Title Hermione's change of heart.

Hermione smiled as she walked down Diagon Alley. She peered into Madam Malkins shop window. There was a beautiful set of purple robes displayed in the front. She looked into her purse , perhaps I should buy them she thought. Ron would love them on me. He notices everything I wear and do. She stopped and covered her mouth. Had she just said what she thought she said , she hoped Ron would like them. How silly of me , why would I be interested in him. Well said a voice in her head. You have been best friends for the last five years. It's normal for some type of attraction to occur. Hermione shook her head. This was not true. Ron was , well Ron was...Ron...just Ron.

" Granger out walking alone are you".

Hermione turned around. " Draco were you following me?" Hermione looked at him. He had grown a lot since last year. He looked different almost attractive if the truth be told. " Oh my God Hermione get a grip of yourself" she thought. "something is definatly wrong today. I can understand Ron , but Malfoy".

" I was not following you Granger" snapped Malfoy. He opened Madam Malkins door. " Going in" he asked curtly.

Hermione walked in and went over to look at the purple robes. She admired them from all angles. She decided to buy them. They were simply lovely and reasonably priced. She payed for them and looked around for Gryfindor school robes. Malfoy glanced over , he walked over and picked at some of the robes.

" Slytherin robes are over there Draco" said Hermione kindly.

" I know said Draco. Hah you woudn't catch me in Gryfindor robes. Not even if my life depended on it".

" I doubt it" said Hermione. " Slytherins aren't known for their bravery you know".

Draco sighed and edged closer. "I found the summer lonesome Hermione".

" Really Draco , did you run out of people whom you could call mudbloods".

" I mean , it was lonesome without you Hermione".

Hermione dropped the robe she was holding. " What are you talking about Draco. Every since the chamber of secrets was opened , you have called me every foul name under the sun".

" I didn't want people to notice ,Granger. You do know who my Father is."

" An evil wizard Draco. An evil person who frightens me , everytime I think of him".

Draco sighed and touched her hand. Hermiones eyes glanced up. He stepped closer pulled Hermione towards him and kissed her. Hermione didn't pull back infact she felt at ease. She breathed deeply when they parted.

" How can you be so different here , when at school you have caused so much trouble".

" I kissed you Granger. I didn't marry you. I never said , I was a saint".

" Perhaps I am the one being foolish Draco. If anyone knew about this. I dont know what got into me."

Draco laughed and turned to leave. " You didn't pull away Granger and face it. I am like an addiction, once you taste me , the more you want me".

" You're disgusting Draco Malfoy".

Draco smiled. " I'll give you a week Granger".

Hermione hurried out of the shop as quickly as she could. Her eyes were wet with tears. He was right , she had enjoyed that moment. It was offical she had feelings for none other than Draco Malfoy.