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Last Time: Kero heard the lamenting cry of the ghost of a little girl who looked just like Sakura. Sakura didn't notice since she was busy running away. Li arrived at the scene, but his efforts were futile…and he was spotted by Evelyn. Back in the pyramid, Sakura's bracelet began to emit light in two directions. It's too bad that one of those lights pointed right to…the mummy.

Curse of the Pyramid: Part 6

She was an interesting woman to say the least, this Evelyn was. Li noticed she was holding a large notebook in her hand. She must have been an archaeologist.

"How long have they been down there?" Li asked.

Evelyn browsed through her notebook. "It has to have been at least 24 hours since the pyramid sunk. I…just checked and see if it came back."

"What makes you think it'll come back?" Li asked cynically.

"I've heard quite a bit about these three," Evelyn answered. "I was told a lot about them…from a certain Leila Mackenzie. She tells me that they can be very resourceful, especially Sakura. And if they're as resourceful as she says they are…then they should be able to find their way out soon."

"You really think so?" Li asked.

Evelyn nodded positively. "All I've gathered from the pyramid's hieroglyphics so far is that whomever wears the bracelet must put a soul to rest. Sakura's the one wearing the bracelet. The only question remaining is…what does she have to do?"

Li sighed deeply. That meant there was nothing he could do. All he could do was wait.

"I don't know," Li finally said. "I just hope she figures it out soon."


They finally lost the mummy again. The mummy was lurking outside while Sakura hid in a dark corner. Madison and Eriol desperately threw their bodies over Sakura's bracelet in an effort to keep the light from emitting. It was working at the moment, but Sakura knew they couldn't hide forever.

"What are we going to do?" Sakura whispered. "There doesn't seem to be any way out."

There was a moment of silence for a moment. The mummy stumbled around finding emptiness…and in that time, Kero flew out of Sakura's pocket and onto her shoulder.

"Sakura…" Kero whispered. "I have an idea. Let the light out."

"Kero, I can't!" Sakura whispered back. "The mummy will get us!"

"Just do it," Kero suggested. "Follow that other light. I think that might be our answer."

Sakura looked at the faces of Madison and Eriol. They both nodded through the darkness, signaling for Sakura to get ready to make a run for it. They both moved aside and the two rays of light shot out again. One of them pointed directly at the mummy. The other light shot outside the chamber.

The mummy saw the light and found the source: Sakura's bracelet. He came over towards them, at which time Sakura and her friends ran.

They ran inside the other chamber and followed the light. It wasn't a bad idea in theory. Sakura thought about what lay at the other end of the light. It could have been a way to escape. It could have been a way to subdue the mummy. Then Sakura thought of the other side of the coin. The end of the other light could very well contain…something worse!

Sakura could finally see the end of the other ray of light. But when she saw what was at the other side, she immediately fell to the ground in fear. She tried to turn around, but bumped into her friends and knocked them down. Sakura desperately wanted to escape the sight in front of her. She wanted to take her chances with the mummy rather than face…

…a ghost.

Sakura tried crawling away, but Kero flew right in front of her face and stopped her.

"Sakura, STOP!" Kero shouted.

"Get away, Kero!" Sakura screamed. "It's a g-g-ghost!!"

"Will you LOOK AT HER?!" Kero ordered.

Madison and Eriol gasped. They saw something that Sakura didn't. Sakura didn't want to see it. She was too afraid. She didn't want to see any part of this ghost.

Madison pointed in front of her. "Sakura…look…"

Sakura didn't want to look. Eriol turned her head for her and Kero used his little hands to keep her eyelids open. She wondered why they were doing this to her…then she saw why. The ghost…was of a young girl…who looked just like Sakura. And she seemed to be crying out.


Sakura looked curiously at the ghost. "Daddy?"

Eriol gasped. "MUMMY!"

Sakura turned around and saw the mummy quickly approaching. Everyone moved out of his way, but the mummy suddenly started slowing down. When he came in…he didn't go after Sakura or any of her friends. He stopped…when he saw the ghost.

The ghost's face suddenly brightened. "Daddy?"

The mummy groaned inquisitively. Sakura saw that the ghost was…joyful. It was as if…the mummy was her father.

Sakura didn't know why she made her next move. She didn't know why, but she stepped out towards them. She suddenly wasn't afraid anymore…she was extremely curious.

The mummy turned towards her…and grunted at her. He must have been trying to speak, but the mummy's body was withered and decrepit. But the mummy…let out a smile. He pointed at Sakura's…bracelet. The bracelet continued to point a ray of light at each one of them. The mummy motioned for Sakura to come closer…so she did.

The mummy…loosened the bracelet. The bracelet was finally off Sakura's arm. Then the mummy put the bracelet on his own arm…and the body disintegrated before Sakura's eyes. All that remained…was a spirit of what looked to be an ancient Egyptian. But what startled Sakura was that this ghost…looked just like her own father.

The two ghosts gazed at each other…and embraced. It was an emotional sight. It was like…they had just been reunited. The father looked at Sakura…and smiled.

"Thank you."

Then…the two ghosts faded away.

The ground began to rumble again…just like it had when the pyramid was sinking.

"What's happening?" Sakura asked.

Eriol took one guess. "The pyramid's…RISING!"


It felt like an earthquake. Li felt the ground start to shake. He didn't know what was happening. But it was Evelyn who spoke up first.

"Get back!! It's happening!!"

Li, Nakuru, and Evelyn ran back as the ground continued to rumble. They almost fell over from all the shaking. Then they looked in front of them. Something was coming out of the ground.

"What is that?" Li asked.

"It's the pyramid!" Evelyn answered. "She did it! Sakura did it!"

Li didn't know what to think of all this. What did Sakura do?


It felt like a long eternity. But…the shaking and rumbling finally stopped. When it did, Sakura raised her head.

"Does anyone want to tell me what just happened?"

"I don't know," Eriol replied. "What do you think, Madison? Uh...Madison?"

Madison was busy with something else. She was taping something. She had her camera focused on the chamber wall. "Maybe this has the answer. They're hieroglyphics."

After Madison got all the hieroglyphics on tape, everyone walked out. The pyramid was a lot quieter than it was earlier. They made it back to where they started, but the difference was that there was no more sand outside. There was sunlight. It was finally over. They were free.

Sakura ran out first. It was such a relief to see the desert sun and the blue sky again. But there was another sight in front of her that instantly made her feel relieved. Someone was waiting for her.


Sakura instinctively ran up to Li and gave him a hug and a kiss. It was wonderful to see him here after all that she had endured.

"What happened?" Li asked.

Someone else was there, too. It was Evelyn. "Yes, Sakura. What DID happen?"

Sakura hesitated for about a minute. "I…don't know. It was so weird. I don't understand what happened."

Evelyn sighed. "It's almost a shame. It seems that you solved a mystery…and we don't even know what the mystery was."

Madison held up her camera. "Maybe this will help. I found some more hieroglyphics inside."

Evelyn was intrigued. "Really? Can I see that tape when we get back to the tent?"


"Good. I think with the help of Sakura's father, I may finally piece this whole thing together!"

Evelyn appeared giddy. So she ran off, not waiting for anyone else. Madison and Eriol finally followed with Nakuru right behind them. Sakura was still in Li's embrace, not wanting him to let go.

"I never want to go through that again," Sakura said softly.

"You want to tell me what happened?" Li asked again.

Sakura closed her eyes. "I'll tell you on the way back…IF you tell me how YOU got here."

"It's a deal. Let's go."

Sakura and Li went…but there was one thing. Li never released his embrace…and Sakura was happy about that. She loved being in his arms…after all that happened.


There was silence in the tent that night. After the standard emotion from seeing Sakura, Madison, and Eriol alive, there was just silence. Evelyn was busy with Madison and Sakura's father looking over the tape while everyone else sat silently in the tent. There was nothing more to be said after everything that occurred.

But the silence was soon broken. A triumphant Evelyn came out with Madison and Aiden Avalon. She proudly held up Madison's tape.

"We did it! It all makes sense now!"


Sakura blinked. "Would you like to share?"

Evelyn nodded eagerly. "After going over the hieroglyphics in my notebook and the hieroglyphics in Madison's tape, I've come to a conclusion.

"About 5,000 years ago, a beloved Pharaoh committed suicide. It was unknown why the Pharaoh committed suicide, but I discovered the reason. It seems that the Pharaoh's daughter…was murdered. The Pharaoh had the culprit executed in brutal fashion, but he still felt tremendous anguish over having lost his only daughter. He was so overcome with grief…that he took his own life.

"The pyramid was constructed and the dead Pharaoh was mummified, but it was obvious that the Pharaoh's soul was not at rest. The high priests saw that, so they placed a curse on the pyramid…and a certain bracelet. The curse dictated that the pyramid would remain buried for thousands of years. After rising, there would be one person destined to wear the bracelet and put the Pharaoh's soul to rest.

"Now the soul of the Pharaoh's daughter was also not at rest. She desperately longed to find her daddy. So she spent thousands of years seeking her father, but was unable to find him because he was encased in one of the tombs.

"As for the bracelet…the one destined to wear the bracelet had the task of wandering the pyramid until the Pharaoh and his daughter were reunited and their souls were put to rest. That someone…was apparently you, Sakura. The bracelet would emit two rays of light…one that would point to the mummy and the other that would point to the ghost of the Pharaoh's daughter. You found that out…and you reunited the Pharaoh and his daughter. When that happened, the curse on the pyramid was broken and that's why it rose again."

The whole explanation seemed to make a lot of sense…with the exception of one more detail.

"I still don't get one thing," Sakura finally said. "How is it that *I* was destined to do all this?"

Evelyn sighed. "That…I don't know. I'm still unsure of that. I feel that…will remain a mystery."

Everyone present blinked. The explanation was very strange, but it all seemed to fit. Sakura never expected to find herself in the middle of everything. She couldn't believe that she was destined to reunite a Pharaoh and his daughter. This was all so heavy and after all Sakura endured, she wanted only one thing.

"Can we please go home?"


A few hours after Sakura got home, she lied down on her bed. She didn't feel like going anywhere. After everything in Egypt, she started to wonder about her recent adventure.

"Kero…why do YOU think I was destined to put their souls to rest?"

Kero sighed deeply. "I don't know all the answers, Sakura. It's all very strange to me. I thought your brand of magic and the hokey Egyptian stuff were two totally different subjects."

"And why did she look so much like me? Why did that Pharaoh look just like my dad?"

"I don't know," Kero said again. "Some things are just meant to be mysterious, I guess."

Sakura just continued to lay back. She couldn't get this out of her mind. This lingered on her mind since she got on the plane. But something else lingered on her mind also. After seeing the Pharaoh and her daughter reunited, Sakura…wanted something else.

She got up and walked down the stairs. She found her father in the kitchen preparing dinner. Sakura walked up to him…and gave him a hug.

"I love you, dad."

Aiden Avalon blinked. "Well…this was unexpected."

Sakura didn't say anything. She just kept her arms around her father. After witnessing the Pharaoh and his daughter…Sakura didn't want to take her own father for granted anymore.

She wanted to show her father that she loved him…and she always would.


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