Summary: Our characters are going overseas. Aiden Avalon has an archeological site to examine and…our characters are going along for the ride. But what trouble will they get into in Egypt?

Author's Note: As if you couldn't tell, this is inspired by a movie I saw. As I write this, I just came back from seeing The Mummy Returns (AWESOME movie)! So remembering what Sakura's father is, I felt this was a perfect story to start on.

Curse of the Pyramid: Part 1

"Sakura! We're gonna be late!"

Sakura huffed at Tori's call. He had been bugging her for at least the last 20 minutes. But she was well aware of the time…unlike most times. She was almost packed and ready to go.

Aiden Avalon was called to an archeological site somewhere near Cairo, Egypt. Unlike other times where he would go alone, this time Aiden wasn't going alone. He was bringing along Ms. Mackenzie, whom he was still dating much to Sakura's delight. And he was also bringing along his two children, Tori and Sakura. But there were more people coming along for the ride. In addition, Madison, Eriol, Julian, and Nakuru were all going, too.

Sakura was sad because there was one person who wasn't going. A week ago, Li went off to Hong Kong to visit his family. He called and told Sakura that Meilin was staying there for good to help take care of Li's mother. But…Li wasn't ready to leave Hong Kong yet and that meant he would miss the trip to Egypt. Sakura and Li hadn't been apart this long since he left for Hong Kong the first time seven years ago.

Despite that, this was an opportunity of a lifetime. Sakura had never actually been to an actual site before. She was always held back behind the yellow tape, but her father assured her that wouldn't happen this time. She would actually be allowed inside the pyramid located within the site. She was so excited.

All that remained was to pack emergency supplies. "Ok, Kero. Do we have the first-aid kit?"


"Bottled water?"


"Ice pack?"


"Are we missing anything else?"

Kero nodded. He looked towards the desk…and out floated the Sakura Card book. The book floated into Sakura's suitcase. Sakura promptly removed it.

"What do I need the book for?" Sakura asked.

"Just in case," Kero answered. "You never know, Sakura. There might be that one emergency where it might come in handy."

Sakura stared at Kero inquisitively. "But how am I supposed to fit that huge book on the plane? And what if my dad or Tori look through my suitcase? How am I supposed to explain that?"

Kero nodded again. "I see your point." He had the book float back to Sakura's desk. Then the book flew open and some of the cards flew out and in between Sakura's wardrobe. "We'll just take a few cards."

"Which ones are those?" Sakura asked.

"Um…good question," Kero said. "Maybe we should…"


The doorknob turned and Kero immediately went into stuffed animal mode. Tori stuck his head in and immediately looked at the stuffed animal on Sakura's bed. He got into a staring contest and it looked like Kero was about to blink, so Sakura got in front of her brother.

"Is there something you wanted?"

"We're going to be late," Tori said bluntly. "What's taking you so long, squirt?"

"I'm…getting a few last thing together," Sakura replied nervously. "I…should be out in a couple more minutes." Then she slammed the door.

"Ok, squirt," Tori said from behind the door. "But hurry up! We don't want to miss the flight."

Sakura walked over to her bed and was about to check which Sakura Cards Kero put in her bag. Then she thought better of it and just grabbed the bag.

"Aren't you even going to check?" Kero asked as he flew towards Sakura's pocket.

"I don't think I need to," Sakura smiled. "I'm sure I can work with whatever I have. And besides, what are the odds I'll need any cards?"

Kero sighed. "Sakura Avalon: the most powerful sorceress in all the world. You possess magic the likes of which the world has never seen. I just wish you would take advantage of it a little more."

Sakura blushed. "Oh, Kero. I'm not THAT powerful; I'm only 18. And besides, in this world…where would I ever need to use magic?"

"That's what Clow Reed used to say sometimes," Kero said. "But he learned that powerful magic was never useless. There would always be that one instance where he would need it. But…I see where you can think that. There really isn't much room in this modern society for ancient magic."

"I didn't say it was useless," Sakura replied. "I just said I don't need it right now. Um…unless it can keep me from being late."

"Keep YOU from being late?" Kero teased. "There's no magic THAT powerful."

Sakura groaned and stuffed Kero in her pocket. The plane was due to leave in a few hours so she took her suitcase and ran out of her room.

It was time to go to Egypt.


Sakura wiped her forehead again. "It's so hot out here."

The Cairo sun felt like a furnace. Sakura wished she was back in the cool airplane. But even though she was frying, Sakura grew excited as the jeep approached the site. There were two jeeps. One carried Tori, Julian, Nakuru, and Sakura's father. The other carried Sakura, Madison, Eriol, and…Ms. Mackenzie.

This must have also been like a dream for Madison, because she hadn't turned her camera off since the plane landed. She made sure to get the sights and sounds of the Egyptian desert landscape on videotape.

"The beautiful Cairo, Egypt," Madison narrated. "The sun, the sand, the history. It'll make for a wonderful documentary." Then she moved her camera towards… "And what documentary would be complete without our favorite subject: Sakura Avalon."

Sakura looked into the camera and sweatdropped. "Eriol…please control her."

Eriol slyly pushed the OFF button on the camera. "Even Oliver Stone knows when to take a break. You need to relax."

Madison pouted. "Oh, Eriol…"

Sakura grinned and then looked at the driver's seat. "Ms. Mackenzie, have you ever been to Egypt before?"

"Once or twice," the unusual teacher answered. "You'd be surprised at how everything in ancient Egypt seemed to have some kind of curse on it. It's really something else to be able to witness it all in person. The pyramids are especially fascinating."

"I've seen a lot in these last 18 years," Eriol said. "But I don't think I've even seen the inside of a pyramid. I wonder what it looks like?"

"Just be sure not to touch too much," Ms. Mackenzie instructed. "You don't want to unknowingly trigger a curse."

That made Sakura and Madison nervous. "C-C-Curse?"

Eriol smirked. "Curse. That's just a superstition."

"Oh, I don't know about that," Ms. Mackenzie grinned. "There have been people who will tell you that curses are very real."

"Yeah, and who's that?" Eriol asked.

"I think Aiden said he knew someone at the site who can tell us a little about ancient myths and curses," Ms. Mackenzie answered. "But…her name escapes me at the moment."

Sakura felt a chill go down her spine. Curses? They couldn't be real…could they? Maybe Eriol was right…or so Sakura hoped.

Still, Madison whispered into Sakura's ear. "You don't think there's a curse where we're going…do you, Sakura?"

Sakura gulped and whispered back, "I hope not."


There were tents all around the archeological dig. Sakura's father led the entire party into the biggest of the tents. There were glass cases and vases everywhere. Sakura wanted to be extra careful not to break something. Everyone else looked around in awe at the precious artifacts, while Madison got everything on tape.

"These are really beautiful," Madison squealed. "Aren't they, Sakura?"

"Yeah…I've never seen anything like them," Sakura agreed.

"So you like them, do you?" an unseen voice asked.

Everyone looked around…except for Aiden who seemed to recognize the voice. Just then, someone came out from behind the nearby curtain. It was a thirty-something year old woman with short dark hair and brown eyes. She looked to be an intelligent woman and Sakura could only assume that she was an expert in this area.

The woman smiled when she saw Sakura's father. "Professor Avalon. I'm glad to see you. I trust you had a pleasant trip?"

"Yes we did. Um…I guess I should introduce everyone." Aiden stepped aside to reveal his friends and family. "I'd like you to meet Leila, Eriol, Madison, Julian, and Nakuru. And these…are my children: my oldest son, Tori, and my youngest daughter, Sakura." Aiden motioned towards the woman. "This…is Evelyn Neferteri O'Connell."

"Hello," Evelyn greeted in her British voice. She looked towards Sakura and Tori. "Your father's a very smart person. I'm glad he was able to bring you all here so I could share this with you. My crew and I have recently opened a very mysterious pyramid. The entrances were always sealed shut…until a few weeks ago when they mysteriously opened.

"My entire crew is baffled and I was hoping to get some outside help. And I was told that Professor Aiden Avalon from Japan was the absolute best help I could get."

"Where is this pyramid?" Ms. Mackenzie asked.

"It's out in the desert towards the west. It's the one over the nearby hill. I have a preliminary idea of what's in there, but I'm afraid I'm not as good at reading Egyptian hieroglyphics…as my great- grandmother was. That's one reason I asked you here."

"What are the other reasons?" Aiden asked.

"My crew has been called back to London," Evelyn sighed. "The museum wants them back to study an artifact that just came in from the United States, but I don't want to leave yet. I haven't even had a full day to study the pyramid. So the museum agreed to let me stay on the condition that I find someone to accompany me inside." She chuckled. "It looks like I found more than one.

"Don't worry. It shouldn't be dangerous. You can all come along. I actually insist upon it."

Aiden didn't even bother looking back. "We'd all be delighted. I especially know Sakura's been looking forward to seeing inside of a real pyramid."

Sakura nodded. "I've never seen inside a real pyramid before."

"You won't be disappointed," Evelyn smiled.

"But…what's in this pyramid?" Julian suddenly asked.

Evelyn started making her way out. "I'll explain it on the way."

Next Time: Evelyn O'Connell…coincidence, right? I mean it WAS the 1920's when…oh, never mind. Next time, our characters arrive at the pyramid. What's inside and what could possibly happen?

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