Author's Notes: This fanfic occurs during the middle of both the third season of Sailor Moon (a.k.a. "Sailor Moon S") and the Android/Cell saga of Dragon Ball Z. From here forward, I presume the reader has a basic knowledge of what happens in both series to this point. At least as of the latest chapter, the fanfic favors the style and storytelling aspects of Sailor Moon to that of DBZ.

There are two naming conventions I warn readers about. Instead of using the term "Mugen School," I use "Infinity Academy." Also, I renamed most of the minor enemies in the upcoming chapters to with names I thought were more fitting and distinctive than were given in the dub.

He crouched in the bushes of the park, his green and black skin camouflaged by the foliage. He felt as much a prisoner now as he did when trapped in the form of an egg. For so long he'd sustained himself in that shell, that even the thought of confinement unnerved him. Now, though, all he thought about was the hunger that he didn't just have, but held him in its grasp. He had to feed, although there was no shortage of nourishment in proximity. He was certainly strong enough to take on the humans that were in this quadrant of the city. Yet at the same time he was far weaker than he should have been, and far too weak to begin the process of reaching perfection. He needed the power of people to be able to overpower the rebellious androids, to make the most effective use of the techniques he had been imbued with. He needed power to be perfect.

That power was so close, contained in the biological essence of the people who wasted their days in ignoble peace. He desperately wanted to stick his needle into all these unsuspecting humans at once, but he tamed his impatience. He had just awakened and though he could simply consume the bio extract from a startled crowd, it would be far more efficient to build up enough strength that he could absorb more material with minimal waste. He would rather withstand the retaliation of the human population than be forced to destroy the very meals he needed out of self-preservation. First he would absorb those on the fringes, thinning the herd one by one. Then, after enough of those, he would move on to larger areas and grander targets.

He had already proceeded this way with an older couple in the vicinity, emerging from the foliage. Although their energy had been far less than that of younger selection, there was a refined flavor to their biology that was lacking in those who had not yet aged. If the hunger for more did not eat him, he mused that they might have been supremely satisfying. But he always needed more and his next target was far too inviting to resist. A young, dark-haired girl sat on a bench, her dark dress in contrast with her light skin. She was pale and weak to the point where he saw her rather than felt her energy. In fact, there was a peculiarity that accompanied this trait that he did not even notice because he was so hungry. Instead, he thrust his tail forward, thrusting the appendage at her with such a great speed that he could taste the girl's essence before he even broke through her skin.

Only he didn't.

He felt the problem before he saw it, and for the first time his hunger was overwhelmed by a rising tide of bewilderment. His tail, the needle at the end pointed directly at the girl's, back, was frozen in place. Worse yet, he couldn't move at all. The sudden paralysis was so sudden that it took him a full second to realize that the girl, who had had her back to him just seconds before, had turned to stare at him. But her expression was not of fear or wonder. Her purple irises were without pupils, and her face was as stolid as a mannequin's gaze.

"I like your particular brand of mayhem," she spoke in a voice far older and otherworldly than she had a right to possess. "But if you continue to absorb people you'll ruin my plans."

"You possess great power," he replied. "But I need to be perfect. I will not let anyone stand in my way."

"In this world, I am sovereign. Don't forget that."

He responded to her claim by searching his mind for any record of her existence. Certainly, any being that could render him powerless would have already been in his internal database, but he kept hitting the same wall. All he knew was that he had to consume the androids to become complete, and that feeling guided his words.

"You are indeed strong, but you can't stop me. I need to be complete and to do that, I must consume."

"I understand all too well," she replied with a genuine empathy. "I need pure hearts to be awakened fully..." She stopped in mid-sentence, and he felt as though he could move again. Perhaps the strain of holding him in place had begun to weaken, although the suddenness of the change indicated there was something else that diminished her power. He thought of absorbing her in this weakened moment. Yet something, not quite a voice, but a phantom command, flashed in his mind.

Not yet.

"...but I don't have time for childish games," the girl finished.

Appearing behind him was a disc enclosing a purple maelstrom of energy. A shadowy hand emerged from the girl's body and tossed him as readily through the dimensional gate as a doll into a toy chest. The chaotic hole in space closed as soon as his body had cleared the portal, but the creature remained in her thoughts afterward. The monster was more powerful than any of her servants, including the professor who she hoped was wise enough to deal with what she had sent his way. It had taken all her strength to contain the creature, and in exhaustion, her body tumbled to the side. Her consciousness began to slip as well, and as the control over her frame weakened, she thought there would be some use for him after all.

Moments later the girl picked herself up, wiping away imaginary dust with weak but quick sweeps. She looked around, then let out a grateful sigh. At least this seizure didn't hurt anyone.

The pink van sped along the road, kicking dirt and dust in twin trails. Three youths sat inside. In the driver's seat was a young man with straight, black hair that grew to the length of his chin. Although his sneakers and blue jeans reflected a carefree personality, the red insignia on his black shirt defined his destiny. Next to him in the passenger's seat, sat a blonde with both matching hairstyle and eyes, her denim vest and skirt fitting her as smoothly as they would fit a fashion model. In the back sat a large man with green attire that could hardly be called clothes but rather armor. His hair was arranged in a mohawk of large red spikes. The only physical feature that tied him to the other two were the cold blue eyes that froze the soul of anyone who dared study them. No conversation had passed among the three of them for some time. Amidst this quiet, an awful thought flashed through the driver's head. He was half-tempted to hit the brake in frustration, but instead kept his concentration on the road.

"I'm bored," 17 declared.

"What do you want to do next?" 18 asked.

"Not this."

"What 'this?'"

"We're on our way to find Goku, but we keep running into people." He cast a glance at 18. "Boring people"

"They're not so boring when they're running away."

"Yeah, but this whole terrorizing people kick is kind of repetitive. We do something, someone tries to take us on, and we do our thing. It was fun for a while, but I want a challenge now. I've been thinking..."

"That's a first."

"What if we can't find Goku soon?" 17's voice took on a seriousness made all the more striking by its rarity. "Pretty soon people will run from us on sight, and we won't be able to have fun with them."

"Then we find Goku soon. We don't have to waste time driving."

"But that won't be fun either. I just want something to do..."

"Then drive."

This time, 17 gave into his whim pressed his foot on the brake. The sudden deceleration was hard enough to throw the three occupants out of the vehicle had they been ordinary humans. Fortunately, these three were anything but ordinary humans, and remained in their seats as the vehicle stopped.

"Fine," 18 said, "Let's have fun. But we can't do it around here. Remember how the bartender the last bar asked us for ID before we 'convinced' him otherwise?"

"Hey," 17 answered as he pressed the accelerator, moving the vehicle forward. "It's not my fault you look like a schoolgirl."

"Then we go to school," 18 responded dryly.


"Why not? It'll give us something to do. And if that gets boring, we can have a little fun of our own style."

The thought of education, rules, and structure should have made 17 refuse the suggestion immediately, but it didn't. It had been so long since either of them had actually had lives beyond being tampered with or fighting. The idea of a life of constraints was a memory far beyond those bounds of what they were now and certainly not something to embrace. But a nagging question knocked at the back door of 17's mind. If all they could do was have fun through destruction...if they were traveling to kill Goku, even if they wanted to...were they becoming exactly what Dr. Gero made them to be? These were thoughts he barely knew how to express, let alone discuss. It was far simpler to think - and say - that this sounded like fun.

"Have any ideas where to attend?" 17 asked.

"Just this." 18 held up a brochure, and 17 took his eyes off the road to read it. He veered off the lane of travel slightly, but at this point, none of the three people in the van cared much about driving.

"Infinity Academy."

"It's a tough school - hard to get into, harder to stay in."

"That's why they're always looking for new students."

17 made a face of disgust as he replied, "But that means uniforms."

"I like a change of wardrobe." 18 flicked her hair with a flippant toss. "Besides, you said you wanted a challenge."

"Fine," 17 answered curtly, although inwardly, he cherished the idea as much as 18 had. His sentiment manifested itself as a smile on his face. At the same time, 18 turned herself around in her seat so that she faced the back of the van, her arms were folded under her head on the headrest.

"What do you say?" 18 asked 16. "Want to go to school?"

"I am programmed to terminate Goku," 16 answered in a near monotone voice.

Those words killed all hope in 17 and 18's faces.

"However," he continued. "I will aid in this venture if it means there is no further desecration of wildlife."

"Spoken like a real bore," 17 commented upon the revival, and returned his attention to the road. It would be such a waste to crash on the way to this latest adventure.