Title: Secret Affair

Author: Dez/Jezebel Jinx/VampireQueen21

Rating: Mature

Couple: Cody/Dana

Show: Step by Step

Summary: For months Cody and Dana have been seeing each other. What happens when their secret comes out?

Disclaimer: I own nothing.


"Frank?" Carol shakes her husband of three years trying her best to wake him up, "Frank?" She whispers again, with the same results, nothing. "FRANK!" Carol practically booms, this time he shoots up out of the bed and stares at her oddly.

"Whaaattt? I was having a really good dream Carol, why the hell are you waking me up at…" Frank Lambert glances at the clock, "oh jeez, 1 in the morning? Are you out of your mind woman?" He leans back onto his pillows closing his eyes hoping Carol will come back to bed and go to sleep, in turn leaving him the hell alone.

Sighing Carol rolls her eyes, "Frank, I wouldn't be waking you up if it wasn't something serious. Dana isn't in her room."

"Not hearing the serious part yet." He whispers sarcastically. Frank tries to burrow deeper into the covers but Carol grabs his ear waking him up fully. "Ye-ow! All right, all right. She's probably just downstairs studying or something."

Frank crawls out of the bed and follows Carol around the house searching for his stepdaughter. When neither can find Dana anywhere in the house Frank begins to worry. Granted Dana gets on his nerves on a regular basis but that's what daughter's are supposed to do.

Both parents are concerned enough to drag all the kids out of bed despite their whines and begin to question them. "All right one of you must know where Dana is. She isn't anywhere in this house so start talking now."

"Wait, Barky is missing…that's why you dragged us out of bed? Aww man, I was have a great dream, Barky just ruins everything doesn't she?" JT complains.

One by one Frank and Carol go through the children until they are completely satisfied none of them know where Dana went off too. When even Mark and Karen don't know the entire family becomes concerned. They may all rag on each other but something that's this serious bands them all together, "Maybe Cody has seen her, he's normally up late working on his Harley." JT suggests.

"Good idea son." Frank points to JT and as a family they rush into the back yard and a sight none of them thought they would ever see greets them all. Cody knows exactly where Dana is if his tongue down her throat is any indication.

Jaws drop as Dana's moan is heard and Cody brings her body closer to his own. Her hands are clutching at his shoulders, the leather jacket groaning under her palms. Carol gets over her shock first and walks right up to Cody and Dana letting out a loud cough.

Quickly they turn around facing Carol. "Both of you, inside, now."