Closet Dreams

Written by Shaun Garin

Comic Party is owned and copyright Leaf Games and Sekihiko Inui. All characters used for entertainment purposes only. Timeline is set in a sort of pseudo-future after the manga and during the run of Comic Party Revolution.

06: Eimi
There are days when my right hand aches.

Every time I pick up a pencil or an inking pen, I always take a moment to glance at my hand for a while. Kazuki prevented me from ruining this hand after a hard-learned lesson and I never really thanked him properly afterwards. My circle, Cat or Fish really had to work at picking up it's reputation once more after my outburst nearly a year or two ago. Kazuki finished his manga and returned to doujin manga. It was like nothing had changed, except that Mizuki was more a part of his life than ever before.

Not surprising, since she and Kazuki are in a highly intimate relationship.

Okay, I won't dance around it. I… damn, it's hard to say it.

You can see it in the way their expressions light up, the way that all of our expressions light up when talking about our passions, either it be manga, cosplay or just simple love. Kazuki and Mizuki love each other, they took the next step and they came out stronger than ever.

And now… I need to properly welcome him back; to remind him that nothing has changed and he's still the guy I admire.

"So this is your new doujin," I say, picking up his comic and paging through it. As expected of Kazuki, it was purely amazing work.

Grinning, I said, "Hey Kazuki; you wanna do a collaboration?"

Kazuki's expression said it all. He would love to do one with me. After everything that we've been through together, it's finally come down to this. Our hands meet in the middle and there's a resounding cheer from the peanut gallery.

No, they're not a peanut gallery anymore. They're my friends. My family.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.