: I don't own Naruto, I am only borrowing the characters

Author: pheonixphire

Genre: Romance/Humor

Rating: T

Pairings: SasuSaku, NejiTen, NaruHina, ShikaIno

Summery: Four teams, four sensei's, one island, one vacation. The rookie nine and Team Gai, students and sensei's, are sent on a vacation to relax, Hokage's orders. What madness will ensue? or will romance bloom instead?

Vacation in Paradise

Chapter Seventeen

The Kidnapping

"Hey Shino!" Kiba called, banging on his teammates door. "I'm gonna go visit Hatami, you wanna come?"

"Yeah, hold on," Shino replied. Kiba sat down and played with Akamaru as Shino got ready. A few minutes later, Shino burst out of his room.

"Let's go," Shino said, kicking Kiba lightly. Kiba jumped up and the two of them headed down the stairs and out the door, with Akamaru right behind them.

"Going to go see your girlfriends?" Ino asked, through her open window, as they walked by her cabin. Sakura, who was visiting her, giggled. Kiba glared and Shino ignored them.

"Come on," Shino said, walking into the forest. Kiba, muttering darkly, followed.

They arrived at the twin's home a few minutes later.

"What happened?" Kiba asked, surveying the ruins of the house.

"They're not there and there are signs of struggling and claw marks," Shino told Kiba, some bugs settling on his hand.

"Something happened to them," Kiba said, worried. A faint meow was heard. Akamaru barked and raced off toward the sound. Shino looked at Kiba, who nodded, and the two of them followed the dog. They found him in an alley farther down the street. He was crouched over a white and black cat.

"Tokira?" Shino asked.

"I think so," Kiba said.

The two of them knelt near the bundle of fur. Shino poked it gently. The cat squirmed and meowed again. The movement showed a shallow scratch down the cat's back.

"She's hurt," Kiba said.

"It's not to bad," Shino said, picking the cat up.

"What happened to Hatami and Kizumi?" Kiba asked.

"I don't know," Shino replied. "Let's take Tokira to Sakura and then investigate more."

"Good idea," Kiba said. "Akamaru and I will look around, you take Tokira." Shino nodded and dashed off toward the cabins.

Shino arrived at the clearing to find the others gathered in Naruto's cabin.

"What are you guys doing?" Shino asked, walking in. Then, remembering Tokira, he asked Sakura to heal the cat. Sakura nodded and gently picked the cat. She took her over to the dining room table, where there was already a pillow, some bandages, and a white lump. Ino dashed upstairs and threw a pillow to Hinata. Hinata caught it and placed it on the table for the cat. Sakura nodded her thanks.

"Shino, where's Kiba? And what happened?" Tenten asked.

"Kiba's looking for clues at Kizumi and Hatami's house, it seems like something bad happened to them," Shino replied. "What happened here?" He asked.

"Sakura was healing Takiya," Tenten answered, pointing to the pillow on the dining room table.

"What's Takiya doing here?" Shino asked.

"We think she was looking for Akamaru and Kiba," Naruto said. "She arrived about fifteen minutes after you and Kiba left, according to Ino."

"We assumed that something bad had happened to Hatami and Kizumi," Ino said, "Since Takiya was hurt and Hatami was nowhere to bee seen."

"Since Kiba's the only one that can understand dog, I think we should get him back here," Shikamaru said. The others nodded.

"I'll go," Shino said, turning to leave.

"No, I'll go, you rest," Tenten said, stopping him. She headed out the door. Neji hesitated, before following the kunoichi. Ino and Sakura, who had finished healing the cat, looked at each other. Sakura raised an eyebrow and Ino smiled knowingly. The two made goo goo eyes at each other before bursting into giggles, causing several of the others to look at them strangely.

"Kiba!" Tenten called, after they arrived at the village. "Akamaru!"

"Tenten, they're over there," Neji said, pointing.

"Holy crap, where did you come from?" Tenten asked, pretending to be surprised. Neji rolled his eyes and walked off.

"Come on," he said to her. Tenten laughed and jogged to catch up with him.

"Kiba!" Tenten called. Akamaru looked up to see Tenten and Neji, and barked at Kiba to get his attention. Kiba looked up, surprised.

"What are you guys doing here?" Kiba asked.

"Takiya arrived about fifteen minutes after you left. She was hurt and Hatami was nowhere to be seen," Tenten replied. "They need you back at the cabins to translate."

"Okay, let's go," Kiba said. Tenten and Neji nodded and the three of them raced off to the cabins.

"Kiba! Finally, god, took you guys long enough," Ino said. "Takiya's over there," she told him, pointing.

Kiba and Akamaru rushed over to find Takiya awake and yipping urgently. Akamaru jumped onto the table and licked her, barking worriedly. Takiya yipped reassuringly and turned back to Kiba.

After a while, Kiba finished his interrogation of the dog and left her in the care of Akamaru. He turned to the others and explained.

"They were kidnapped by a something, not a someone. And apparently this was they same thing that had chased Takiya away and Tokira up a tree," Kiba told the others.

"And Takiya doesn't know what it is?" Sakura asked.

"All she knew what that it was large, brown, and green," Kiba said.

"NO! HOW DARE THEY SHAME THE UNSHAMEALE COLOR GREEN BY DOING SUCH SHAMEFUL ACTS!" Lee screamed. "I MUST FIND GAI!" And with that he raced off. After a few minutes, they could hear the famous 'Lee Gai' speech and see the sunset. It was noon.

"Okay…" Ino said. "You know what, I feel sorry for you two," she said to Neji and Tenten. They shrugged, used to this type of behavior.

"What about HATAMI AND KIZUMI?" Kiba asked, rather violently.

"Well, I think we split up and search," Shikamaru said.

"Have two people per group, since we don't know what we're dealing with," Sasuke told them.

"But we have an odd number now that Lee ran off," Sakura said. "How about three groups of three and one group of two?" she asked.

"Okay, Kiba, you and Shino can be the two group, since your good at tracking and such. Hinata and Neji, you have Byakugan, so you have to be on different teams. That way two teams with have your abilities. Hinata, Naruto and Sasuke. Neji, Tenten, and Sakura. I'll go with my normal team," Shikamaru said. The others nodded.

"What about them?" Ino asked, pointing to the three animals.

"Those two need to rest, but Akamaru is going to come with me," Kiba told them. "Now let's go." Akamaru barked, jumped off the table, and followed Kiba and the others out the door.

"Sasuke, Naruto, Hinata, go north. Neji, Tenten, Sakura, go east. Shino and Kiba, south. Me, Ino and Chouji will go west. Meet back here in two hours," Shikamaru told them. They nodded and rushed off into the forests.

"Byakugan!" Neji whispered, activating his bloodline. He looked around as the three of them raced through the eastern forest. They heard a rustle toward their left and paused.

"What was that?" Sakura asked. Neji looked and rolled his eyes.

"It's a squirrel," Neji told them.

"A squirrel?" Tenten asked.

"It's a squirrel," Neji repeated, "Look."

The three turned to find a small red squirrel hop out of the bushes. It was almost out of sight when they noticed a patch of green.

"Catch that squirrel!" Sakura said.

"Byakugan!" Hinata activated her bloodline. She looked around.

"See anything?" Naruto asked. She shook her head. After about an hour, they had still not found anything.

"We should be getting back now," Sasuke said. "It's been over an hour, and we're going to need about an hour to get back."

"Which way?" Naruto asked, looking around. All the trees seemed the same.

"We w-went north, so t-to get b-back, we s-should go south," Hinata said.

"Which way's south?" Sasuke asked.

"I d-don't know," Hinata answered, looking around.

"Wait! Didn't they say that moss grows on the west side of trees!" Naruto said.

"Wasn't it on the south side?" Sasuke asked.

"I t-think it was t-the north side," Hinata said. (A/N I haven't used one of these in a while…anyway, from what I know, moss does grow on the north side of trees. And it's about to get fairly confusing.)

"It grows on the west side!" Naruto said. Sasuke and Hinata shrugged. The walked over to a tree and found the green moss. (A/N yup, here comes the confusing part.)

"So, that way is west," Naruto said, pointing north.

"So s-south would be that way?" Hinata asked, pointing south.

"No, south would be that way," Sasuke said, pointing north.

"Well, north is that way, Naruto said, pointing east. "So south would be that way," he said, pointing west.

"But n-north is this way," Hinata said, pointing north.

"Isn't north that way?" Sasuke said, pointing south.

"No, north is this way," said Naruto, pointing east. "So south is that way," he said, pointing west.

"Whatever," Sasuke said. "Let's just go."

"Pick a direction," Naruto said. He pointed west, Hinata pointed south, and Sasuke pointed north.

"This isn't going to work," Sasuke said.

"How about we drop a stick and go that direction?" Naruto suggested.

"Fine," Sasuke said. The three of them found sticks and dropped them. They all pointed in different directions.

"W-what do we d-do now?" Hinata asked.

"We go that way!" Naruto said, pointing west again.

"Fine, whatever," Sasuke said. Hinata sighed. (A/N If only they had listened to Hinata…)

"Akamaru, you smell anything?" Kiba asked. Akamaru shook his head.

"What about you guys?" Shino asked his bugs. They had seen nothing either. Suddenly, Akamaru growled and raced off.

"I think he smelled something. Come on," Kiba said, chasing after the dog.

"We're lost," Shikamaru said. The three of them had headed west from the cabins over two hours ago. They had gotten lost in less then fifteen minutes.

"But I don't wanna die!" Ino said. Chouji finished his chips about an hour ago. The three had also found nothing that would lead them to Hatami and Kizumi.

"All we have to do is wait for the sunset," Shikamaru said, "Then we can see which direction in which."

"But that's in like five hours!" Ino whined. "Let's just go that way," she said, pointing north, "Maybe we can get back to the cabins."

"I…need…chips!" Chouji said.

With Neji, Tenten, and Sakura chasing a squirrel, Kiba and Shino following a dog, Hinata, Sasuke, and Naruto walking in a completely different direction from the cabins due to direction confusion, and Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji completely and utterly lost, no one actually met back at the cabins after two hours. Oh well.
The three of them walked north, hoping to get back to the cabins. After twenty minutes of walking, they stopped for a break. Hearing rustling in the bushes, they turned and prepared for the worst, only to find Sasuke, Naruto, and Hinata stumble out.

"What's g-going on?" Hinata asked.

"We're lost," Ino said.

"HA! I know exactly where we are!" Naruto said.

"We're lost too," Sasuke said.

"Traitor," Naruto muttered.

Sasuke and Naruto were arguing again, Ino was complaining, and Chouji was in chip mourning.

"How troublesome," Shikamaru said. Hinata poked him.

"The c-cabins are over t-that way," she told him. Shikamaru nodded.

"Hey!" Shikamaru said, "We're going that way," he said, pointing southeast. They others shrugged, continued their activates, but followed Shikamaru and Hinata. They did finally manage to get back to the cabins, much to the relief of everyone.

"I got it!" Tenten yelled, grabbing for the squirrel. It leapt out of her grasp and caused her to almost crash into a tree. Neji lunged for it after it escaped from Tenten's hold, but it evaded his capture also. He managed to avoid the tree, like Tenten, but, unlike Tenten, he tripped on one of the tree's roots and crashed into her. Sakura laughed at them, they glared, and she went back after the squirrel.

"Oh my god!" Tenten said, after pushing Neji off of her.

"What?" Neji asked, picking himself up.

"You are amazingly heavy," Tenten said, dodging the clump of grass he threw at her. "And…" she continued, "I thought that Lee was the only one that chased squirrels." Realization dawned on the two, they looked at each other, horrified.

"Caught it!" Sakura yelled, holding the squirrel for them to see. "Apparently, the green was just a leaf."

"Lovely," Tenten said.

"It's a cave!" Kiba said. Akamaru had led them to a large, damp cave.

"The bugs say that there are only two people in there," Shino said.

"Hatami and Kizumi!" Kiba said, racing for the entrance.

"Not so fast," Shino said, grabbing Kiba's collar and yanking him back down. "There are traps."

"I don't care," Kiba said. He jumped out of Shino's grasp and leapt of the entrance. Shino sighed and followed. Dodging several kunai and a rain of shuriken, they found themselves in another chamber. In the corner where Hatami and Kizumi, bound, gagged, and blindfolded. Kiba growled. He ran over to the twins, with Shino right behind them. When Hatami's blindfold was off, her eyes widened at the sight of Kiba, but then she tried to say something. Beside them, Shino had removed Kizumi's blindfold and gag.

"Hold on," Kiba said, trying to get Hatami's gag off. The first thing both of them said was "Behind you."

Kiba and Shino spun around to find a large brown bear. It was standing at the entrance of the cave, growling. The green part was a large band like cuffs around its neck, arms, and legs. It growled louder and advanced toward the four of them. Kiba and Shino turned back to the twins and quickly removed the last of the ropes. Turning back, they found that the bear was only a few feet away.

"We have to get out," Kiba said. The others nodded. "Akamaru, distract him, please." Akamaru barked, ran forward, and out the cave. The bear turned its head to follow the little dog.

"Now!" Shino said, running out of the cave with the others, while the bear was still following Akamaru.

"You know the green bands on the bear?" Hatami asked, as they ran.

"Yeah, what about them?" Kiba asked.

"They're controlling it," Kizumi said.

"Controlling it?" Shino asked.

"Yeah," Hatami answered.

"Then we just have to get them off," Kiba said.

"The bugs can get the arm and leg cuffs, but they won't be able to get the neck one," Shino said.

"Me and Akamaru will get it," Kiba said. He jumped up on to a branch and waited for the bear. The others kept running.

By the time the bear raced under the branch where Kiba and Akamaru waited, the arm and leg cuffs we off, thanks to Shino and his bugs. As soon as the bear passed under the tree, Kiba and Akamaru jumped on its back. There they quickly got to work on removing the band, as the bear thrashed around, trying to get the two off its back. Several times, its claws almost managed to scratch the two on its back, but were never actually able to.

The second the green band was off, the bear stopped. Kiba and Akamaru slid off its back and jumped back onto the tree branch. The bear looked around and blinked. Then it walked off, back towards the cave were the twins were held captive.

"That was close," Kiba said. Akamaru barked in agreement.

"Kiba! Are you okay?" Hatami asked, raced toward him and Akamaru.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Kiba said, hugged the girl. Shino and Kizumi arrived, holding hands.

"Tokira and Takiya are back at the cabins. Let's go back there," Shino suggested. The others agreed and they head back towards the cabins.

There, Hatami and Kizumi ran to their pets and sighed when they healed, thanks to Sakura. After dinner, Hatami and Kizumi explained to everyone that the bear was being controlled and was forced to kidnap them. They also told them that their parents were killed by a ninja and the ninja's daughter was the one who could control animals, like the bear.

"Revenge, I suppose," Hatami said.

"Even though we were barely four at the time it happened," Kizumi said.

"Don't worry, you're safe with us," Kiba assured them. The others nodded.

"What do we do now?" Hatami asked.

"Our house is pretty much destroyed," Kizumi said.

"Why don't you stay with us?" Sakura asked.

"I'm sure Kiba and Shino won't mind," Ino added, giggling.

The four turned red. Everyone else laughed. Soon, it was decided that Hatami and Kizumi would live with the ninjas. Hatami and Kizumi would stay in Tenten's room and Tenten would share Neji's room. Everyone was just about to start teasing Tenten when Lee ran into the room.


"Yes Lee, we 'avenged the color green'" Tenten answered, exasperated.

"I MUST GO TELL GAI!" Lee said, running back out the room.

Everyone sighed and turned back to Neji and Tenten.

"Are you sure you don't mind sharing a room with Neji?" Hatami asked Tenten.

"Don't worry about it," Tenten said, reassuringly. "Neji can sleep on the floor."

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