Okay, fair warning, DO NOT READ THIS THEME IF INCEST SICKENS YOU. There are references to ItachixShisui, ItachixObito, ItachixMikoto, and, of course, ItachixSasuke in this theme. I feel weird for writing it.

Theme 7; Black

When they made love, Itachi would feel suffocated, smothered, and incestuous. He would feel evil, as he ran his hands over Sasuke's body and attempted to kiss away his feelings. Attempting to rid himself of his emotions, fucking away the bonds and creating a slow break in both of them. In Sasuke's writhing form he didn't see I Sasuke /I , he saw the bonds he wanted to break; the bonds death didn't take away and, if anything, made stronger.

Sometimes he saw Shisui, groaning and sweating, mumbling quiet 'Itachi-san…'s, just to spite him, as they had done as children when they were supposed to be training. When Sasuke came in his mouth he could taste Obito's tears on the tip of his tongue, a calming flavor he remembered from the days he would kiss them away as his cousin cried for him. And other times he could see his mother, screaming under him to fuck her harder and making the scene even dirtier than it was, although such a situation had never truly happened in his life.

But when he collapsed atop of Sasuke, panting and breathing in the scent of sweat and come that filled the air like a drug, he could never feel Mikoto's breasts against his chest or her orgasm running down his cock. He didn't see Obito smiling at him, whispering a 'Thank you' before bowing and leaving him behind as he always did. He didn't see Shisui's red face and his eyes dart away in a heavy blush, mumbling a small 'Damn pervert…' before wiping the sweat from his forehead. He only saw Sasuke, crying silently before him and clutching the sheets in horror and desperation and the sick things he'd been put through. Itachi would hold that frightened body closely, a sadistic embrace and a marking of possession.

Itachi needed someone to corrupt. To destroy and abandon the way he was destroyed, and then to leave into the blackness that was utter and complete reality. The blackness that was his sheets they fucked each other in and the color of their eyes that shed tears as words never spoken. It was something that existed only to destroy, and in a sick way, Sasuke liked it as much as Itachi did.

Black is the absence of color. And black is the aura of Itachi and Sasuke's desires.