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Chapter One

Amy sighed, tomorrow she turned sixteen, and her lycan genes would kick into action. The pink hedgehog, couldn't remember when she was told that she was a were-creature. She didn't even know what she was going to turn into and that thought scared her. Her mind travelled to a daydream where she transformed into many a different creature. She carefully looked around her surroundings. It was her room, in her little house, everything was either pink or red. She looked at her bed, it looked so inviting, but she knew she couldn't, she was meeting her friends tonight. Sonic, Tails, Cream, Espio, Vector, Charmy, Knuckles and Rouge. Amy looked back out of the window. She didn't want this to happen to her. She wanted to live a normal life, with her normal friends. Her crush on the blue blur had faded into a thing of the past. She made herself stop liking him, the moment she knew the age of the transformation. Sonic had taken it in his stride, but she could tell he was a little peeved with it. After all, no one likes losing attention the way Sonic did. He complained, even tried to ask her on a date. She frowned. It had taken her all that time to ask him for a date, and after so many rejections, he finally asked her out, but for all the wrong reasons. She sighed to herself and looked in detail at the brisk summer morning. She hoped that one day she would wake up to be normal, just like the others, but deep in her heart she knew that, no matter how hard and how long she hoped, she would never be the same again.

Sonic looked out of his window, he couldn't believe that his biggest fan girl had just stopped liking him instantly. She had called a meeting tonight. Even Sonic knew when something was up, even if he wasn't the most smartest being on the planet. He looked over at the working Tails and a smile crossed his lips. She still had all of their friendship no matter what she said. Sonic was going to make sure of that. He would announce this to her after she had said what she needed to say to everyone. Amy will be so surprised The blue hedgehog smiled gleefully. Tails looked up from the gadget he was working on, he looked up at Sonic and saw his best friend smiling happily. Tails didn't understand how the hero had such a carefree spirit. It must be hard for him sometimes, especially since he'd lost Amy's affections. Tails knew the blue hedgehog was glad to be rid of it, but he knew Sonic would of enjoyed the attention forever.

"Tails, what do you think Amy wants to tell us?" Sonic asked his long time friend. Tails shrugged. It wasn't his position to say.

"I don't know Sonic" He said truthfully. Sonic looked at his friend, Tails stopped what he was doing to stand and faced his best friend.

"Do you think it's going to be bad?" He asked. Tails shrugged again. Sonic sighed. "I mean it must be bad. I haven't seen her for three days, and it's her birthday tomorrow"

"We can only wait and see what she has to say Sonic" Tails said walking up to the blue hedgehog. Sonic nodded before he sighed again. He had been doing that too much today.

Amy walked from her window away from the light of day. She looked at a picture of Sonic that she had kept, her eyes filled with tears, but she quickly brushed them away. There were so many pictures of her friends. She had even got Shadow to stay still for more than two seconds. Her thoughts drifted to the black and red hedgehog. Nobody had seen him for over two years, Amy wondered briefly if he was dead, the thought welled up fresh tears. Shadow had never really opened up to any of them, but Amy had liked him, liked almost as much as she liked Sonic. Not that she had told anyone that. It was his mysterious ways that had drawn her to him. She shook her head. Shadow was dead. There was no reason to get worked up over somebody who was no longer on this plain. She gently picked up the frame and looked down at the crimson eyes of the dark hedgehog. A tear fell onto the glass and slid slowly down it. Amy quickly wiped it off and placed the photo back on the table next to the one of Sonic. She thought about getting rid of the pictures, but she frowned at herself. She couldn't! She wouldn't forget her friends, not even when they hate her. She turned her head to the clock. The time had come. She had to tell them. She lifted her head and let a heart wrenching sob shudder through her. Why did her life have to be so difficult? Why couldn't she continue to chase Sonic like a normal girl? Why did the rules of the lycans prevent her from being with her friends? She hated it. She sobbed again, silently this time. She needed to get it out of her system before she told her closest friends. She didn't want to cry in front of them. She had to be strong. She knew Cream would be the worst. then followed closely by the others. She knew Sonic wouldn't believe her, but that was his problem. She walked down her stairs, into her living room then out, onto the path to Tails' workshop.

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