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Warnings: Slight Language

Author's Note: This is a challenge fic for Something of nothing wears Radish earrings. So yeah.

Ginny skidded to halt in front of the Gryffindor table

"FREDRICK AND GEORGE WEASLEY!" She shrieked, putting her hands on her hips. The twins paled and turned around guiltily, Ron looked up, curious.

"What's up Gin?" He asked, Ginny turned to him, pale and trembling, with what Ron assumed was anger

"THEY!" She pointed an accusing finger at the twins "Hurt Draco!"

Ron gave her a confused look

"Malfoy? Why do you care?" He asked as Lavender Brown ran to the table, cutting off all other conversations with her incessant tittering

"You'll never guess what? Well, Fred and George sent Malfoy a canary cream, but it went wrong and he turned into a TOAD! And then that stupid Parkinson girl came up and poked him with a stick!" She giggled madly to Parvati, Ginny paled and glared at Lavender

"Shut-up you air head!" She shouted, turning back to the twins and drawing her wand "Now which one wants the hex first…or maybe I should skip that and get right to the Unforgivables?"

"GINNY!" Ron shouted in surprise

"Why do you care what happens to Malfoy anyways?" Harry asked, taking a sip of his Orange Juice

"Because we've been going out for six months." She stated nonchalantly; Harry proceeded to spray his juice all over the table…and consequently Ron. Who didn't seem to notice as he tried not to blow up…it didn't work.

"WHAT?" He bellowed, Ginny stared at him unfazed as Hermione walked up with Crookshanks, who was covered in a gooey red substance and watermelon seeds. She sighed

"What have you managed to over-react about now Ron?" She asked, Ron turned and pointed at Ginny

"SHE'S GOING OUT WITH DRACO BLOODY MALFOY!" He shouted, Hermione smiled

"Yes I know…wonderful isn't it?" She asked, Ron paled further and fell onto the floor. Harry seemed to be in a state of shock…and the twins had identical smug smiles.

"I KNEW IT!" They shouted together, Ginny turned and glared

"Fix it." She ordered, the twins paled and backed away slightly

"O…ok Gin…" George stuttered

"Just…don't hurt us." Fred agreed, George looked at him

"If you have to hurt someone…hurt him please." George begged, Fred nodded

"Yeah…just hurt m---…GEORGE!" Fred screamed, turning to his twin with a horrified look "How could you?"

"What…say it before you?" George asked, shrugging slightly "It was easy…you're as slow as a flobber-worm." Fred sighed

"Yeah…you're right…HEY!"

"STOP BICKERING AND FIX IT!" Ginny screeched, both the twins paled dramatically and tripped over each other trying to get out of the room, Ginny turned to Hermione and perked an eyebrow

"What happened to Crookshanks?" She asked, Hermione sighed and looked down at the gooey cat

"I don't know…the house elves found him inside a watermelon this morning."

There. Completely and utterly pointless. But thats ok. :)

Challenge Requirements:

This fic needs to contain...

- Fred and George

- Draco


- Orange Juice

- Someone has to say 'You'll never guess what? Well, (blank) sent (blank) a canary cream, but it went wrong and they turned into a (blank)' (fill in the blanks)

- a stick

-the words 'water melon' and 'crookshanks' in the same sentence


Yes...I know Draco and the stick arent technically in the story...but my brain isnt technically in my head. Thats my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.