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Cannonbolt looked at the well mannered poster. It was quite lavish in design and it was appealing to look at. The background was composed of a starry sky composure along with meteors that streaked the page. It was very well done. However, he wasn't looking at the background, he was looking at the bold headline that was written in bright red and electric blue.


And below the said statement was a list, of all the things that the Students of Galaxy student party promised and never fulfilled. There were a variety of them that were all very much true. One of them was to include a larger pool that was not just for working out but also for recreation. Another was how they would work on crime and rape rate of the campus yet that has of yet to go down. That and more were listed neatly and alluringly upon the page.

But Cannonbolt adjusted his reading glasses, shifted his enormous weight on his equally enormous chair and let the poster fall down onto his desk. Right in front of Grey Matter.

Grey Matter just sat at the opposite end of his desk (the chair was too low for him) and just glanced at the poster like it was a trivial object. He raised his eyebrow ridge as if asking a question to Cannonbolt.

"Is this the reason why you summoned me to your office, Sir?" enquired Grey Matter.

Cannonbolt nodded and said, "It was indeed. I must say, Grey Matter, that ever since you started running for president, I have been given a number of complaints from both my colleagues and from students about you and your party actions."

"Such as?" asked Grey Matter. Though he phrased it in a question, Cannonbolt knew that Grey Matter was well aware of his actions. However, Grey Matter was not going to plead guilty right there and then, he was going to stick to his guns and argue against Cannonbolt and whatever argument he may have. Cannonbolt held back the temptation to bite his lip in frustration, he could not show Grey Matter weakness. That was the last thing he wanted.

"Such as this," he said pointing a bear-like claw at the poster, "Saying "Dickheads of Galaxy" is a negative opinion that directly affects the student party, Students of Galaxy. To say such a thing to a group of students, and a rather large group of students at that, is just like saying all Tetramands are idiots and all Galvans are cowards."

Cannonbolt used the Galvan stereotype here in hopes that it would better his message towards Grey Matter. That tactic must have failed for Grey Matter did not change his calm expression and he said, "But Cannonbolt, look at the facts that the poster has. Look at all the promises that the Students of Galaxy promised but left unfulfilled. Doesn't all of this and more make them Dickheads?"

"It means they're politicians," said Cannonbolt savoring the little joke to himself, "But it also means that their positions are not as strong. Addressing their political problems is one thing, but calling them outright a "dickhead" is too far. Which is why I'm going to put a ban on all Vulpimancer posters for two weeks. Hopefully by then you'd have revised your political tactics to something less…outrageous."

"Two weeks!" shouted Grey Matter, "That's BS, sir! I'm just doing what is right for my party and what is right for the students! And besides, someone needs to kick those Dickheads of Galaxy in the balls!"

Looking him straight in the eye, Cannonbolt said, "It will be wise for you to discontinue your argument, especially an argument towards your own professor. If you keep up your irrational behavior, I'll double the length of the suspension."

That seemed to shut up Grey Matter. Whatever Grey Matter was, he was no fool. Plainly, Grey Matter didn't like the idea of the suspension in the first place but a suspension for four weeks he would hate even more.

Grey Matter quickly left after that sourful meeting.

The next day, Cannonbolt was walking towards his apartment when he came across an image that was chalked onto the sidewalk. That in itself was quite odd since pictures made by chalks were not very common in the Academy. But as he approached the drawing he noticed something interesting to say to the least.

It should be noted at this time who the president and vice president candidates are for the Students of Galaxy. The vice president is a male alien of the same species as Stinkfly known as Drosid and the president is a female alien of the same species as Blizzard known as Hailstorm. Cannonbolt never did like them but they were popular, and cunning enough, to get themselves elected several times in a row. Hailstorm in particular was like Blizzard in every shape and form except that she actually had some wits to go with her attracting pheromones. Which made her all the more deadly.

Anyways, what Cannonbolt saw made him almost lose his composure and break down laughing. It was a drawing of a Vulpimancer that was on top of Hailstorm doing something rather inappropriate to her. The expertise of the drawing combined with the enjoyed, drawn Hailstorm made it so that some would find it very hilarious while others would find it revolting.

After controlling his need to laugh, Cannonbolt was just about to figure a way to punish Grey Matter this time when he noticed something unique about the drawing. There was no mention whatsoever of Students of Galaxy nor of the Vulpimancer Party. It was just the vulgar drawing and that's it.

Cannonbolt smiled to himself in bemusement and he scratched his lower lip, a sign that he was thinking. Whoever drew this drawing was very clever not to reveal who did what. For all Cannonbolt knew, the drawing could have been made by a girl who was angry at Hailstorm for stealing her boyfriend. Or it could be a statement from a boy who drew how Hailstorm was very prominent in her sexual life. Whoever it was that made the drawing, they must be pleased right now.

Cannonbolt looked around and saw no other professor in sight. Adjusting his comfortable suit, he walked around the drawing and gave it not a second glance.