.

"It's off." He stated, probably more vehemently than desired, there were more details probably, who got the money and who was blaming whom, but I wasn't on the insiders list to know such things.

Besides, if I cared that much I could get the information easy enough myself, but I didn't want to riddle my existence with that mans cash. It was just wrong. "Is there another man that you wish me to marry?" I asked, going for the innocent façade had worked thus far, and from this statement it would appear as if I didn't hear their conversation from earlier.

He spoke once more, starting the sentence with a hesitant, "well…"


Syaoran POV,

I sighed, dragging a calloused hand through my hair as fingernails caught in the tight snags that dotted my hair. Letting out a half angry growl of frustration, I tossed the floor plan of the Kinomoto mansion on the floor, I pretty much had it memorized by now anyway.

Besides, if I continued to fuss over every single detail I would start to worry, and I didn't need that. I had two days to prepare for the kidnapping and I was already stressed enough.

But goddamn, why did they have to own guard dogs. Really, was it that necessary? I sighed out gruffly, wondering in the back of my mind whether Meiling was getting any closer to the assassin.

Rolling my eyes out of pure spite, I picked up the phone, feeling the cool plastic shell in my hand as fingers traced over the numbers as if trying to think of the correct code.

Finally I managed to punch in the numbers to a small mechanic store. Of course, it wasn't actually a mechanics, then again – it wasn't really that small either.

I heard the dull ring over the line as I tapped a strange pattern out onto the arm of the sofa, waiting if not impatiently for one of the workers to pick up.

After a couple seconds of uncomfortable ringing I heard a heavy chuckle of a man, apparently still talking to a co-worker of some sort.

"Hello, this is Masa of Rafu Mechanics, how can I be of service?" The voice from the other line coughed out, as if troubled by the customers inquires.

Pinching the phone tighter in my grasp out of sheer annoyance I managed to speak out slowly, breathing calmly through my nose, at least, that's what Eriol told me to do.

"I need to speak to Rafu, put me through." Direct, and to the point, that employee better not be new. I didn't have time to listen to annoying complaints about how Rafu was too busy to take a call.

"Yeah, yeah, sure thing." I heard him mumble out. I heard grating clacks from the other end of the line, meaning I was probably getting transferred to a different line.

I sighed out gratefully; I really wasn't in the mood to have anything go wrong today, I'd probably end up doing something I wasn't supposed to do with a gun. And that was never good.

After a minuet of uneven noise I heard a collected voice speak out from the other end in a slightly pinched tone, "Yes, who is this and what do you want?"

Extremely polite, but then again, Rafu was involved in a shady business; you didn't exactly go around singing sonnets to everybody.

"It's Syaoran, I need some merch, Boss said he wired you the information already." I spoke out into the receiver. I heard random shuffling on the other end, as if Rafu was digging through a stack of paper.

And he probably was. After a couple of seconds he spoke heard Rafu's smooth voice once more, "yeah I just found the sheet he preordered everything a couple days ago, come pick it up soon."

I nodded, despite the fact that he couldn't possibly see me, I corrected my faux pas by speaking into the phone once more, "yeah, I'll be over in like half an hour, alright?"

I hung up before I heard the answer.


Sakura P.O.V.

I was currently in my room, flinging random objects around in a blond rage. I was fuming, my hair was tossed about in an unnatural manner around my shoulders and my fingers were trembling with uncertainty.

My father had hashed out his little super plan to me. He would invite numerous businessmen to a chapel and randomly pick one to wed to me, therefore the assassin couldn't strike.

Well he didn't exactly word it that way, but the message itself was clear as crystal. Of course, I could kill the guy afterward but my father would still get the money and whatever life insurance the guy had stored up on himself.

Sneaky bastard.

I slowed my breathing, trying to shake the rage that was accumulating around my body, pinching at my emotions with sharp stabs.

I needed to go out and get a new toy, whenever I was mad; I got myself a new toy.

Thinking this over, it mentally calmed me. I needed a new gun, besides, it would calm me down if I did.

I moved forward, grabbing a rubber band and slinging my hair up in a messy bun, half skipping towards the closet before grabbing a faded gray army cap and mashing it atop my head.

Large black sunglasses proceeded to follow as I pulled on a woven scarf and twisted it around my neck in an obscure loop. I moved to glance in the mirror, moving my head about till I was certain nobody would recognize me.

Feeding my feet into a ratty old pair of converse I moved to walk downstairs, shoving my hands in my pockets as I walked about in a precautious manner, avoiding the gaze of any of the staff, I didn't need anyone to see me and somehow recognize me.

Finally I moved out through the large, arched doorway – almost suddenly a gust of wind caressed my face in a lazy swirl of light. Autumn was coming; leaves were changing from green to orange, a lazy hue of warm colors dotting the treetops.

Feet moved as I walked down the cracked cement of the sidewalk, remembering the old rhymes children used to chant,

Step on a crack, you break your mothers back,

Step on a line, you break your fathers spine.

A foot streaked out as I stepped angrily on a line creasing the sidewalk, muttering under my breath, "stupid superstitions," as I did so.

Finally moving into my line of site was the small town, hosting a number of privately owned businesses – from cafes to mechanic shops.

And that's where I was headed, to the mechanic shop. Of course, it wasn't actually a mechanic shop, merely a weaponry store under secret ownership, for safety reasons of course, the owner wasn't exactly selling to hunters.

My hand reached out as I leaned slightly against the sheer glass of the door, the bells chimed alarmingly in my wake as a few people willing around the store looked up at my arrival.

Moving to the counter, I pushed up my scarf to hide away my face as I neared the employee. Bending over I spoke in a hushed tone, "I need Rafu to look over the project specifics."

Of course, this didn't exactly mean anything in particular; rather it's what informed customers said when they wanted to go browse the real inventory.

The man nodded curtly, as if what she said was valid and brought her around the a sturdy looking oak door, professing a key from his pocket he slid it through the lock, opening the door before ushering me inside.

Tugging down the brim of my hat further I moved to stand at the counter, looking at the rigid back of Rafu as he worked over some kind of weapon.

"Hey hot shot." I spoke, smiling softly from underneath my scarf. Rafu spun around wildly as her voice spun against the walls, echoing softly in pallid waves.

"My god you scared me girl, can't you be like everybody else and quaver in my wake when you see me." An eyebrow rose as he took in the appearance of the girl standing before him.

I laughed out hollowly, "I don't see why people find you so scary…" I trailed of, moving to inspect the newer weapons underneath a glass case.

Raising my head I pulled at a lone strand of wool trailing from the scarf before asking, "So, any new recommendations?" Moving to peer at the object he was working on. His gaze followed but he shook his head,

"Sorry hun, that's pre-ordered." I sighed out, leaning an elbow against the counter as he turned his back to riffle through boxes behind him, finally I watched as his long fingers wrapped around a metallic looking box, dragging it down to set on the counter in front of me.

Take a look, just got it in, but I tweaked it up a bit, it'll shoot cleaner now." He nodded towards the box before moving to put together the gun he had finished cleaning.

I moved to unclasp the small lock lining the case, peering inside as I spotted a silver barrel came into view. "Woah." I small sound escaped my lips as I moved a finger to stroke the cool metal.

"A desert eagle, how much?" I asked, watching as he uncaringly flung the gun he had finished assembling into a different box. Just before he was about to open his mouth an muffled shout met my ears.

Then the door burst open and a man spoke out roughly, "God Rafu, hire some normal staff next time, eh? One that doesn't insist on patting me down to see if I'm carrying weapons,"

I rose an eyebrow at his alarming entrance, a slim smile crept its way over my face as Rafu rolled his eyes, apparently there was another customer who wasn't scared of him after all.

Apparently the man didn't notice me though as he moved swiftly to the counter, "Rafu, you better have the goddamn equipment ready, I have to kidnap the freaking Kinomoto girl tomorrow."

Hmm, well, wasn't that interesting. I inclined my head as I inspected the figure, my jaw almost dropped as I recognized him. He was the bodyguard from the bar.

I had to stifle a raging laugh that came from my chest, like he could possibly kidnap me. Grabbing folded bills from my pocket I threw out an immodest amount of cash on the counter for the gun.

And then the brooding man turned to stare, he seemed a bit angry to have leaked the mission when someone was in the room – but that was his own fault after all.

I saluted the man with two fingers before grabbing the metal case, decorated to look like a twenty-four pack of ratchets and walked out the door. I was feeling unconditionally better now, especially if he was coming to kidnap me tomorrow, my dad couldn't possibly marry me off then.


Syaoran P.O.V.

"Rafu, what the hell, why was she here?" I asked alarmingly, she had freaking heard my plan, goddamn that wasn't good. How could I possibly have been so stupid?

"Calm down Syaoran, look, she's a regular, she won't tell anyone, I'll call her up, alright?" The smooth voice moved to calm me down, though it wasn't exactly helping.

"Just take your stuff and go work on your plans, she won't be bothering you." I muttered something he wasn't meant to hear under my breath, grabbing the cases he offered and moved out the door in an angry fashion.

There was something about the girl that set me off, maybe it was how cocky she acted around Rafu, of course, with the mood I was currently in that just said me off more, but whatever, I really did need to concentrate on the Kinomoto kidnapping, who knows, maybe the boss will let me work on the assassin case if I finish early.

Oh, how wrong they both were.


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