A/N: I think I'm on a roll at the moment. This idea occured to me while I was reading something. According to a transcript, it was Lucy that got the sea, so if I got her mixed up with Edmund blame the transcript and enjoy it anyhow. Read and review!

Eastern Sea & Valiance

For all that's to come
And all that's ever been
-Imogen Heap

There was something special about being given the sea, and being called valiant.

The sea was where I last saw Aslan, his long shadow, the companion that walked with him into nothing, stretched over the sand. The sea is also calming—even on storming nights, the waves sooth me. It was that way at home, when we went on holidays, though I rarely think of home these days. The sea is also a blue-green: My favorite colors.

Valiant. The word tastes important, brave and inspiring. Edmund can be just, Susan can be gentle, and Peter can be magnificent (what a big word!)—but I get to be valiant. I remember a man once calling me his brave beauty, but the memory is like a dream and does not stay with me long.

I never thought I was very brave, but perhaps I can be valiant.

To the eastern sea…Queen Lucy, the valiant.

Yes, I like the sound of it.