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Episode Nine: What will be done?

Lynn was very worried. How had Nabiki found out about her curse, how did she know about her relationship with Haruka, most people knew that she and Ten'ou were friends, but they had been very good about keeping their relationship a secret. Only once had a teacher caught them kissing, and they were both girls at the time, and she knew that teacher didn't mention it to anyone.

What would happen if Michiru found out? To think at one time the three of them actually got along, but because Haruka's father didn't approve of him they'd became enemies. The cousins couldn't stand each other now and she was to blame, what Michiru think of being played for a fool?

"Why are you not arm wrestling?"

Looking up she saw the gym teacher standing in front of her. She hadn't been paying attention to what was going on around her in the gym at all. "I'm sorry sir I was lost in thought?"

"Lost in thought? You're thinking in my gym class? What do you have to think about that's more important than arm wrestling?"

The few rumors that she heard about Hiraishin-sensei were proving to be true; he was a very strange gaijin. Why was he wearing a cape?

"Are you still lost in thought? Do you know what Hiraishin thinks about? Hiraishin wonders how he got caught. I've stolen from governments, businesses, people, and never once gotten caught. I steal two Japanese exclusive General Grievous and liberate a can of Mountain Dew from an undeserving cop, and I actually get captured. Then instead of throwing Hiraishin in an easily escapable jail, they make me teach Gym to students I don't understand. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?"

"I don't know?" Didn't understand, he seemed to be speaking Japanese just fine to her. And if he wasn't in a jail why didn't he just leave Japan?

"Ignorance is no excuse, you, miss…, what is you name?"

"Ho Lynn" Was he about to send her to the principal's office for not knowing why he got caught?

"Well Miss Ho, you have detention with me this afternoon."

Looking down at the ground she wondered how much worse this day could get. Then out of the corner of her eye she saw that Chiba was in this gym class as well. At least he'd report to Nabiki that she had a valid excuse not to show up this afternoon to their planned meeting.


"You know you're going to have to go back down stairs eventually." Kasumi smiled at Motoki who was sitting at the counter of the Crown Restaurant. Although it was called a restaurant it was more like a dinner. Right now it was rather empty because the launch hour was over and the younger customers that frequented the dinner were at school. Since business was slow she let the waiter and waitress on duty off early and it was only herself and her boyfriend at the moment.

"Kamatari is in one of those moods, and I'd rather not be around him. It's just as slow in the arcade as it is here, he can handle things himself."

"Akira knows you're mine; you have nothing to worry about." Bending down she kissed her boss on the cheek. Akira was a classmate of hers from high school and it took quite a bit of convincing to get Motoki to hire him; however Akira's cosplay helped to bring in business when most of the students were in school.

"He still scares me."

"Please Akira is no where nearly as scary as Hannya." Fujita Hannya was one of Motoki's classmates from Sendai who came to Juban to work with him. He was a nice guy; he just had a very scary face. Fortunately Hannya worked the opposite shift as head cook.

"The only thing scary about Fujita is his face; Kamatari's whole personality is scary. I think he'd actually benefit from the Nyannichuan." From the first time he met Akira Kamatari he knew the feminine person was actually a guy, when he first met Ranma, he thought he was a she. Ranma now being a part time female was a bit of a problem too, not only for Ranma but for him. With an actual female body a bit of his old attraction to the young Saotome returned. "Speaking of the cursed spring, is Ranma okay?"

"I think he's doing better, but since he's going to be spending most of the day female I'm not sure. Apparently Grandfather Hino did something to him that allows control over his transformation, hopefully that will help Ranma's frame of mind."

"I hope so." Maybe he did have a new love in his life and even if Ranma was a guy, he still cared for him. Normally though, it was as a little brother of a sort.


That was very odd. When walking out of the Lawyer's Ranma felt Chiba's aura, yet Mamoru should still be in school. Granted it was the eighth period so maybe he cut his last class, yet he didn't see Mamoru anywhere around. Besides from himself and his mother walking out of the building there was a young woman with long green hair walking in. Getting in his mother's car he decided there were other things that needed to be on his mind.


The future Guardian of Time passed by the princess as she entered the office building where the present day Guardian of Time practiced law. She shouldn't be here right now, but things weren't flowing as she remembered them. Ranma was not supposed to be with Nodoka. Her mother was supposed to hate her guts, not knowing who she really was.

Stepping into the elevator she wondered what was going on. This did not happen in her past. The princess had her mother; that meant she wouldn't become Saturn's enemy. That was a pivotal event in shaping her present as it was. Reaching the floor where her predecessor worked she wasn't so surprised to see him waiting for her. "Hello Optimus"

"I wish you didn't call me that. I'm surprised to see you here. I would think with recent events the future would be unstable." Touru felt the presence of another guardian in his domain. He had thought he'd be meeting his new replacement but it was the same Sailor Pluto as it was before he fixed things for the princess of the moon.

"You know how I hate using real names and since you are not yet Chou-sensei, I can get my revenge for how you treated me during my guardian training. As for the future, your actions haven't reached there yet, but I am curious what brought them about."

"Did you ever think that the reason I treated you like that is because of the way you interact with me now? Anyway there is a foreign element in the present, I'm dealing with her the best I can. As I'm sure you're aware her actions have already brought about a major change in the course of your history."

"Who is this foreign element?" Sure the future she hailed from was far from perfect, but the Neo Silver Millennium was born despite the sacrifices and hardships. As a Guardian of Time it was her duty to protect the stability of time itself. As Sailor Pluto her duty was to ensure the rebirth of the ancient kingdom she served despite the sacrifices she'd be forced to make.

"That isn't any of your business." Touru frowned, Setsuna was thinking about how to mend her future. In her previous life she was the same, it took himself and five of his predecessor to prevent her from breaking their rules and altering what had already happened to save the first Silver Millennium.

"This time my successors are of my bloodline. Do not think you can stop me." Walking away she vowed she would find away to prevent her future from disappearing.

A Guardian of Time threatening another. Fortunately, Sailor Pluto could only use her own gates to research what had changed. Hopefully once she was in her own time, her future would no longer be strong enough for her to return to the present. If not…the present Guardian of Time might need to keep a closer eye on the foreign element. Were there any open positions at Juban High?


Child Care… why did he get Child Care as his elective? Child Care was for women; maybe not women like Nabiki, but normal girls who would let their husbands wear the pants in the family. Nabiki being in the class was a positive note, but as soon as he saw the rest of his classmates he walked out the class room and out the school. "I really want to know how we got assigned what electives."

"I bet your principal went through the roster and threw darts at a board. Really Mamoru your school is just weird." Motoki watched his young friend attempt to get a stuffed bear out of a crane game. So far he had spent quite a bit on it already, but showed no signs of giving up. "Bear's aren't really Nabiki's thing are they?"

"Actually my sister has quite a collection of stuffed bears." Since Hannya showed up early Kasumi came down to the arcade to visit Motoki, she was surprised to see Chiba hanging around already.

"While we were talking yesterday I saw her doodling a teddy bear on her napkin. It is weird to think the Ice Queen would like stuffed animals." Kitsune always seemed very mature; it was very odd for her to have a collection of Teddy Bears. Thinking back there was one time Akane knocked him under Nabiki's skirt, he ignored it then because he thought he was seeing things, but she had on Teddy Bear panties.

"Mamoru and I were just talking about his classes; he's in Child Care with Nabiki."

"They're mixing the grades for classes now? Are you in any classes with Ranma?" Well Juban High was odd to begin with, the new principal was really just adding to tradition. The oldest Tendo started to wonder if both her sister ended up in any classes together.

Finally getting the bear Mamoru smiled. Although officially he and Nabiki weren't yet dating, there was nothing wrong with him giving her a gift as a friend, just so long has he didn't tell her how much he spent on winning it. "No, but Ranma was taken out of school early, there are rumors going around that Tsukino-sensei is actually her mother."

"Tsukino-sensei is Ranma's mother?" As Kasumi thought about her teacher's face and then Ranma's… the two were nearly identical. Tsukino-sensei once mentioned Shingo was her second son, and that her first had died tragically. Ranma was her first son?

"That's the rumor. Although, a boy was seen leaving the nurses office with her, when it was Ranma who was brought in. The nurse had left early too, but I don't know if that has anything to do with things." Putting the bear in his bag, he then took out some bill and handed them to Motoki. His friend gave him some coins in return.


Getting out of his mother's car Ranma looked at the house they pulled up to. This would be his new home, a place without Genma and with his mother. His mother that the old man had said she was dead, and now that he learned she wasn't, she was taking him away from his father. His mother probably had no idea how grateful he was for that, especially since his mother would allow him to go to school as a guy.

Nodoka stepped out of her car and watched her son look at his new home. The last two car rides were quiet, neither really speaking to the other. She had so much she wanted to ask Ranma she didn't know where to start. "Ready to go inside?"

Nodding, he followed his mother. As soon as they were inside he'd start thing off on the right foot. Public displays of affection were inappropriate, but once in his own home nothing would stop him. After they entered and his mother closed the door behind them, he gave her the biggest hug he could. "Thank you."

"For what?" So her son wasn't incapable of showing his affection. Smiling she hugged him back tightly. She already missed fourteen years of his life she didn't want to miss anymore.

"For accepting me even when I wasn't your son."

"Ranma it doesn't matter what form or shape you're in, you will always be my son, and I will always accept you." She had used up all her own tears while her son turned daughter was unconscious in the nurses office, but right now Ranma was crying enough for the both of them.


'It was a small world after all.' Ami thought to herself as she left her final class. She was fortunate enough to be the only student in the class not to get detention. Mr. Rokubungi was a very nice teacher but he had a reputation to keep. The class drew straws and getting the shortest one she didn't have to stay after school.

Her luck just didn't seem to quit today, first she saw Ranma fighting with a girl named Akane Tendo, and then she got out of detention not once but twice, Hiraishin-sensei seemed out to get as many students as possible to help him with his special project after school.

To think when she and her mother moved here she was worried.


Unazuki leaned against a locker as Nabiki grabbed her things from her own. "Mousse got detention?"

"That's what Chiba told me before he decided to cut Child Care." It was sort of ironic that the two ended up in the same class and it happened to be that subject. The event surrounding Ranma's arrival were causing her to actually believe in fate. First Ranma ran into Motoki who he had met before, then he ran into Ten'ou who had been like a big sister to him, and now if the rumors were true, he had found his mother. If fate had a hand in his life maybe it had one in hers too. "I'm thinking we should wait around for Haruka and Michiru. They were planning on meeting Ranma after school."

"What do you think about the rumors of a guy leaving with Tsukino-sensei?" According to the rumors Tsukino-sensei entered the nurse's office with Ranma, but she left with a black haired boy that from the description sounded like Ryoga.

"That would be Ranma. I'll let your brother explain it to you because I'd rather you hurt him for keeping you in the dark than me." Una wasn't normally prone to violence but she'd rather not chance it in this case. Turning around the middle Tendo daughter was face to face with a sorter girl who had long black hair tied in a pony tail longer than Unazuki's. "Can I help you?"

"I was told you're the person to get information from and I was looking for directions to Tsukino-sensei's home."

"Hmm that information will cost you." The Ice Queen smiled, she had time for a little business.

The younger Furuhata looked the new comer and was curious why she wanted to know that information. Who visited teachers at home? Then again she could be looking for Ranma. "May I ask why you want to know?"

"Ranma's a friend of mine and she left some things with me before going to China. I want to return them." Ami also just wanted to see her friend and sensei again. Whether Ranma knew it or not she actually liked him despite his cross dressing. He was kind and very understanding, not to mention he looked good in a training gi with the shirt open.

"First me and my bother, then Haruka and Michiru, and now you? It seems like everyone Ranma's ever known is showing up in Juban." Exactly who this girl was, Una didn't know; she probably met Ranma after her and her bother.

"I'm interested in meeting Makoto Kino, Ranma, mentioned she's only girl ever to beat him up."

"Yes, I remember Ranma telling me about her when I asked if I'd ever be at her level. I'd really be interested in meeting Kino too." Makochan, as Ranma called her was supposed to be a really great martial artist. Although Ranma was only seven at the time, he often said that he was sure Makoto kept up in the Art.

"I used to be curious about what her big sister was like, I have to say I'm surprise it was Haruka. Ranma never mentioned her name, and Ten'ou just doesn't seem like the person Ranma respected so much." The redhead sighed thinking about the fact she actually dated her friends older sister before finding out she was a girl. She really didn't swing that way.

"Well since we planned on waiting for Haruka and Michiru, how about we all go to Tsukino-sensei's together once they get here" Just how would Ten'ou react to finding out her little sister was actually a boy, or to the fact that he had the same curse as he boyfriend. Nabiki smiled this could be very interesting. The other two nodded and then the headed to the school gates to wait for the cousins.


Once they separated from their long hug Nodoka took her first born up to what would be his room. Up until this point it had been the guest bedroom, but they could easily convert the attic into another room if need be. Ranma may need another dresser in order to store the clothes for both his genders. Although she'd prefer him to be male, since he was raised as a girl she'd accept him spending time as one if he wanted to. "Once my husband comes home, I'll have him take you shopping for some male clothes. I hope you didn't leave anything valuable at the Tendos, I don't want you going back there if that's where your father is."

"You don't have to worry about that. All me and pop came with were the clothes on our backs. We lost our travel packs when we were fleeing from China. I was smart though, and left anything I really valued with a friend that I trusted before leaving Japan. I need to send her a letter so she can send the stuff to me." Just what would his mother think of him valuing the jewelry her big sister gave her? Ranma paused in thought wonder what her mother thought of her playing the piano. Looking at the room she'd at least have space for an electric keyboard. Now how to bring the subject up?

"Is there anything besides clothes you think you'll need?"

Well this seemed like the closest chance she'd get. "Um, would a Piano or an electric keyboard be too much to ask for?"

"You play the Piano? That doesn't seem like something Genma would approve of." There was so much about her son she needed to learn. Fourteen full years of life were spent on the road with her "deceased' husband. How much had happen to Ranma?

"He doesn't, but that hasn't stopped me from playing. Onee-chan's cousin taught me during the time I stayed with her family."

"Oh and just who is this Onee-chan?" Sitting down on what would be her eldest's bed she patted a spot next to her for him to sit down. It was time they caught up.


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