Summary- Set in band camp. Mat and Elyse talk to each other on instant messaging while they are in band camp. The story will include mentions of events from the movie but most of the story will be their conversations on IM and some events between all the characters that didn't actually happen in the movie. IM conversations are in italic.

Disclaimer- I do not own any of the characters in this story.

Pairings- Matt/Elyse,Ernie/Chloe

Chapter 1

Matt and Ernie got back to their room after the challenge at the ampitheatre. East great falls were going to have a bonfire party to celebrate Matt kicking Brandon's ass on the bagpipes.

Matt went over to his laptop to have a look and see if Steve had repiled to his email telling him about the bandies gone wild video that he was making. He hadn't, but Matt noticed that Elyse was online. So he dacided to speak to her for a while. After all, she was the reason that he had challenged Brandon Vandecamp in the first place.

He didn't know why, but when he was up there telling Elyse that he was better than her it just seemed to annoy the hell out of him.

He started typing out a message to Elyse.

Elyse and Chloe were getting ready for the bonfire party when Elyse got an IM message from somebody.

"I'm just gonna find out who this is." She told chloe. "Okay." Chloe replied. Elyse went over to her bed to look at her laptop.

Stiffmeister- Hey baby, how did I do on stage? Pretty good huh?

It was Matt. She typed a message back.

Bandgurl- You were okay I guess.

Stiffmeister- Okay? I kicked his ass! I rocked!

Bandgurl- But seriously,Play that funky music?How did you learn to play the bagpipes?

Stiffmeister- In ninth grade my mum made me learn how to play an instrument. I couldn't think of one more annoying.

Bandgurl- Lol

Stiffmeister- Do you ever actually laugh for real?

Bandgurl- Hey, I laugh! Just not when I'm around lots of people.

Stiffmeister- Seriously, when was the last time, while we've been here that you've laughed?

Bandgurl- Well, when I errm- shutup.

Stiffmeister- Lol. I thought so. I haven't heard you laugh since we dated in eighth grade.

Bandgurl- OMG, I've laughed! And please don't mention the eighth grade. It brings up bad memories.

Stiffmeister- What? Of us dating? Howcome?

Bandgurl- Well maybe the fact that we ended up getting in trouble with the police and getting drunk at some guy's party.

Stiffmeister- At least we had fun... well we did untill you broke up with me for no reason.

Bandgurl- Please don't bring that up again. It was years ago.

"Come on Elyse we've gotta go in ten minutes!" Chloe shouted.

"I'm coming now" Elyse told her.

Bandgurl- I've gotta go now.You should be aswell. The bonfire starts in ten minutes. We'll talk then.

Matt was just about to protest but Ernie shouted him. "Come on Matt. We need to go and I have to be prepared for Chloe." "I'm coming! Give us a second." He replied getting irritated.

Stiffmeister- See you there then.Bye

Stiffmeister has signed off.

Bandgurl has signed off.

"Stiffler!" Ernie whined. "I'm coming!" Matt shouted, mocking him. On the way out he slapped Ernie across the head messing about.

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