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Chapter Fourteen

Crimson eyes surveyed the two fighting forms with interest, studying the two different forms of combat, just in-case he needed to fight them now or at a later date. Looking to the pink form in his arms, he noticed that she had her head snuggled into his chest; from the fight or the pain, the onyx male didn't really care about the reason - but that didn't stop him from holding her protectively close. A snarled insult made ruby eyes travel back to the fighting pair. Punches, kicks and the occasional obscenity clashed between them.

The lycan managed to get the upper hand in the duel and grabbed the vampire cat around the throat, earning clawed fingertips to plough into the humans flesh as he struggled feverishly under the crushing grip. Shadow watched in disinterest as Dash ran up to them and kicked at the male holding his master, only to be hit back by Adam's free hand. A small growl fell from Artemis and he swiped his claws across his opponents face. Stumbling backwards, he growled once more before throwing another punch - not wanting to back down.

Shaking his head, the onyx observer began to take a few steps back to get his cargo to safety. Unfortunately, as soon as he moved his left foot, the two broke apart again; blood from various injuries splashing onto the earth below them. The purple vampire scowled and clenched his fist in fury. How can that filth still be standing?!An aggravated snort fell from him and his long tail swayed madly, further proving his mood.

"It seems that you have underestimated me Artemis," the human taunted, a smirk firmly on his bloody face "Now step down and let me take the young lycan..." An un-amused snort made the two look towards the holder of their 'prize'

"You are joking, right?" Shadow scoffed, shifting the female in his arms so he had a free hand. The female in question, moved her arms tightly around the ebony hedgehogs neck "I'm not letting you take her"

"I'm afraid you don't have a choice Shadow," Artemis interrupted, extending a clawed hand towards the two hedgehogs.

"Master!" A new, younger voice cut through the cat's attention "We have other business to attend to before the sun rises, we can get her when there are no other interfering parties and it will also give you time to heal..." Dash hopped into the older vampire's line of sight, his eyes gleaming with the minute amount of light in the sky.

"Fine," he spat then turned his glare to the onyx hedgehog "We shall be back for her" then disappeared with his subordinate. The lycan now left in the clearing with the two mobians went to speak, before he put his hand on his arm, trying to stop the slice across his arm from bleeding. Ruby eyes glared as the onyx male turned and walked away, knowing the human was too weak to waste his energy on.


Walking through the back door of the rose female's home, the dark male released his grip from her waist, gently setting her feet onto the floor. A carefully placed blank look settled on his face as she smiled up to him, dried blood covering the majority of her pretty face

"Thank-you," she whispered, making sure not to move her lips too much as she spoke "Now..."

"You should tend to your wounds before you shoot off with that mouth of yours," he interrupted with a smirk "I shall explain everything then," A giggle followed his 'concerns', leaning up she placed a gentle, friendly kiss on his muzzle

"See you in a few moments then," she responded then jogging up the stairs and into her room.

Shadow frowned and raised a gloved hand to his muzzle to wipe away the fresh blood that her kissed had smeared there. Not looking to the red substance, he folded his arms and looked around in disinterest; thoughts running through his head. Why does Artemis want Rose dead? Was it really the reasons that his side-kick outlined? That couldn't possibly be the reason, could it? The onyx male had been so consumed by his thoughts, he hadn't noticed the return of his lycan 'ward', until a warm, furred hand touched the side of his face. Dragging his eyes and attention to her, he took in her appearance. A huge bruise covered most of the left side of her face and a very slight scab had formed over the split in her lip. Looking back into her eyes, he saw that she wasn't fazed by the extent of the injury.

"I figured that I should hear why I have such a huge bruise before I freaked out about it," she explained breaking the silence that had settled between them

"Indeed," he responded to her reasoning, looking towards the kitchen table "Shall we?" he then made his way towards one of the chairs, not showing the fact that he was quite annoyed at the fact she could read him easily

"So why did Knuckles hit me?" she asked, taking a seat across from the ebony vampire, a small smile on her face. An instant scowl met her friendly gesture

"Since you fought the transformation," he paused to glare at her "You lost complete control. I tried to sub-due you, but unfortunately the echidna and Rouge were passing by. You went to attack them and he hit you"

"I attacked them?" she repeated quietly, finding sudden interest in the wooden knots in the table top "Did I hurt them in any way?"

"No," he abruptly responded "Once he punched you, you lost consciousness," he watched as she lifted her head from its down-cast position and smiled optimistically

"That's good then," she nodded before she looked back into Shadow's cerise eyes "Shadow... Can you really help me control this? I mean, I've already killed," she paused, tears coming to her emerald orbs, but as she was about to burst into tears, the dark vampire interrupted her thoughts by answering her question

"I have some back-up plans," he said calmly "Though I think tomorrow is going to be easier for you," A small sound of relief fell from the pink hedge-girl and as she was about to ask about his plans, he lifted an index finger with another smirk "And you'll have to wait for that," A small giggle fell from Amy's lips and she nodded in acceptance

"Okay Shadow. I'll wait," she smiled to him. Nodding, the onyx male stood from his seat

"I shall return tomorrow evening," he stated, walking towards her back door. Pausing, he called back to her "Get some rest Amy," he threw her a smirk over his shoulder before walking out into the early morning darkness. A tired smile came to Amy's face then standing from her seat, she made her way to her bedroom to get some well earned rest.


Fidgeting in his seat, Sonic impatiently looked at the passing scenery as it rushed past the window. He didn't know why his little brother had decided to take the train; it didn't make any sense to him. He was positive Amy would be pleased to see them and he could finally talk to her without his rival interrupting what he wanted to say. Passing his gaze to the small fox next to him, he watched the small bunch of paper in his gloved hands as they swayed from the heater above them

"Explain to me again why we're taking the train," he complained, looking up to Tails' face

"Because Sonic," he began with a sigh at his best friends impatience "We need to give Amy some time to get some sleep. You know what she's like when she hasn't had any"

"Yeah, you're right!" the blue hero laughed setting his attention back out of the window, watching the ocean as it sped by.

About fifteen minutes later, the inseparable duo were looking up at the home of their friend. The young fox walked forwards. knowing what to expect from his previous experience. Lifting his hand, he cautiously knocked on the door and looked over his shoulder at realising the hero wasn't with him.

"Come on Sonic," he said quietly. He was about to say something more when the door slowly opened to reveal the pink hedgehog they had come to visit and he winced very slightly at seeing the evidence from the echidna's punch

"Tails?" she asked tiredly, rubbing her eyes and leaning on the door she reached forwards and embraced him with a smile. Her sleepy gaze was then brought to the other male stood silently on the path to her door "Sonic?" His emerald gaze was set on her bruised features. Knuckles said he didn't hit her very hard!

"Hey Ames," the hero finally responded, lifting his hand to add to his greeting and shaking off the outrage he felt for his 'friend' "I came along this time," he then shrugged "You know, since I found the damn thing and all"

"Come in," she smiled, moving aside to let the two into her abode. She should have known that her request to be left alone and not see them anymore would backfire. Watching the best friends walk to the sofa, she closed the door and followed after them - but stood awaiting them to state their business

"Amy, Sonic and I are here to see if you have made a decision about the cure..."

"It would mean a lot to everyone if you agreed Ames," the cobalt male interrupted the genius "Especially Cream. She's been so down and upset since that meeting. Don't you think you could give it a shot? Heh, no pun intended"

"But Sonic, I've looked over the paper Tails gave me to look at and there are a lot of risks," she argued both ignoring the pun and omitting the fact Shadow had pointed the risks out to her "Besides, since you two have decided to ignore my wishes, you can tell Cream she's welcome to visit as well"

"I'll pass that onto her for you," the orange kit smiled "Now back on topic. It's completely up to you"

"But it would be great if you..."

"And Shadow," the fox interrupted, earning a glare from his 'brother'

"Yeah and him," he added distastefully "Were back with us all again, one big happy family. All we need are samples of your and his blood!" The rose female looked between the two with a confused expression

"Uh guys," she started, putting her head on one side and eyed the documents in the young genius' hands "Shadow can't have this cure"

"Why not?" Tails asked, also confused and ignoring the relieved look that had passed over his best friends face

"Because Shadow's a vampire..."


Moving his air-shoe out of the sunlight that penetrated his 'safe-house', the ebony male scowled at the stack of various sized cardboard boxes that surrounded him. He couldn't sleep; too many thoughts and emotions were crashing through his head. He couldn't believe that he had kissed her the pervious evening and had enjoyed it. Not only that, it had awoken something foreign in him: Lust. It had also brought back memories of the night before when he had almost bitten her. There was a tie in with both his lust and needs...

He wanted to make her like him - Or at least taste her lycan blood.

Shadow growled to himself, there was no way in hell he was going to do such a thing. He didn't even know what her blood would do to him! Another growl passed through his now clenched teeth, he was going to have to be extra careful around her now and up the ante of their 'sessions'. The onyx hedgehog didn't need her to make him lose control over his actions and desires he was going to have to go back to plan A. Distance himself from her.


Next Time: Shadow goes to Amy's and finds Sonic and Tails. Then Amy transforms again with surprising results...