: I don't own Naruto, I am only borrowing the characters

Author: pheonixphire

Genre: Romance/Humor

Rating: T

Pairings: SasuSaku, NejiTen, NaruHina, ShikaIno

Summery: Four teams, four sensei's, one island, one vacation. The rookie nine and Team Gai, students and sensei's, are sent on a vacation to relax, Hokage's orders. What madness will ensue? or will romance bloom instead?

Vacation in Paradise

Chapter One

The Message

It was a hot summer day in Konoha. The sun was shining down on them, and there were no clouds to be seen. Near a red bridge by the forest, three shinobi were waiting for their sensei, who was late, again. The blond genin was dozing off, while his dark haired teammate sat in a tree. The only female member of the group was pacing back and forth, muttering darkly.

"Yo," said a silver haired jounin, as he suddenly appeared.

"Damn you Kakashi! You're four hours late this time, " screamed the pink haired kunoichi, finally losing it. "May I ask what delayed you this time?" asked Sakura, in a dangerously sweet voice.

"Well, umm,…" started Kakashi.

"What's your excuse this time?" interrupted Sakura, voice dripping venom.

"I uh, I got lost on the road of life," said Kakashi, looking around for an escape route.

"Again?" asked Sakura, cracking her knuckles.

"Umm, yes?" replied Kakashi as he slowly backed away.

"Wrong answer!" yelled Sakura, taking out a kunai and several shuriken, with a killing intent in her green eyes.

"Well, do we have a mission to do today?" asked Naruto. He rubbed his eyes, roused by the sound of Sakura yelling. His eyes widened when he saw Sakura with the weapons in her hands and quickly jumped up to stop her. He was stopped by a glare from Sakura. He held up his hands and backed down. She turned her head back to their sensei.

"Well…?" she asked, tapping her foot. She put away the shuriken, but she was still spinning the kunai on her finger.

"Nope, no mission, " replied their sensei, "Just meet me at the Hokage's office at 9 tomorrow." He turned to go, but Sakura grabbed him by his vest.

"WHAT?" screamed Sakura, fuming, "I waited for four hours, in this weather, for you to tell me that there's no mission?"

"Sakura, please calm down," sighed a black haired boy, as he dropped down from the tree. Sakura wasn't usually like this. Sakura also shot him glare.

"Yes, there is no mission today," replied Kakashi, struggling in her grip, "now listen to Sasuke and please calm down." Sakura opened her mouth to speak, then, she dropped him, and stalked away, muttering under her breath.

"What wrong with her today?" Kakashi asked his other two students, dusting himself off. Sasuke shrugged, he didn't know either, and walked away to go train.

"If I tell you, will you treat me to ramen?" asked Naruto, secretively.

"Treat you to ramen, YOU?" asked Kakashi, as he pulled out his book to read. (A/N and we all know what that book is) "No."

"Why not?" whined Naruto, with a puppy pout on his face.

"Iruka told me what happened last time he treated you to ramen." Kakashi said simply. He walked away, his face buried in his book. "Don't forget about tomorrow."

"Fine! I won't tell you," shouted Naruto as Kakashi turned around and started to walk away. "Damn, I couldn't trick him into buying me ramen." He said to himself.

"I heard that," Kakashi whispered dangerously, over his shoulder.

"Uh oh," Naruto said, eyes widening. He turned and ran for his life, screaming bloody murder.

Kunai's, shuriken's, and about every sharp pointy object known to man rained down from the sky.

"Byakugan," Neji whispered as he activated his bloodline limit. He dodged the weapons as best as he could. When the rain of weapons finally stopped, he had acquired several scratches. He scanned the clearing, looking for his sparring partner. He whipped around to find Tenten with a windmill shuriken in each hand.

"You're going down this time, " she yelled, as she began to run toward him with the gigantic shuriken. "You won't win today!"

"Hn," he replied as he threw a kunai at Tenten. It struck her right in her heart. He started to panic. Oh no, I didn't really hurt her did I? Then she disappeared in a puff of smoke and a log fell to the ground with a kunai in it. Replacement. Damnit. Neji thought, calming down a little and looking around for his sparring partner. Then he felt a sharp metal pressed against his throat.

"Fell for it didn't you?" Tenten asked, "I win." She gasped as someone place a kunai against her throat. The Neji in front of her disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"I never lose," Neji whispered in her ear as she struggled in his grip. She tried to twist away from his grip, but instead fell when she tripped over his feet. She grabbed for something, and ended up yanking Neji's shirt. Neji fell with her, unable to do anything. He still had a kunai in his grip, though he did not really want to hurt her, so he tired to twist the kunai away from her throat. They ended up in a very awkward position on the ground, their faces extremely close to each others.

"YOSH, THE FIRE OF YOUTH SHALL…" a green clad shinobi looked at his teammates on the ground, "Umm…I'm not interrupting something am I?"

Tenten blushed, and got up, dusting herself off. Neji's face had a light tint of pink as he twisted away from Tenten and sat up, pointedly ignoring his teammates.

"Oh, hi Lee," Tenten greeted, her face still red. She bent to pick up her weapons.

"Hn," said Neji as he put away his kunai. He looked at Tenten; all her weapons had disappeared. Damnit, I missed it again. He thought, not for the first time. He could never figure out how Tenten managed to hide her entire armory so quickly.

"GAI SENSEI!" Lee shouted as their teacher appeared.






The two green wearing shinobi hugged, sobbing in the sunset. It was only 9:30 in the morning. Tenten shook her head and walked over to Neji.

"How do they do that?" she asked Neji, indicating the sunset. He shrugged, he didn't know either.








Again they hugged with that mysterious sunset appearing out of nowhere. Tenten and Neji sweatdropped, and walked away from their sensei and teammate, back to their training grounds.

"I think they're on crack or something," whispered Tenten to Neji. Neji just nodded and continued to walk away from the two hugging, crying shinobi.

"Let's just keep training," Neji said, activating his byakugan.

"Alright," Tenten said as she pulled out her scrolls.

"Shikamaru! Get up, you lazy ass!" screamed a blond kunoichi, shaking a pineapple headed shinobi.

"Woman are so troublesome," the said shinobi sighed, as he sat up.

"What did you say, Nara?" asked Ino, glaring at him.

"Nothing, nothing," he said. Ino continued glaring. Chouji munched his chips loudly.

"Chouji, please stop eating so loudly," said Ino.

"You guys, please stop bickering," sighed Asuma, their sensei. He had just appeared. "There are no missions today, just meet me at the Hokage's office at 9 tomorrow." With that he disappeared. Chouji shrugged and continued to eat his precious chips.

"I wonder why?" asked Ino to no one in particular.

"Troublesome," replied Shikamaru. Chouji looked at the two of them and shrugged.

"I never asked you!" screamed Ino. Shikamaru looked at her and lay down again. She huffed and walked away. Chouji looked his teammates, before continuing his munching.

Akamaru barked.

"What is it Akamaru?" asked Kiba, picking Akamaru up. Akamaru barked a response.

"Oh," he said, "Hey Hinata! Shino! Kurenai's here!" Hinata looked up and walked over, as did Shino.

"Ok, there are no missions today, but just remember to meet me at the Hokage's office tomorrow at 9, alright?" said Kurenai. Hinata and Shino nodded.

"Why?" asked Kiba.

"You'll find out tomorrow," Kurenai said. She smiled mischievously and left.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Kiba sighed. He shook his head and walked off with Akamaru. Akamaru barked in agreement.

So, there's the first chapter. I hope you enjoyed it. What are the sensei's and the Hokage planning? What is wrong with Sakura? Are Gai and Lee really on crack? Find out next time on Vacation in Paradise…I always wanted to say that. Ah well, enough talking. Please review. Thank you and good night (or evening, morning, or whatever time of day it is). -pheonixphire