Author's Note: So I'm reposting this to let everyone know that the sequel to "Of All the Girls In the World" is now up! Please take a look at it and tell me what you think!

And for being wonderful, here's a summary/preview:

The One Who Knows

The youngest daughter of the legendary "Cinderella," Eliana, or Elia, has a life that is anything but a fairy tale. Lonely but lovely, she knows that she is an unwanted and unnecessary addition to a household that already has one daughter and one son—a child to marry off and the other to inherit the throne. When a dashing foreign prince, the son of the equally famous King Derek and Queen Cecilia, comes to win the hand of her sister, Elia garners more hatred from her family when instead, the prince finds himself falling in love with her

Link to the story: www. fanfiction .net/s/6155594/1/The_One_Who_Knows

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M. Elena

18 July 2010